TJR WWE Mixed Match Challenge Review: Strowman and Bliss vs. Zayn and Lynch – Week 3

This match aired on Tuesday, January 30 in Philadelphia after Smackdown. It was on Facebook Watch live in the US and it’s also on WWE Network now, which is where I watched it. .

The show began with announcer Corey Graves hyping up the match for this week.

Becky Lynch made her entrance for her Smackdown team. It was Becky’s birthday, so Happy Birthday to her. Sami Zayn was up next and they were both snapping their fingers because they dubbed their team the “Ginger Snaps.” They represent Unicef.

Braun Strowman entered to a good ovation wearing his “Get These Hands” shirt. Alexa Bliss is the Raw Women’s Champion and Strowman’s partner. They are “Team Little Big” that is representing Connor’s Cure charity that WWE started, so very good chance they win this tournament.

The announce team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Beth Phoenix were the announce team at ringside.

Fans got to vote on who starts the match for the Smackdown team: Lynch 69%, Zayn 31%.

Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss vs. Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch

Lynch went for the armbar early, but she couldn’t do it and Bliss got to the ropes. Lynch avoided a Bliss attack and did a Zayn style dance, which was pretty funny. Lynch with a backslide pin for a two and a rollup pin for two. Strowman wanted to tag in, but Bliss told Strowman she knows what she is doing. Lynch with a dropkick on Bliss as the fans chanted “We Want Strowman.” Bliss took control with kicks on Lynch against the turnbuckle. Bliss tagged in Strowman, which meant that Zayn had to go in the ring.

Zayn went into the ring and immediately bailed to the floor, which led to boos from the crowd. Strowman went into the ring, ducked a clothesline and left the ring again. Strowman chased Zayn back in the ring leading to Zayn tagging Lynch. Zayn tagged back in and punched Strowman in the back, but Strowman came back by tossing Zayn across the ring. Lynch got the tag from Zayn, so Bliss had to go in and Lynch hit a kick to the gut. Bliss countered a move out of the corner with a kick to the gut for a two count. Bliss grabbed a headlock for a two count. There was a shot of Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode commenting on the action backstage. Bliss held onto the headlock as the bored fans chanted “Rusev Day.” Bliss sent face first into the mat. Bliss grabbed a headlock again. Zayn tried to get the fans to sing “Happy Birthday” to Lynch as Lynch hit a kick on Bliss. Zayn acted as if he wanted a tag, but he really didn’t and Lynch tagged him anyway. Strowman threw Zayn into the ring and Strowman got two corner splash. Zayn dropkick on Strowman out of the ring, but Strowman caught him during a dive and sent Zayn face first into the apron. Bliss shoved Lynch into the ring post. Zayn tried to leave, Strowman pressed him over his head and Strowman tossed him into the crowd. Bliss was down in the ring after Bliss did something to her. Bliss tagged in, went on Strowman’s shoulders and jumped off with a Twisted Bliss splash onto Lynch for the pinfall after 12 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss

Analysis: **1/4 The action was okay with a memorable finish as Bliss hit her finisher off Strowman’s shoulders, which means she was jumping from a height higher than the top rope. It looked impressive. Most of the action in the match was just average stuff between the women. They built to the final few moments with Strowman getting his hands on the heel Zayn, which provided some fun moments and some laughs. I don’t think anybody was surprised by Bliss and Strowman getting the win here.

Next week: Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs. Goldust and new partner Mandy Rose. I’m looking forward that due to Mandy.

Bliss and Strowman were interviewed by Renee Young in the ring. Bliss credited her strategy and that’s why they will win this thing. Strowman said that Bliss is a lot smaller than him, but her personality is every bit as big as he is. Strowman said this was a team effort and they get along personally. Strowman: “I mean…she’s kinda cute.” This is true. Everybody was smiling and the crowd popped for that. Fans chanted “Get These Hands” for that. Bliss: “Well Braun, I think you’re kinda cute.” The crowd popped big for that. She said Braun is like a mack truck with a big smiley face on the front and Braun said “thank you” for that.

Analysis: This Philly crowd definitely liked Strowman saying Bliss was kinda cute and liked it even more when Bliss said it back to him.

Bliss: “I can just say this…Braun…we’re going all the way.” Fans chanted “yes” for that. Bliss said all the way to a victory in the mixed match challenge. Fans chanted “all the way” after that. Braun did his yell and they posed to celebrate.

Analysis: They have good chemistry. The “all the way” line was well played and the fans reacted well to it. No doubt about that. I don’t know if WWE is going to push them into a romance storyline or if it’s just flirting for this tournament that will go away. I don’t think that’s the right way to book Strowman’s character, but it may work out to have him show more of his funny side.

Strowman/Bliss move on to the next round to face the winner of next week’s matchup: Jimmy Uso and wife Naomi vs. Goldust and Mandy Rose. That should be a win for Uso and Naomi, but you never know.

That’s all for the MMC for this week.

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