WWE NXT Review 08/19/15 Plus Takeover Brooklyn Predictions

Welcome one and all to the NXT Spotlight here at TJRWrestling. We are just 72 hours away from NXT Takeover: Brooklyn live on the WWE Network, but we’ve got one episode left of NXT before we get there. I’ll have my predictions on the matches for Saturday in my Final Takes, so for now let’s get right into the show.

We start the show with a video recapping Finn Balor’s match last week against Marcus Louis and then the subsequent attack by Kevin Owens after the match. We also get a recap of Bayley becoming the #1 Contender to Sasha Banks and her NXT Women’s championship.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

We’re kicking off this week’s episode with WWE’s favorite non-match gimmick, a contract signing. William Regal makes his way to the ring and hypes up the big show on Saturday night. He’s here to look over the contract signing for the NXT Woman’s Championship. Regal brings out both women to the ring and both get a favorable reaction. Bayley goes first to sign, but grabs a mic instead. She thanks Regal and the fans for getting her to where she is. She says this will be the biggest match of her life. She’s let every title shot slip through her fingers before, but not this time. She can feel it this time that she’s going to win. And even Sasha Banks can feel it. With that, she signs the contract. Sasha grabs her mic now. Sasha had been leaning babyface on NXT recently, but she says, “There’s a reason the show is in Brooklyn and not here.” So the crowd instantly turns on her. They start the infamous “Sasha’s Ratchet” chants. It’s better for her to be consistent on both brands now. Sasha says it’s not that Bayley isn’t good, she just isn’t Sasha Banks. Sasha says that whether it’s WWE or NXT, Bayley will find out why she’s The Boss. Sasha has a huge stamp with her and uses that to sign the contract. That’s pretty funny. Sasha goes to leave, but Bayley calls her back. Bayley says she knows how all these contract signings go, and she’s ready to fight right now. Sasha says Becky Lynch and Charlotte are threats, Bayley isn’t. The reason that Sasha is on RAW right now is because of those two, not Bayley. Bayley is a loser and pathetic. Sasha makes fun of her for thinking she’s a role model. Sasha says she’s going to teach all these little girls that look up to Bayley that fairy tales don’t have happy endings. So as it goes for fighting tonight, Sasha doesn’t have time for it because Bayley isn’t worth it. Sasha goes to leave and she gloats up the rampway, and Bayley finally has enough of it and bumrushes her on the stage and attacks her. The refs come out and pull Bayley off.

Tremendous mic work by Sasha Banks and overall a strong segment for what they are now hyping as one of the double main events of the night on Saturday.

They show the Apollo “Don’t call me Terry Creed” Crews hype video again. He debuts Saturday against Tye Dillinger based on what Triple H posted earlier this week on Twitter.

The Face of The Rising Sun

Tyler Breeze vs. ??

Tyler makes his way to the ring with a Liger mask attached to the bottom of his selfie stick. If they announced Breeze’s opponent, I didn’t catch it but I don’t think they did. His trunks say Ryzin so maybe he’s Triple H’s son Terra Ryzin Jr. Anyways, Breeze is focused on the mask and gets rolled up from behind, but kicks out, gets up and gives Ryzin the Supermodel Kick and it’s over.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Post match, Breeze puts the Liger mask on his fallen opponent. Breeze grabs a mic and says it’s nice to meet the great Jushin Thunder Liger. He’s heard a lot about Liger, but he’s not impressed. He’s looking forward to their match at Takeover, and everyone would like a preview of what they can expect. He picks up the fake Laker and drops him with the Beauty Shot and then counts his own 1-2-3.

Later tonight we’ll get Kevin Owens’ final declaration before his NXT Title match against Finn Balor

The hype video for Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker is shown.

How You Doin’ Hyped Up

The Hype Bros/Enzo Amore/Big Cass (w/Carmella) vs. ??

It would be very hard pressed to find a more charismatic four-man team than what we’ve got in this match. Again, I don’t think the opponents were named, but I know one of them is Jesse Sorenson from TNA fame. Fame may be a strong word. The announcers confirm that next week on NXT we’ll get The Hype Bros with Enzo and Cass vs. Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, & The Mechanics. That should be a real fun match. Mojo and Sorenson start the match and Mojo doesn’t waste any time tagging in Ryder after he gets the advantage. Mojo sends him into a big double knee by Ryder in the corner. The crowd is strongly behind Ryder as he delivers a nice dropkick off the second rope. Ryder then tags in Enzo who hits an ax-handle off the second rope. Sorenson sends Enzo into his corner though and then two of the guys who I don’t know, tag in to try and wear down Enzo. Enzo gets away and tags in Big Cass who cleans house. He gives one of the guys a big side slam, but the pin is broken up. Mojo gets in the ring and lays out Sorsenson with a discus punch. Ryder follows up with the Broski Boot. Big Cass gives one of the other guys the East River Crossing (Black Hole Slam) and then goes to grab Enzo and launches him off the top rope and that’s the match.

