WWE Network Reviews: Goldberg at 54

The documentary opens with a conversation between Goldberg and Big E on the day of the Royal Rumble. Goldberg tells Big E that he is proud of him and says he is doing a hell of a job. Big E thanked Goldberg, telling the story of finding the picture he signed from twenty years ago and the moment he had with him and his father. Goldberg would end by telling Big E to continue carrying the torch.

Three weeks before his WWE championship match at the Royal Rumble, Goldberg spoke about returning to the business. He explains that his love for the business has grown exponentially in comparison to his first run. Goldberg did talk about the importance of legacy which he says he is continuing to build and cement his own.

Looking at his training regimen, Goldberg shows the change in his workout. Rather than build mass and size within three weeks, Goldberg decides to use a regimen that works on his repairing his existing muscles through stretching and other techniques. He credits his son Gage, who works out to play football and sports as his motivation. Goldberg also says his relationship with Vince also helped him back into the business. He compares his relationship to Vince as a father whom he would do any favor for.

We then see highlights of his Royal Rumble match against Drew McIntyre which he came out on the losing end. Post-match, we see Goldberg shake Drew’s hand, telling him he deserves the championship and he enjoys the match because of how deserving the champion he is. The documentary ends with Goldberg say he likes the business and will continue to give back to those in the business.

Aneil’s Take: The documentary ran about twenty minutes which is longer than any match he has had since returning. (It’s just a joke, please don’t spear me). I thought it was a good documentary that followed Goldberg on his journey to his match at Royal Rumble.

From this documentary, you could tell Goldberg is in a different place than when he first started the business. He seems to enjoy this business and does it for the love of his fans and family. I will say, if there is one (and ONLY ONE) Goldberg match I would like to see, it is Goldberg vs Big E. It would be cool to see Big E have his dream match come true.