TJR WWE Network Review: WWE Raw Talk – June 15, 2020

The show aired on WWE Network after Raw. You can read my in-depth WWE Raw Deal Review right here.

Charly Caruso is the host along with Samoa Joe.

They showed some aftermath footage of Christian getting put on the stretcher with Randy Orton even asking the medical team if he could help Christian. There was a neckbrace on Christian and he was on the stretcher with Orton even holding the stretcher to help Christian in place. Orton spoke to Christian, who had his eyes closed. Orton mentioned that Edge is at home and he’s out of here. Orton told the medical team to take care of Christian, who was wheeled out the back part of the Performance Center while Orton’s music played in the building. Orton had a sick smirk on his face to end it.

Charly asked Joe his reaction to all of this. Joe said it was not a match, it was a mugging and it was pre-meditated attack that was well executed by Orton and Ric Flair. Joe said that people warned Christian, but Randy has a way of pulling strings and what we saw was Randy taking what he wants. Joe said that this is a continued pattern by Randy Orton. Joe said that people fear what a guy like Orton might do and that’s exactly the path that he’s paving again. Joe said that Christian may be in the hospital for several weeks and said that Orton is on the prowl. Joe said that Orton may be the strategist ever while saying his wrestling has nothing to do with what he’s doing out there right now.

Guest: Big Show

Big Show joined Charly and Joe on the set. They joked about Show sitting in the smallest chair on the set.

Show said he was upset about the whole situation with Christian and Orton. Show noted he talked to his friend about how Christian was going to step up to do what he has to do and it’s tough to walk away from it no matter how dangerous an opponent may be. Show said that’s what they do as wrestlers. Show spoke about how he’s known Orton for a long time and he hasn’t seen him as sadistic as he is now and as successful as he is now. Show said that Randy has taken a lot of his experiences and frustrations and put that together and package it into a sadistic “damage run.” Show said that Orton has harnessed all of his emotions, put it all together and sharpened it now to the point where he is taking guys out like an assassin.

Show was asked by Joe if he is worried that maybe there’s a target on Show’s back since Show is a legend as well. Show said he’s been in the business for four decades and competed against the best in the business. Show said he’s not in this for titles or ego, he enjoys what he does and if there’s a target on his back, then it’s not his first rodeo. Show said that he’s not the guy for Orton to talk trash to and he’s not afraid of him.

TJR Thoughts: This suggests to me that Big Show is going to feud with Randy Orton very soon and Orton will take him out since Orton is going after “legends” as part of this return of his Legend Killer persona.

Joe believed that while asking when Show became an expert ninja smasher. They laughed about it. Show joked that his Kung Fu was strong. Show has liked the Street Profits and Viking Raiders segments where they are building a friendship, but he wanted them to settle in the ring with a title match. Show said he got to have fun and he said the Big Ninja is pretty big. Show joked that whoever this new Big Ninja is, he thinks there will be more of him around somewhere. Show said that he had to look at him and it was not a normal feeling for him. Joe joked that maybe the Big Ninja adjusted Show’s chair.

Show was asked by Charly about the “Big Show Show” on Netflix. Here’s the graphic for it in case you haven’t seen it.

Show said it was an incredible opportunity and he owes that to WWE Studios in LA and Netflix to put it together. Show said he was lucky to have great writers who are big WWE fans, who could write his fictional character as a dad and they were the kind of family that hopefully you can be a part of. Show said that it’s fun for the whole family. Show noted the youngest girl on the show that plays his daughter has a photographic memory where she memorizes everybody’s lines after looking at the script just one time. Show said that they’ll drop another episode in August. Show joked saying that next time he wants a chair taller than Joe.

TJR Thoughts: Show did a nice job there. I think he was there to push the storyline with Randy Orton. It was nice of them to talk about Show’s Netflix show as well. I saw one episode, it’s a kids show and it was decent. I think if you have kids it’s worth a watch, but a single guy like me? Nah. It’s not for me.

Guest: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair was the next guest. Charly said it was cool that Charlotte got to interact with her father Ric Flair on Raw. Charly asked Charlotte what she meant in her segment. Charlotte said that Ric asked who gets under her skin and Charlotte said it’s not about who gets under her skin, but “why” they get under her skin. Charlotte says that she sees and reads people saying she’s entitled. Charlotte explained that she’s the only one that shows up to work 365 days a year, she’s never sick and never hurt. Flair said she’s on Raw, she’s on Smackdown and she was doing media for Fox even when she’s not on Fox. Charly mentioned NXT and Flair said they sent her to NXT too. Charlotte said she does anything they ask because she loves this business. Charlotte said that the entitled people are the ones that get under her skin. Charlotte complained about people that sit out for a year and get in the title picture like Nia Jax. Charlotte noted that she has beaten Asuka twice now and she hasn’t had her title match. (To be fair, Jax did win a triple threat that Flair was in to earn the title shot. Natalya got pinned.)

