TJR: WWF Smackdown 01/13/00 Review

This is the second episode of Smackdown in 2000. The big story from the previous Raw was that Mick Foley was not only re-hired, but he also was given a WWF Title match against champion Triple H at the Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble was set to take place on January 23, 2000, so there were two more episodes of Smackdown before that show.

I want to point out something behind the scenes as well because WWE was being careful about how raunchy their programming was. They were losing some advertisers or there were threats of that happening, so they didn’t push the sexual content as much as in 1999. That’s something that has been obvious in the previous week’s shows. I was reminded of it when going through an old Wrestling Observer Newsletter from this period.

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WWF Smackdown #21
January 13, 2000 (Taped January 11)
From the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois

This show earned a TV-PG and “S” for Sexual Content. No “V” for Violence this week.

A video package aired from Raw showing that Mick Foley was reinstated leading to his WWF Title match at the Royal Rumble. There was also an 8-man tag team match with Triple H beating Mankind. They had a post match brawl with a bloody Mankind/Foley getting the advantage.

The Smackdown intro video aired.

It was a packed house in Chicago with a lot of signs in the crowd. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show.

Let’s Hear From Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

Triple H walked out with the WWF Title around his waist with his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley by his side. Triple H did his water spit on the apron, so this was around the time when that became a regular part of his entrance. The fans booed Hunter for his entrance while Lawler sucked up to him. The crowd chanted “Asshole” at them.

Stephanie started the promo saying they wanted to clean up a misunderstanding leading to a “slut” chant. She said as it pertains on Monday Night on Raw, no superstars are leaving this company. She said that they have righted a wrong and they dealt with things in a very fair manner. Stephanie said she didn’t understand why any one of them would ever threaten to leave because you could always talk to them since it’s an open door policy and they are fair. Stephanie said that there is only one McMahon running this company right now and that’s her…Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and she just happens to be married to the WWF Champion Triple H.

Analysis: They spent several minutes telling us things we already know. It’s not exactly breaking news.

Hunter started his promo with fans chanting “Asshole” at him. Hunter said that after Monday he can’t help but feel the need to apologize and say sorry, but not to the fans or the 50 ingrates that surrounded the ring threatening to walk. Hunter said that those 50 people do not understand the sacrifice that the two of them put out each and every week for them. Hunter said that he is their and our WWF Champion for us. Hunter said he apologizes to DX while saying that he is wrong, we all make mistakes and he tried to fix those mistakes with tough love. He said that Dogg, Billy and X-Pac showed him tough love back. He said they made him realize the error of his ways and apologize to them.

Hunter said that tonight he will show us just how sorry he is. He announced Road Dogg and Billy Gunn will face in a handicap match, Bradshaw of the Acolytes. He said No Disqualification and if Faarooq interferes then the Acolytes lose their shot at the Tag Titles at the Royal Rumble. Hunter said that Dogg and Gunn will also face Farooq in a Handicap No DQ Match with the same deal about losing the tag team title shot at the Royal Rumble. Hunter said that X-Pac and him are the tightest and that Kid is like a brother to him. Hunter said they will stand side by side in a tag team match against Big Show and The Rock. Huge pop for The Rock’s name.

Analysis: That set up some big matches for later. Sounds good.

Hunter said that if Mick Foley aka Mankind thinks he had Hunter against a wall, he was wrong. Hunter talked about how he beat Foley in the center of the ring and he left him laying in a puddle of his own blood. Hunter added that at the Rumble, what you experienced Monday is a small taste of what happens at the Rumble and he said that he’ll beat Foley worse than he has ever been beaten his entire life. Hunter added that he knows Mick is there since they reinstated him. Hunter said he’s got nowhere to go, nowhere special to be and said if he has the guts, why doesn’t Foley bring it down here right now with Hunter finishing what he started on Monday. Hunter wanted him to show that testicular fortitude he always talks about.

Mick Foley made his entrance to his theme song, but it really wasn’t him. It was the Fake Mankind aka Mideon. The Fake Mankind got down on his knees in front of Hunter and said that Hunter is the greatest wrestler he’s ever seen while adding that every time he sees Triple H it makes Mankind look more pathetic. Fake Mankind said he’s been pathetic his whole life, but especially in the last few weeks.

