WWE NXT Spotlight: 5/17/17 by Kurt Zamora

Welcome one and all to another installment of the NXT Spotlight here at TJRWrestling. This is our last episode before the big Takeover: Chicago event this Saturday. We have 4 matches officially announced and I would fully expect to have the 5th match announced during this episode. Let’s find out what’s in store for us before we get to The Windy City.

Our show starts with footage from earlier today where Bobby Roode is entering Full Sail University. He’s got someone bringing his bags in for him and he yells at the guy for being slow.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sean Maluta

They really should go back to the Broken Dreams theme for Drew. The fans don’t react to his new music at all cause they don’t realize it’s him until he comes out. Maluta shoves and chops McIntyre after a couple clean breaks due to thinking McIntyre is mocking him. McIntyre proceeds to chop him down a couple times and then tosses him halfway across the ring. He deadlift suplexes Maluta after that but gets caught with a boot in the corner and then Mauluta comes off the second rope with a Codebreaker. McIntyre able to kick out. Maluta comes with a running forearm in the corner, but gets caught with a kick to the face in the opposite corner. McIntyre repeatedly beats on him and comes with his own running forearm. He goes to the top rope and comes down on Maluta with an ax handle. McIntyre moves his hair from in front of his face and apparently Maluta caught him big time with a shot as his got a swollen right eye. McIntyre comes with a stiff headbutt and then sets up for his Yakuza Kick and lays out Maluta for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Post match, McIntyre is interviewed at ringside and is asked if Wesley Blake’s attention towards McIntyre concerns him. McIntyre says no. What would concern him is if he didn’t have anyone’s attention. He challenges Blake to a match next week and he’ll give Blake his full, undivided attention.

We see the footage from after the show last week where Roderick Strong was attacked by Sanity after his match with Hideo Itami. We also see where Strong tells William Regal that he wants Sanity. We go to Sanity who are outside in what looks to be an airfield at night. EY talks about how Roddy has a new baby, a beautiful fiance and is at the pinnicle of his career but he wants Sanity? They call Sanity crazy? Does Roddy know how insane that sounds? Sanity doesn’t normally take requests but if Roddy wants Sanity at Takeover, they will gladly take all of that away from him and so at Takeover: Chicago, EY accepts Roddy’s challenge.

We get a video package of Hideo Itami’s debut in NXT back in September 2014 as they hype his first shot at the NXT Title at Takeover: Chicago.

We then go to a video package of Tyler Bate winning the UK Title in January against Pete Dunne as they prepare for the rematch at Takeover: Chicago.

The Patrick Clark “Velveteen Dream” vignette is shown again.

The next Hideo Itami video package is shown, this one from the San Jose live event before WrestleMania 31 where he took on Tyler Breeze and landed the GTS For the first time to a massive reaction.

We now go to earlier today where Asuka is riding in a car on the way to Full Sail and is asked about having to defend against two women at Takeover. “Next question.” She’s asked if she’s relieved she doesn’t have to see Ember Moon at Takeover. “Next Question.” What’s her goal as NXT Women’s Champion? “Is this interview over yet?” The SUV pulls up to Full Sail and she gets out as there’s a group of fans chanting for her. Her entire body language changes and she’s all smiles, takes a group selfie and waves to everyone. Then as she walks away, she goes back to be being annoyed and frustrated. Very interesting dynamic shown in this segment.

Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville

I mentioned in the Women’s Battle Royal, Evans used to be Macey Estrada and Deville was Daria from the last version of Tough Enough. Deville looks to be playing up her MMA background more now. Deville starts with a couple knee strikes and a Superman punch. There was no “better than Roman” chants so I’m disappointed in Full Sail. Evans does a single leg takedown and then punches Deville right in the stomach. Deville gets back up and does a double leg takedown of her own. She then goes into a bodyscissors on Evans while grinding on the face. Evans gets out of it but then gets nailed right in the ribs by a knee. Deville takes off her MMA gloves and then punches Evans repeatedly in the stomach. She lines up Evans for the knockout punch but Evans moves and connects with a straight right of her own. Evans connects with a back elbow and jumping knee strike. Deville is in the ropes and Evans comes in with a double knee. Evans connects with a swinging neckbreaker and then rolls over into a splash for a pin but Deville kicks out. Deville manages to cut off Evans in the corner and then comes at Evans with the Shining Wizard and that gets the win. This was far better than it had any business being.

Winner: Sonya Deville

The next Hideo Itami video package is from last month when Itami returned to interrupt Bobby Roode and ended up laying him out with the GTS.

