TJR Retro: WWF Raw Deal 06/05/00 Review (Triple H vs. The Rock)

The synopsis for this episode on WWE Network is: “The Rock battles The Undertaker and Kane in a Triple Threat match for the chance to challenge Triple H for the WWE Title in the main event.”

It’s interesting to note that in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter during the week of this show, Dave Meltzer reported that The Rock was in serious negotiations to start in “The Mummy 2” for about $5 million. He would take that role and it would be called The Scorpion King. It was Rock’s first movie as the lead actor and this was after he had filmed some scenes in The Mummy Returns.

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WWF Raw #367
June 5, 2000
From Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, NY

This edition of Raw is rated TV-14 with the “V” for Violence.

The opening video package showed what happened on Smackdown when The Rock, The Undertaker and Kane all won matches to become the #1 contender to the WWF Title held by Triple H.

Vince McMahon was shown arriving with Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. Michael Cole went up to Vince to talk to him, Vince complained about Triple H not listening to him and Vince made Brisco carry his bag. The Raw intro video aired.

The pyro went off in the arena, there were signs all over the place and it was a loud crowd in Rochester as Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcomed us to Raw.

Let’s Hear from Triple H and Others

Triple H made his entrance with the WWF Championship on his shoulder and wifey Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley by his side. Stephanie was the WWF Women’s Champion that never defended the title. Hunter and Stephanie were greeted by “Asshole” chants as usual.

Hunter told the fans to “keep it shut.” Hunter said that never before in the history of the WWF has this championship belt meant so much to so many. Loud “Rocky” chants. Hunter said you can’t blame anybody for wanting a shot at the title because if you get this then you beat the very best that there is. Hunter said that this championship belt means that you are the undisputed best that there is. Hunter said that right now as of this moment there are three number one contenders: Kane (decent pop), The Undertaker (better pop) and The Rock (extremely loud pop). Hunter said they were three of the very best ever in the WWF and they all have a dream…fans chanted “slut” so the camera zoomed in on Stephanie. Hunter said that dream between the three of them is to beat The Game to become the WWF Champion. Hunter said that he thrived on the competition and the hotter it gets, the more he loves it. He said competition turns him on. He said egos turn him off. Hunter said that people think that maybe he has a big ego, but realistically, he should have a big ego because he is that damn good.

Hunter said that the claim to the biggest ego on this planet is reserved for just one man…he likes to tell you how big his grapefruits are and he’s the Chairman of the WWF, he is Stephanie’s dad and his ego is becoming a problem. Hunter said that a few months ago when they (Hunter and Steph) wanted to take over, maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Vince McMahon made his entrance by himself as he strutted down to the ring. Lawler claimed Vince’s email address was – don’t try it. It’s a joke, pal.

Vince was greeted with “Asshole” chants and Vince said that the fans were calling Hunter that. Vince told Triple H that if he thinks it is his time, he’s wrong and he should think again. Vince told Hunter that he is pretty damn good, no question about it, but the best thing Hunter has ever done for his career: 1) Enter the WWF under Vince’s tutelage and 2) The single biggest accomplishment is marrying Stephanie. I think a LOT of people would agree with number two especially when Hunter really married her three years after this.

Vince told Hunter not to get ahead of himself, his time may come and it may not. Vince told Hunter he made him and he can break him. Hunter grabbed the microphone back from Vince.

Hunter told “Dr. Frankenstein” that he might have made the monster, but the monster can take over any time he wants. Hunter said that it was only a short time ago in December at Armageddon when he was kicking his ass all over these arenas. Hunter pushed Vince in the face when Vince tried to get the microphone. Vince shoved Hunter in the chest. Shane McMahon ran down to the ring and broke it up.

Shane told Hunter and Vince their egos were out of control. The fans chanted “Shane’s a pussy” at Shane. Shane said that if it wasn’t for the two of them, there would only be one number one contender. Shane told Triple H it’s not that smart to make his own matches. Shane pointed out that Vince was 54 years old and questioned him wanting to fight Undertaker. Shane put his finger on Vince saying that maybe he should be running the company. Shane told them they had giant egos. Shane reminded them he is the Giant Killer.

Hunter and Vince punched Shane at the same time. Stephanie got involved with a slap for Triple H, Stephanie slapped Vince and she slapped Shane as well. JR: “What the hell is going on here?” And here comes The Rock.