Winners: The Hype Bros/Enzo & Big Cass

Post match the good guys celebrate in the ring while meantime Devon is backstage with their opponents for next week. She asks them if they’re impressed with what they just saw. Dawson says they just went against four jamokes they found off the street. Jamokes is a good word, hope I spelled it right. Dawson and Wilder talk about The Hype Bros and Gable/Jordan talk about how it won’t be a good homecoming for Enzo and Cass. Gable convinces all his partners to say that they’re “willing and Gable” at the end.

Backstage, Samoa Joe is getting ready for his match which is next.

Joe’s Gonna Kill You

Samoa Joe vs. Steve Cutler

Joe’s music is such an improvement. I can’t say it enough. Also on that topic, Colt Cabana on his latest podcast episode, had a really funny story about running into Joe right after he debuted on NXT and brought up his original music to him. It’s worth checking out if you listen to his podcast. Cutlet comes right at Joe in the corner, but ends up getting Joe’s Urinagi out of the corner and then Joe hooks on the Kokina Clutch and that’s it.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Post match, Joe goes up the walkway to leave and Baron Corbin comes out of nowhere and hits a big boot and knocks Joe off the stage. Corbin sends him back into the ring, where Joe starts to fire back, but Corbin hits the End of Days after Joe bounces off the ropes! That was nice. Corbin throws his shirt down on Joe and stands over him.

Another mention of Kevin Owens’ final declaration tonight.

There’s a commercial for Tough Enough. If you haven’t heard today, Amanda and Sara Lee will have their matches against Alicia Fox. ZZ and Josh will have their match against none other than Cesaro. Seeing Cesaro take ZZ to school may end up being my reward for having to cover the show.

We’re shown another Bull-Fit vignette for Bull Dempsey. Next Wednesday we get the new and improved Bull Dempsey.

Champion’s Tune-Up

Blake & Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss) vs. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

Blake and Dawkins start the match. Dawkins hits a nice arm drag and grabs control to tag in his partner Fulton. They hit a couple double team fireman carries. Dawkins gets a two count on a sunset flip and then hits a nice dropkick, but then Murphy interferes and the champs gain the advantage. A couple quick tags as they stomp a mudhole in the corner. Dawkins reverses a submission into a pin, and gets a two count but is able to tag back in Fulton. Fulton cleans house and throws the champs around a bit with a couple nice moves. He tries to follow up in the corner, but fails and then Blake & Murphy hit their running suplex/frog splash combo and pick up the pinfall.

Winners: Blake & Murphy

Cue The Vaudevillians music. They say they have a plan for Takeover and it’s time to announce it. Alexa Bliss cuts them off though and walks up the rampway and slaps them both across the face. She does it again as they try to announce it again. The champs look confident, but The Vaudevillians aren’t discouraged.

A hype video for Seth Rollins vs. John Cena is shown.

Next Wednesday night we will see Carmella vs. Eva Marie. I get to review an Eva Marie match!! They also remind us of the big 8-Man Tag Match. Also we’ll see Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Emma vs. Dana Brooke in a Fatal Four Way. That should be fantastic.

Final Declarations

The challenger for the NXT Title comes to the ring with a ladder in hand. Owens reminds the crowd immediately that Takeover is taking place in Brooklyn, which prompts a “Brooklyn sucks” chant. Owens says he has to address the chant. He asks the crowd if they know how disgusting the chant is. Are they too stupid to realize how hypocritical they’re being? Week in and Week out they’ll chant for Owens unless he’s laying a finger on someone like Sami Zayn, then they’ll boo. If someone mentions John Cena’s name, they boo. But if he talks about beating Cena, they cheer. It’s ironic because that shows the NXT fans are the John Cena of fans. The fans may find that funny, but he finds it pathetic. They say they want the success of NXT, but when NXT sells out a 13,000 seat arena, an arena that sold out because he’s on the show, they boo and want to stunt NXT’s growth because they don’t get to see it live. That’s why everytime he has to come to Full Sail, he’s sick to his stomach because he’s got to perform for ungrateful pieces of trash. What’s going to make him feel better is defeating their flavor of the month Finn Balor. In front of a crowd that’s deserving to see a match that big. As far as Finn is concerned, he needs to understand something. All Japan was, was a fluke. It shouldn’t have happened, and it won’t happen again. The Kevin Owens that Balor sees in Brooklyn is unlike any Kevin Owens he’s seen before. Owens doesn’t just want the NXT Title, he NEEDS it. So he can come back to Full Sail and shove it in the faces of all the fans. He needs it to prove he’s better than Balor. Brooklyn is going to be Fight Owens Fight. Destroy Owens Destroy. And Climb Owens Climb. It will not be an epic battle at the top of the ladder, fighting it out for the title. When Owens is at the top of the ladder, that means Balor will be on the mat below with trainers and doctors ready to take him away. He will reclaim the NXT Title.

