WWE Network Reviews: WWE Talking Smack for 4-10-21 with Edge

Talking Smack begins with host Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman. Kayla asks Paul about his thoughts on Jey Uso winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Heyman says he was extremely proud of “Main Event” Jey Uso, calling him a “giant of talent” who proved it on Smackdown by winning the prestigious battle royal. Kayla says she knows Heyman is focused on the triple threat match on Night 2 of Wrestlemania, before asking where is Reigns’ head after Smackdown. Ignoring Kayla’s question, Heyman says he is ready for Edge as he introduces him. However, Kayla interrupts him, saying Edge will not be on yet as they go to a commercial.

Back from the commercial, Heyman says it is a Wrestlemania weekend and felt he got carried away. Then again, he tries to introduce Edge again but Kayla says not yet again. Kayla brings up the Women’s Tag Team turmoil which saw a brawl between the competitors on Smackdown. Heyman instead asks if all of those women believed Bryan made Reigns tapped out. Again, an upset Heyman tries to bring out Edge as Braxton continues talking about the Women’s Tag Team Turmoil. Shifting on topics, Kayla brings up Rollins and Cesaro. When asked how should Rollins deal with someone like Cesaro, Heyman says he serves as the special counsel for Roman Reigns and is upset that the Tribal Chief can lose the championship without being pinned.

Aneil’s Take: A different vibe from this week’s opening, as Heyman was focused only on Edge. Pretty funny how he tried multiple times to introduce Edge on the show, much to his co-host’s disapproval. I do wish they mentioned the Smackdown Women’s Championship match although this episode was based on Edge and Heyman. As for “Main Event” Jey Uso winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, talk about someone who has taken the ball and ran away with it. Again, I never imagined Jey Uso could have such a singles run as he has had within the last six months. Good for him!

Talking Smack returns from the commercial break as Edge is finally introduced. The challenger for the Universal Championship takes a seat next to a somewhat worrisome Heyman. Heyman would turn to Edge with a smile before congratulating him with a “sincere” handshake. Paul would begin by saying it is Edge’s dream to be in the main event of Wrestlemania. He mentioned Edge having this dream by returning at last year’s Royal Rumble, only to come up short after being eliminated by Roman Reigns. However, to Edge’s credit, The Rated R Superstar would spend the next year working toward his dream and with all the odds against him, he would go on to win this year’s Royal Rumble. Heyman ends by saying he offers his respect and admiration to Edge.

Edge tells Paul E that he is living “dangerously” after talking a pile of crap about him for weeks. However, Edge understands what Heyman is doing since Reigns is his meal ticket. Edge says he had no idea what Heyman was talking about Christians since Heyman is Jewish and he is Agnostic. The Rated R Superstar also brought up Heyman’s comments of him shitting his pants out of fear for Roman Reigns. Edge says he and Heyman have a lot of similarities because they did not have an open path for them and instead and fought to get where they are. He brought up Heyman faking his credentials to get into Madison Square Garden just to talk with captain Lou Albano. Edge mentioned waiting outside of the Leafs Garden to see his favorite superstars and sneaking into the arena to set up chairs so he could touch and feel the ring. Bringing up the Smackdown Six, Edge said Heyman had faith in him to face guys like Eddie Guerrero and to have him teaming with Rey Mysterio in a tag team match some people consider the best of all-time. (John Canton Editor’s Note: I assume Edge means No Mercy 2002 with Edge and Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. I highly recommend it!) While Reigns says he has been holding down Smackdown for thirty weeks, Edge says he has been holding this job for 30 years, with nine of those years taken away from him. However, he fought with everything in his soul to get back here, and while he appreciates Heyman but never going to agree with him and deep down he does not either.

Heyman puts his hand on Edge’s shoulder, bringing up the “You Think You Know Me” line from this theme song. Heyman says he knows Edge and knows nothing is going to stop Edge which scares him. The special counsel says no one could write this story of Edge challenging for the championship ten years to the day he retired. He brings up a text message he sent to Edge on the day of his retirement speech which read: “Good promo kid, first day of his miraculous comeback”. At first, Heyman thought he pissed off Edge since he did not receive a reply for two days. However, Edge would reply, saying he promises he will main event Wrestlemania again. Heyman says Edge will live out his dream of main eventing Wrestlemania and everyone gets to share the moment with him especially in front of a live crowd. However, once the bell rings, Edge will be bitchslapped by reality because Reigns is the reality. Heyman says he knows Edge and if there is a breath left in him, nothing is stopping him from becoming Universal Champion. Heyman says Reigns knows what it takes to be champion and if he had to take Edge’s last breath, then he will. The special counsel warns that Reigns will beat edge so fugly, before asking if Edge knows what the Tribal Chief is capable of. He adds that Reigns is merciless and will beat him so badly when Edge tries to hugs his children, he will not be able to feel it. A teary-eyed Heyman hugs Edge, apologizing to him for what Reigns will do to him at Wrestlemania.

Edge stands up to Heyman, telling Paul he once crawled over to cover his opponent while his arm was smoking and bubbling from second-degree burns, had barbwire puncture on his stomach and dove through a flaming table to show he is in the main event of Wrestlemania. He thanks Heyman for the warning but says the special counsel knows what he is capable of. Edge says he is not normal and ends by saying he will see the Tribal Chief at Wrestlemania and will take back what is his before leaving the set as Talking Smack ends.

Aneil’s Take: What a powerful segment by two of the best speakers in the business. There is something about the way Edge and Heyman cut promos that I wish the current generation could learn from. The way they speak in their promo, it is like they are speaking from the heart. Heyman does a great job building up his respect for Edge, and saying he admires him. Then Edge replies saying Heyman and him are alike as they have the same passion for the business. Nice touch by Edge mentioning the “Christian” comment from a few weeks ago. Heyman would then bring it back by using Edge’s intro to say he knows what he is capable of and the text message after the retirement announcement. However, Heyman would turn it around by saying while Edge is living this fairytale, it will all come crashing down thanks to his Tribal Chief Roman Reigns. The way Heyman described the beating Reigns will give to Edge at Wrestlemania gave me chills for The Rated R Superstar. However, Edge would end by turning around, saying he will do anything to win the Universal Championship by referencing his hardcore match at Wrestlemania 22. While the individual promos were great on Smackdown, I think a promo like this between Heyman and Edge would be so much better. It was just a great segment between the two, that felt like it had this believable, genuine feel to it. Listening to this promo brought me back to the days of watching Edge in his prime during 2006-2009. If anyone has about twenty minutes, watch and listen to this promo.

Final Thoughts

Happy Wrestlemania weekend to everyone! I hope everyone enjoys the two-night Wrestlemania shows. For me, I am looking forward to seeing Bianca and Sasha on Night 1 and The Universal Championship match on Night 2, especially after this promo!