WWE Network Reviews: WWE Talking Smack for 07-03-21 (Guests: Bayley, Zelina Vega & Kevin Owens)

Hey yo. It’s time for the WWE Talking Smack recap for July 3. You can find this week’s show on Peacock/WWE Network on-demand now.

The show was hosted by Kayla Braxton and Smackdown announcer Pat McAfee, who was filling in for Paul Heyman. It’s the second straight week with Pat instead of Paul. Pat was happy to be there again. Kayla noted they were two weeks away from hitting the road for Smackdown. Pat said that the Thunderdome is spectacular, but see ya later and they are excited about being in front of the fans again. They talked about Edge beating up Jimmy Uso at the end of Smackdown while wondering where was Roman Reigns? No sign of Roman on Smackdown this week. Edge choked out Jimmy with a steel bar that was part of a chair. Pat said that Roman Reigns is the Universal Champion that has looked out for his family, but he wasn’t there tonight. They talked about poor Baron Corbin losing his music, his crown and even his car. That led to Big E pinning Corbin in a tag team match. Pat said that Corbin is in trouble, he’s done for and maybe he can crawl out of the hole that he is in. They spoke about Otis destroying Antonio Dawkins with Pat speaking about how Chad Gable turning Otis into a “barbaric savage.” Pat talked about how Otis has a huge head. They mentioned the three guests coming up this week.

There were commercials for SummerSlam on August 21 in Las Vegas and WWE going back on the road in mid-July and go to for more info.

The first guest was Bayley, who gave Kayla Braxton a hard time as usual. Pat noted that Bayley’s got another championship match – an “I Quit” match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Bayley said that Bianca cheated and got lucky to beat her. Bayley said that Bianca is an idiot for choosing this match and said that she was 10,000 steps ahead of her. Kayla said it looked like Bianca got in Bayley’s head with Pat asked Bayley about Bianca. Bayley said that it’s not her fault that Bianca became Women’s Champion. Bayley said that the night Bianca winning the title made her sick. Bayley noted that she didn’t realize that Bianca knew what an “I Quit Match” was. Pat asked what happens if Bayley utters those words? Bayley gave him grief wondering if Michael Cole asked Pat to say that and Bayley said she gave Pat a shoutout on Smackdown. Pat said that this match is going to get ugly and there’s a lot on the line. Pat said that “I Quit” are two powerful words. Bayley said this isn’t a match that she ever thought she would be a part of. Bayley claimed that she beat Bianca twice and Bianca had to use a weapon to pin her. Bayley gave Kayla grief for questioning that. Bayley said she’s a bit intimidated by the match, but she has been ready for everything in her WWE career since day one. Bayley said she didn’t care what Bianca thinks. Bayley said that she is going to do it right in front of the WWE fans. Bayley said that her dad lives in Dallas and she can’t wait to win it right front of him (MITB is in Fort Worth so it’s pretty close) and give him a big ol’ hug. Bayley left in a good mood.

TJR Thoughts: An entertaining chat with Bayley as usual. Bayley did a nice job of putting over an “I Quit” match as a big deal by noting that it was intimidating even for her, so she doesn’t know how Belair is going to do. I don’t expect Bayley to beat Belair, but I think it will be a good match and feuding with Bayley is a great thing for Belair in her career.

There was a commercial featuring WWE people wanting people to get vaccinated (I got my two shots already) and a commercial for Money in the Bank on July 18.

The next guest was Zelina Vega, who doesn’t seem to get along with Kayla. That’s a really big ring on Zelina’s finger. Aleister Black must have done well financially, just saying. Vega mocked Braxton for complaining about how Vega was on the show. Pat welcomed Vega to the show with Kayla saying she’ll try to be professional. Vega claimed she didn’t have to qualify for Money in the Bank because she is that good. Sure. Kayla brought up that Vega didn’t win and Kayla laughed about how Morgan smacked Vega in the face. Vega said when you need to have a handful of tights to beat Vega does that make Liv a credible threat? Pat pointed out that Vega tried to cheat first. Vega said she wasn’t by Liv, she knows Liv and has been doing it a lot longer than Liv. Vega pointed out that she’s in Money in the Bank right now while Liv is not. Vega thinks there isn’t much competition for her in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Vega said that she has unfinished business with Bianca and said whoever the champion is, that’s who she has her eyes on right now. Vega was rude to Kayla by calling her “Kaylin” so she got her name wrong on purpose. When Vega was wished “good luck” by the hosts, Vega said she didn’t need good luck.

TJR Thoughts: It’s nice to see Zelina Vega back in WWE after being away for about seven months. I think she is at her best as a manager, but obviously she wants to wrestle more and that’s fine. Vega is a cocky heel that knows what her character is, so she did well in this spot as expected. I don’t expect her to win Money in the Bank, but if she does then it might be because WWE signed her to a new deal and they want to push somebody new. There’s nothing wrong with that if it happens.

There was a commercial about WWE going back on the road (again) later this month and a commercial for Monday’s Raw.

Next week on Smackdown: Money in the Bank Qualifying matches – Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins and King Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin.

The final guest was Kevin Owens, who qualified for Money in the Bank on Smackdown. Owens was wearing a “Ding Dong Hello” Bayley shirt with Kayla and Pat congratulating Owens on his big win. Owens pointed at Pat while wondering where Paul Heyman is, so Kayla says they like to switch co-hosts on her, Kevin asked where Paul is and Kayla said that Heyman must be busy putting out fires. Pat said it’s an honor to be there. Owens laughed that Pat was full of shit (shit was bleeped) the way that Paul was. Owens said he had hoped that Jimmy wouldn’t follow in his brother’s dumbass footsteps to be one of Roman’s bitches, but…anyway. Owens brought out his phone and he called Paul Heyman while claiming he hid his number. Owens put the call on speakerphone near the microphone. Owens said that a few months ago he came on Talking Smack and he told Paul that he was going after that Money in the Bank contract. Owens said that last night he qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match. Owens said that he wanted to tell Paul face to face, but now he’s letting him know that Owens is going to win that Money in the Bank contract. Owens said he is one step closer, so make sure Roman Reigns knows that once Owens gets that contract, he is coming for Roman and there’s not a god damn thing he can do about it. Heyman: “Sir I’m sorry, you must have the wrong number.” Pat was laughing about it saying Owens didn’t deserve it. Owens said that once he gets the contract, he’ll beat Roman Reigns’ ass and he’ll be the one laughing. Owens laughed. Pat said that Owens had a hell of a performance on Smackdown. Kayla thanked Pat and said that he’s welcome on the show any time. They wrapped up the show wishing us a Happy Fourth of July. End show.

Here’s the Kevin Owens phone call to Paul Heyman that was very entertaining.

This episode had a runtime of 27:07.

TJR Thoughts: Well done by Kevin Owens with the phone call to Heyman. That was an innovative way to do his interview. Owens didn’t talk much about his match with Sami Zayn, but it was an excellent match that I hope Kevin and Sami are both proud of. As for KO’s comments to Heyman, I think it would be VERY interesting for Owens to win the Money in the Bank ladder match. I certainly wouldn’t mind it if it happens. My preferred choice to win that match is Big E, but there are plenty of fine candidates including Owens.

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