Mick Foley made his entrance in the Mankind outfit in a bloody white shirt. Foley said that is enough as fans chanted “Foley” for him. Foley asked if this is what you get off on and asked how much more does he want from him? Foley said that first Hunter takes away his job and then brings out this idiot to take away his dignity. Foley complained about Hunter ruining his shirt and ruining his face. Foley said that when he looked at the blood while he took a shower, he started thinking about Mankind was. Foley said that Mankind is an entertaining son of a gun, he’s a pretty damn good author, he’s one tough SOB (fans cheered) and Mankind is one hell of a fighter. He said it saddens him to say that after the beating Hunter gave him on Monday night, one thing Mankind is not is ready to face Hunter in a Street Fight at Madison Square Garden. Mankind said that Hunter is The Game, the best in the business right now and while he said Mankind is a beaten up pathetic fool, he thinks the WWF fans deserve a substitute in that match. Foley said he’s going to name him right now and in fact you know the guy…Foley took off the mask and the shirt to reveal the Cactus Jack “WANTED” shirt. The fans erupted in cheers. Foley said that his first official act for his return is to kick in Triple H’s teeth all around Chicago.

Jack went into the ring to brawl with Hunter with punches. Jack worked over Hunter with more punches in the corner. Fake Mankind hit Jack in the back with a chair. Jack responded with punches while Hunter and Stephanie left. Cactus with a running baseball slide dropkick followed by a steel chair attack off the apron to the back of Fake Mankind.

Jack did a promo saying that at the Royal Rumble, Hunter will make him bleed, but he’s got some news for him: “It will not be the first time and sure has hell won’t be the last because I’ve got a lot of blood to give. As for you, look into my eyes and realize I’m going to tear you apart in New York City. And then, I will take what you hold dearest, your cherished WWF Championship belt. I will take it, and it will be mine, mine, all mine…bang bang.” Hunter sold it like he was a little scared of what all of that meant. The fans cheered. The Cactus Jack music played to end it.

Analysis: That was awesome. It’s one of my favorite segments from Mick Foley’s career. It took about 20 minutes, which is long, but it didn’t bother me at all. The whole thing was really put together well and the promo from Foley was memorable. I thought it was brilliant to have Foley out there saying that while Mankind is very good, he’s nothing like Cactus Jack, which is the Foley persona that was known for being more serious and having some legendary hardcore battles. By becoming Cactus Jack one more time, it let people know how serious Foley was about the match. It also helped that Hunter sold it like he was a little scared of what the return of Cactus Jack meant. It’s important to sell things even in a promo. That’s why facial expressions are important. Anyway, this was a lot of fun to watch again. It really was one of the best promos from Foley’s legendary career.


A replay aired of the Cactus Jack attack on Fake Mankind and then Jack’s words against Triple H.

The New Age Outlaws duo of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn aka Mr. Ass made their entrance. They are the WWF Tag Team Champions. Bradshaw entered solo as their opponent and it’s the Outlaws vs. The Acolytes at Royal Rumble.

No Disqualification: New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) vs. Bradshaw

Pre-match notes: The Outlaws were the heels even though they do a promo playing to the crowd before the match. Bradshaw was the face.

Bradshaw started the match by throwing powder in Road Dogg’s eyes. Bradshaw whipped Gunn into the steel steps. Boot to the face by Bradshaw to Dogg and a clothesline sent him out of the ring. Bradshaw tossed Gunn back in the ring. Bradshaw tossed the steel steps into the ring. Dogg back in with a chair to the back of Bradshaw, which is legal since it’s No DQ. Gunn picked up the steps and Dogg whipped Bradshaw into them. Bradshaw tried to get going, but Gunn dropped him with a DDT. Gunn worked over Bradshaw in the corner with punches. Bradshaw kicked a chair into Dogg’s face, Gunn attack, Bradshaw caught him and Dogg hit Bradshaw with a chair to the head leading to Gunn and Dogg covering Bradshaw at the same time at 3:01.

Winners by pinfall: New Age Outlaws

Analysis: *1/2 It was an entertaining short match with a creative start and then the pace slowed with the Outlaws taking control. The finish was predictable with the Outlaws winning due to the handicap match stipulation.

The Rock was interviewed by Jonathon Coachman, who was just starting out in the WWF at this point. Rock did his “finally” bit to start as usual. Rock asked who he is, Coach said that his name is Jonathon Coachman and Rock welcomed him to his show, Smackdown. Coachman said they call him “Coach” for short. Rock wondered if that meant he was coach of the little girls softball. Coach asked Rock how he felt teaming up with Big Show. Rock said teaming up with Big Show or Big Bird doesn’t matter as long as Rock gets to Triple H. Rock talked about Show being 7 feet, 500 pounds and a former WWF Champion. Rock asked how he came up with the name Coach, so Coach tried to answer and Rock replied with: “It doesn’t matter how you cam up with the name Coach!” That was great. The crowd popped huge leading to “Rocky” chants. Rock ended it with “if ya small what the Rock is cooking” like he did so many teams.

