TJRWrestling AEW Full Gear 2020 Preview (Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston, FTR vs. Young Bucks)

John: Welcome to the TJRWrestling AEW Full Gear 2020 preview. It’s the fourth AEW PPV of the year and it might be the best lineup they’ve ever had for any PPV in the two years that AEW has existed. I haven’t been able to do the usual detailed Dynamite reviews in the last two weeks due to my own personal reasons, but I’m excited to preview Full Gear and I’m really looking forward to reviewing it on Saturday night.

There are nine matches in total including the Buy-In pre-show match. I think the lineup is incredible with some excellent matchups up and down the card. While I am looking forward to a lot of the matches, I do find it strange that in AEW’s rankings they have a guy like Brian Cage first in terms of singles wrestlers, yet there’s no announced match for him. I’m not saying he has to be in the World Title or TNT Title match. I just think some guys like Cage, Lance Archer and Miro, for example, should probably be on the card in some way yet they’re not. I guess that’s a product of AEW having a really big roster right now and they’re not doing a battle royal this time, so a lot of talented people are sitting on the sidelines for Full Gear.

If you need info on how to order All Out on PPV, check out AEW’s website for info on how to watch it in your country whether it’s on B/R Live, Fite TV or some other method. It’s different depending on where you live. Joining me for the preview are Kurt Zamora and Lance Augustine. Here’s Lance with some opening thoughts on this card with nine matches.

Lance: All Out was not AEW’s best show, from a match, or storyline standpoint. This is their opportunity to rebound and put on a great show. AEW is notorious for having their matches, and shows for that matter, go long and I don’t think that trend will stop here. There are 9 matches on the show and if history tells us anything, at least half of them will be at least 15 minutes. This show has some good matches on it, though, and I think if they are booked properly, we should have one hell of a night on our hands.

(Note: All graphics are from AEW.)


NWA Women’s Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Allysin Kay (BUY IN PRE-SHOW)

Kurt: This is a tremendous match for the buy-in. I’ve spent the last few PPV previews discussing how weak the women’s division is. There are definitely still issues with it, as we’ll get to later, but I will give them credit where it’s due and compliment them on things they’ve done to improve the division. I think Dr. Britt Baker has upped her game. I like the additions of great in-ring competitors like Deeb, like Ivelisse, like Diamante. And now, the newest free agent in the women’s division, Allysin Kay. Kudos to AEW for swooping in and bringing in Kay immediately after her announcement of being a free agent. It’s just natural to compare this women’s division with NXT’s, and the only way they can start to get on par with that division is to get stronger in-ring competitors. These are two of the best and I think this will be a great match.

Prediction: Serena Deeb

Lance: This was added after Tony Khan made the decision to move Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver to the main show. Serena Deeb defeated Thunder Rosa to win the NWA Women’s Title and it shocked pretty much everyone because Rosa was a terrific champion. All reigns come to an end though, and Deeb is definitely a great option to hold the title. Allysin Kay is a bit of an enigma in AEW so far, and this match doesn’t really move the barometer much, for me anyway. I think Deeb retains and goes on to have a long and fruitful title reign.

Winner and STILL NWA Women’s Champion: Serena Deeb

John: There’s no story here. It’s just a match between two talented veteran wrestlers that know eachother well. I’m sure they’ll do a good job in the time they are given. I saw that Kay is free from her NWA deal now, so this could be like a tryout match for her and I think she’s definitely good enough to be on the AEW roster like Serena, who earned a contract recently. I expect a solid technical wrestling match here and a win for Serena.

Winner: Serena Deeb


Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver

Kurt: Yes, it’s a little questionable that Orange has gone from the feud with Chris Jericho to being in this match only 2 months later. However, In case you didn’t know, there is something at stake in this match and it’s the title of, “The Most Entertaining Wrestler in AEW”. Orange Cassidy needs no introduction and everyone knows what he brings to the table. He’s tremendous. John Silver though, may be the best kept secret in wrestling. If you don’t watch BTE, you are missing the funniest man in wrestling. I love everything this guy does, he maximizes every minute he has, and in the limited opportunities he’s had in the ring, he’s shown he can go and pound for pound is as strong as anyone. In a card full of stacked, personal rivalry matches, you’re going to need a comedy match like this, so I hope they let these two go all the way with it. Because even in comedy, they can still deliver a hell of a match. “Johnny Hungee” for a win, but you don’t beat Le Champion only to lose to John Silver in a cold match the following PPV.

