WWE Network Reviews: WWE Raw Talk for 07-12-21

Hey yo. It’s time for another edition of WWE Raw Talk. Raw Talk airs on Peacock/WWE Network on Monday night about five minutes after Raw finished and is available on demand. This is the last Raw Talk in the Thunderdome. My review of last night’s Raw is here in case you missed it.

The hosts were Kevin Patrick and R-Truth as usual. Kevin told Truth that maybe he should get back the 24/7 Title in front of the fans. They talked about how Bobby Lashley lost to Xavier Woods and then he was angry at the end of the night. They didn’t think that Lashley got soft, which led to Truth rambling about pillows. They spoke about Charlotte Flair’s cheap attack on Rhea Ripley with Truth picking Rhea to win that match. Truth said that Rhea has a chance and opportunity to win, so then Kevin wanted Truth to pick a side. Kevin picked Charlotte in that match. Truth said that he’s going to tell Rhea and Charlotte. Truth said that Omos handled his business in his first singles match. Truth said that he’s going with the Viking Raiders while Patrick said he’s going with Styles/Omos.

There was a commercial for Money in the Bank on Sunday.

The first guest was Nikki A.S.H making her entrance in costume reminding us she was almost a superhero. Patrick asked Nikki what superhero she wishes she could have she said flying because then she could fly to win Money in the Bank. Nikki said she’s riding this wave of momentum, she’s so happy and so excited. Nikki said that she won that Fatal 4-Way and she said she’s going to soar and fly and grab that briefcase. Truth thinks that Nikki has some superpower. Nikki said that everyone has something that is super about them. Truth asked what is his superpower and they thought it was positivity. They asked Truth who he picked in the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Truth said he’s going for all of them. Patrick reminded us that Truth picked all of them. Nikki said that her and Kevin were the Celtic Connection (Scottish and Irish). Nikki did some energetic moves and she left.

TJR Thoughts: There wasn’t much to this. Nikki has a lot of energy and she put over her positive momentum, but what she said just wasn’t that interesting. It was kind of silly. I do think Nikki is talented in the ring, so I’m happy she’s getting more time to show what she can do.

There was a commercial for WWEShop.

The next guest was Riddle, who is in the Men’s Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match. It seems like he is on every two or thee weeks. Riddle was still nursing his right foot injury and was wearing RK-Bro merchandise. Riddle said that the foot has taken a pounding and a run of bad luck. Riddle spoke about how he was talking to Ricochet, then Miz and Morrison were doing their drip-drip thing with Miz saying he was awesome. Riddle reminded us about how he turned over The Miz’s wheelchair at ringside and they showed it. Riddle said he has been missing Randy Orton (who has been gone for three weeks). Riddle said Randy’s mailbox is full, he messages him and gets no replies. Riddle claimed he tried to file a missing person’s report, but they didn’t let him because they are “bros” but not blood bros. Riddle said all he wants is Randy Orton in his life. Riddle said he’s dedicating his performance in Money in the Bank to his best friend, “The Viper” Randy Orton. Riddle said that people didn’t believe in him as a fighter, but he would beat guys. Riddle said he was a Stallion. Patrick asked if Riddle wins it, what is he going to go after. Riddle said if he won Money in the Bank briefcase, he has thought long and hard about this. Riddle said if he gets that briefcase he’s going to shock the world and cash in on the Raw Tag Team Champions. Riddle said that it’s never been done. Riddle said he’s about accomplishment, he’s won the US Title, then the Tag Team Titles and then soon the WWE Title. Patrick said that shows Riddle’s royalty with Randy Orton. Riddle said that if he can brighten Randy’s day with his performance by handing him a tag team championship opportunity then there’s nothing more Stallion he can do. Riddle said he was the “Little Viper.” Riddle said that this RK-Bro shirt is selling like hotcakes. Riddle was told he was on fire, so he started yelling with Truth. Riddle left.

TJR Thoughts: That was fun at least with Riddle showing his personality as usual by calling himself a Stallion and being quirky. I think Riddle is definitely one of the favorites for Money in the Bank. It’s interesting how Riddle is saying he would cash in for the Raw Tag Team Titles. That has never been done and it’s also stupid, but it fits Riddle as a character. It’d be interesting if they had Riddle continue to say that, yet when the time comes, he goes for the WWE or Universal Title after all. Then again you could have Orton be the one to talk Riddle out of going for the Tag Team Titles and tell him to go for a major title instead. Anyway, there are a lot of possibilities.

There was another commercial for Money in the Bank on Sunday. Twice in the same show.

The final guest was Drew McIntyre, who is on this show every other week it seems. Drew joked that every two weeks like clockwork he’s always there. Drew said that if you’ve ever watched WWE, if you bring your car or a prized possession, it’s going to get destroyed and that’s why Drew broke the motorcycle. Drew said sometimes he brings the replica sword and keeps the real one at home, which is partly how he explained it on Raw as well. Patrick suggested to R-Truth when he wins the 24/7 Title back, he should use a replica like Drew did with the sword. Drew said it’s been in the family a long time, so he can’t risk that thing. Drew said he’s known Jinder for over ten years. Drew said that Jinder came back to WWE first, he’s going to make something happen for himself and he became WWE Champion. Drew was so inspired him, he spent time with Jinder off TV and when Drew won the WWE Title, Jinder was distant to him. Drew said that at least Jinder fought him on Raw last week, but now Jinder’s bike is in pieces. Drew said that he sent Jinder a text saying “LOL” at him and he’s going to kick his ass when he gets his ass on Jinder again. Patrick said he believed Drew. They talked about Money in the Bank with Drew saying he absolutely has to win the contract. Drew said that it’s not a regular match, it’ll be an incredible feeling with fans in the building and Drew said he’ll give everything. Drew said he’s willing to die and absolutely has to win this match. Patrick asked Drew about his dominance in the Thunderdome Era. Drew said that what got him through the more difficult times was that he wants to be WWE Champion in front of the fans. Drew said that he wants to be the champion in front of fans, so unless he wins at Money in the Bank that might not be possible. Drew said quite frankly he doesn’t know what the future will hold if he doesn’t win. They wished Drew good luck and that was it.

TJR Thoughts: Drew did a nice job as always. They really pushed the Drew/Jinder story, which I assume is going to lead to Jinder costing Drew the Money in the Bank match and then we’ll get Drew vs. Jinder at SummerSlam next month. There might be people that pick Drew to win Money in the Bank and I understand that, but I just think the story is set in place with Jinder costing Drew the match. What I really like about Drew is that he does a tremendous job of putting over his story and how he views it as a must-win match.

This episode had a runtime of 24:24 on WWE Network.

That’s all from me. Thanks for reading.

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