Analysis: Those promos are so great. Every time I watch them again it’s like the first time and marveling at how much of a master of the microphone The Rock is.


Rikishi and Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay) vs. Al Snow, Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly

Pre-match notes: Rikishi and Too Cool were the faces while Snow and the Hollys were heels. One week earlier Rikishi came close to beating Triple H for the WWF Title on Smackdown, but they didn’t follow up on it at all.

Hardcore started with Sexay, who hit Hardcore with an atomic drop followed by an arm drag. Crash tagged in, arm drag for him by Sexay and Sexay hit a sitout Powerbomb followed by a celebratory dance. Scotty tagged in, kick to the gut and a pumphandle overhead slam. Scotty hit a bulldog on Crash followed by the W-O-R-M followed by the chop. Snow tripped up Scotty and hammered away with punches. Snow sent Scotty head first into the steel steps. Hardcore stomped away on Scotty, Hardcore jumped off the ropes and Scotty got his foot up. Rikishi with the hot tag against Crash. Rikishi picked up Crash and hit a cutter on him. Hardcore with a dropkick, he celebrated after and Rikishi hit a belly to belly suplex on him. Too Cool sent Snow int on the steel ring post. Rikishi hit the Rikishi Driver slam for the pinfall win at 4:17.

Winners by pinfall: Rikishi and Too Cool

Analysis: ** That’s a long match for a tag team match in the middle of the show in this era. This was all about building to the hot tag for Rikishi and the crowd came alive when that happened. There was a slow build for Rikishi as a midcard face. The momentum kept growing every week for him.

Post match, Snow hit Crash and Hardcore in the head with his mannequin Head because Snow was a madman. Rikishi and Too Cool danced for the post match celebration.

The DX group were in the locker room happy about the New Age Outlaws win. They wondered where X-Pac was.


Clips aired of Cactus Jack matches in Japan with Terry Funk to put over how crazy Foley was when he used the Cactus Jack persona.

Gangrel (w/Luna) vs. Test

Pre-match notes: Gangrel was the heel with Luna. They were married at the time although that wasn’t mentioned in the storyline. Test was a face although he wasn’t getting over that well in that role.

Test wrestled with a mask to cover his broken nose. It was obvious that WWE piped in cheers for Test because there was no reaction for him in the previous weeks. Test with a running shoulder tackle, boot to the face by Gangrel and an overhead suplex by Gangrel gave him control. Gangrel tossed Test out of the ring. Luna with a back rake to Test. Gangrel with a body slam followed by two elbow drops for two. Test with a boot to the face of Gangrel. Kick to the gut by Test followed by a gutwrench Powerbomb. Luna distraction, Gangrel inside cradle for two, elbow to the face and Gangrel got a two count with his feet on the ropes. Test with a Full Nelson Slam. Luna pulled referee Teddy Long out of the ring and she clotheslined him. Test with a belly to belly suplex. Luna jumped on Test’s back, Test spanked Luna, Gangrel attacked and the referee disqualified Gangrel at 2:18.

Winner by disqualification: Test

Analysis: * Boring match. There wasn’t much to it and like I said, you could really tell they were piping in cheers for Test to try to make him look like a bigger star than he was. Gangrel was low on the totem pole in terms of heels on the show.

Post match, Test gave Luna a Pumphandle Slam. Test with a body slam on Gangrel. Test with an elbow drop on Gangrel. The crowd did cheer that post match attack a bit more than usual. At least it looked like it.

Analysis: They were trying to get over the story that Test was building momentum. As I have said previously, this face run of Test did not work that well.

Chris Jericho, Chyna and The Kat were backstage. Chyna said she was not upset about Jericho bailing on her in a tag match on Raw. She didn’t know if she did something to upset Jericho. Chyna said she’s willing to let that go and make this work between the two of them as IC Champions. Jericho asked if she really felt that way and Chyna shook her hand. Jericho said it’s big of her to admit that she was wrong.


A replay aired of the great Cactus Jack return from earlier in the show.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) w/Terri vs. Big Boss Man and Prince Albert

Pre-match notes: The Hardy Boyz were the faces. Boss Man and Albert were heels. Boss Man was the Hardcore Champion. Those two have had problems in the last few weeks.

