TJR WWE Mixed Match Challenge Review: The Miz and Asuka vs. Big E and Carmella – Week 2

This is over a week late. My bad on that. The show airs Tuesday nights on Facebook Watch in the United States only. I’ll try to get these reviews up on Wednesdays or Thursdays most weeks, but this one is going up over a week late because I was so busy last week. The show gets uploaded to WWE Network on Thursdays and I have a USA version of that (just put a US address in rather than a Canadian one) because the archives are full in the US version. Anyway, I should be caught up soon.

This match took place on January 23.

The show began with announcer Corey Graves hyping up the match.

Carmella made her entrance for her team. She was followed by her teammate Big E along with New Day members Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. They are from Smackdown. They all have gear similar to Carmella. It looks a lot better on her than it does for them. Sorry guys.

Big E and Carmella each took a bite of a pancake prior to the match.

Asuka made the entrance first for her team with Cole saying this is the team he’s picking to win it all. The Miz entered with the Intercontinental Title on his shoulders, but no sign of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

The announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Beth Phoenix. They stood at ringside where Big E put a stack of pancakes on Graves’ head.

A clip aired from Raw General Manager Kurt Angle and Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan thanking fans for watching the Mixed Match Challenge.

The Miz & Asuka vs. Big E & Carmella

Big E did some comedy spots early including the abdominal stretch where he spanked The Miz’s ass with the fans chanting “New Day Rocks” for it. Big E with a back elbow on Miz. Asuka tagged in, which meant Carmella had to tag in since it’s mixed tag team rules and Carmella was hesitant to go in the ring. When Asuka went for a kick, Carmella screamed and ran away. Big E had a letter “L” because they wanted to give Asuka her first loss. Asuka acted grateful for it, took the “L” and ripped it up, so Carmella tagged in Big E to bring Miz back in. Miz hit a boot to the face of Big E and stomped on him. Big E made a comeback with two overhead belly to belly suplexes and then a side belly to belly. While that was going on, Cole showed people how to be interactive with the show on Facebook. Big E wanted the Big Ending, but Miz slipped out and hit a DDT for two as Carmella made the save. Asuka went into the ring and kicked Asuka in the leg. Miz and Asuka did their “Yes” kicks at the same time where Asuka connected on hers, but Big E caught Miz and Miz avoided a slam by hitting a boot to the face for two. There was ashot of Rusev and Lana interacting with fans backstage. Miz hit his backbreaker into a neckbreaker combo for two. Miz worked over Big E with some kicks. Miz sent Big E throat first into the middle ropes to slow him down. Miz missed a corner splash because Big E moved, so Asuka tagged in against Carmella.

Asuka nailed Carmella with a flying hip attack. Asuka did a long pose with Miz, so Carmella made her pay with a superkick that looked great. Carmella nailed a Bronco Buster on Asuka against the turnbuckle. Carmella with a hard slap to the face fired up Asuka, who nailed spinning back fists, a knee to the face and a running kick to the head. Asuka slapped on the armbar submission, Miz pulled Big E off the apron and Carmella tapped out. The match went 11 minutes.

Winners by submission: The Miz & Asuka

Analysis: **1/4 The match was okay. There was some comedy in there, which is fine in a setting like this that’s a fun show. The result of this match was never in doubt since Asuka is at a much higher level than Carmella and it showed in their performance. The guys did better than the girls just because it was more even. The crowd didn’t really buy into Carmella on offense that much.

Next time on Mixed Match Challenge: Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss vs. Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch.

Asuka and The Miz were interviewed in the ring by Renee Young. Asuka said something in Japanese, so Miz “translated” saying that Asuka has learened on how to be a cheampion from The Miz than anybody in her entire life. Miz claimed she learned to be a winner from him. Miz did his “my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut” routine. Miz said they will dominate the Mixed Match Challenge for Rescue Dogs Rock. Why? “Because we are Asuka.”

Analysis: The Miz catchphrase is to say he’s awesome, so saying they are Asuka is a twist on that. I guess it works.

The show ended with Miz and Asuka celebrated the win. The show runs about 20 minutes, so it’s a quick watch.

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