WWE Network Reviews: Talking Smack for 5-8-21

Talking Smack kicks off with hosts Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman. Braxton talks about the ending of Smackdown with Cesaro laying out Roman Reigns and The Usos. Earlier in the night, Cesaro would beat Seth Rollins to earn a Universal Championship opportunity against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania Backlash. Heyman says Kayla is being biased towards Cesaro which he is only supposed to. The special counsel says he unbiased unless it comes to Roman Reigns. Kayla then mentions the returning Jimmy Uso who did not want to join his brother with Roman Reigns. Kayla asks if it is a sneak peek of what is to come at Wrestlemania Backlash after Cesaro took out the family. Heyman stays quiet before Kayla announces that Natalya and Tamina will face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Championship on next week’s Smackdown.

Kayla would then introduce their first guests, Rey and Dominik Mysterio. Kayla congratulates Dominik on his victory against Dolph Ziggler. Dominik says it was exciting with Rey saying he was surprised his son took the match which he got the job done. Rey says he is proud of his son and is a step closer to being the first father-son tag team champion in WWE history. With an opportunity to achieve this at Wrestlemania Backlash, Rey says he feels a lot of pressure because he wants this dream to become a reality. Kayla brings up the time with a young Dominik in the ring with Eddie. She asks if Dominik thought he would be teaming with his father. Dominik says he never thought it could happen but it is a dream come true. Heyman says only a fool would bet against the Mysterios. Looking back at Mysterio’s career, Heyman says whenever someone bet against him, they would lose. Heyman ends by saying they can come back on Talking Smack as tag team champions before wishing them the best of luck.

Aneil’s Take: A change with the opening of Talking Smack as they spoke about Smackdown before going to their first guest. Usually, they talk about the events of Smackdown, then go to a break before introducing their first guest. As for the Mysterios, how cool would it be if Rey and Dominik won the Smackdown Tag Team Championships? I do think they should have this historical victory at a bigger stage but it happens at Wrestlemania Backlash I am cool with it. The one thing I would love to see as well is Dominik winning the Cruiserweight Championship, a title which his father was synonymous with.

The next guest is Sonya Deville. Kayla brings up Sonya hanging out with Teddy on Smackdown whom she described as someone who had great energy. Kayla then brings up Sonya making decisions on Raw and then viewed as trying to manipulate Teddy Long. Sonya says everyone is mistaking her passion for her job. She said when she came back, she was a different person and would work her way to be here. For her, if someone is taking it the wrong way, they are misunderstanding her. Sonya’s goal is to make Smackdown and Raw the best possible show. Talking about the conflict between her and Adam Pearce, Sonya says working in her position, sometimes she has to make decisions without him. Heyman says Sonya is an MMA fighter and now is wearing a suit in a corporation act. Heyman says it is time for Sonya to stop being nice and draw the line in the sand. He wants her to show who she really is and to take over the show. Sonya shakes Heyman’s hand before telling him that she is not the girl that he thinks she is anymore.

Aneil’s Take: Sonya continues to do a good job at trying to convince everyone that she is doing her job and not playing favorites while it is seemingly obvious. Of course, this is leading to a power struggle between Pearce and Deville which might lead to Deville becoming the full-time General Manager for one or both brands. I do wonder if Deville will make an in-ring return anytime soon or if she has any desire to make a return to the ring.

The final guest for Talking Smack is Kevin Owens. Kayla wishes Happy Birthday to Kevin Owens since his birthday was yesterday (May 7th). Owens says it was nice as he got dumped on his head by Chad Gable. He spoke about spending his birthday with his family before coming to Smackdown. Owens would then bring up a past birthday which he spent with Sami Zayn, Big Cass, and special guest Roman Reigns. The Prizefighter says he had a lot of fun but would not do it again with Roman because people change. Owens would mention a time when he was on the road and went to a Waffle House. There he saw The Usos, Tamina and Naomi. While he was not friends with them, he gave them a nod before sitting down at his table. The four would leave after their meal which Owens followed shortly after. As Owens went to pay, the cashier informs him that they paid for his meal. Now, Owens believes Jey Uso has been manipulated to become an asshole, and Jimmy Uso being the opposite. Owens says people change since he has too. When he was Universal Champion, he did not enjoy it because he was obsessed with being the best champion he could be and putting on the best show possible. But now he has changed because when he becomes Universal Champion again, he will enjoy every second. If Roman does not lose the championship to Cesaro or anyone else, he will take the title from Reigns because he is not going anywhere. Owens spins in his chair before leaving the set.

Aneil’s Take: Great storytelling promo by Kevin Owens. Interesting to hear Owens wanting to be back in the championship picture although I think it is too soon for him to feud with Reigns for the championship again. While Owens is a decent babyface, I think he needs to turn heel since he thrives so much in the role. Next to Rey and Dominik becoming tag team champions, I would like to see Zayn and Owens become tag team champs as well.

Before giving the floor to her co-host, Kayla recaps Smackdown with Heyman giving the ten-bell salute since Daniel Bryan is now gone. Then Jimmy Uso would return only to have tension with him and his brother. Cesaro comes out and takes out the entire family as he will face Reigns at Wrestlemania Backlash. Kayla gives the floor to an angry Heyman as he stares at his co-host. Heyman looks into the camera, before adjusting his pocket square. He looks to his phone before taking off his headset as Talking Smack ends.

Aneil’s Take: I guess sometimes actions are louder than words. Heyman basically demonstrated his frustration through facial expression which is an art in itself. It will be interesting to see how Cesaro does against Roman Reigns. I think they did a good job this week making Cesaro look credible by first having him defeat Rollins and then beating up Reigns and The Usos at the ending of Smackdown. While I think Reigns will defeat Cesaro at Wrestlemania Backlash, it is great to see him being used in this position.

My final thoughts are that it was a decent Talking Smack although I think next week they should have Cesaro to help further the feud.