WWE NXT Spotlight: 9/21/16 by Kurt Zamora

Welcome one and all to the latest, aiming for greatest, installment of the NXT Spotlight right here at TJRWrestling. Last week set into motion a big rematch storyline heading into Takeover: Toronto as Samoa Joe viciously took out the NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. We will see what the fallout of those actions will be, along with much more, so let’s get right to it!

Joe’s Gonna Kill… Everyone

Samoa Joe kicks off our program with something to say to the Full Sail audience. Joe says it’s only fitting that he comes out here this week and talks about what happened with him and Nakamura. Unfortunately because of his actions, the NXT Champion finds himself in a bad way. Since Joe is such a persuasive person, he managed to get a medical report on Nakamura. Joe describes the medical report as saying he has contusions, an inflammed elbow, a broken clavical, and a grade two shoulder separation. He won’t require surgery according to Joe, but he needs at least 6-12 weeks of recovery time. So Joe then demands Regal come out there and either give him Nakamura or strip him of the title since he can’t defend it.

Regal comes out on cue and says unfortunately the medical report Joe has, is accurate. He can confirm Nakamura is seriously hurt. Regal hasn’t heard from Nakamura though, so he doesn’t know how bad it really is. Regal says that the problem Joe has caused, Regal will take care of it. Joe says he didn’t want it to come to this and leaves the ring to get in Regal’s face on the rampway. Joe says he’s giving Regal a chance to do what’s right. Otherwise, Regal’s entire roster will look like the medical report he has in his hand. Joe shoves it in Regal’s vest and walks off.


Quick Plug: If you haven’t yet, check out Episode 3 of The Match Beyond podcast, hosted by yours truly. This week I had Bryan Barrera on, webmaster of and we look back at all things WCW. It’s a really good conversation and hope you’ll check it out. This coming Monday, I bring back Hank and Mark McAllen for another State of the Union episode.

We get a recap of the Cedric Alexander vs. Kota Ibushi match from the CWC as Alexander is making his debut tonight in NXT. We then go to Cedric backstage, who is asked what’s going through his mind? He’s thinking about seven long years on the indy scene and people telling him he would never make it. Now he’s here in NXT. He went to Mr. Regal and asked him for the very best for his NXT debut and Regal has given him Andrade Almas. So he’s going to show Almas that he’s even better.

We then go backstage to Liv Morgan who is asked why does she think she’s ready for someone like Asuka. She says she’s not going to bow down to Asuka or any other chick here. Asuka says she’s cleared out the division, but she’s right here. Asuka eventually shows up and asks if she thinks she’s really ready for her? Well then let’s find out.

Austin Aries vs. Oney Lorcan

The worst name in wrestling is back. Way to follow up on that big win he had against Tye Dillinger. Lorcan gets Aries in the corner to start but Aries outwrestles him to escape and then takes advantage. Aries grabs a headlock and after the break, Oney accuses Aries of grabbing his beard. then he slaps him in the face. Now Oney gets the headlock. Aries tries to escape on the apron, but Oney keeps it locked in through the ropes. They go to the corner and the ref wants a clean break but doesn’t get it. Both men slap each other and Oney gets the headlock once more, but this time Aries dumps him over the top rope and Oney lands right on his tailbone on the apron. We go to commercial.

We come back to Aries digging his knee in the face of Oney in the corner. Aries with a snapmare, face rake with the boots, and then a back elbow off the second rope to the spine of Oney. Aries rains down some forearms to Oney and then chops him in the chest. Oney fights back and hits some rapid fire chops. Oney throws his hip into Aries with some running attacks, but he eventually gets dumped to the floor again. Aries follows up with a double ax-handle from the top rope. He gets Oney back in the ring and comes off the top rope again but this time Oney catches him with a European uppercut. Oney then hits a running version and goes for a pin, but Aries kicks out. They battle in the corner and Oney tries to come off the second rope, but Aries moves. He hits a Roaring Elbow and then a dropkick in the turnbuckle. Aries sets up for a brainbuster, but instead he brings the back of the neck into his knee and that turns into Last Chancery and Oney has to tap out.

Winner: Austin Aries

Aries grabs a mic after the match and says Itami makes people go to sleep, Aries makes people tap out. Aries says everyone was buzzing after last week, wondering where Aries was. Well he was at home because he has more important things to do with his time off. He’s here now though and since he’s a man’s man, he would call out Itami. We all know though, he won’t show up though, cause we all know Itami is a coward. Itami’s music hits and here he comes to the ring. Itami gets in and Aries bails quickly.