The Rock stood on the stage as the fans went crazy cheering for him. Rock said he doesn’t a family feud, he sees three pieces of monkey crap all at one time being slapped around by a two-dollar slut! Rock said he realizes there are two other number one contenders for the WWF Title, but he is a number one contender too. The Rock said he wants his title shot tonight. The Rock said his two options are that he can go to the back to wait until Hunter is ready to face him or option two, which is The Rock going down to the ring and whip their candy asses all over Rochester.

Kane was up next as he stood on the stage with a microphone. Kane said that Rock has got it all wrong. Kane said that he is the number one contender and he wants his title shot tonight.

The Undertaker joined the promo fest by walking onto the stage wearing his black leather jacket. The Undertaker said that in all of his years here, he doesn’t think he’s seen so many assholes gathered in one place. Undertaker said that he knows Rock and Kane have issues, but he doesn’t give a damn and he wants his shot at the WWF Title. Undertaker said he didn’t care if the three of them and Hunter all got it on at one time.

Vince took over saying that all three of them can have a shot at Triple H. Vince said in this very ring, we will see a triple threat match with The Rock vs. Kane vs. The Undertaker. The winner of that match will face Triple H for the WWF Title tonight on Raw. That drew huge cheers from the crowd to end this long promo segment after 25 minutes.

Analysis: That was way too long. We really didn’t need to hear six people speak to set this up because it could have been set up a lot quicker, yet it was typical WWF to do a long promo segment like that. I’ll give them credit for setting up some huge matches for later in the show because that triple threat was massive and so is the promise of a WWF Title match later in the night as well. It gave the viewer something to look forward to in the main event.


Replays aired of what happened before the break.

The intros took place for a six-man tag team match.

Rikishi and Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty) vs. Test, Albert and Val Venis (w/Trish Stratus)

Pre-match notes: Rikishi and Too Cool were the faces with Too Cool as the Tag Team Champions after they won the titles one week earlier. The Trish led team were heels.

Scotty with two boots to the face of Test followed by a clothesline and Sexay tagged in for a double team elbow drop. Albert tagged in, JR mentioned his head size as always and Sexay hit a missile dropkick off the middle ropes. Albert with a clothesline to the back of the head of Sexay. Rikishi tagged in with a Samoan Drop on Venis, then a clothesline on T&A and a running back splash by Rikishi on Venis against the turnbuckle. Albert saved Venis from a Stinkface and Test hit Rikishi with a boot to the face. Albert tried a sunset flip on Rikishi, that didn’t work and Rikishi sat on Albert two times. Too Cool with a double team clothesline on Test and a double DDT on Albert. Sexay hit a sitout Powerbomb on Venis for two as Test broke up the pin. Scotty hit the bulldog on Test followed by the W-O-R-M with the chop to the face. The crowd loved that. Sexay went up top and hit a Hip Hop Drop leg drop on Sexay. Sexay wanted to cover, but terrible referee Teddy Long was outside the ring for some reason. Trish went into the ring with her boot, but Sexay stopped her. Sexay hit Test in the head with the boot. The referee was out on the floor with Rikishi, who was not a legal man. Venis hit Sexay with the Tag Team Title belt (it was not shown because the camera was on the floor) and Venis covered Sexay for the pinfall win at 4:47. Venis and Sexay were the legal men, so they did get that right.

Winners by pinfall: Test, Albert and Val Venis

Analysis: ** The ending was sloppier than usual and it’s not normal for the director to miss the action in the ring leading to a pin, but that’s what happened. It was the classic story where the heels cheated to win.

Post match, Rikishi whipped Venis, Test and Albert to the turnbuckle. Rikishi with a splash, Scotty and Sexay with superkicks and Rikishi tried to give Venis the Stinkface. Stratus saved Val by going in the ring and slapping Rikishi. Stratus fell into the turnbuckle and Rikishi gave her the Stinkface. JR: “She must think she is looking at the Grand Canyon!” The fans absolutely loved this, of course.

Analysis: Poor Trish. Taking one for the team like that. It showed she was willing to do anything to get over, even taking the Stinkface from a 400 pound man in a thong. Pro wrestling will always be weird.

They showed a replay of Venis hitting Sexay with the title since we never actually saw it. They also showed a replay of Trish receiving the Stinkface. What a team player.

