WWE Network Review: WWE Talking Smack for 3/20/21

Talking Smack begins with our usual host Kayla Braxton and the special counsel Paul Heyman. Kayla speaks about Edge being victorious against Jey Uso to become the special enforce at Fastlane. She also mentions the intense segment between the Intercontinental Champion Big E and Apollo Crews as well as Sasha Banks successfully defending her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Nia Jax. Kayla ends by informing us that tickets for Wrestlemania are on sale.

Aneil’s Take: Good, straightforward introduction to Talking Smack that recapped Smackdown. Not much here other than that.

The first guest is Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Sasha talks about retaining her championship against Nia Jax and being the standard of the Smackdown women’s division. Kayla says there was a lot at stake especially going into Fastlane. Sasha says she will become the first three-time Women’s Tag Team Champion, calling herself “2 Belts Banks”. Banks explains she was not nervous which Heyman agreed, saying it is fight week. As for Wrestlemania, Kayla points out that Sasha and Bianca are not on the same page. Sasha answers back saying there is no hate between her and Bianca, adding that they will leave Fastlane as champions. Sasha ends by telling them to watch her and Bianca at Fastlane.

Aneil’s Take: The build for Sasha Banks and Bianca has been kind of weird. But I think after Fastlane, we will see the storyline take a turn with Sasha backstabbing Bianca. Honestly, I think Sasha needs to bring out her ruthless side like Heyman mentioned a few weeks ago because this good guy version of Sasha Banks is not buyable.

The next guest is Apollo Crews. Apollo asks for a proper introduction from Kayla as he declares himself the next Intercontinental Championship. Heyman interrupts, saying they got rid of the wrong female journalist. Heyman gives the introduction that Apollo wanted, saying he is the slayer of Big E and going into Wrestlemania as the Intercontinental Champion. Apollo asks if Kayla is honored to be in his presence which she said she is. Speaking about the new Apollo, she asks when did he discover the new version of himself. Apollo questions Kayla, saying this is who he really is. Apollo says he was not defeated, it was a lesson learned. On their friendship, Kayla asks if there was any jealously. Apollo answered that there is no jealously, he is a competitor who wants to the Intercontinental Championship. Heyman takes over the interview to “shoot from the hip”. Heyman talks about Apollo leaving as a challenger but coming back to Talking Smack as a champion. While he failed at the task, Heyman says Apollo looks at it as a lesson. However, at Fastlane, there are no excuses. He has to go into Fastlane as a challenger and leave as a champion. Heyman tells Apollo to come back next week on Talking Smack as a champion and prove him right. Apollo looks into the camera, warning Big E to hold onto the championship close because he is going to leave as champion and have him leaving on a stretcher.

Aneil’s Take: I think the friendships storyline is kind of overdone here. It is already being done with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre, I do not think it fits here with Apollo and Big E. Anyway, it has been incredible to watch the transformation of Apollo. He went from a generic babyface to this Nigerian warrior. They have done a great job of making him a credible challenger with an actual shot of leaving Fastlane as Intercontinental Champion.

The final guest for Talking Smack is Paul Heyman. Starting with the Hall of Fame class, it was announced that Eric Bischoff is the latest inductee to this year’s class. Heyman gives a deep sigh because saying the Hall of Fame would not be complete without Bischoff. He says it is an honor that is long overdue and well earned. To be in the Hall of Fame, it has to be someone who left an impact on the industry which Eric did. Looking back in history, during the 1990s, he, Bischoff, and Vince McMahon ruled, but only one is now left in the main event. Onto the Universal Championship match, Heyman says many want Bryan vs Edge at Wrestlemania. However, as a spoiler, there will be the main event change, just not the one everyone is thinking. Heyman calls Bryan a prayer, although it will not be answered by God. Heyman adds that Bryan is not a real man because a real man would marry both Bella twins. However, the special counsel adds that Bryan will catch an ass whooping that will have Edge shitting his pants. Heyman concludes that Fastlane will be special and that the Tribal Chief will still headline Wrestlemania.

Aneil’s Take: Great promo by Heyman. Kind of surprised by the kind words from Heyman to Bischoff. I love the promo by Heyman, especially saying that Edge will shit his pants that he won’t want to face Roman Reigns. Pretty strong words to view the Universal Champion Roman Reigns as the ruthless man he is. I do like the build this match has had. Interesting to see where this goes.