Prediction: Orange Cassidy

Lance: What a fall from grace Orange Cassidy is suffering from currently. He went from being in the second to last match at the last Pay-Per-View against Chris Jericho, to wrestling John Silver on a throwaway match on the show. We are getting mixed signals from AEW about how they feel with Cassidy. Tony has made it clear he thinks the guy can be a star, but since All Out he has lost two title matches and is now wrestling here. It’s just bizarre. John Silver is a Dark Order crony and I think we will all know everything we need to based on how long this match goes. Cassidy is going to win, but it won’t do much for him in the long run.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

John: My interest in this match is pretty low. If it was on the pre-show as originally advertised I doubt I would have watched it. I had to ask Kurt recently about Silver because he really doesn’t stand out to me, but he does goofy shit in and around the ring, so he’s going for that Eric Young style comedy thing. I guess If I could tolerate the BTE show on Youtube more I’d get him more, but I don’t find it very funny, so I quit watching months ago. Anyway, Cassidy went over Jericho in their feud, lost to Cody in the TNT Title match because of Silver and now they have this match. They’re both comedy guys, so prepare to laugh? Sure. Cassidy should win this match, which will probably be placed in between two of the more intense, serious matches on the show.

Winner: Orange Cassidy


Elite Deletion Match: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

(This is a cinematic match at the Hardy Compound aka Matt’s house as confirmed by this quick video that AEW posted.)

Kurt: This will be a cinematic match from the Hardy Compound, which based on some of the controversy of their last match, is probably a good thing. All the crazy bumps can be coordinated properly and no one has to take an unnecessary risk. Besides the hiccup at All Out, this has been a strong feud with good promos, good video packages, and a lot of memorable moments that make you believe these two truly hate each other. There is no limit to what Matt will think to use and do on his property, so I expect a lot of creativity and a couple ideas we’ve never seen before. Sammy should win this match, as he needs the feather in his cap and continue to move up the ranks. I just don’t see how Matt loses in his own home though, and Sammy gets out alive.

Prediction: Matt Hardy

Lance: The last time these two went at it, it was a disaster. Not in the match sense because the wrestling was fine, but AEW’s concussion protocol came into question when Hardy took a fall and the match should have ended. I am a big fan of Guevara and think he plays the role of a heel so well. This will take place at the Hardy compound, which makes us think it will be a cinematic type of match. That is good in the sense that it can be shot over time, but as we have seen, some of these match types are awesome and some straight-up suck. These two have enough talent to make this an interesting battle, so I have confidence that this will be better received than the Street Fight they have had previously. I definitely feel like there is going to be some weird stuff going on throughout, but Hardy will do the favors to push Guevara up the card a little bit.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

John: The cinematic style matches can be hit or miss, but I have faith in these guys doing a good job here. Matt’s a very creative guy that usually doesn’t disappoint in this setting when he has had matches at the Hardy Compound in other companies. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are a few surprise cameos along the way. Sammy is an entertaining guy that seems willing to do any kind of crazy bump or do comedy when needed, so I think they’ll work together. This is probably a feud ender for them and even though Sammy is the younger guy that should win a rivalry like this, I think Matt’s going to win at his home base. This should be silly, fun and goofy all at the same time. It should be a “wonderful” experience for Broken Matt Hardy.

Winner: “Broken” Matt Hardy


AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Nyla Rose

Kurt: Yes, I do think it’s an issue that AEW has built up the NWA Women’s title stronger than its own with the likes of Thunder Rosa and Serena Deeb. It doesn’t necessarily make sense to me, but as I said earlier, the goal just needs to be to get stronger in-ring competitors. Abadon was a unique character that was putting some things together, but unfortunately, she had what was said to be a serious injury recently. Big Swole seemed like she was getting some momentum but she lost her title shot and hasn’t done anything since. This match between Shida and Rose has been done before and the buildup for this specific matchup has been week. I expected more out of the pairing with Nyla and Vickie Guerrero. I do think they’re about to turn the corner with this division, so hopefully the next PPV I’ll have some positive things to say. I don’t see a reason to give the title back to Nyla since that’s who Shida beat for the title.

