TJR WWE Network Review: WWE Raw Talk – June 29, 2020

This week’s Raw Talk was hosted by Charly Caruso and Samoa Joe, who was off last week while MVP was in the co-host role. Charly was happy that Joe was back and Joe said he was happy to be there. Before we get to the show, here’s my WWE Raw Deal review from last night in case you missed it.

Guests: Sasha Banks and Bayley

The Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley and her fellow Women’s Tag Team Champion Sasha Banks was by her side. Banks was bragging about how she beat Asuka on Raw. Joe called Bayley “Bayley Dos Straps” and Sasha is going to be “Two Belts Banks” as they showed clips from Raw. Banks said she’s going to win like she beat Asuka by herself and it’s going to be the exact same thing at Extreme Rules. Charly mentioned it is hard to beat somebody more than once, so Bayley bragged about how she has beaten everybody more than once and said: “Charly Charuso” wrong on purpose.

Joe wondered if there was professional jealousy between them. Banks said that she was jealous of Bayley having “dos titles” and Banks is going to have two titles too. Banks said that she is so proud of Bayley, she’ll never turn her back on her and she’ll get her own title – it’s going to be red (the Raw Women’s Title).

Bayley said their last championship celebration was downplayed and they thought they should have statues at the Performance Center. Bayley said that they put the ring in the WWE PC and the barbells in the gym. Bayley was laughing while talking trash to Charly as they felt like calling her “Chorizo.” Bayley said that they are the best, the role models and Banks said that they are taking over the whole damn company.

TJR Thoughts: It was the usual cocky promo from Banks and Bayley bragging about all their success while Banks is showing a lot of confidence after beating Asuka on Raw. It was a bit silly as they tried to deliver serious promos, but they were laughing too much. I like their work in the ring and the heel personas have improved in the last few months. I’m a fan of Banks and Bayley for sure. When they do the split later this year most likely it should lead to some awesome matches between them.

Guests: The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar)

Erik said that Andrade and Garza had to cheat to beat them. Erik said that for the last year, they have been dominated and no team in WWE has dominated like them. Joe said that as of late, they have hit some stumbling blocks. Ivar said that maybe there head wasn’t in the game and they were thinking about last week, so maybe they weren’t focused. Ivar said that they cheated and they beat the Raiders, so lesson learned.

Erik said that losing like that is not a mistake they wil make again. Erik said they can’t let it be personal and assured us that it won’t happen again. Joe wondered what comes next for those who offend the Viking Raiders. Ivar said things will happen and Erik said bad things. Ivar said that they dominated on Raw as well as when they were on NXT and they said that pain follows where they go. They said pain is on the table for Garza and Andrade.

Charly wondered if they had any fun moments doing their competitions with the Street Profits. Ivar laughed about the Profits in the axe throwing. Erik said he was disappointed when he was supposed to have a sword fight with Montez and Montez forfeited. Ivar was shocked at the dislike for goat milk. Erik said it was so much better than regular milk. Ivar said goat milk is like goat cheese, but liquid. Erik said Dawkins doesn’t like it so much.

Joe noted that many of the females seem to be smitten by Ivar. Joe asked if Ivar had any secrets. Ivar said that not everyone can be as handsome as he is and that includes Angel Garza. Charly told him to be careful what he says about Angel around her. Ivar said that it’s all about him, it’s the beard grooming, it’s his smile, the dimples and it makes him a perfect man. Joe said he heard Ivar was a karoake champion. Charly: “Wow.” Charly said that Ivar is cute and she would double tap his Instagram photos. Charly said not so much to Erik and put him over as a great guest. Charly said maybe the sword fight will happen in the future. Ivar thanked her while Erik didn’t want to say anything more.

TJR Thoughts: The gimmick of Ivar being a ladies man is a cheeky thing that they started during the competitions with the Street Profits. It’s funny, so I don’t mind it. This team used to be very dominant and had a lot of momentum, but two straight losses for them. I wonder if maybe they go heel due to the frustration of losses or if they just remain a face team while the Street Profits are still the champions on Raw.

Guests: The IIconics (Peyton Royce and Billie Kay)

Charly tried an iconic pose to start the interview, but Royce and Kay didn’t like it. Samoa Joe tried to do his own iconic pose and it was unique. Royce said it sounded really bad. Kay said that the form was good, but they would have to work on the vocals.

Royce said that they’ve known Ruby for five years, so it’s not out oof nowhere and she thought Ruby was a loser. Joe wondered about them focusing on Ruby while Kay said that they still have their minds on the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Kay said when some weirdo like Riott gets in the way, you take care of the business. Kay said that they’re playing to win. Royce said it would be stupid to give Charly their gameplan to win back the titles. Kay said that they don’t give out their tricks for free. Kay bragged about how talented she is and Royce said Kay is so talented.

Kay said that they are big on Instagram and Tik Tok. Kay noted that Peyton was starting a Youtube channel, so they’re dipping into everything these days. Royce said that they are controlling the uncontrollable. Royce said you have to be iconic to be able to do that.

Charly asked for a lesson the iconic pose. Kay said that you can’t be scared. You had to feel it. Kay said you had to loosen the shoulders because you have to pop them. Kay said that everybody has a different way like handwriting. Kay said that the iconic has to come from deep inside. Royce said that it has to come from within. Kay did a loud “iconic” yell. Royce asked Charly and Joe to do it, so they both did their “iconic” yell along with a pose. Joe did a pretty good job the third time he tried it. Charly’s version looked a bit awkward. Royce said it was so bad that it reminded her of a cup of mustard…since Charly is wearing yellow. Charly took that as a compliment.

Royce said that they are the greatest women’s tag team of all-time and she thinks people are wrong to try to dispute that. Royce said that they have gone through a lot together to get the job done. Kay said that it’s laughable when people think they’re best friends after three months. Kay said that they would get 100% on a friendship quiz. Kay said that they have been friends for 16 years and she just turned 31 years old recently. Royce said 2005 minus 2020 is…that’s 15, but hey at least she’s very pretty. Joe said the math skills aren’t iconic, but that’s okay. Royce said that it’s 15 years, but she can’t think when it rolls over. Kay and Royce pointed out some sweat on Charly’s outfit and Charly said that she looks like a cup of mustard. Joe ended the show saying they’ll see us next week. That was it for this week.

TJR Thoughts: I enjoy The IIconics’ schtick quite a bit. I know some fans find them to be annoying, but that doesn’t really bother me when that’s the gimmick of the wrestlers. It’s easy to see their chemistry and how much they enjoy being a unified team. They also make me laugh quite a bit when they interview other wrestlers in their unique way. I think Royce is the better wrestler of the two, but when it comes to promos and their personality they are equal. I hope they can win the Women’s Tag Team Titles again, but I’m not sure if they will beat Banks and Bayley or if that will go to another team. I also think long term Peyton Royce could be great as a singles wrestler, but I doubt that WWE will rush to do that. They’re a team for now.

That’s all for this week’s Raw Talk. Thanks for reading.