WWE Network Review: WWE Raw Talk for 3/29/21

This week’s Raw Talk kicks off with host Kevin Patrick and The Hurt Business’ MVP, who is filling in for R-Truth. Patrick begins by asking MVP about The Hurt Business family splitting up. MVP corrects Patrick, saying Alexander and Benjamin are business associates and explains that they were given their pink slips due to their constant mistakes. Patrick furthers by asking if it was smart to let go of the two with Wrestlemania nearby. MVP believed it, saying they were dropping dead weight. On the subject of their Drew McIntyre challenge, MVP called a business proposal. As for King Corbin’s appearance, MVP stayed mum on the topic, adding that The Hurt Business was nothing personal. When it comes to recruiting new members for The Hurt Business, MVP says he is always scouting for new talent. It is announced that Riddle, Asuka, and The Miz & Morrison will be the guests for today’s show. When asked about Miz & Morrison’s music video “Hey, Hey, Hop, Hop” MVP called it “garbage”.

Aneil’s Take: Decent start to Raw Talk with MVP filling in. Great explanation by MVP saying that Benjamin and Alexander are not families but business associates and his decisions are not personal. Also, staying silent on whether he knew or not about Corbin’s surprise appearance was a nice touch. I think the one thing that disappointed me was Ricochet not joining The Hurt Business. It would have been such a big addition to the stable. With Alexander and Benjamin gone, I wonder where The Hurt Business goes from here.

The first guest is the United States Champion, Riddle. MVP tries to ask Riddle a question but jokingly forgets (a tease from Riddle’s segment with Asuka). Patrick asks Riddle if he felt disrespected being attack by Sheamus back-to-back weeks. Riddle answered that disrespect was an understatement and knows Sheamus is trying to get under his skin. Riddle says Sheamus got lucky beating him on Raw but will leave Wrestlemania still the United States Champion. MVP says he is disappointed in Riddle because he believed Sheamus beat him fairly on Raw. Riddle brings up beating Lashley for the United States Championship at Elimination Chamber. However, MVP refutes that point, saying Riddle never pinned Lashley to win the championship. Patrick wonders if Riddle’s mouth might be stretchered out after receiving a “Dublin Smile” from Sheamus, although MVP says it might be from the bronuts. Patrick questions if Riddle would contemplate attacking Sheamus like he has been the last few weeks. However, MVP points out the United States champion did attack Sheamus after lost and called it unsportsmanlike. Riddle agreed but believe it was justified due to Sheamus attacking him with the scooter and being blindsided before their match. MVP says he is again disappointed in Riddle because as the United States Champion, he has to hold the title with honor which he did not after his match with Sheamus. Riddle refutes, saying MVP would have done the same thing and has done it before. MVP denies this, saying he would never lower to that level. Afterward, Patrick brings up Riddle’s abs after seeing the picture on his Instagram. MVP asks if he should leave as Patrick and Riddle complement each other.

Aneil’s Take: I liked this segment with Riddle. Funny jab by MVP “forgetting” his question like Riddle forgot his lines on Raw. While “unsportsmanlike” is not the word I would use to describe Riddle’s post-match attack, I was surprised by him to do that. While Sheamus and Riddle have wrestled in the past, I can see these two having another smash-mouth type match. Kind of weird that they would talk about Riddle’s abs on here, but whatever.

The next guest is Raw Women’s Champion Asuka. Patrick asks the Empress why did she accept Ripley’s challenge. Asuka says Rhea is great and a superstar but asks if she knows who she is. MVP says he knows who she is, saying she is Asuka the Raw Women’s Champion. MVP says he understands Rhea is trying to make an impact but believes maybe she is biting off more than she can chew. Asuka answers yes and believes she will beat her at Wrestlemania. Bringing up Shayna Baszler, Asuka says she still has temporary teeth and had surgery three days ago. Patrick brings up Asuka getting hit in the face with the table by Rhea which MVP called “disrespectful”. When asked if she is scared of Rhea, Asuka upsettingly yells “no” as MVP tells Patrick not to disrespect a national treasure such as her. Patrick brings up next week’s tag team match with her and Rhea against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Once again, Asuka is upset which MVP asks her to forgive Patrick for his question.

Aneil’s Take: I thought this was a solid segment with Asuka. I like Asuka showing she fears no one, even Rhea Ripley. Interesting to hear Asuka having surgery three days ago, only to take a table shot to her teeth. Not much for me other than we will wait and see what happens at Wrestlemania between Asuka and Rhea.

The final guests are The Miz and John Morrison as they are introduced with their “Hey Hey Hop Hop” music video. Miz is upset about the video being played for 30 seconds as MVP tells them it was the worst video he has ever seen and that Elias makes better music than them. Morrison says MVP is a hater with Miz adding that is the fill-in host is upset about The Hurt Business is gone. MVP says the stupidity between Miz and Morrison leaves him speechless. Miz and Morrison say they have more titles than they can count when MVP brings up Miz being WWE champion. Miz says every champion loses their title which MVP asked how long did he hold. Morrison answers that The Miz held it two weeks longer than The Hurt Business member ever did. MVP replied that he never had the opportunity to compete for the WWE championship. Patrick asks if Bad Bunny had a right to feel disrespected by Miz’s music video, similar to The Miz feel disrespected by him. MVP jokes about Bad Bunny having a right in reference to The Miz being punch by the Latin rapper. Miz says he will take care of Bad Bunny at Wrestlemania and says he has not earned anything here. Morrison adds that The Miz will saw off Bad Bunny’s foot, dip it in gold, put it around his neck and rub it for good luck. A flabbergasted Miz says he will not saw off someone’s foot for luck because he does not need it. Patrick asks if The Miz encouraged Bad Bunny to hit him as part of his plan. Miz says it was not part of his plan but wants to demand a level of respect. Miz says Bad Bunny has rubbed him the wrong way since meeting him and is sick of it. Raw Talk ends with Miz & Morrison’s Hey Hey Hop Hop playing them out.

Aneil’s Take: I think the more I hear “Hey Hey Hop Hop” I am starting to like it. Pretty funny to hear MVP trashing the two, even saying Elias makes better music than them. Looking back at the slow motion of Bad Bunny punching The Miz, that was a solid shot. I wonder if there will be a receipt at WrestleMania? Anyway, I think there is not much more to be told in the storyline between The Miz and Bad Bunny. Basically, both men feel disrespected by each other and will all culminate at Wrestlemania.

Final Thoughts

I like MVP being on Raw Talk. I found myself laughing a bit more especially with his interview with Riddle and Miz & Morrison. I am curious with Truth being out for two weeks if they are changing him as the host or it is temporary. While I love Truth, I think the last two weeks of Raw Talk have been better without him.