Prediction: Hikaru Shida retains

Lance: We have seen this match multiple times, and every time I have walked away thinking I don’t need to see this again, but here we are. Rose has the potential to be booked as an absolute monster, but having big gaps being off of TV doesn’t help her much. Shida has been a fighting champion and taken on all comers, but none of her matches blow me away. She is a very solid worker, but the booking just hasn’t been there. I will say that her matches with Thunder Rosa were above average, and I just wish that that feud had more left under it. This should be a good balance of power vs. speed and will get some time. If it does, it has the potential to overperform. I don’t think they are ready to take the title off Shida yet, especially because Rose has already been the champion in the past. The AEW Women’s division needs a real facelift.

Winner and STILL AEW Women’s Champion: Hikaru Shida

John: The women’s division has been disappointing in terms of storyline and that’s the case again here. At the last PPV, All Out, there ere no women for Shida to face, so she wrestled NWA’s Thunder Rosa in a match that had like no build. It’s the same thing here as Rose gets a shot at the title after Shida beat her earlier in the year. I was really hoping that they would elevate Britt Baker at this point and get the title on her because at least Baker’s an interesting character. I think a title change is possible just to change things up a bit although I’m not sure who would be a babyface challenger for Rose in the long term. It’s probably best to keep the title on Shida for now because at least she can feud with Baker and drop the title to her. They’ll work hard, get 10-15 minutes and have a pretty good match as we have seen from them in the past.

Winner: Hikaru Shida


Chris Jericho vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

(MJF joins Inner Circle group if he wins.)

Kurt: Let’s just get it out of the way… yes, the singing duet with these two was one of the best things AEW has done. And yes, if it was in WWE, it would get universally panned. Both things can be true, and that’s just what happens when WWE fails to deliver over and over on things, whereas AEW more times than not, does not fall short of expectations. I think this is a match that had to happen sooner than later, and I’m all for a Jericho face turn. It makes no sense to have the crowds doing the Judas singalong every week, the most babyface thing in wrestling, but continue to have Jericho lead the biggest heel group in the company. That though, is where this match gets weird for me. One one hand, you could have the entire Inner Circle turn babyface. That doesn’t make much sense after Sammy being such a vicious heel in his feud with Matt. Plus, I don’t think Hager is meant to be a babyface. On the other, and what this feels like it’s setting up for, you have the Inner Circle ditch Jericho and go with MJF. Maybe there’s a double turn with Wardlow finally getting tired of MJF? If anyone has more money that MJF, it’d be Jericho. Maybe Jericho buys Wardlow’s contract just as extra insurance. I think The Inner Circle has a lot of tread left on the tire and I don’t want to see them break up, but the booking of this match has just been odd to me and I don’t know how they get out of it with the Inner Circle intact.

Prediction: MJF wins & “joins” The Inner Circle

Lance: The build for this match has been… interesting. They have had some really solid promo work, obviously, but a few weeks ago they had one of the most polarizing segments in modern wrestling history. They sang show tunes in the vein of Frank Sinatra, and it was one of the most talked-about segments of the year. I didn’t hate it as much as other people might have, but I can also understand where the critics are coming from. MJF doesn’t wrestle nearly as much as he should so his matches are something to look forward to. He can go, and it’s a shame we don’t see him on display as much as we should. Jericho has also faced some praise and backlash over the last couple of months. He is Chris Jericho though, and I think he deserves the right to have a say over his character and the direction his storylines move in. The added wrinkle of MJF joining the Inner Circle if he wins is just icing on the cake. The only reason I would have MJF win and join is if the ultimate plan is for him to betray Jericho and become the leader of the group, ala The Rock with The Nation of Domination. I have a gut feeling that is what they are going to do, and I am on board. The match should be solid all around, and I am looking forward to this one.

Winner: MJF

John: It’s an interesting matchup between two of AEW’s top heels. Jericho is turning 50 years old on November 9 and it’s incredible to see how talented he still is. While I think his match quality has slipped a bit this year, he’s still good enough in the ring to make people believe in what he’s doing. MJF is an extremely talented 24 year old with a bright future, but you can already say he’s one of the best in AEW right now. I’m very impressed by his performance in the ring and especially during promos. I feel like AEW hasn’t put MJF in the ring enough because they want to get his character over so much, but this is a big match for him.

