WWE Network Reviews: WWE Talking Smack for 06-05-21 by John Canton

Hey yo. It’s time for the WWE Talking Smack recap for June 5.

The show was hosted by Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman. There were balloons on the set that said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and Kayla had flowers she got from fellow interviewer Megan Morant. When Kayla said she had a birthday weekend, Heyman ranted about how she had a birthday weekend when it’s just a “day” in the word “happy birthday.” Heyman said it’s not okay. Heyman said that the birthday credit should go to the parents for putting in the work. Heyman kept on ranting about it for several minutes. Heyman took a closer look at one of the balloons, popped it with a pen and tossed the balloons down.

TJR Thoughts: That was funny. Heyman is that guy that will argue about anything just to have an argument and he’s really good at doing it. Kayla turns 28 on June 7, so happy birthday to her on Monday.

There was a commercial for the A&E Biography about Bret Hart on Sunday night. Also, a commercial for Monday’s Raw.

Kevin Owens was the first guest wearing a Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan shirt in support for Ruby, who was released by WWE earlier in the week. Owens talked about how he doesn’t really celebrate his birthday, but it’s cool that Kayla does. When Owens asked Heyman what he celebrates, Heyman did one of his rants about how he celebrates Roman Reigns, which led to Owens laughing about it. Owens was asked about Commander Azeez attacking him backstage. Owens said he did all that stuff when he was the champion, he had people help him, he had people fight his battles for him and he did a lot of underhanded s**t to a lot of people. Owens said that Apollo and Roman had a measure of success before they went that route, but not like the success they are having now. Owens talked about how Roman has had Jey Uso do his fighting for him and Apollo has Azeez doing his fighting for him. Owens said he deserves everything that has happened to him in the last year. Owens said he’ll take the beatings, he’ll take the frustrations and he’ll take it because he got to spend the last year with his wife and kids every day. Owens said once he’s on the road traveling, he’s away from his family and the only thing that can make him feel better while being away from them is winning a title. Owens said that Apollo and Azeez because clearly his buddy Sami has a problem with KO. Heyman: “He’s a prick.” Kevin: “Takes one to know one!” Great lines. Heyman: “I’m a self-admitted prick.” Then Heyman said Sami says it’s a conspiracy when people call him one. Owens said he’ll deal with Sami, he’ll deal with Apollo and then he asked Paul if he still remembers what KO said the last time he was there. Heyman said he did, so Owens said it still stands. Owens wished Kayla a Happy Birthday weekend, which Paul doesn’t like. KO shook hands with Heyman, touched knuckles, Heyman said “oww” and Owens left holding his ribs. Heyman: “Sami Zayn’s not the only prick amongst those two.”

TJR Thoughts: That was pretty funny when Heyman said that Sami was a prick, Owens said “takes one to know one” and Heyman agreed that he was a prick! That’s great. It just shows how Heyman has no problem making fun of himself or saying anything to be entertaining. Anyway, Owens has a lot of rivals on Smackdown with Zayn, Crews and maybe Reigns again. I have enjoyed Owens a lot in this babyface role.

There was a commercial for WWE going live on the road again in July. There was also a commercial for NXT Takeover In Your House next Sunday, June 13 on Peacock/WWE Network.

The next guests were the Street Profits duo of Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. They face Chad Gable and Otis next Friday on Smackdown. Ford said that they are focused. Ford said that this is a different type of battle. Dawkins said that they are more than focused, they are pissed off and angry. Dawkins said that next week they’re going to shut down the Alpha Academy. Dawkins said that it’s a wrap next week. Ford didn’t like Chad Gable’s business proposition. Ford said that you always want to listen, they entertained it and then these other things about what the Academy does. Ford wondered what the Academy has done for Gable or Otis while noting that the Street Profits were Tag Team Champions. Ford said that they don’t chance social media views, mentions – they chase profits. Profits said that they denied the business proposition. Ford said it became a problem with Otis because Otis put his hands on them. Ford said when a little truth gets out, people get upset. Ford said that the truth should set you free. Ford said that they like to have a great time, they spread the energy out and they are grateful for it. Dawkins said that next week they are going to realize that these hands work and the Academy doesn’t have a course for them. Ford said that they live and die by four words: “We Want The Smoke.” That was it.

TJR Thoughts: It was a serious interview featuring the Street Profits talking about how they are focused on facing Gable & Otis next week. Heyman usually gets involved during the appearance of guests, but he was pretty quiet during this. I think Ford & Dawkins wanted to show they were very focused going into their match next week and they did a good job of that.

A commercial aired featuring WWE superstars talking about how we need to get the COVID-19 vaccine. There was also a SummerSlam commercial.

There were about five minutes left in the show with Kayla and Paul talking about how Owens and Street Profits are going to get revenge against the people who have wronged them.

They showed the end of Smackdown when Roman Reigns beat up Dominik Mysterio while both Usos watched it. Kayla said that Rey Mysterio is going to come for revenge. Heyman said Rey probably will because Heyman is a father and he understands. Heyman warned Rey to not make that mistake. Heyman said that Kevin Owens can win his battle against Commander Azeez or Apollo Crews and that’s interesting to him while he’s only interested in Owens going after Sami Zayn because he likes watching Sami get his ass kicked. Heyman said that The Street Profits will win that battle against Chad Gable & Otis. Heyman said what happened to Dominik was the temper of the Head of the Table because he felt like his family was disrespected. Heyman implored Rey and begged Rey to not come after Roman Reigns. Heyman said that the next time Reigns attacks Rey or Dominik, Roman will be unhinged. Heyman told Rey that if he wants to protect his son he shouldn’t try to get revenge on Reigns, he should walk the hell away. Heyman told Rey he can’t win this one. Heyman was actually in tears with a tear rolling down his face. Heyman said that is an indictment upon the entire world that is number two in a universe – a multiverse – with only one number one…Roman Reigns. That ended the show.

TJR Thoughts: Great work by Heyman as always. Just based on the way Heyman talked about Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio there, it’s certainly possible that WWE goes with Roman vs. Rey for the Universal Title at Hell in a Cell. Maybe Dominik will do an injury angle and not wrestle for a few weeks, so they can go back to the tag team feud with The Usos after Hell in a Cell. Reigns needs an opponent for Helly in a Cell possible in a HIAC match too, so they could go with Reigns vs. Rey there. It makes sense to me anyway.

This episode had a runtime of 25:20.

That’s all from me. Thanks for reading.

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