Albert worked over Jeff with punches and kicks. Jeff managed to send Albert into the turnbuckle followed by a dropkick to the back. Double back elbow by the Hardys on Albert. Matt tagged in, Albert slammed Hardy into the top rope sending Matt into the ropes ribs first. Albert hit a swinging neckbreaker off his shoulders. Boss Man tossed Matt across the ring. Boss Man with a running splash to the back of Matt. Boss Man grabbed Terri at ringside, Jeff punched Boss Man in the back to save Terri and Boss Man went back to work on Matt. Matt countered Boss Man and hit the Twist of Fate neckbreaker. Jeff tagged in with a dropkick. Albert went into the ring, Jeff moved and Albert splashed Boss Man by accident. Jeff hit corner splashes on both heels, but Boss Man hit a front slam. Boss Man argued with Albert, Jeff with a dropkick to Boss Man that sent Albert out of the ring and Jeff did a ROLLUP OF DEATH~! on Boss Man to win at 3:25.

Winners by pinfall: The Hardy Boyz

Analysis: *1/4 Weird match with a lot going on. It wasn’t structured like a regular tag with a face in peril because the Hardys controlled most of it. This was done to give the Hardys the win while continuing the problems between Boss Man and Albert.

Post match, Boss Man punched Matt and Jeff down. Boss Man left the ring and got into a slugfest with Albert at ringside. It was an even battle. Boss Man even punched two referees that were there to try to break it up. Backstage officials and referees broke it up.

Big Show was interviewed by Lilian Garcia. Show said that he’s the only former WWF Champion that never got his rematch. He’s also looking forward to getting his hand son X-Pac, who beat him by cheating. Show talked about how The Rock called everybody a jabronis on Raw, but Show said he’s not a jabroni. Show said there’s no way Rock is going to throw him over the top rope at the Royal Rumble. Show said that tonight he’s going to be The Rock’s partner, but make no mistake about it, “I don’t like The Rock.” Show left.


Chyna was shown backstage talking to Tori in a hallway. The boom mic got into the shot, which is not supposed to happen. Anyway, Chyna told Tori she had something bad to tell her and they left.

Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman vs. Edge and Christian

Pre-match notes: Angle and Blackman were the heels while Edge and Christian were faces. There was no pre-match promo from Angle, which was rare.

Edge started with a dropkick on Blackman. Christian tagged in with a corner splash on Blackman for two. Angle tagged in, Christian with a hip toss and he charged at Angle, but Angle sent Christian into the steel ring post. Blackman picked up Christian, sent him into the ring post and slammed him on the floor. Angle rolled Christian back in to the ring. Angle with a suplex on Christian for two. They did a spot where Angle and Christian butted heads leading to Christian hitting a reverse DDT. Edge got the hot tag against Blackman with Edge hitting a spinning heel kick, but Blackman came back with a bicycle kick. A Val Venis video aired during the match. Venis had a kendo stick wondering if Blackman was planning on using a weapon like that on his future brother in law Edge. Christian hit a missile dropkick on Blackman leading to Edge hitting a bridging German Suplex for the pinfall win at 3:36

Winners by pinfall: Edge and Christian

Analysis: *1/2 They were on their way to something good and then the distraction from Venis hurt the finish. It advanced the storyline of Venis and Edge since Edge was set to marry Val’s sister. I’m not a fan of matches ending that way with a visual distraction on the screen.

Post match, Angle was mad at Blackman about the loss. Angle was still undefeated in singles matches.

Chyna was on a couch in a room with Tori saying she wanted to talk to her in private…with a camera on them. Chyna said that Jericho is crossing the line. Chyna said that Jericho has a stupid fantasy he has about Tori in a flight attendant uniform in a short skirt with no underwear on. Tori was appalled because she’s not able to tell when somebody is lying. Chyna said it’s disgusting because Jericho just talks about adding positions to the kama sutra. Tori left because she was disgusted and Chyna told her that Kane should wrestle Jericho in a non-title match. Tori was sick about it and she left. Chyna was proud about what she did.

Analysis: It continued the ongoing story of the month with people manipulating Tori to try to get Kane to beat up other guys.


A Cactus Jack clip aired showing when Cactus Jack hit an elbow drop off the titantron into the dumpster. That was followed by the New Age Outlaws tossing the dumpster off the stage with Jack and Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk) inside. That was in early 1998.

No Disqualification: New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) vs. Faarooq

Pre-match notes: The Outlaws were the heel Tag Team Champions and Faarooq was the face.