The stipulation should lead to a win for MJF, which can lead to segments where other guys in the Inner Circle group absolutely hate him and we’ll probably get goofy comedy from Jericho/MJF as well. I wonder how they book it. Is Wardlow going to cheat for MJF to help him win? Is MJF going to cheat on his own to win? It can’t be clean. The long-term story is likely going to be MJF attacking Jericho to try to take over the Inner Circle group with Jericho in the face role and MJF as the heel. This is just one of the first steps in that long-term story. If MJF loses, they could do the story where he doesn’t take it well and attacks Jericho after the match (or on the next Dynamite) and off they go from there. I just think MJF winning here makes the most sense.

Winner: MJF


AEW TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Darby Allin

Kurt: This feels like a bit of a throwaway title match, but I’m going all in on the rumors of Sting coming to AEW, and it happens in this match. Darby has had some of the Sting “mystique”, and now lately hanging out in the rafters of Daily’s Place, much like how Sting used to watch Nitro when he became his Crow version. Yes, perhaps AEW relies too much on putting legends with their stars, but I think the psychology of it makes sense. AEW knows who the bread and butter of their viewing audiences are, and it’s the fans that crave the good ol’ days and still look up to these legend in an iconic way. Sting would give instant credibility to Darby and I think help him get to that level he’s just come up short of in his last few opportunities. With all the contenders and stories that Cody could’ve gone with, plus Darby being tied up with Team Taz, this match up just didn’t make any sense. So for it to make sense, I think something big will happen and I think it will be Sting. I think Cody will retain before we get to that point, or perhaps we don’t get an actual finish because of Team Taz, but I’m still looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Prediction: Cody Retains

Lance: This is a match between two guys that have really shown they have the goods. Obviously, Cody has the lineage and ability and has become one of my favorite talkers in the business. Darby Allin was a relative unknown before AEW, but since has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with. Allin is out of control at times, and it makes it matches seem special. Cody is a fantastic worker himself and this has the writing on the wall of being the match of the night. There have been rumors of a certain superstar coming to AEW, and it might happen during this match. It’s totally plausible for Sting to make an appearance in this match, and ultimately cost Cody the title and have him play an authority figure type of role. Now, whether or not Sting would be up for that is unknown, but I could see it playing out that way. I do think there will be a title change regardless because Darby Allin is ready to become one of the main stars in AEW. I expect a fast-paced, well-executed match with Allin hitting one more move than Cody and taking the title into 2021.

Winner and NEW TNT Champion: Darby Allin

John: I’m intrigued by this match even though we have seen it before. The reason I’m intrigued is because I wonder how they are going to book it. The AEW World Title has only been held by two people in over a year while the TNT Title also has had only two different people as champions, but at least in this case we saw Brodie Lee have a short title run (whether it was originally planned or not). What I’m saying is you don’t need every champion in AEW having a long title run. I think it would be a big deal for Darby Allin’s career if he were to win this title and I’m going to pick him to win for that reason. They need to use this title to elevate the newer talent rather than have Cody hold it for another long run. I expect them to have an even, back and forth match, maybe we’ll see Cody bleeding because he likes to do that and in the end, I think Allin finds a way to win.

Winner AND NEW AEW TNT Champion: Darby Allin


AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Finals: Kenny Omega vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

(The winner gets a future AEW World Title match.)

Kurt: This is where we really get to the meat of this show, and where the luxury of only doing 4 PPV’s a year makes a huge difference. People ask why would I pay $50 for a PPV when I can get something like the WWE Network for $10 a month? Well, when you give me stories like these last 3 matches, something that I can truly invest in, then I happily put down my cash for it. Hangman is my favorite superstar on the AEW roster and I love the roller coaster they’ve put him on with his emotions. It’s given his character so many layers and I expect to see it all pay off on this show. The story here is that Omega is on his own island, not worrying about anything besides his pursuit to become the best singles wrestler in the world again. He doesn’t take Hangman seriously as a challenger. It’s more of an annoyance to have to face his former partner than it is a legit challenge in his way. Whereas Hangman, this is all he has left. He doesn’t know who his friends are anymore. Omega has abandoned him. The only thing he knows is that he intended to become the first World Champ, that didn’t happen, and he hasn’t been back in that situation ever since. This is a big opportunity to him, and he’s finally coming to grasp with that. However, as the interview with JR showed this week, he’s still in his head. But is it all a ploy? Does he want everyone to think he’s just a nervous drunk, and then catch them and Omega specifically, by surprise? I think that’s a real possibility. Ultimately, I think this will play out over two matches for Hangman, which I’ll explain in the match after this. So for this match, I think they’re going to have an absolute classic. Knowing each other’s best moves and countering them. Omega may have to cheat to win, but I think he’ll ultimately outsmart Hangman one too many times and pick up the hard fought victory.