Charlotte noted that she’s had the Raw’s Women’s Title five times and she said people think she’s not owed a shot to get it again? Charlotte called out Sasha Banks taking time off and coming back to be in the title picture (last year against Becky Lynch). Charlotte said that the entitled get under her skin.

TJR Thoughts: I understand Charlotte’s point there, but I believe she was only on Smackdown twice this year. Plus, WWE is taping Raw and Smackdown on the same day a lot of the time, so it’s not like it is that much more extra work. It fits her character to brag about it, though.

Charlotte said she feels strongly about it because she’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Charlotte said that Ric didn’t pass her the torch, she took it. Charlotte said that everything she has is because she has worked that hard for it and she is the most consistent person in the company.

Charlotte was asked who is next for her. Charlotte said that she has beaten Asuka twice, so she wants the next title shot. Charlotte said she was demanding the title shot. Charlotte said she puts in the work every time she’s on a show. Joe asked about Charlotte interjecting herself in the title situation. Charlotte said she does what she wants. Charlotte noted that she saw Ric do what he wanted his whole career, so she’s going to do it. Charlotte said she didn’t main event WrestleMania because she was entitled, it was because she said she would do it and she did it.

Charlotte answered a question from Charly saying that she is dedicated to getting better every second, minute, day, week and month. Charlotte said she loves this business, she dedicates everything to it and wants to be the greatest wrestler of all time. Charlotte said she’s not entitled – she said entitled is sitting your ass at home. Flair: “There! I said it!” Charlotte thanked them for listening.

TJR Thoughts: Good talk by Charlotte there. She is a heel for the most part, but I thought she was honest in giving her point of view. Some people won’t like it because they are sick of her. However, from a performance standpoint, I think she’s awesome and I’m glad she is as confident as she is.

Guests: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and 24/7 Champion R-Truth

R-Truth and McIntyre were the guests with McIntyre asking Truth no more favors because Drew could have lost the title. Truth said that
McIntyre is a fighting champion and Drew once again said no fighting favors. Drew didn’t want Joe to encourage Truth. That led to Truth talking about having trouble with ninjas. McIntyre showed up off the WWE Title including the side plates.

McIntyre and Truth spoke with Drew talking about how Truth was taking credit for hte win. Truth called Drew “Braveheart” because that was a movie about a Scottish movie character. Truth was asked about Drew facing Truth’s “childhood hero” John Cena. Truth was reluctant to answer. Drew said that he has never had a singles match with John Cena, but if that opportunity arose they could find out. Truth didn’t provide an answer.

TJR Thoughts: It was a nice tease of McIntyre facing Cena in a match. I don’t know if that’s a rumor or a plan because Cena hasn’t really had a regular match since January 2019 since his WrestleMania “match” this here was more like a short film. I think Cena will come back for matches if it’s interesting to him and facing McIntyre should be interesting to John. I would imagine that if they did the match then Cena would put over Drew in a big way.

McIntyre said he was getting text messages about buddy cop movies and Truth said they’ll give people surprised. They said all is well and you can never know what will happen on Raw. Truth said they will send them all to Claymore Country. Drew joked saying they barely got any questions as they were wrapping it up and Drew said he needed to shower. Truth congratulated Charly and Joe having the show. That was all for this week’s show.

TJR Thoughts: This was just a fun interview with Truth getting some jokes in and Joe having fun with it. They should have tried to show off Drew’s personality more, but it felt a little rushed by the end. I think they want it to run under 25 minutes, so that’s why they ended it there.

The runtime of Raw Talk on WWE Network was 23:48 this week.

TJR Final Thoughts

It’s an easy show to watch as the WWE superstars try to advance certain storylines, tease what’s coming in the future and express themselves the best way they can. Big Show clearly foreshadowed a rivalry with Randy Orton while Charlotte Flair wants to get back in the title hunt, which makes sense. Drew and Truth were mostly just there for a few minutes to have some laughs.

I think Raw Talk is a nice addition to WWE Network. They should do it for Smackdown and even NXT as well. Why not? It’s cheap to produce since all they really need is a desk. The talent is already there on TV days. It’s more content for fans to consume if they want to.