Too Cool and Rikishi did a post match dance celebration.


The McMahons, Triple H, Patterson and Brisco were backstage. They all embraced in a group hug after their disagreement earlier in the show. Crash Holly tried to attack with a steel chair, but Brisco (the Hardcore Champion) slammed the door on him without realizing Crash was even there.

Road Dogg entered with X-Pac and Tori. Chris Benoit made his entrance before Dogg could do his pre-match promo.

King of the Ring Qualifier: Chris Benoit vs. Road Dogg (w/X-Pac and Tori)

Pre-match notes: They were both heels. Benoit was also the Intercontinental Champion.

The match started with X-Pac tripping up Benoit without the referee seeing it. Benoit ran the ropes, dropkick to X-Pac and Dogg came back with a forearm to the back of Benoit. Chops to the chest by Benoit followed by an elbow smash to the face and a suplex. Tori went on the apron to distract the referee, so X-Pac crotched Benoit on the top rope. The Dudley Boyz went down to ringside, Dogg punched Bubba and Benoit capitalized with a bridging German Suplex on Dogg for the pinfall win at 1:43.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Benoit

Analysis: *1/4 That was quick. It was likely cut short because of how long the opening promo went. The Dudleys costing Dogg continued their rivalry.

Post match, Bubba grabbed Tori by the hair and the fans cheered. Bubba told D-Von to get the table. D-Von set a table outside the ring, Bubba teased a Powerbomb and X-Pac hit a low blow to save Tori. The heels left.

Analysis: The DX guys won at Judgement Day a few weeks earlier, so they were building to their next tag team match with the Dudleys at King of the Ring.

Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson were being interviewed by Michael Cole. Crash Holly did a sneak attack where he knocked down Patterson by accident. Crash ran away.


Kane was interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Kane said that in this match later tonight, there are no allies and when it comes to the WWF Championship, he doesn’t have a brother in reference to The Undertaker.

Crash Holly made his entrance with JR calling him “Elroy” and the fans did a small “Elroy” chant too. Crash challenged Gerald Brisco to the match. Pat Patterson introduced Gerald, who entered to the “Real American” Hulkamania theme song.

Hardcore Championship: Gerald Brisco vs. Crash Holly

Pre-match notes: Gerald Brisco was the heel champion and Crash was usually a heel, but also a face at times.

Crash whipped Brisco into the steel ring post and then into the ring. There were trash cans thrown in the ring by Crash. Brisco sprayed Crash in the face with a fire extinguisher. Crash hit Brisco in the head with a trash can lid. Patterson went into the ring, so Holly punched him down. Crash sent Brisco into a steel chair. Crash put dirty Patterson underwear on Brisco’s head because Patterson brought that into the ring. Brisco kicked a Stop sign into Crash’s head. Brisco covered Crash and Patterson also covered, so that was enough for the pinfall win at 2:26. Brisco wore the Hardcore Title around his waist the entire match.

Winner by pinfall: Gerald Brisco

Analysis: 1/2* Bad match that wasn’t entertaining, but I’m sure Vince McMahon thought it was funny, so that’s all that matters.

The Undertaker was interviewed backstage by Michael Cole. Taker responded to Kane’s words about having no brother in the triple threat by saying “Kane’s right” and he left.

The Rock was shown walking backstage because his match is next.


Triple H made his entrance to join the commentary team for the triple threat match.

Kane made his entrance for the triple threat match at the top of hour two. The Undertaker walked down to the ring, so no motorcycle around the ring. They didn’t block the Kid Rock graphic as they have done in the past. The commentary went silent for Undertaker’s entrance for about 10-15 seconds, so they must have plugged the Kid Rock CD and the “American Badass” song that isn’t used on here.

The Rock was up next and he got a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Number One Contender’s Match for the WWF Championship: Kane vs. The Undertaker vs. The Rock

Pre-match notes: They were all faces. The winner gets to face Triple H for the WWF Title in the main event.

Undertaker and Kane worked over Rock with punches. Rock came back with punches and he hit a Rock Bottom on Taker. Kane hit a Chokeslam on Rock for two as Taker broke up the pin. Taker and Kane had a staredown leading to Taker hitting a clothesline on Kane over the top to the floor. Rock punched Undertaker out of the ring. Kane sent Undertaker into steel steps. The three guys were outside the ring with the referee. Triple H got up and slammed Undertaker’s head into the announce table repeatedly. Hunter went back to commentary. Rock whipped Kane into the steel steps at ringside. Taker worked over Rock with punches. Taker went over to Triple H on commentary and decked him with a punch to the face. Hunter got back up with a chair to Undertaker’s back and a chair to Kane’s face. Rock capitalized on that with a Rock Bottom to Kane for the pinfall win at 3:44.