Prediction: Kenny Omega

Lance: From the moment the title bracket was announced and these two were in it, we all knew this was the endgame. Especially when Omega’s first-round match was against Sonny Kiss, and Adam Page was facing Colt Cabana. Omega has been teasing for a little bit that he will return the “The Sweeper” gimmick he ran with in Japan which will be a new side for him for the American audience. There has been speculation that Omega will also be a focal point moving forward which leads me to believe that he has a good chance to win the match and challenge for the title. Adam Page has an argument as well and I have been high on him since I first saw him on AEW. This will be back and forth and has a lot of that underneath tension building up to a crescendo we can all be stoked on. Both can go and this should be a fun one.

Winner: Kenny Omega

John: I’ll begin by saying that I think the winner of this match is going to go on to be the next AEW World Champion. I think that man is Kenny Omega. I’m glad that he is back in singles action after having a successful run with Page as a tag team. I’m also happy for Page too because he’s a talented younger guy that could be a future World Champion in AEW as well. They are former Tag Team Champions that didn’t have a traditional breakup. They just went their separate ways without having issues.

I know AEW doesn’t book a lot of finishes where a wrestler blatantly cheats to win a match, but that’s what the finish should be here. The story should be that after 20+ minutes of grueling minutes, neither man can find a way to win, so Omega resorts to an underhanded tactic to find a way to win. By doing that, it sets up a rematch down the road while also putting over Omega’s hele turn as an egomaniac. If Page wins, they could do the thing where Omega kicks his ass after the match (or on Dynamite) to keep the rivalry going and further push Omega’s heel persona. I think they might have the best match of the show, which will be tough to do on a card as strong as this. I just believe in both guys and I think they’re as excited to have this match as we are.

Winner: Kenny Omega


AEW Tag Team Championships: FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) (c) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

(FTR’s manager Tully Blanchard is banned from ringside.)

Kurt: If this match closed the show, I wouldn’t complain. I don’t think there’s ever been a more anticipated standard tag team match. It’s not just weeks and months in the making, it’s years in the making. Simple tweets by both teams, at a time when it never felt like it could happen, saying there would come a day they’d face each other and we’d all rejoice. That day has come. On top of that, both teams know not only is there an expectation for this match as a standalone, but AEW does already have a standard bearer for the best tag team match of all time from the Revolution PPV between Hangman/Page and the Bucks. That’s a lot of pressure to live up to, but both of these teams thrive on pressure and they’ll live up to it. I think there was a little bit of a misstep with the Bucks “heel” turn, cracking under that said pressure. I don’t think it translated on TV like they wanted to, but ultimately when both teams are in the ring on Saturday, it won’t matter. The matchup sells itself. I did roll my eyes a little bit when the Bucks brought the stipulation that they would never challenge for the titles if they lose. Cody had already done that, and I get the whole “wink wink, nod nod” about not pushing the EVP’s, but ultimately still pushing them as Cody has shown with the TNT title. However, I don’t think this stipulation will have to be enforced.

I think after a grueling battle, Omega makes his way to ringside. Looking like he’s supporting the Bucks, but something happens that shows he’s clearly aligned with FTR. Especially since Tully is banned from ringside according to AEW. All is lost for the Bucks, and Omega in his new selfish ways wants to take everything away from the Bucks, for reason to be explained later. However, Hangman comes out, evens the sides again and the Bucks pull out the match and win the titles. Hangman, desperate to have his friends back, may lose the battle against Omega, but wins something more important by getting back together with the Bucks. Then this angle turns into a 6-man storyline that can go a lot of different ways. Also, FTR can get the titles right back whenever they need to, since there are rumors that Matt Jackson has a knee injury and may need time off soon. As someone who grew up on JCP’s tag team wrestling in the late 80’s, when there are tag matches as good as these happening, nothing gets me more excited in wrestling. I hope they pull it off.

