WWE NXT Spotlight 10/28/15 by Kurt Zamora

Welcome one and all to the last NXT Spotlight of October, right here at TJRWrestling. After all the buzz after last week’s debut of The Cowboy James Storm, this week we have a huge main event with Samoa Joe and Tyler Breeze facing off. We also have a tag team match that our fearless leader John Canton has been raving about ever since he attended the tapings. So let’s get to the action!

Emma (w/Dana) vs. Shazza

Shazza is yet another woman from Austraila making an appearance here in NXT. I don’t know when they recruited all of these girls from Down Under, but that’s now four by my count. Emma gives Shazza a shoulder tackle early and smirks. Emma gets a side headlock and then Shazza drops down as Emma hits the ropes, but Emma doesn’t fall for a trick and kicks Shazza square in the face. Emma continues to dominate her and snapmares Shazza with her own hair. Then she steps over Shazza and taunts her, but gets caught in a rollup that only gets two. Emma goes right back to the attack and is even more angry. Emma continues to toss Shazza around and charges her in the corner, but Shazza finally fights back. It doesn’t last long as she ends up face first into the turnbuckle and then Emma follows up with the Emma Sandwich. Emma brings her to the middle of the ring and basically curb stomps Shazza before hooking in her Emma Lock. Shazza has no choice but to tap out.

Winner by Submission: Emma

We get a recap of James Storm’s debut from last week. Then we go to Tom Phillips who caught up with Storm after his match backstage last week. Tom asks him how he feels about his debut and the crowd chanting that he belongs here. Storm hypes up his debut in NXT and his character of The Cowboy. He says his debut made him think of his mom, who believed in him when no one else did. So Tom can go tell everyone that Storm is here in NXT and if they don’t like it, Sorry About Their Damn Luck.

Next week is Apollo Crews vs. Finn Balor for the NXT Title. We get a replay of the Finn Balor video package that was shown before his title match in Japan against Kevin Owens.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs. Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

This is the match that John has been hyping for weeks now. Great ovation for Jordan and Gable. Ciampa and Gargano get a good reaction as well. This should definitely be fantastic. Gable and Ciampa start the match and Gable gets a huge chant started for him. Both men shake hands and show respect as the bell rings. Now the crowd chants Gable and Jordan’s name to the tune of Kurt Angle’s theme song. Jordan can’t control his smile/laugh on the apron. Ciampa and Gable tie up and Ciampa gets Gable down in a test of strength, but Gable flips him over and both men’s shoulders are down so the ref counts and at two, both bridge up. Cool opening spot. Both men counter each other until Gable puts on one hell of a display of athleticism and gets Ciampa in an armlock as the crowd goes nuts. Jordan tags into the match now and they double team Ciampa with a double hiptoss. Jordan for the pin but a quick one count. Big “This is wrestling” chant as Jordan goes back to working on Ciampa’s arm. Ciampa hits a big forearm and allows him the space to tag in Gargano. They quickly double team Jordan and Gargano hooks a front face lock. Gargano is in control until he hits the ropes but gets caught by Jordan and Jordan rams him into his corner. Gable tags in and tells Jordan thank you and Jordan replies with you’re welcome. That was funny.

Now Gable works over Gargano’s arm and they end up in the corner. Gable goes for a monkey flip but is stopped by Gargano, but Gable manages to catch Gargano’s arm and drops down over the top rope with it in a submission. He has to break before five and that gives Gargano a second to tag in Ciampa. Ciampa charges, but Gable ducks and then gets on all fours and trips Ciampa coming back. Gable goes back to the arm and basically monkey flips Ciampa from the mat. They get up and Ciampa lays in some stiff chops and then tags back in Gargano. Gable in the corner and gives Gargano a back elbow. He goes after Ciampa but Ciampa sends him towards Gargano who spears him through the first and second ropes. The crowd chants “This is awesome” as we go to a break.