Finn’s music hits now as Owens looks for him, then Finn shows up from nowhere and is sitting on the top turnbuckle with a menacing look on his face. Owens cautiously climbs down the ladder and Balor charges him and they trade blows. Balor drops Owens with the Pele kick and then goes to drill Owens with the ladder, but Owens escapes and lives to fight another day. Balor climbs the ladder with his title and a mic. Balor says not only will he win the ladder match, but he’s going to kick Owens ass and shut his mouth.

That’s our show this week. Unbelievable promo by Owens. He is so money. Go out of your way to watch that promo. That’s how you can still be a heel in this day and age.

K-Tank’s Final Take

Obviously a lot of very shot squash matches to build up things for Brooklyn, but the promo work from Owens and Banks was spectacular. I won’t get to watch Takeover live, but I am very excited to see how the show comes across with their biggest crowd ever.

– Apollo Crews debut: I’m a little disappointed that they’re feeding Dillinger to him, since he obviously won’t lose in his first match and Dillinger just finally got his Perfect 10 gimmick on TV. This will be little more than a showcase match. Prediction: Apollo Crews

– NXT Tag Title Match: The Vaudevillians vs. Blake & Murphy (c) w/Alexa Bliss: On one hand, The Vaudevillians almost have to win because they’ve been made to look like real emasculated with Alexa getting the better of them the last few weeks and no ability to retaliate obviously. My hunch is The Vaudevillians plan will be Blue Pants (WWE just made a shirt for her randomly, so there has to be something behind that) coming out to even the sides. If it’s not her, it could be a former WWE Diva for a nice pop. On the other hand, Enzo/Cass and The Hype Bros seem like the most logical choices for tag title shots down the road, so they could keep the belts on Blake & Murphy. That’s the route I’m going to predict they go with, which is unfortunate because I definitely feel The Vaudevillians deserve the titles finally. Prediction: Blake & Murphy retain

– Baron Corbin vs. Samoa Joe: I really hope this match leads to another match where they can really let loose, like a Falls Count Anywhere match or something along those lines. As I said last week, I’m really happy that Corbin finally has something to sink his teeth into. It’s been far too long. I expect Corbin to win with underhanded tactics that lead to the rematch I’m hopeful for. Prediction: Baron Corbin

– Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin Thunder Liger: Liger is 50 years old and can’t go as well as he used to, but he’s still the big deal that WWE is making him out to be. I fully expect this to be one of, if not the breakout performance by Breeze. He really should be lined up to be Balor’s next angle after he’s through with Kevin Owens, and beating a legend the magnitude of Liger can help accomplish that. This should be a really fun match, and Liger will get his spotlight regardless. Prediction: Tyler Breeze

– NXT Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (c): Every women’s match on a Takeover seems to one up the last Takeover match, and this one should be no different trying to upstage what Sasha and Becky Lynch did at the last one. Not to mention that they’re now hyping this as one of the two main events on the card. This has been set up perfectly for Bayley to take the title and become the new face of the Women’s division on NXT. I look forward to seeing what she can do as champion. Sasha may be the best of any of the women to come from NXT and I have a feeling she’s going to have a monster weekend with great performances both at Takeover and SummerSlam. Prediction: New NXT Women’s Champion, Bayley

– NXT Title Ladder Match: Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor (c): It was 17 years ago during SummerSlam 1998 in a Ladder Match that two brand new stars were cemented as A+ players and main even caliber. Triple H & The Rock had an incredible Ladder Match that set the stage for the rest of their career, and I truly feel during SummerSlam weekend 2015, we’ll see history repeat itself. Balor and Owens are going to tear the house down. Owens especially could really have a career changing weekend with an amazing match against Balor and then what’s sure to be a classic against Cesaro the next night. Triple H really pushed Balor hard, rightfully so, heading into that Beast in the East special and they’re not going to just erase all of that after six weeks. Balor needs this win to add to his credibility and really cement himself as the face of NXT. There will be no losers in this match though, no matter who leaves as champion. Prediction: Finn Balor retains

I hope everyone enjoys Takeover and I’ll be back next week for Brooklyn part two, which looks like a fun show. Until next time, don’t be the John Cena of fans.