WWE Network Reviews: WWE Raw Talk for 3-8-21

This week’s Raw Talk begins with R-Truth and Kevin Patrick in place of Charly Caruso. To establish a connection between him and his new host, Truth creates a new handshake with Kevin. With the handshake figured out, Patrick talks about Orton’s continued saga with Alexa Bliss. Truth says what Alexa did was spooky which Kevin added was sadistic. When asked if this means The Fiend will be back, Truth hesitated to answer. Moving to the opening of Raw, Patrick brought up Lashley successfully defending his WWE Championship against The Miz. Truth says it was a good thing for Bobby but now everyone is gunning for him. Kevin thinks Lashley will not give up the title easily with Truth adding that the championship brought something out in The Hurt Busines member. Looking back at the match between Sheamus and McIntyre, Truth says Drew and Sheamus were not wrestling but beating the hell out of each other.

Aneil’s Take: Looks like another week with the regular host Charly Caruso whom I believe was filling in for Molly Qerim on First Take. I wonder if they will keep Kevin Patrick as the regular host. As for this opening, I have to agree with Truth about Sheamus and McIntyre beating the hell out of each other. That spot where they ran into each other with the steel step was crazy and funny at the same time.

The first guests for the show are The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. They immediately ask about the new host which Patrick introduces himself. Kingston gives him the nickname “K-Peezy” and asks where he is from. Patrick tells them he is from Dublin which Kofi asks if he is a big Sheamus fan before doing The Celtic Warrior gesture. Patrick mentions Kofi doing bunny hops with Riddle’s scooter. Afterward, talking about their victory, The New Day uses a “baking a turkey” metaphor on how they are going to win back the Raw Tag Team Championship next week against The Hurt Business.

Aneil’s Take: Another chaotic interview with The New Day. Somehow, they were able to talk about their upcoming championship match against The Hurt Business while doing their crazy antics. The one thing I kind of gripe about is if the storyline between Kingston and Ali is suddenly dropped? I know The New Day has been interacting with Riddle who will defend his championship against Ali next week. The thing is, we did not get the payoff match between Ali and Kingston. Hopefully, this is just a pause on the storyline and it will resume with a few weeks to go until Wrestlemania.

The next guest is Peyton Royce. Peyton congratulates Kevin on the new job before tells both hosts to relax. She begins by saying while she has been quiet, closed mouths do not get paid. She is not here to hide her talents although her talents are hidden behind the opinions of others. Speaking on an injured Asuka, Royce believes there is a massive spot open which she should be in. She questions why does it have to be the same old thing and talked about moving across the world to chase her dream only to be stuck in the locker room. A teary-eyed Royce felt hurt having to be held back especially being haunted by her potential haunts her. The passionate Royce ends by saying her patience is running low and demands Asuka.

Aneil’s Take: Great, fiery promo by Peyton Royce which she seemed to speak from the heart. You could feel the genuine emotion from this, especially feeling held back. While reports have said Vince is high on Royce, her last match was three weeks ago in a tag team match that ended in a no contest. Her last singles match on Raw was on January 18th. Yes, I understand it takes time to build superstars but Peyton does have a point that with a spot open, she should want to fill that opening.

The last guest is the United States Champion, Riddle. When asked about New Day and his scooter, Riddle says a scooter is not only meant for riding but doing other things like a bunny hop. Speaking about his win, Riddle says it was a big win against Slapjack. As for his championship defense against Ali next week, Riddle says he cannot wait and believes Ali is the perfect opponent. Elaborating on why Ali is the perfect opponent, Riddle thinks the Retribution leader is a stud and a top contender. Patrick says the numbers might not in Riddle’s favorite with Retribution possibly at ringside but the champion says he channels his inner “Air Bud”. Riddle says he does not care if Retribution gets involved, he will beat all of them up and retain his championship. Patrick believes Riddle is the perfect person to get in Ali’s head. While Riddle says he does want to lose the title, he believes when you give it your all, that’s what matters. Riddle then asks Truth when are they going to do something together. Before Raw Talk ends, Riddle brings up the idea of them being double champions after Truth wins the 24/7 championship back and then they win the tag team titles.

Aneil’s Take: I thought this was a decent segment with the United States Champion. I liked that he complimented his opponent in Ali, saying he was the perfect opponent. While I would love for Ali to leave as the United States Champion, I see Riddle retaining his championship. Riddle also made a motivating point that while you want to win every match, it is more important that you give it your all. Lastly, if you have never seen Air Bud, please do!

Final Thoughts

I loved the Peyton Royce promo. Hopefully creative will build off her promo and continue to develop her character. Also, with only two matches on the Fastlane card, I am kind of surprised they are having two championship matches on the Raw rather than on the PPV.

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