We come back to Ciampa stomping Gable and giving him a knee to the midsection. Gable kicks out at two after a pinfall attempt. Gargano gets back in the ring as they continue to cut off the ring from Gable. Gargano hits a snap suplex that gets a two count. Gargano hooks an abdominal stretch and then tags in Ciampa who trades places with Gargano. Gargano right back in the match and dropkicks Gable in the back of his head while he’s still in the hold. Another two count. Gable continues to be worked over but gets pushed into the ropes and turns it into a rollup but cant get the pin. Gable then Judo throws Gargano and gets the hot tag to Jordan. Ciampa in the match as well but Jordan cleans house. A pair of beautiful dropkicks and then an overhead belly to belly to Ciamp as the straps come down. He follows that with an awesome head and leg suplex and Gargano breaks up the pin. He gets thrown to the floor for his trouble and Jordan goes to ram Ciampa into the corner, but Ciampa flips over Jordan and gets a two count on a roll up. Ciampa with a huge knee to the head of Jordan. He’s rocked back to the corner and Gargano and Ciampa double team him with a knee strike and kick to the head simultaniously. Gargano then hits a jumping DDT over the top rope but Jordan kicks out at two. Gargano can’t believe it. The crowd is going nuts for this, as well they should. Gargano and Ciampa go for a double team suplex but Jordan lands on his feet and sends Gargano to the floor. He throws Ciampa in the air and he lands face first. Gable gets tagged in and Jordan tosses Ciampa in the air and Gable catches him in his bridging back suplex and they pick up the hard fought win. Absolutely tremendous match.

Winners: Jason Jordan and Chad Gable

The released Devin Taylor is here to interview Bayley about Alexa Bliss’ comments as of late. Bayley says she doesn’t know where Alexa is coming from. Bayley loves being a role model and someone fans can look up to. Bayley says Alexa has a different side to her now that she’s with Blake and Murphy. All she can control is staying NXT women’s champion and that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

Eva Maria is still in Paris and says hello to her amazing NXT fans. She misses all of us so much and she hopes we miss her. The Red Queen of NXT is coming back soon, so she’ll see all of us soon. I can’t wait.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Nia Jax

Kay Lee is from Glascow, Scotland so at least they find women in other international areas as well. I still can’t tell if Nia is heel or face, not that it really matters, but this week’s ring attire is much better for her and looks much more fierce on her. Kay Lee is probably as big as one of Nia’s legs. If that. Kay Lee goes for a go behind which clearly doesn’t work and ends up getting headbutted. She ends up in the corner and Nia smashes her. She goes for a second one and Kay Lee moves. She hits Nia with some forearms that don’t affect Nia at all. Nia shoves her away and then sends her over the top rope. Kay Lee tries to hit a dropkick from the top but Nia just pushes her out of the way. Two big elbow drops by Nia after that and then gets Kay Lee up into a Canadian Backbreaker and somehow Kay Lee gets free. Kay Lee hits a couple dropkicks but gets ambitious and tries to do a springboard back elbow off the middle rope and that doesn’t work. Nia catches her in her modified spinebuster and then drops a huge leg for the win.

Winner: Nia Jax

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. Scott Dawon and Dash Wilder

We get a recap of how Enzo stole a win for his team the last time these two faced. Enzo goes through his opening promo but Dawson and Wilder come from behind and attack them before the match. Cass is sent knee first into the LED board that’s below the apron and now The Mechanics work over the knee in the ring. Wilder comes off the middle rope with a big stomp as Dawson has Cass’ legs hooked, and lands directly onto the left knee of Cass and Cass looks to be hurt seriously. Dawson and Wilder admire their work as doctors tend to Big Cass.

Winner: No Contest

Tom Phillips is now with Alexa Bliss who has Blake and Murphy with her. Alexa asked for this time and she said she talked to William Regal and Regal loved her idea. So it will be a six-person match. She tells Bayley good luck finding two losers to join her against Bliss, Blake, & Murphy.