Winner by pinfall: The Rock

Analysis: *3/4 A big match with a cheap finish, which isn’t that surprising considering Triple H was on commentary. Rock getting the win was no expected. Kane and Taker were protected since they were attacked by Hunter with a chair. The announcers didn’t mention it was No DQ, but over the years, fans got used to triple threats being No DQ matches.

The win meant that The Rock would face Triple H for the WWF Title later in the show.

When the match was over, Triple H went into the ring and hit Rock in the head with a steel chair. Rock got his hand up to block, but he sold it as if the chair hit him in the head. Triple H’s music played even though he wasn’t in the match.


Replays aired of the end of the match before the break.

The Godfather and Dean Malenko entered along with Godfather’s ho’s. This was during the brief period where they tried to tell the story that Malenko loved the ho’s. Godfather did his usual pre-match promo, but Eddie Guerrero’s music interrupted leading to Eddie and Chyna making their entrance. Chyna beat Godfather in a King of the Ring qualifier on Heat thanks to Eddie’s help.

The Godfather and Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero and Chyna

Pre-match notes: Eddie, Chyna and Godfather were faces while Malenko was a heel that was the Light Heavyweight Champion.

Godfather with a shoulder tackle on Guerrero followed by a belly to back suplex and a leg drop. Chyna grabbed Godfather by the hair to pull him down. Malenko hit a counter on Guerrero into a slam. Guerrero came back with a headscissors. Chyna tagged in, Malenko avoided a DDT and went for a Texas Cloverleaf, but Eddie saved Chyna and Dean hit a backbreaker on Eddie. Chyna with a clothesline on Malenko. Chyna with a handspring elbow on Malenko, Eddie back in with a senton splash and Malenko came back with a forearm. Malenko with a hip toss that sent Guerrero over the top by the ho’s and the girls flirted with Eddie until Chyna got over there to break it up. Guerrero countered a Malenko backbreaker into an inside cradle for the pinfall win at 2:54.

Winners by pinfall: Eddie Guerrero and Chyna

Analysis: *3/4 It was very good when Eddie and Dean were in there. It was poor when Godfather and Chyna were involved. The finish came out of nowhere, so I thought that could have been set up a bit better.

Post match, Eddie and Chyna hugged as his way of telling her that he wasn’t distracted by the ho’s earlier.


King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Faarooq vs. Hardcore Holly

Pre-match notes: Faarooq was a face and Holly was a heel.

Holly with a dropkick on Faarooq. Faarooq came back with a spinebuster for a two count. Faarooq whipped Holly into the turnbuckle followed by a powerslam for two. Faarooq dumped Holly out of the ring. Back in the ring, Holly got a rollup and Faarooq hit a clothesline for two. They left the ring a bit with Faarooq whipping Holly into the barricade and the steel steps. Back in the ring, Faarooq went for the Dominator, Holly slipped out and hit the Falcon Arrow slam (sometimes called The Hollycaust) for the pinfall win at 3:04.

Winner by pinfall: Hardcore Holly

Analysis: 3/4* Boring match. Their styles didn’t mesh well at all. Faarooq used his power moves, but he was old and slow by this point in his career. He was better off as a tag team wrestler. Holly barely got any offense in, but he was able to get the win.

Faarooq kicked out right after the three count and was angry with Teddy Long about the count. Holly celebrated the win.

The awesome trio of Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian were shown that hallway before their match. Angle said they are going to defend the honor of Stephanie McMahon against Chris Jericho and the Dudley Boyz, which could lead to E&C getting another Tag Team Title match.


Edge and Christian made their entrance with Kurt Angle. Edge and Christian lost the Tag Team Titles last week on Raw thanks to the involvement of little man Joe C helping Too Cool. Lilian Garcia announced them as the champions. She was wrong.