We get a video package for WWE’s newest signee, Dan Matha who debuts in two weeks.

We then go to after the CWC finale last week where Team DIY is caught up with. They are asked about what it meant to participate in the tournament. The Revival show up and mock them, so a brawl in the parking lot breaks out. Dash takes a dive over the hood of a car and then eventually the champs run away as people have to hold back Team DIY.

Billie Kay vs. Aliyah

Billie starts with a fireman’s carry into an armbar. She gets shot into the ropes and drops Aliyah with a shoulder tackle. Aliyah comes back with a running ax-handle and then gets a submission hold in the ropes. The ref makes her break before five. She comes off the second rope with a legdrop and goes for the pin but Billie kicks out. Aliyah hooks a full nelson, but Billie breaks out and then hits a Roaring Elbow of her own. She stomps a mudhole in the corner and then goes for a pin but Aliyah kicks out. She then picks up Aliyah in a Torture Rack and then ends up tossing her face first into the top turnbuckle. She then wants to go for her big boot but Aliyah moves out of the way. She takes down Billie and then hits a front flip seated neckbreaker. She goes for a pin but Billie kicks out. Aliyah comes off the ropes but this time Billie connects with the big boot and that gets the win.

Winner: Billie Kay

We get another Sanity vignette.

Mandy Rose is now backstage and is asked about her issues with Ember Moon on Social Media. She says Ember doesn’t belong. She looks like a mix between Hunger Games and Little Red Riding Hood. She looks like what a superstar is supposed to look like and when she gets in the ring with Ember, she’s going to make her totally eclipsed.

Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Cedric was my favorite competitor on the CWC and I am so excited for him to get this opportunity. The crowd gives him a huge reaction. When the match starts, there is a sign of respect as both men shake hands. Almas and Alexander exchange unique ways to escape wristlocks to start. After a couple more exchanges, both men come to a stalemate. Both men avoid multiple moves, more than I can keep up with, until Alexander hits Almas with a handstand headscissors. Almas then avoids a dropkick and then springboards off the second rope with a hurricanrana. Neither man can keep the other down for a pin and we’re at a second stalemate. Very cool sequence. Almas goes back to the wristlock, which Alexander reverses. Almas gets it back again, a third stalemate. Almas charges, Alexander goes to throw him to the outside but Almas lands his Spiderman pose. Alexander charges this time, but gets dumped to the floor. Almas then comes off the top rope with a twisting splash. We go to commercial.

We come back with Almas in control of Alexander. Alexander tries to break the hold and finally hits a jaw jacker. Alexander hits a big kick in the corner and then comes off the ropes with a handspring kick. Almas goes to the floor after that and now Alexander follows with a huge dive over the top rope. Almas gets sent back inside and Alexander comes with a springboard clothesline. Almas manages to kick out at two though. He goes for a go behind, but Almas gets out. Almas with a rollup into a rollup powerbomb, showing off a lot of power. Alexander kicks out of a pin attempt. Both men start to trade blows back and forth. Almas off the ropes, gets caught in a wheelbarrow and Alexander places him on the top rope. Alexander wants a suplex, but Almas fights off and sends him to the mat. Almas comes off with a moonsault, but Alexander rolls out of the way. Not far enough though as Almas lands on his feet and comes with a standing moonsault again. Alexander still kicks out. Almas wants to go for the double knees in the corner, but Alexander gets up and catches Almas in the Lumbar Check for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Both men shake hands after the match and Almas gives Alexander a big hug, then raises his arm in victory as the show comes to an end.

K-Tank’s Final Takes

  • A decent show overall. Only three matches, so that was nice to not have like five crammed into an hour. The two male matches were solid.
  • Loving the Aries and Itami storyline so far. Itami really needed something solid to come back to, to reestablish himself, and this is basically the best possible feud for him. I can’t wait to see this guys go at it for the first time.
  • Although in small doses in all situations, I liked the establishing of new women storylines. Mandy Rose looks fantastic and is perfect fodder for Ember Moon as she makes her rise. Hopefully Asuka will do as I said last week and kick Liv’s head off into the third row. They obviously still want to treat Billie Kay like a star, but I don’t know how much long term potential she has.
  • I can’t state enough how much of a fan of Alexander I am. He’s a huge star in the making in my opinion. On the flip side of this match though, Almas had another really good showing. That’s three fairly strong outings in a row for him. So although he wants to leave, how ya doing Alberto, maybe he’s actually getting more comfortable and can be a player. He’s just missing a little something still.

There was nothing announced for next week, but no matter what, I’ll be here for all the action. So until next time, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If you do though, name it after me.