Part two of the Apollo “Don’t call me Terry Creed” Crews video package is shown. Just another fantastic job done getting us invested in someone. Go out of your way to check out both parts.

Tyler Breeze vs. Samoa Joe

I’ll have my take on Tyler’s debut on the main roster in my Final Takes below. These guys had a hell of a match at the live event in Austin I attended. Dueling chants for both men as the bell rings. Tyler dips to the outside before the action can start. Joe is fired up so Tyler continues to get separation before they can lock up. Finally Joe gets fed up and follows Breeze to the outside, but Breeze attacks him once they get back in the ring. Breeze hits a running forearm and then applaudes himself in the corner. Joe attacks him in the corner and goes rapid fire on Tyler. Tyler goes back to the outside but Joe hits his suicide dive forearm through the top and middle ropes. We go to break as Tyler is down.

We come back to Joe hitting an enziguri in the corner on Tyler. Joe snapmares Tyler and then chops his back, kicks his chest and then drops a knee. Tyler manages to kick out after that. Joe wants to send Tyler to the opposite ropes but Tyler blocks him and manages to hit his modified backstabber from the side. Cool move. Joe kicks out. Now Tyler has Joe in the corner and works him over. Joe chops his way out but gets hit with a perfect dropkick. Another two count. Tyler hooks a camel clutch type submission. Joe gets out but Tyler hits a legdrop and goes back to the submission. Joe fights out and hits an atomic drop, big boot, and then a senton. Tyler kicks out at two. Awesome snap powerslam by Joe and another two count. Joe hits his urinagi in the corner as Breeze tries to come at him. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Breeze turns it into a sunset flip. Joe kicks out but Breeze is waiting with a Supermodel Kick! Another kick out by Joe. Both men trade forearms and then Tyler gets Joe in a reverse sunset flip, but Joe pushes up on Tyler and turns it into his Kokina Clutch and Tyler has to tap out.

Winner: Samoa Joe

We go back to Devin who is with NXT champion Finn Balor. She asks him how he feels about his match with Apollo. Finn says he’s excited because Apollo earned this shot. Apollo beat a lot of guys to get this title match, but he hasn’t beat Finn Balor. Someday Apollo Crews will be NXT champion, but it will not be next week. That’s our show.

K-Tank’s Final Takes

– Tremendous show this week with two very good to great matches.

– I really enjoy Emma as a heel. Her work since the transition has been really good. It seems they’re setting her up as Asuka’s next opponent.

– James Storm was not at the last set of tapings that start next week, so not sure if they filmed vignettes for him for the time being. Make no mistake about it though, with the hype and press coverage he got from WWE, they clearly have big plans for him. As well they should.

– Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are stars. The crowd eats up everything they do. I can already see them main eventing a Takeover event down the road when they get a shot at the Tag Titles. The match tonight with Ciampa and Gargano was off the page good. Watch this match if you’re just reading my recap.

– I’d like to know more about Nia Jax’s character, what side of the fence she’s on, what her mindset is, etc. She’s a force in the ring despite how green she clearly is.

– The Mechanics are lined up for a tag title shot soon, so it looks like they’re getting Enzo and Cass ready for them to be the first challengers should/when they defeat The Vaudevillians.

– VERY happy for Tyler Breeze being called up to the main roster. He was far overdue. If there were no plans for him to be in the NXT Title picture, which there clearly weren’t, then it was time for him to move on. I think him and Ziggler will have a fantastic angle. And I may be in the minority, but I absolutely love the partnership with Summer Rae. I think they fit perfectly together.

Not sure the plan on when NXT will go up next week as I’ll be traveling to Tennessee on vacation, but I’ll obviously figure something out. Between now and then, be on the look out for an editorial I’ll have up that takes a deeper look at this past Monday’s fantastic Raw episode. Until next time, remember to be a company person and keep interviewing talent even after you’re released.