Christian said that Rochester is known for its chili dog, it’s home of the Rochester…and he didn’t know what team or sport plays there. Christian claimed it was the home of Kodak film. Angle said he finds it ironic that the Kodak moment originated in a place with such unattractive people. Edge said for the benefit of those with flash photography and those with teeth, here’s the Kodak moment for five seconds only. The main pic image I used is of their pose.

Analysis: Team ECK rules even though they weren’t using that name yet.

Chris Jericho entered to a big pop and the Dudleys joined him. No promo from them.

Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley)

Pre-match notes: Angle, Edge and Christian were heels while Jericho and the Dudleys were popular faces.

Jericho hit a running forearm on Edge followed by a bulldog on Christian and a springboard dropkick on Angle to knock him off the apron. Angle took down Jericho with a clothesline. Christian tagged in with a powerslam on Jericho as fans chanted “we want tables” for the Dudleys. Edge tagged in, held onto the ropes to avoid a dropkick and sent Jericho into the turnbuckle with a catapult. Angle tagged in leading to Jericho hitting a backbreaker. Jericho with a missile dropkick off the middle ropes on Angle and Bubba got the hot tag. Bubba a hip toss to Angle, back body drop on Edge and a Full Nelson Slam on Christian. Cutter by Bubba on Edge and a DDT on Angle for two as Christian made the save. All six men got involved. Edge pulled Christian out of the ring to avoid a 3D and Angle hit an Olympic Slam on Bubba for the pinfall win at 4:10.

Winners by pinfall: Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian

Analysis: ** Good action with a hectic finish where there was a lot going on, but they got through it fine. Putting over Angle was the right call on the road to King of the Ring.

Post match, the faces got revenge with Jericho putting the Walls of Jericho on Angle while the Dudleys sent Edge and Christian out of the ring. The Dudleys brought a table in the ring. Angle was given a 3D through the table by the Dudleys and the fans loved that, of course.

Analysis: It was a way to make the fans happy after a loss for the faces and it worked.


A replay aired of the Dudleys putting Kurt Angle through a table.

Before the break, JR said that we are a heartbeat away from Rock vs. Triple H, but there’s still another match before it, so JR lied to us. Not only that, but I have to sit through a Buchanan and Boss Man tag team match. Those are never fun. I trusted you, JR.

The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs. Big Boss Man and Bull Buchanan

Pre-match notes: The Hardys were the faces while Bull and Boss Man were the heels.

The Hardys did some double team moves early with Jeff hitting the Poetry in Motion attack on Boss Man against the turnbuckle. Buchanan worked over Matt with punches followed by a boot to the face. Boss Man punched Matt repeatedly while Lita was shown watching on a TV backstage just like at the previous Smackdown. Buchanan with a backbreaker, but Matt avoided a scissors kick. Jeff tagged in with a cross body block off the top on Buchanan. Jeff with a drop toe hold on Boss Man and Matt hit Boss Man with an elbow. Matt avoided a Boss Man charge, so Boss Man splashed Bull in the corner by accident. Jeff went up top and hit a Swanton Bomb on Buchanan for the pinfall win at 2:40.

Winners by pinfall: The Hardy Boyz

Analysis: *1/4 It was decent. Like I said earlier, Bull and Boss Man didn’t have good matches, but this was booked well with the right result by having the Hardys get the win. They were building up tag teams to set up a four-way tag team match at King of the Ring.

Post match, Buchanan shoved Boss Man due to Boss Man accidentally splashing him against the turnbuckle. Boss Man poked him in the chest, so Bull pushed Boss Man to the turnbuckle. When Bull turned away like a dumbass, Boss Man hit him with a nightstick to the back. Boss Man left standing tall.

Analysis: This team wasn’t very good to begin with, so a split wasn’t going to excite anybody.

Triple H was shown in the McMahon office with the group and he said he didn’t want anybody to come out there with him.


Triple H and Stephanie were interviewed by Michael Cole. Triple H said there is no need for the faction to come out there tonight because he’ll beat The Rock by himself. Cole mentioned the guest referee is Earl Hebner and Hunter said that’s not going to make any difference. Hunter said that even Hebner can count to three. Cole mentioned that Stephanie has yet to defend her title and she got mad about that saying he can’t tell her what to do. Stephanie said she doesn’t have a contender. Ivory and Jacqueline showed up yelling at Stephanie about how they want a title shot. She told them they will have a women’s battle royal on Smackdown and the winner of that gets a shot at Stephanie for the Women’s Title.