Kassius Ohno vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Ohno looks so much better when he’s not wearing a form fitting top. His looks are really cool with the NBA throwback style, this week is the old Orlando Magic look, but when it’s tight on him like his original Dream Team look was, it just was bad. Plus I do think he’s lost a few pounds already since getting to NXT.

Almas starts off with his cocky poses and mocking of Ohno. Some great counters by both men on leapfrogs and such and we get to a stalemate. The crowd is singing Ohno’s theme. Ohno delivers a straight right and goes for the Roaring Elbow but Almas goes to the outside. He looks for a dive but Almas moves. Ohno calmly rolls over the rop rope and lands on his feet and then nails Almas with a big boot. Back in the ring, Almas sends Ohno to the ropes, Ohno rolls over the top rope again but this time Almas is the one with the big boot and it sends Ohno to the floor. We go to commercial.

We return to Almas all over Ohno in the corner. He goes for his double knees but stops short and just slaps Ohno in the face. Ohno gets up and both men trade blows. Ohno dumps Almas to the apron but Almas comes back with his cross armbreaker over the top rope. Almas then goes to the top rope after the ref breaks the hold and comes off with a dropkick. Almas then goes right back to the arm. Almas then goes again for that slap in the corner but this time it backfires. Ohno firing up with kicks and strikes and then comes off the ropes with a spinning neckbreaker. Ohno comes out of the corner with a spinning bicycle kick but Almas is able to kick out after it. Almas is down and Ohno goes to the top rope with a beautiful looking moonsault but Almas moves. Almas then connects with a Reality Check but Ohno kicks out. Almas goes for a suplex but Ohno blocks it and ends up reversing it to put Almas on the top rope. Ohno follows him up there but gets nailed with repeated forearms and is sent to the mat. Almas comes of the top but is nailed with a bicycle kick on the way down. Almas somehow stays on his feet and then comes at Ohno with a handspring double knees. Ohno is down in the corner and Almas finally connects with his double knees. He goes for his Hammerlock DDT but Ohno blocks it and sends Almas to the corner. Almas turns it into a Tornado DDT but Ohno Hulks Up and kicks out at one. This gets a great reaction from the crowd and the announcers makes a big deal of it. Almas comes off the ropes and is met with another bicycle kick. Almas again refuses to go down and it takes two Roaring Elbows and finally Ohno gets Almas down for three.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

The next Hideo Itami video package is last week’s match against Roddy Strong where Itami earned his title shot for Takeover: Chicago.

Everyone Goes to Sleep

The champ Bobby Roode comes out to discuss his match on Saturday. He says everywhere he goes now, everyone is talking about Hideo Itami. Really? Sure he’s knocked some people out and broken a couple jaws, but come on. Sure, he can admit that Itami knocked him out with a GTS a couple weeks ago. He was minding his own business in a $5000 custom suit and Itami comes in and completely unproked hit him with the GTS. He hopes Itami enjoyed that moment cause it will never happen again. The difference in Chicago is that Roode won’t be in a custom suit. He’ll be in his boots, taped up and ready to do what he’s been doing all along. He will make an example of Itami. Let’s talk about Itami’s career in NXT. He’s been here and then he gets hurt. He comes back and he gets hurt. Roode didn’t even realize Itami was still employed here. On the flip side, let’s look at what Roode has done. He’s taken NXT to heights never seen before. Itami is going to have to go back to Japan and look his wife and kids in the face and tell them that he failed yet again.

Itami’s music now hits and he comes down going after Roode. Regal stops him halfway down though and gets security to stop Itami as well. Regal says he doesn’t want this taking place right now. Itami looks to comply but then runs through then and gets to Roode. Security gets in the ring and pulls him off but Itami goes through them like a buzzsaw and he lays a couple of them out with a GTS. Roode comes from behind and tries to attack Itami but he gets another GTS himself and Itami has laid out the champ for a second time. Itami stares at Roode and then motions he’ll be the next champion as the show goes off the air.

K-Tank’s Final Takes

  • That Ohno/Almas match was really good, especially after the commercial break. I’m not sure how I feel about Almas’ current direction though. The storyline is that he’s not focused on wrestling, more what happens afterwards with the implications that he’s out all night partying. Is this art imitating life? There were rumors that Almas was going up to the main roster but it didn’t happen. Is this why? A total guess on my part but just food for thought. He has really improved since turning heel, but he doesn’t get any wins that matter.
  • Itami was really built up tonight with his video packages and laying out Roode at the end, but I can’t see him winning the title from Roode. I’ll have more thoughts on the entire Takeover event with our fearless leader John Canton in our official preview which should be out late Thursday.

I will be here live on Saturday for Takeover: Chicago review and then also back next week for that McIntyre vs. Blake match along with Aleister Black in action as well. Until next time, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… but if you do, name it after me.