WWE Network Review: WWE Raw Talk for 3/1/21

Raw Talk kicks off with R-Truth and Talking Smack’s Kayla Braxton who is filling in for Charly Caruso. They start with the biggest news out of Raw, that being Bobby Lashley winning the WWE Championship. Truth says he is proud of Lashley and believes everything he worked for led up to tonight. Truth adds that Bobby had to do what he had to do to get it done. Kayla mentions The Miz trying to find different ways to get out of the match which ultimately did not work. They spoke about Alexa’s Bliss ominous message to Randy Orton. When asked about the Orton-Bliss saga, Truth called Alexa “weirder” than him. Questioning what was the dark substance Orton had spit out, Truth believed it was licorice.

Aneil’s Take: Of course, the biggest news from Raw was Bobby Lashley winning the WWE championship for the first time in his career. Being in the business for about seventeen years, I think it would have been a mistake not having Lashley hold the WWE championship at least once. Now I know this might be a long shot but this would be the only time I would be in favor of having Lesnar returning, so we could get the long-awaited Lesnar-Lashley match. Also, on the subject of Orton, who knew The Viper could set two guys on fire and get away with murder? Those two being The Fiend and Soulja Boy.

The first guests are the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. The champions immediately antagonize Kayla, questioning why she is on Raw Talk. Kayla points out Nia’s win on Raw before bringing up their upcoming titles defense against Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez on NXT this week. Shayna says she was one of the best in NXT, having dominated the show for two years, and reminds them about what she did to Dakota Kai. When asked if they are nervous about their match, Nia says they are going to dominate and stomp respect into their challengers. Shayna believes that not only are they the top tag team but the top champions. Baszler adds that she is a little excited to remind the NXT universe that she and Nia are the most dominant champion. Nia calls their challengers “freshman” who are going up against JV. Kayla points out that Shayna was not dominant on Raw, which Nia reminds the host that they are the champions. Truth chimes in before Nia asks where is his championship, saying “Mr. Bugs Bunny” has it. Shayna says in forty days, they will be the longest-reigning champions. Kayla then brings up both women going after the Raw Women’s Championship and asks who is more deserving of an opportunity between them. The champions accuse Kayla of driving a wedge between them before Nia answers that she does. However, Shayna rebukes, believing she is the only reason they have the titles. The interview concludes with the Women’s Tag Team champions leaving as Truth picks Dakota Kai and Rachel Gonzalez to win.

Aneil’s Take: Another rambling segment with the Women’s Tag Team champions and the Raw Talk host. Interested to see if Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez can do the impossible and defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to win the Women’s Tag Team championship.

The next guests are Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Truth begins by asking for Elias’s autograph. However, Elias asks if Truth bought his album which Raw Talk host says he did, except he bought it off of someone. Kayla talks about Elias’ request to Bad Bunny for a collaboration which she called “outlandish”. Elias points out that his album was at the top of the charts as well before asking if they believe Bad Bunny is above him. Jaxson accidentally calls Bad Bunny “Bugs Bunny” before accusing the Latin rapper pushed Elias aside. Elias explains that he gave Bad Bunny an offer of a lifetime which the whole thing went awry. They spoke about his match against Damien Priest which Kayla claimed Jaxson attempt to cheat for him. When asked what inspires Jaxson from Elias, he says his mentor’s music electrifies him and brings him to a reality that he has better things to achieve. Elias adds that his music affects people in different ways. When asked what are their ultimate goal, Elias says he and Jaxson are trying to change more lives with more music.

Aneil’s Take: I like the idea of putting Elias in a mini-feud with Bad Bunny, especially with his music background. The storyline of Elias believing he is a bigger star than Bad Bunny and trying to get a collaboration between the two is decent. It could be a good fill-in feud until the eventual The Miz/Morrison – Bad Bunny/DP resumes. Maybe it would be a cool moment to see Elias smash a guitar over Bad Bunny?

The final guest is former WWE champion, Drew McIntyre. Truth asks why McIntyre did not bring the sword which Kayla thought was a good idea. Kayla says it pains her not to call Drew as WWE champion. Drew says it does feel weird not to have the WWE champion with him especially having spent almost a year with the title. He reveals that he had goals of being WWE champion from Wrestlemania to Wrestlemania, until the setback caused by The Miz and Bobby Lashley. However, McIntyre believes he will still find his way into the WWE championship picture and does not care what he has to do to get there. Talking about the new WWE champion, McIntyre says Lashley worked hard for it, both in the gym and in the ring. McIntyre believes Lashley earned this moment and mentions the idea of a match between them at Wrestlemania as “big”. The former WWE champion does give some advice to Lashley, saying there is a lot of pressure to being champion. He advises Lashley to be aware of those who surround him as issues of jealously might arise. Kayla asks Truth if he has any advice for McIntyre not having a championship. Truth says the championship is his “baby” and while you remember the good times, you have to get it back. Drew talked about his match against Sheamus, in which he shows the imprint left on his arm from Sheamus’ boot and mentioned the last time he faced Sheamus in a big-time match was in FCW. Raw Talk concludes with the hosts wishing McIntyre well on his journey to get his WWE championship back.

Aneil’s Take: I think this was a solid interview with Drew McIntyre. There was not much distraction or fooling around. They gave McIntyre a chance to talk about losing the WWE champions and his desire to get back his champions. The one thing that bugs me is McIntyre being cool and calm about losing the WWE championship and even complementing the man who essentially screw him from the title. I think for me, I would have been pissed seeing the guy who mauled me after a grueling Elimination Chamber match holding my championship.

However, with six weeks until Wrestlemania, there is time to build the story between him and Lashley. I have to say, the moment Sheamus was drafted to Raw, he was one opponent I looked forward to facing McIntyre and they did not disappoint. Those boys gave a smash-mouth type match with a unique finishing that left me wanting more.

Final Thoughts

Raw Talk was meh. I think the first two segments were not great but the one with McIntyre was pretty good. With the era of Lashley beginning, where does the WWE championship head from here on the Road to Wrestlemania?