Dogg and Gunn had control early, but Faarooq hit a powerslam on Gunn and a spinebuster on Dogg. Gunn came back with a belly to back suplex. Faarooq with a shoulder tackle that took down both guys. Gunn got back into it with a Jackhammer slam followed by Dogg knee drop and Dogg/Gunn covered at the same time to win at 1:14.

Winners by pinfall: New Age Outlaws

Analysis: DUD That’s it? Bad match that was way too short and a bad finish with a skinny dude hitting a knee drop for the win. Weak.

Post match, Bradshaw went into the ring with a lead pipe. Gunn left the ring while Bradshaw hit Dogg in the chest with it. Gunn and Dogg left.

Analysis: It was a way to continue the story setting up this tag team title match at Royal Rumble.


The DX group were in the office, but there was no sign of X-Pac yet.

When The Godfather and D-Lo Brown entered, they said “here come the ladies” instead of calling the women ho’s, so that’s WWE trying to not push the envelope as much as they used to. That good behavior didn’t last that long.

As The Headbangers made their entrance, the #13 appeared in orange and black colors while saying that the mood is about to change.

Analysis: It set up the debut of Tazz at the Royal Rumble.

The Godfather did a promo wondering what was up with The Headbangers. Mosh said that Godfather is just upset that they look better than the trolls (the girls) do. Godfather sent the girls out of the ring.

The Godfather and D-Lo Brown vs. The Headbangers

Pre-match notes: The Godfather and Brown were the faces while the Headbangers were heels doing an “alternative lifestyle” gimmick.

Godfather worked over Thrasher with a clothesline, body slam and a leg drop. Brown tagged in leading to a double team suplex by Godfather and Brown. Thrasher sent Brown out of the ring. Double team flapjack by the Headbangers on Brown. Mosh missed a corner splash, Brown hit a belly to back suplex and Godfather got the hot tag against Thrasher. Godfather hit the splash in the corner that they didn’t call The Ho Train, but they just said it was train time. Brown tagged in with the Low Down Frog Splash off the top on Thrasher for the pinfall win at 3:07.

Winners by pinfall: The Godfather and D-Lo Brown

Analysis: * Boring match between guys that didn’t really matter in the big picture.

The Rock and Big Show were interviewed by Coach in the locker room. Show said that he didn’t like The Rock, but he told him to be his partner, stand on the apron and stay out of his way. Show left. Rock just looked on. The Rock says that Big Show will never be the People’s Champion. Rock said that Triple H gets the back of Rock’s hand and X-Pac gets the front so Rock can lay the smackdown on their candy asses…if you smell what The Rock is cooking.


A clip aired of Cactus Jack causing destruction.

Kane entered with Tori, who was in a black leather bra and short skirt. Good for her…and us. Lawler pointed out that Tori hasn’t been the same since she came back from the holidays with X-Pac.

Analysis: I point out the Tori outfit because she’s hot, but also because Terri earlier in the show was wearing jeans and a conservative top for her. Tori was essentially wearing a black leather bra. Chyna and The Kat showed a lot of skin too. I don’t think there were rules about what the women could wear, but to start 2000 they were not showing as much as in the previous year.

Chris Jericho walked out with the IC Title around his waist. Jericho did a promo saying that he has no problems wrestling Kane, but he said that Tori is a liar in this case. Jericho said this is all Chyna’s doing and that Jericho saw that Chyna was trying to cause problems between them. Jericho said there was nothing even remotely attractive about Tori to him and said that she’s not his type because he likes prettier girls. Jericho said that he liked girls with a little more intelligence. Tori was upset at ringside.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane (w/Tori)

Pre-match notes: Jericho was the heel and Kane was the face. This was not for the IC Title.

Kane grabbed Jericho by the throat. Kane with a backbreaker while Chyna and The Kat were shown watching backstage. Running forearm by Jericho, but Kane came back with a Powerbomb as a counter. Kane up top and Jericho jumped right into that top rope clothesline from Kane. Jericho left the ring, Kane tried an attack, Jericho moved and Kane hit the floor. With Kane on the apron, Jericho hit a springboard dropkick. They battled on the floor again with Kane hitting an uppercut punch. Kane sent Jericho into the steps. Tori was shown on camera telling Kane to finish him. Kane tried to attack with the steps, Jericho ducked and Kane hit the ring post with the steps. Jericho up top and he hit a missile dropkick to take down Kane. Jericho tried for the Walls of Jericho, but Chyna and The Kat walked out for the distraction. Kane choked Jericho and hit a Chokeslam. Kane picked up Jericho and hit a Tombstone for the pinfall win at 3:25.