Prediction: New Tag Champions, The Young Bucks

Lance: It has come out that Matt Jackson is working with a knee injury and that Tully Blanchard will be banned from ringside, which are the subplots heading into this highly anticipated match. With that being said, I guess I am not looking forward to this match as much as other people might be. I like both teams, especially FTR, but the build for this match has been lackluster. The Young Bucks have trying to be edgier as of late and some of it has been refreshing, but some of it has also been ridiculous. I don’t find super kicking Tony Schiavone as a sign that you are a badass. The stipulation is the thing that makes me chuckle. If the Young Bucks lose, they will never get a shot at the titles again. We have had that stipulation already with Cody and got the TNT Title introduced out of it. I don’t expect the same thing here, unless a 6-Man Tag Title is in the works, and it’s a stipulation that has overstayed it’s welcome. I can see the benefit of it from the standpoint of not showing favoritism towards booking yourself, but I feel like this is an ongoing theme that I am not completely hip too. Anyway, I think FTR retains, not just because of the injury, but they are due to have a long title reign and be the face of the AEW Tag Team Division.

Winner(s) and STILL AEW Tag Team Champions: FTR

John: I think the build to this match could have been and should have been a lot better. You would think these guys would have had better ideas in terms of building this match. With that said, nobody is going to remember the build that much if these teams have an all-time great tag team match that they are capable of having. I saw FTR in an interview this week saying that this is the match that they left WWE for. While they also left for other reasons including being frustrated with the creative direction, I believe them when they say that. These are two of the best tag teams in the world over the last decade.

The match should be long, grueling and have a lot of believable nearfalls for both sides. I assume Matt is going to spend most of the match as the face in peril selling his injured knee while FTR are excellent as the classic, old school tag team that is very good at working over a body part. As the guys above mentioned, The Young Bucks announced that if they fail to win then they don’t get a Tag Team Title shot ever again. If they lose this match, will the fans really believe that stipulation? I’ve heard Tony Khan say he doesn’t want to go back on stipulations and lie to the fans. That’s why I’m leaning towards a Young Bucks win although I wouldn’t be shocked if FTR got the titles back soon.

I expect this to be a long match in the 20+ minute range. Maybe 30 minutes or more. They’re going to get all the time they want and feel like they need. While I’m not a huge Young Bucks fan in terms of their personality, I think they’re incredible as a team as long as they try to obey the tag team rules. The FTR team is my favorite tag team in all of wrestling, so I expect them to try to make the Young Bucks “Follow The Rules” (FTR) as best they can. This pick is hard and certainly not a lock, but I’m going with a Young Bucks win. I’m really looking forward to this match.

Winners AND NEW AEW Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)


AEW World Championship “I Quit” Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston

(It was mentioned by AEW President/Booker Tony Khan in an interview this week that this match will go on last as the main event.)

Kurt: A friend of mine that knew I was doing this preview, asked my thoughts on this match. He specifically asked, “do you buy Mox can actually lose this match?” My answer to him was, I don’t know that I buy Mox could lose, but I certainly buy that Kingston won’t say I quit. I don’t know that there’s ever been an I Quit match that had 2 men that you were convinced neither of them would ever say I Quit. The holy grail of I Quit matches is Tully Blanchard and Magnum TA. It’s still one of the most violent matches in history, and it happened over 30 years ago. I’m sure both men will get into the psyche of Tully to get ideas of how to take this as far as they can. Kingston told Mox to be prepared to kill him, and it truly feels it has to get to that level for either of these men to win. You believe everything they say and everything they do. Kingston may be the best addition to the roster they’ve made in 2020. This is a hell of a PPV to bat cleanup on and following everything we’ve talked about, but because of the mindset of both men and where they come from, I know they’re up for the challenge. Mox has to lose the title at some point, and Kingston would be a very credible champion, but I think they’re setting up for the Omega/Moxley rematch where Omega will be the one to dethrone Mox. There’s going to be a lot of blood, and I can’t even begin to think how Mox is going to get Kingston to say I quit, but I just feel the champ will retain.

Prediction: Moxley retains

Lance: This is the match that I think has been built the best over the last couple of weeks. If we rewind to the All Out preview we did for the site, I vividly remember taking Kingston to win the Battle Royale, and was laughed at by John Canton himself. He didn’t win the match, but he is the one getting the title shot here, and I will take half a win. Now, let’s get back to business. I expect this to be a brutal battle because it is personal between the two. They had a face-to-face confrontation this week on Dynamite, and it turned out to be the best promo Moxley has done since joining the company. Kingston is brimming with charisma, and this match just has money written all over it.

