WWE NXT Spotlight: 2/22/17 by Kurt Zamora

Welcome one and all to another installment of the NXT Spotlight here at TJRWrestling. This week we have more of the UK Tournament competitors making thier NXT debut, the champ is in action, and we need a new #1 contender for Asuka, so that will be determined tonight as well. Let’s get to it!

The show is in memory of George “The Animal” Steele. RIP.

#1 Contender’s Match for the NXT Women’s Title
Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan vs. Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay)

Liv Morgan comes out in Space Jam inspired attire. It makes me hate the movie now. Peyton goes after Ember and Liv goes after Peyton to start. Ember gets sent to the floor and Liv sunset flips Peyton for a pin attempt. Liv then Matrix moves out of a Peyton kick, but still gets thrown to the floor. Ember comes back in and throws Peyton out as well. Ember goes for a splash over the top rope onto both of her opponents, but Billie pulls Peyton out of the way and Liv gets it full force. Then Peyton throws Ember into the steel steps as we go to commercial.

We return to Peyton in control over Liv in the ring. Peyton goes to ensure Ember stays on the outside and then continues her attack on Liv. Lot of punches and kicks. Peyton then ties Liv up in the ropes and does a unique submission. She breaks the hold to make sure Ember once again stays on the floor. She once again ties Liv up in the ropes and then once again kicks Ember back to the floor. Liv finally counters with a headscissors out of the corner and Peyton kicks out at two. Peyton kicks Liv right in the thigh and then once more a kick to Ember who still hasn’t made it in the ring. More kicks and knees from Peyton to Liv. This is not a very good match if you can’t tell. Peyton hits a spinning heel kick in the corner but then Liv drops Peyton with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle. She hits a bulldog and goes for a pin and finally Ember is in the ring and breaks up the pin. Liv connects with a headscissors on Ember and Ember once again is outside the ring. Peyton battles Liv and gets her up on the top turnbuckle and attempts a superplex from the second rope but Liv blocks it. Now Ember comes from the apron and they hit a tower of doom type spot as Ember powerbombs Peyton who suplexes Liv. Ember is the first one up and goes for the Total Eclipse but Billie Kay gets in the ring as the ref is distracted by something with Peyton. Ember ends up hitting the move on Billie but Liv then shoves Ember back out of the ring. That allows Peyton to knee Liv right in the side of the head and then hits the Perfect Plex for the win. As Jim Ross used to say, that was bowling shoe ugly.

Winner & New #1 Contender: Peyton Royce

We get a video package for Mark Andrews and Pete Dunne who are competing tonight.

We get a vignette showing that Kassius Ohno is on his way.

Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne

Andrews was in TNA for a period of time and Dunne was booked to be the one true heel on the UK Tournament. He’s known as “The Bruiserweight”. I saw both of these guys on the Battle of Los Angeles shows for PWG and both are very good. Both men get a favorable response from the Full Sail crowd, Dunne especially. Dunne gets Andrews down quickly and works on dislocating the fingers of Andrews. Andrews gets out with a hiptoss and then an armdrag. Andrews then reverses a sunset flip that turns into a dropkick. Dunne goes to the outside and Andrews comes at him with a moonsault off the apron. Dunne catches him at first, but Andrews reverses his momentum into an armdrag on the floor. They get back in the ring and Dunne gets the advantage. He goes back to work on the arm and fingers of Andrews. Dunne goes for a suplex, but Andrews gets out and hits an enziguri. Dunne goes to the floor and Andrews goes for another moonsault but Dunne moves and then connects with a roaring elbow to the back of the head. Andrews ends up on the steel steps and Dunne stomps on the hand on the steps. Dunne then drills Andrews with a release suplex onto the apron as we go to commercial.

We comes back to Dunne hooking Andrews in a surfboard, but just stomping on the back of the knees. He then pulls Andrews up by his nose and then lets go so he falls face first. Dunne sends Andrews to the outside. Andrews comes back and after a nice move from the apron, ends up connecting with a double foot stomp. Andrews then hits a springboard hurricanrana, followed by a standing shooting star press, but Dunne manages to kick out. Andrews goes to the top rope but Dunne gets up before Andrews can connect. Andrews ends up springboarding off the second rope, but Dunne connects with a uppercut. He then hits Andrews with a release suplex but Andrews kicks out. Dunne goes for a pump handle but Andrews gets out and hits another enziguri. He comes off the ropes but Dunne meets him with a vicious kick. Both men up and Andrews hits a reverse hurricanrana. He can’t capitalize though. Andrews charges Dunne but Dunne moves and nails Andrews with a snap German suplex that makeds Andrews land on his hand. Dunne goes for that suplex again but Andrews turns it into a hurricanrana. He goes for a pin but Dunne kicks out right at the last moment. As both men get up, Dunne goes back to the fingers of Andrews and goes for the pump handle again and this time Andrews turns it into a small package. Dunne kicks out. Andrews goes for a move out of the corner but Dunne catches him in a suplex but Andrews somehow counters it into a Stunner! Andrews goes to the top rope and wants a shooting star press, but Dunne gets his knees up. Dunne goes for the pump handle a third time and this time he turns it into a Flatliner, which Nigel says is called The Bitter End, and he picks up a very hard fought win.