Analysis: Congrats to the WWF for remembering that the Women’s Title still exists.

The Rock was shown backstage looking ready to go for the main event.


The Rock made his entrance to another big ovation as usual for the People’s Champion.

Triple H made his entrance with the WWF Championship around his waist and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley by his side along with her Women’s Championship. When Triple H did his water spit pose on the apron, Rock attacked him.

WWF Championship: Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. The Rock

Pre-match notes: I don’t think I need to do it for this match, but here we go anyway with Rock as the face challenger and Triple H as the heel champion.

Rock worked over Hunter with punches. Rock whipped Hunter into the corner leading to Hunter’s bump over the top to the floor that he did all the time. Rock whipped Hunter into the ring post. Rock cleared off the announce table with referee Earl Hebner out on the floor with both guys on the floor. Rock gave Hunter a back body drop onto the announce table with JR saying that Hunter bounced off the table like it was concrete…even though it was a lot softer than concrete. The table did not break.

Rock punched Hunter in the groin while on the table as Lawler correctly pointed out that Rock should have been disqualified. Hunter avoided a clothesline and hit a neckbreaker on the floor. Hunter whipped Rock into the steel steps followed by a forearm to the head. They were on the floor for several minutes with no countout attempted by Hebner. Hunter stomped away on Rock, so Hebner pulled Hunter back out of the corner. Hunter with a running knee to the face followed by a clothesline for two. Hunter with a suplex followed by a running knee drop. Hunter went up top even though he never does, so Rock slammed him off the top in the Ric Flair spot. Rock with a neckbreaker followed by a Samoan Drop with the crowd popping for that. Triple H with a Facebuster where he drove Rock’s face into Hunter’s knee. Hunter shoved Hebner, so Hebner shoved back right into a rollup from Rock. Hunter came back with a clothesline. The Triple H allies went down to the ring and Hebner pushed Shane off the apron. Rock with punches for Triple H, X-Pac, Road Dogg, Shane and Rock hit a spinebuster on Hunter. Rock hit the People’s Elbow to a huge ovation for a one, two…and no because X-Pac pulled Hebner’s leg. Hebner kicked X-Pac. Hunter whipped Rock into Hebner leading to Hebner bumping to the mat. Rock hit a DDT on Hunter. The heels went into the ring to stomp away on Rock while Hebner was down. That led to Undertaker and Kane walking down to the ring. Undertaker and Kane were punching everybody. Kane hit Triple H with a Chokeslam. Rock grabbed a chair, he was trying to hit Shane with it while Shane was on Undertaker’s back, but Dogg pulled Shane away and Rock hit Taker in the back with a chair by accident. Taker saw Rock with the chair, so Taker hit Rock with a huge Chokeslam.

Undertaker stomped on Hunter, punched Dogg, X-Pac and Shane. Hunter put one arm over Rock’s chest and Hebner rolled over with the slow count to give Triple H the pinfall win.

Winner by pinfall: Triple H

Analysis: ***1/4 It was the usual very good match between these two. It was not at the level of a PPV main event because it was shorter, but it was full of action and the crowd was hot for everything. They should do a better job of explaining why referees don’t count guys out of the ring, but it was just a common way of having these main event matches. It was not a clean win either, so it set up another match for Rock in the future.

After the match was over, Taker punched Hunter and sent him flying over the top to the floor. JR pointed out that we started the night with three number one contenders and now we have none. Triple H went up the ramp with his heel group and the WWF Title still in his hands.

The heels posed on the ramp while Undertaker, Kane and Rock were left in the ring trying to figure out what happened.

This episode of Raw had a runtime of 1:36:58 on WWE Network. That was about four minutes longer than usual.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. The Rock
  2. Triple H
  3. The Undertaker


Final Thoughts

This Raw episode gets a 6.5 out of 10.

It was a slightly above average episode this week with an exciting main event match along with that big triple threat in the middle part of the show. I thought the opening segment went on too long, so that hurt some of the matches because they were likely cut short on time.

Great work from Rock and Hunter as usual, so that didn’t make it feel like a boring show. That’s the positive thing about this era. The main event guys were outstanding performers in the prime of their careers and they were outstanding at keeping the crowd interested. The main event, even with all the bullshit that took place at ringside, showed that once again.

The main event of King of the Ring was not clear after this show, but we would find out soon enough what they were doing.

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