WWE Network Reviews: WWE Raw Talk for 5-10-21

Raw Talk kicks off with the returning host Kevin Patrick and 24/7 Champion R-Truth. Patrick asks Truth to be his daughter’s godfather which the 24/7 Champion happily accepts. They talk about the ending of Raw which saw Braun Strowman standing tall after powerslamming both Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. Truth says he is not sure if Strowman was mad because of MVP trying to manipulate him backstage. Patrick would point out Strowman never being WWE Champion. They then talk about Alexa Bliss and her doll friend Lilly appearing during the six-woman tag team match. Truth would jokingly say that Lilly needs to go to the dentist. Also, Damian Priest would defeat John Morrison and then choosing a lumberjack match as the stipulation for his match against The Miz. Truth says he is unsure what kind of match they will see at Wrestlemania Backlash in regards to Damien Priest versus The Miz.

Aneil’s Take: Decent start to Raw Talk recapping what happened on Raw. A pretty cool moment with Kevin Patrick asking Truth to be his daughter’s godfather. Looking on Twitter at feedback for the Alexa Bliss segment, it seems like people either love it or hate it. There is no in-between for it. In my opinion, I hate it. I feel like it has gone on too long and it has brought more focus on Alexa Bliss than The Fiend. Maybe we have to wait for the story to play out but for now, it is headshaking for me.

The first guest is one of the challengers for the WWE Championship, Braun Strowman. Patrick begins by saying that Strowman has had a massive impact on the ending of the show. Strowman says since day one, he has done what he has said he will do and that management has finally woken up. Strowman called the triple threat match “King Kong vs Godzilla vs The Incredible Hulk” and will lay down for nobody. The “Monster Among Men” says what happened on Raw was a sample of what will happen at Wrestlemania Backlash, adding that he will leave as WWE Champion. Patrick asks Strowman if he feels disrespected because of Lashley and McIntyre having their WWE Championship moments. Strowman says it is not disrespect but earning the moment. The former Universal Champion says he knows what both men can do but at the end of the day whoever gets powerslammed, he will become the WWE Champion before leaving the set. Patrick asks Truth whom does he pick to win this Sunday. Truth answers “Drew-Braun-Lashley” because it is hard to pick. Patrick says he is intrigued by the strategy of going into a triple threat especially for Lashley since he can lose his championship without being pinned. Truth turns the question to Patrick who answers that he is an impartial journalist.

Aneil’s Take: Braun is riding a wave of momentum going into Wrestlemania Backlash and has to be one of the favorites going into the triple threat match. While I might not make sense, I still think there is a chance that Braun might join forces with Lashley and become a member of The Hurt Business. I mean Lashley with Braun and then adding T-Bar and Mace, what a stable that could be.

The next guest is “The Modern Day Maharaja” Jinder Mahal with Veer and Shanky. Jinder says you could not take the smile off his face being back on Raw and knows he will be WWE Champion soon. He even jokes to Truth that with a referee there is no telling as he looks at the 24/7 Championship. Jinder talks about Veer, telling his story of starting in a small village, becoming a track star, and then winning the Million Dollar Arm competition. He also talks about Shanky who was an accountant turned protégé of The Great Khali. Jinder says they will all rise and that the former WWE Champion will become champion again. Jinder says he came back from his knee surgery and looked for someone to watch his back. Fortunately for him, he found two of the very best in Veer and Shanky. When asked what should the 1.4 Billion fans in India expect from him, Jinder says he is still “The Modern Day Maharaja” and expects him to become WWE Champion or United States Champion or Tag Team Champions, even teasing being 24/7 Champion. Patrick asks Jinder about his thoughts about the WWE Championship match. Jinder says it does not matter who is WWE Champion because their days are numbered as champion. Jinder ends by saying while he does not need Veer and Shanky he is with them because their culture teaches them to stick together.

Aneil’s Take: The Modern Day Maharaja is back! As I mentioned before, I think Jinder would be a good opponent for McIntyre whom I believe needs to take a step back from the WWE Championship picture. Interesting to see Jinder being paired up with Veer who was one half of Indus Sher and Shanky who made his debut on WWE’s Superstar Spectacle. With guys like Lashley, McIntyre, Strowman, T-Bar, Mace, Omos, and now Veer and Shanky, Raw is starting to feel like the land of the big men. Other than that, in my opinion, if WWE wants to boost their ratings, put the straps on Jinderella!

The final guest is “The Queen” Charlotte Flair. Patrick starts by asking where is Charlotte’s head at after the events over the past few weeks. Flair answers that she is feeling great and is back on top. Patrick says it is hard to buy Charlotte being fine after not being on Wrestlemania. Looking back at the clip where Charlotte kicked Asuka, The Queens says the former Raw Women’s Champion deserved it. Patrick asks Charlotte about Sonya Deville and her possibly manipulating things behind the scenes. Charlotte says she wanted a front-row seat to see Asuka and Rhea Ripley in action. When asked about her strategy going into the triple threat match, Charlotte says she is walking in, feeling confident, and walking out as champion. Patrick asks if her mindset changes with their being three competitors. However, Charlotte says she will take any opportunity to win the match. Patrick brings up Charlotte being a thirteen-time champion and asks how does she feel seeing Ripley with the championship. Flair says Ripley looks good with the title but she looks better with it before the interview ends. Patrick thanks Charlotte for being on as The Queen and Truth do a North Carolina dance before Raw Talk goes off the air.

Aneil’s Take: Simple interview with Charlotte who seems to have no worries in the world going into the triple threat match. It is amazing to hear Charlotte be called a thirteen-time champion since she has been on the roster for nearly six years. To put it in perspective, there are only four WWE superstars who have more than thirteen title reigns (Ric Flair, John Cena, Triple H & Randy Orton). It took eleven years for John Cena from his WWE debut (2002) to capture his 13th World Championship (2013). For her father Ric Flair, it took fifteen years from his first title reign (1981) to win his thirteenth championship (1996). Looking at it now, while many see John Cena as the person to break Flair’s record, I think it would be appropriate for his daughter to surpass it. Maybe Charlotte will make it number 14 this Sunday and one more step closer to break this record.

It was a decent Raw Talk with Strowman, Jinder, and Charlotte. Make sure to catch Wrestlemania Backlash this Sunday on Peacock or the WWE Network!