You could realistically make a case for both men winning. The one thing I know for sure is that neither of these guys is going to quit, so it’s going to be a “can’t answer the bell” type of situation to end it. Kingston could beat Moxley to a bloody pulp, and the referee calls for the bell, and the stable that he is currently in just gets that much stronger. I think Kingston would hold the title well and be the type of champion to make people tune in every week. Moxley could retain after beating Kingston to that same mess, and he could carry the title into 2021 and drop it to the next challenger, who will probably be Kenny Omega. The real wild card here is Pac. He has returned after being away due to COVID, but he is back now, and they had an excellent package for him on Dynamite. He was in a stable with The Lucha Bros before Kingston was with the company, and his interference to cost him the title would allow him to reclaim leadership in the group. I believe that’s what will happen and we will have two feuds coming from it. Moxley vs. Omega, and Kingston vs. Pac. Either way, I am excited.

Winner and STILL AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

John: I really admire Eddie Kingston for his work ethic, his ability to speak and the way he has built himself up as a credible challenger to Moxley. When they had their match on Dynamite several weeks back, I thought Eddie did well in the ring too. Eddie is a guy with two decades of experience that has made the most of his opportunity. It’s actually a very good babyface story for Eddie, but he’s the heel in this scenario because Moxley is the babyface AEW World Champion.

I think Moxley is going to retain the title in what is probably going to be a bloodbath of a match where both guys do blade jobs and treat this like a fight unlike anything else on the card. Both guys have made it clear they aren’t going to quit, so I would expect it to drag out as a longer match in the 20+ minute range like several other matches on the show. Moxley has had several very good to great matches in AEW so far, but there isn’t one that stands out more than the others. This one might be the best of Moxley’s AEW matches so far.

Winner: Jon Moxley



The Match I’m Looking Forward To The Most

Kurt: There’s a lot to choose from, but just based on the hype, it’s gotta be Young Bucks vs. FTR.

Lance: The World and TNT Title matches have me pretty pumped up.

John: There are two that really stand out because FTR vs. Young Bucks for the first time ever is huge and I think Omega vs. Page will be awesome too.


The Match I Care About The Least

Kurt: Shida vs. Rose.

Lance: Orange Cassidy vs. John Silver. Pick a lane with Cassidy, AEW.

John: The Buy-In match with no build, but on the main card I’d go Cassidy vs. Silver.


Longest Match

Kurt: I hope it’s Bucks vs FTR but I think it’ll be Omega vs. Page.

Lance: I am going to go with The TNT Title match.

John: I think FTR vs. Young Bucks is going around 30 minutes.


Shortest Match

Kurt: Orange vs. Silver.

Lance: Cassidy vs. Silver.

John: Cassidy vs. Silver around 10 minutes.

Excitement Level on a Scale of 1-10 (1 being low, 10 being high)

Kurt: 9.5. The only reason it’s not a 10 is because it won’t be in a full arena & the women’s title match doesn’t have a lot behind it like the other top matches.. I’m stoked to hear they’ll have 1000 fans (which I believe is the most they’ve had since the pandemic) but if this was in a full 10,000 seat arena, I think we’d be talking about it being one of the best PPV’s of all time when it’s over. It still can be that though, it’s just going to take a little more from each competitor to work to make their matches get to that next level.

Lance: 8 out of 10. All Out was not AEW’s best outing, but they have the potential to rebound here. There are a lot of solid undercard matches and the top ones should be great as well. I am really high on the potential of this show.

John: I’ll go with an 8.5 because I think the matches are strong from top to bottom. It’s going to be hard for this card to disappointment me. I expect the top matches to all get plenty of time and they usually don’t book bad finishes. I think the three men’s title matches will all be outstanding while Omega/Page has the chance to be the best match of the night. I’m also interested to see some of the finishes in matches like Jericho/MJF too. There have been comments from fans saying this might be the best AEW card in the company’s history. I agree that it’s probably the best PPV lineup they have ever had, but it’s still not a big crowd there to make a lot of noise, so that hurts a bit. To AEW’s credit, they’re doing the best they can and I admire them for that. I’m pretty excited about Full Gear.

In Closing

John: I’ll be back with a review of AEW Full Gear on on Saturday night and it will most likely be live. Check that out during the show or after it’s over.

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