Winner by pinfall: Kane

Analysis: ** The story continued with Tori freaking out about a guy even though she was set up by Chyna and Kane got the payback by beating the guy in the ring. It was mostly Kane on offense, but Jericho got in some moves too. Kane got the win thanks in part to Chyna’s distraction to show that Chyna was disingenuous earlier when she said that she wanted to work with Jericho.

Post match, The Kat ran down to ringside and brought the IC Title to Chyna. Kane and Tori stood over a fallen Jericho.

Triple H and Stephanie were joined by X-Pac in the dressing room. They apologized to X-Pac for something. Triple H said that he had to have faith in the deal. X-Pac said the Outlaws were doing great in 2 on 1 matches while they have to go against Rock and Big Show. Hunter told X-Pac to trust him on this. X-Pac said okay.


The WWE Champion Triple H entered with his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and X-Pac for a tag team match. They entered to the DX theme song. Stephanie looked very uncool doing the DX chops in the ring.

Triple H called announcer Tony Chimel “butterball” and said that there is no way that The Rock will come out next because Rock has to come out last. Triple H said that it leaves the man that Rock called a jabroni and here comes the Big Show.

The Rock entered to a huge ovation. This is one of those situations where you know that WWE didn’t have to pipe in cheers because the fans absolutely loved this guy.

Big Show and The Rock vs. Triple H and X-Pac (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley)

Pre-match notes: The Rock was the most popular face, Show was a face that was more like a tweener and Hunter/X-Pac were the heels.

Show took control early on with a headbutt on Hunter followed by kicks to the ribs. Show whipped Hunter into the turnbuckle and he connected with a sidewalk slam. Rock wanted a tag, but Show didn’t tag him in. Show whipped X-Pac into Triple H into the corner and Show tossed both DX guys across the ring. Show again refused to tag in Rock. Hunter hit a facebuster to the knee, but Show came back with a spinning powerslam. Rock tagged himself in, punches to Hunter and X-Pac followed by Rock tossing X-Pac over the top to the floor. Rock hit a spinebuster on Hunter. Rock ran the ropes, the ref was distracted by Show and X-Pac hit Rock in the back with a steel chair. Hunter with a clothesline as the heels took control. X-Pac wanted a Bronco Buster, Rock hit a clothesline and X-Pac came back with a spinning heel kick. Hunter back in with a punch to the ribs followed by kicks against the turnbuckle. Hunter and Rock each ran the ropes leading to a double clothesline spot. When Rock tried to tag out, Show acted as if he was distracted by X-Pac to yell at him. X-Pac tagged in with chops on Rock. X-Pac with a spin kick to the jaw. Hunter back in with a suplex on Rock for two. Rock managed to come back with a DDT for two leading to Rock and Hunter being down in the ring as if they were both exhausted. Show reached out for a tag, Rock tried to tag him and Show walked off the apron. Hunter hit a low blow that the ref didn’t see and Hunter hit a Pedigree for the pinfall win at 6:27. It’s the same ending that Hunter did to win the WWF Title from Big Show.

Winners by pinfall: Triple H and X-Pac

Analysis: **3/4 It was a good tag team match that was fast paced without the headlocks to slow it down. I liked the story of Show not trusting Rock and then Show turned to cost his team the win. It was presented like it was a big moment.

Post match, Show was in the ring and he hit Rock with a huge Chokeslam. Show left the ring and Rock was down. That was it for Smackdown.

Analysis: It was the right call to turn Show heel although he never really became a face. I guess he was briefly with that silly feud with the Big Boss Man to end 1999, but the fans didn’t respond to Show like that. If he had a face run it only lasted about two months. It was smarter to turn him heel here because it gave Rock a rival going into the Royal Rumble match and they became the two guys that Rumble match was built around.

This episode had a run time of 1:34:07 on WWE Network.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Mick Foley – He gets the top star thanks to that awesome Cactus Jack promo.
  2. The Rock
  3. Triple H

The Scoreboard

This episode gets a 6.5 out of 10.

It was a solid show with a big angle in the main event where Big Show turned heel on The Rock to set up their issues going into the Royal Rumble. I thought the match quality was poor, but at least some of the finishes were better than other shows that I reviewed.

The highlight of the show was the Cactus Jack promo from Mick Foley that I’ll never forget.


That’s all for now. The next WWF 2000 review will be the January 17, 2000 edition of Raw.

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