WWE Mixed Match Challenge Review: Elias and Bayley vs. Rusev and Lana – Week 5

This match took place in Bakersfield, California immediately following Smackdown on Tuesday, February 13th.

Elias and Bayley were in the ring sitting on stools with guitars. Images were shown from Raw. Show video! Not images. Ugh. I hate WWE using images instead of video some strange reason. Their charity is called Americares.

Elias and Bayley said hello with their names, but Rusev’s theme song interrupted them.

Rusev entered in his Happy Rusev Day shirt along with his wife Lana. THey had outfits that matched in colors. Rusev did his yelling pose on the stage and Lana did it with him. One of them looked intidmidating. The other one was Lana. Their charity is Global Citizen.

The announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Beth Phoenix.

The fans chanted “Rusev Day” before the match began. Rusev told Lana she looks jacked. Rusev sang the song: “Lana is the best, Lana number one…(clap, clap)” and repeat. The team chatting with fans is Big E and Carmella.

Bayley and Elias vs. Rusev and Lana

Bayley took down Lana with a headlock, snapmare and a running clothesline for a one count. Lana backed into the corner. Lana had lipstick on her chin. Lana tackled Bayley and threw some weak looking punches followed by a kick that looked good. Lana did a yell. Bayley tripped up Lana followed by a very soft body slam. Lana left the ring and grabbed Elias’ guitar. Lana yelled: “I want to win.” Rusev dropped the guitar to the ground.

Elias tagged in to face off against Rusev. Elias had taped up ribs due to Braun Strowman attacking him with a guitar on Raw. Elias took control with a knee drop. Rusev whipped Elias into the turnbuckle followed by two kicks to the chest. Rusev with a running back splash against the turnbuckle. Elias with two boots to the face, but Rusev came back with a superkick that looked great. Rusev tried to put the Accolade on, but Elias got out of it. Rusev hit a suplex. Bayley tagged back in against Lana. Lana ran at Bayley and attacked her against the turnbuckle. Lana hit a sitout facebuster for a two count. Lana yelled a lot as a she hit a double knee attack to Bayley against the ropes for a two count. Lana slapped on an armbar. Bayley drove Lana back first into the turnbuckle followed by forearms to the chest and a clothesline. Bayley with a neckbreaker using the ropes for an assist. Bayley with a shoulder tackle followed by the back elbow in the corner and a suplex for two. The women battled on the turnbuckle. Elias nailed Rusev with a running knee. Lana tripped up Bayley by the turnbuckle and Bayley hit her head on the top turnbuckle. Lana covered Bayley for the win with Beth saying it’s Lana Day.

Winners by pinfall: Rusev and Lana

Analysis: *3/4 It was a decent match with a lot of comedy spots early on. Due to Lana’s involvement, the women’s part was seriously lacking although I give her credit for trying to be creative. Lana’s still very limited in the ring, though. The parts featuring Rusev and Elias were not that interesting. It was like they were just going through the motions because this match was about the girls. That’s my lowest star rating for a match in this tournament so far.

It was the firs win of Lana’s career.

Rusev and Lana were interviewed by Renee Young in the ring. Lana spoke in Russian or some language I don’t understand. Lana said she won. Rusev said today is the official “Ravishing Rusev Day.” The happy couple hugged in celebration.

The announce team was shown on camera.

A promo aired from Bobby Roode and Charlotte Flair for next week’s match in the Mixed Match Challenge. They will face Apollo Crews and Nia Jax, so they did a promo.

Analysis: It should be a win for Bobby and Charlotte.

Corey Graves said Mixed Match Challenge is his favorite thing. That’s how you suck up to your employer, my friends.

There was a replay of Lana’s victory for her team. Rusev and Lana celebrated to end the show.

Here are post match promo from the winners.

Here are the brackets to see what’s still to come in this tournament.

Every matchup has had an obvious winner. Raw won the first three weeks, Smackdown won the last two and I think Smackdown will win next week too.

That’s all for the MMC for this week.

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