TJR WWE Network Review: WWE Raw Talk – June 22, 2020

This week’s edition of WWE Raw Talk on WWE Network was hosted by Charly Caruso and Montel Vontavious Porter. Samoa Joe has been the co-host in previous weeks. Read my in-depth review of WWE Raw from last night right here.


Bobby Lashley got a big introduction from his buddy MVP. Lashley was shirtless at the Raw Talk. When Charly asked about Lashley going after the US Title, MVP and Lashley said they’re on the business of hurting people and business is going damn good. Lashley said he has some goals they have discussed, but didn’t disclose them. Lashley talked about how they had plans moving forward and he didn’t want to share those plans. Charly said it seems like the partnership is beneficial for both of them. MVP said that he has helped Lashley realize his full potential, but now Lashley is a locomotive running down the tracks. MVP put over Lashley destroying people and wondered who could get a hold of their plans. MVP said that they can tell people what they’ll do, Lashley will put on the Full Nelson and it’s over.

Lashley said that he got a match with the WWE Champion and MVP said that the champion won’t grant Lashley a rematch. Lashley said he won the fight, but Drew won the match due to circumstances beyond Lashley’s control. MVP said it was a dominating performance. Lashley pointed out the US Title, WWE Title, Tag Team Titles and they could have had the 24/7 Title, but they don’t want to get it. Charly kept pushing for more info, so MVP said that Lashley didn’t have time and that was it for Bobby at the Raw Talk table.

Analysis: They didn’t really give much away there. Based on what happened on Raw, it appears that Lashley is targeting US Champion Apollo Crews next, but they didn’t mention Crews much at all.


Natalya was the next guest as she quickly showed off her new heel attitude. Natalya thanked them for congratulating her on her win. Natalya said that Lana and her have been friends for a long time, so working with somebody that has her back is a good thing because Lana is a strong woman and Natalya doesn’t feel alone now. Natalya said she’s happy Lana believes in her. Natalya said that Lana’s presence is about women’s empowerment. Charly mentioned Lana helped Natalya win the match and MVP/Natalya criticized Charly for that. Natalya said that she’s the best female in WWE and she’s had the most matches of any woman in WWE history. Natalya said that the sky is the limit. Natalya said she has the most expensive cats, the most Louis Vuitton purses and she drives the most expensive cars of any woman in the locker room.

Natalya claimed that the locker room needs her. She said Becky is on diaper duty and she needs to throw a pot luck baby shower with all the girls. Natalya said she “felt so awful” for Charlotte and she brings so much positive energy to the locker room – that was very sarcastic. Natalya said that Asuka won’t give motivational speeches in the locker room, but she’s worried about face paint and dancing. Natalya was critical of Charly again while saying she doesn’t like Charly wearing green. Natalya said that green doesn’t look good on anyone – Charly said it’s color of money and Natalya said if you have money then you don’t talk about it.

Natalya said she brings so much experience to the table. Her dad is a Hall of Famer, uncle Bret is a two-time Hall of Famer, grandpa Stu Hart is a Hall of Famer, uncle British Bulldog is a Hall of Famer and she is a shoe-in Hall of Famer. Natalya said she was the greatest female wrestler in the company and she has somebody that believes in her – that’s Lana. Natalya ripped on Charly saying that she’s not Katie Couric and Natalya noted that if you want more questions there’s a fee that she charges. Natalya said that she doesn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day. MVP thanked Natalya, who complimented MVP on the suit. Natalya said her outfit was like $7,000 and MVP said it was cheap, but she said they don’t have sales. Charly thanked Natalya and Natalya told them to follow @2Pawz on Instagram with 160,000 followers. Natalya said 2Pawz had more followers than Charly, then Charly said that’s not true and Natalya left.

Analysis: This was very over the top by Natalya to put over her new heel persona bragging about her accomplishments. She was rude and obnoxious. It was an effective way of showing off her hellish ways. Natalya could make some noise on the heel side of the Raw roster with Charlotte Flair out with surgery and maybe Nia Jax won’t be in the title picture for a bit. I think Natalya with Lana could be a successful pairing.


Rey Mysterio joined the show as the third guest. Mysterio said that Seth Rollins got a bit of a taste of what Rey is capable of doing. MVP questioned Rey of being a good father while saying that Rey has put Dominik in harm’s way. Rey said that he can’t prevent his son from doing something that he loves and he believes Dominik has a big future in this sport. MVP said that Rey sent Dominik around to learn from some of the best in this industry. Rey said that he can guide Dominik in the right direction instead of somebody like Seth Rollins that would try to misguide him. MVP said you can’t argue with Seth’s success and Rey did agree with that.

Rey said that Dominik can make his own choices and his father will guide him. Rey said that Dominik was able to get away from Seth and MVP said that Rey won’t get his vote for Father of the Year. Rey said that Seth had Dominik in front of the stairs and was getting ready to push the eye into the steps. Rey noted he was a father, MVP is a father and Seth is soon to be a father, but Rey said when Seth put his hands on Rey’s son is when Seth crossed the line. MVP said that Dominik was there because of Rey. That led to Rey saying that Seth will learn where Rey is coming from when Seth is a father. MVP was going to criticize, but then he stopped. Rey said that Seth will find out what it means to be a father and the protection they give their loved ones.

Rey was asked what is next by Charly, who noted this conflict was far from being resolved. Rey said that he’ll get his revenge on Seth and having Seth pay for the damage that Seth did to Rey, as well as what Seth did to Rey’s family. MVP wondered what kind of lesson Rey was teaching his son. Rey said it’s time for Seth to pay for what he has done. Rey said he’s a believer in God, but he’ll only forgive after Seth pays for what he did. Rey said that Seth will pay for what he did. Rey left.

Analysis: Good stuff from Rey. He made it clear he wanted to get his hands on Rollins. This is one of the better long term storylines in WWE this year and I like how they aren’t rushing it. I think maybe there will be a tag team match at Extreme Rules with Rey not in the match, but then at SummerSlam they can do Rollins vs. Mysterio as one of the biggest matches of that show.

Charly and MVP spoke in the last minute with MVP saying if it was him, then his son wouldn’t be there. MVP noted that Dominik was on WWE TV when he was little (Dominik was 8 in 2005 during the Rey/Eddie storyline). Charly said that Dominik is becoming his own person. MVP said that he will instill better morals in his son compared to what Mysterio has done. The show ended there.

This episode of Raw Talk went 21:25 on WWE Network.