WWE Network Review: WWE Untold – Edge vs. Mick Foley: Wrestlemania 22

A new episode of WWE Untold premiered earlier in the week on Peacock/WWE Network that was all about Edge vs. Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match at WrestleMania 22 in 2006.

The introduction of the documentary begins with Mick Foley says he believes every performer wants to steal the show especially at Wrestlemania. Edge says growing up, he watched Mick Foley’s career and felt it was criminal that the Hardcore Legend never had a Wrestlemania moment. When asked what is the power of the Wrestlemania moment, Foley jokingly blames Shawn Michaels for it all, explaining explains that The Heartbreak Kid emphasized having those moments. For Foley, he could hear the whispers that he never had that magic Wrestlemania moment. Edge spoke about the experience of attending Wrestlemania 6 and wanting to have his moment like that. He explains that a Wrestlemania moment is like catching lightning in a bottle because it will be captured forever. Speaking on Mick, Edge said the first time he saw him was in the PWI magazines. Edge added that the way Foley spoke was intriguing and thought he had some screw loose by his in-ring work. Foley says is he was known as the King of the Deathmatch which he attributes to being a big part of his career. At the time, Foley believed WWE was not big into the hardcore scene which he felt he helped bring into mainstream. Edge called Foley a “journeyman” who brought a little bit of everything wherever he went which was brought out his different characters such as Dude Love and Cactus Jack. Foley says he was struck by Edge’s earnestness, especially his love for wrestling by doing any and everything to be the best. Foley says a lot of people in the back believed Edge would be a player in the future. Edge recalls Mick coming up to him after his tag team ladder match at No Mercy against The Hardys and saying that they just made themselves as superstars. Foley said back in the day, he and Edge clicked because of their goofy personalities and enjoy similar things.

Back in 2004, Foley came out of retirement to tag with The Rock at Wrestlemania. Foley said he was disappointed with his performance in the match and could hear the whisper about him never having a Wrestlemania moment. Edge was also shocked Foley never had a Wrestlemania moment and wanted to be the one to give him that. Foley says the best matches happen when both superstars have the same goal. In this case, Foley wanted redemption while Edge wanted to be recognized. While Edge won the WWE Championship in January 2006, a few weeks later, he would lose it to Cena. This upset The Rated R Superstars since he felt like he was doing everything he could on his end. Foley believed there was the question of Edge’s character since he was looked at as this pretty guy and a backstabber but had yet to prove his toughness. Both men felt if they went all out in this match, it would help Foley redeem himself and give Edge get the recognition he was looking for. Edge mentioned both him and Foley separately asking Vince for the match. Foley reveals the angle for their WrestleMania almost never happened because of a snowstorm that canceled his flight. However, Vince flew Foley in his private jet to have him appear as the advertised special guest referee for the WWE championship match between Cena and Edge. Edge would lose the match and build the story on blaming Foley for the loss. Edge would then set out a challenge to face Foley which The Hardcore Legend accepted and named the stipulation of a hardcore match. Edge spoke about the promo between him and Foley on Saturday Night Main Event which he felt was no turning back. Foley also reveals the hardcore match almost never happened because Vince and Shawn were already scheduled for the same stipulation. Instead, they were going to do a steel cage match which Foley was ok with. However, Edge fought against the steel cage match and was able to secure the hardcore match stipulation.

Foley said he loved performing at Rosement Arena and felt a buzz there with the fans at Chicago whom he believed were emotionally invested in him. He also mentioned his pre-match ritual where he listens to “Winter” by Tori Amos. That night he listened to that song so much it put him in a trance where he asked to say a prayer with Edge and Lita for their safety. Foley says he was incredibly nervous going into the match but needs someone to make him great and remind him who he was. After getting hit with a metal cookie sheet to the head, Foley said he knew who he was. As for wrapping himself with barbwire to counter the spear. Foley credits Bret Hart for the idea after seeing him do a similar spot with Goldberg a few years prior. For Foley, the most dangerous part of the match to him was clotheslining Edge over the rope with Lita on his back. As for the barbwire, Foley says while it hurts, it does not compare to the reaction that will last forever. On the thumbtack spot, Edge says he could not explain the feeling of going through them. He also added that the barbwire shot to the stomach hurt more than the one to the back. As for the flaming table spot, Lita did not realize how hot it would be. When going for the spear, Edge realized he had sweated off the fire retardant so he buries his face into Foley to protect himself. Foley spoke about remembering the pop while Edge remembers seeing the smoke coming off. Edge would crawl over to Foley and pin him, whispering “I love you”. After the match, Foley felt relieved because he finally felt like he had his Wrestlemania moment. Edge remembers the first thing he asked was to call his mom since he had dropped his phone in the toilet earlier that day. Edge also laughed at Foley’s wife being more concerned for him than her husband. Looking at footage of Edge in the medical room, the doctor revealed Edge had suffered a second-degree burn on his arm, showing the visible blistering. The documentary concludes with Foley saying it felt like the dark cloud was finally gone while Edge thanked Mick Foley for helping his career.

Aneil’s Take: WWE Untold is probably my favorite series on the WWE Network, sorry I mean, Peacock. I love hearing the behind-the-scene stories of matches and hearing the build-up to it. When it came to Edge-Foley at Wrestlemania 22, I had a feeling that the match was presented to help make Edge a bigger star than he was at the time. But it was interesting to hear a legend as Foley say he also wanted the match to help him have redemption for his match two years prior and to give him his Wrestlemania moment. As for the flaming table spot, I think that a moment that could never be replicated again. It was a spot that took A LOT of guts to do and had the two correct people for it, being Edge and Foley. Lastly, I just want to say, I was not sure what was hotter that night, the flaming table or Lita?