Winner: Pete Dunne

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We go backstage to Peyton Royce and Billie Kay who are celebrating Peyton’s win. Next week Peyton gets her title shot against Asuka. Peyton says she would already be the champion if it wasn’t for crazy Nikki in San Antonio. She says next week she’s going to win the title and take it Down Under.

A vignette for Patrick Clark is shown as he will be in action next week.

We now go to an interview with Tye Dillinger earlier in the week at the Performance Center. He’s asked about his battles with Sanity and now having help on his side. He says he doesn’t know why Sanity has him in their crosshairs but Roderick Strong and No Way Jose probably saved his career by having his back. He now has theirs. Dillinger says just like Eric Young, he has an agenda, except his doesn’t involve Sanity.

Non-Title Match
Bobby Roode vs. No Way Jose

Roode repremands the ref for rushing him since this is his NXT now. Roode starts off with a go behind and slaps Jose in the back of the head a couple times and deems it GLORIOUS. Roode then gets a wrist lock but Jose reverses it. He connects with a right hand and then avoids a Roode charge in the corner. He drop toe holds Roode and then mimics what Roode did to him on the mat at the beginning of the match. Jose hits a series of left hands but Roode ducks one and then plants Jose with his textbook Spinebuster. We go to commercial again.

We come back to Roode wanting to come off the second rope with a move and he comes off with an ax handle to the back of the neck. He deems that GLORIOUS as well. Roode continues with punches and kicks as the crowd gets behind Jose. Roode connects with a vertical suplex and goes for a pin but Jose kicks out. Jose tries a TKO but Roode gets out. Roode runs into a back elbow though and Jose starts to fire up. A series of punches gets him going, but Roode manages to cut him off. Jose connects with his Cobra Clutch slam but Roode kicks out after. Jose now wants to hit his wind up pitch punch but Roode ducks. Roode kicks Jose in the corner, goes back to the second rope and jumps off but Jose connects with the punch this time. Roode rolls to the floor though so Jose can’t capitalize. Jose gets him back in, but when he gets in himself, Roode grabs him for the GLORIOUS DDT and that’s the match.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Post match, Roode goes to leave but as Jose is getting checked on by the ref, Roode comes back in the ring and chop blocks Jose. Roode then locks on a one legged Liontamer, which is similar to what he did to Nakamura in San Antonio. All of the sudden, Kassius Ohno’s music hits and he clears Roode from the ring. Roode grabs a mic and asks who the hell does Ohno think he is to interrupt the champion like that. Ohno says the fans know who he is and Roode knows it too. He’s Kassius Ohno and he’s nothing to mess with. He’s been in this NXT ring before. He’s been to 40 states and 20 countries, anything he’s ever wanted, he took it. So now that he’s back here, he’s got unfinished buisness. Roode has got what he wants and needs, the NXT Championship. Roode mocks Ohno and says that’s a touching story, but lucky for Mr. Ohno, if that’s his real name, he’s looking at a real champion. As far as Roode’s concerned, they don’t have to wait. Roode says they can put the title on the line right here and right now. Roode tells Ohno to take off his jacket and let’s get to work. Ohno does just that but Roode comes from behind and chop blocks him and then goes to work on the left leg. Ohno fights back though and drops Roode with a trio of his elbows and then hits a back body drop. Ohno throws one of his shoes at Roode, who throws a shoe honestly, and then clothesline Roode over the top rope. Roode retreats as our show comes to an end.

K-Tank’s Final Takes

* Weird to have 3 two-segment matches on one show. I don’t know the last time that happened. Even though the first match was awful, I still enjoyed the way the show was laid out. No filler.

* Dunne and Andrews had an incredible match. Some of the counters were fantastic. Definitely go out of your way to watch this.

* Great to see Kassius Ohno make his official return to NXT. The crowd responded very favorably to him. Interested to see where this goes when you know Nakamura is going to get back in the title picture as well when he returns.

Next week, not only do we have Asuka vs. Peyton Royce, we have the return match for the NXT Tag Titles between DIY and Authors of Pain. Should be a great episode so until next time, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. If you do though, name it after me.