TJR Retro: WWF Raw Deal 05/29/00 Review

The previous week of Raw and Smackdown had similar endings with The Rock and The Undertaker standing tall against the evil McMahon-Helmsley Regime. Let’s see how things went down this as the WWF headed towards King of the Ring 2000.

The synopsis for this episode on WWE Network is: “Mr. McMahon forces The Rock and The Undertaker to meet in a Lumberjack Match. WWE Champion Triple H saves Shane McMahon the smell of defeat.”

Two things to mention before I start.

1) I was asked recently why I use photos instead of GIFs. I could do GIFs, but photos are easier and I prefer to keep using them. I try to put one per match, sometimes more.

2) Somebody asked why I don’t put Chris Benoit pics. He killed his wife and son, so that’s why. I know he probably mental problems due to concussions or whatever people want to say, but it still happened. Benoit was one of my favorites in this era. I just don’t plan on going with Benoit pics or putting him as a star of the night. My review. My rules.

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WWF Raw #366
May 29, 2000
From General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia

This edition of Raw is rated TV-14 with the “V” for Violence.

Raw began with a recap of the previous week of Raw and Smackdown where The Rock and The Undertaker kicked some McMahon-Helmsley Regime ass.

The Raw intro video aired, pyro went off in the arena and the Vancouver crowd was making a lot of noise because Canadian crowds are the best. I may be biased, but I think it’s true too. Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler were on commentary as usual.

Let’s Hear from The Undertaker

The Undertaker made his entrance on a motorcycle for a show opening promo. No bandana for the big man this week, which was a bit of a surprise. The announcers called him an “American Badass” since that was the Kid Rock song he had although it’s not on WWE Network. As I have said previously, they use the “You’re Gonna Pay” song. Just as The Undertaker was about to talk, the McMahon-Helmsley Regime (or Faction) interrupted him.

Triple H, the WWF Champion, was joined by Stephanie McMahon- Helmsley, X-Pac, Road Dogg, Tori, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. They stood at the bottom of the ramp by the ring. Triple H was greeted with an “Asshole” chant.

Hunter said he wanted to say how great it is to have the one true American Badass back in the WWF and he said: “welcome home.” Hunter said that nobody is happier than him. Hunter said that The Undertaker did him a huge favor when The Undertaker helped Triple H become the WWF Champion again. It took him a while to get to the point to recap the situation because it’s Triple H – he rambles a lot. Hunter thanked Undertaker for what he did at Judgment Day.

The Undertaker said that you need to thank him for not coming down there right now to kick all their asses. Taker said that he doesn’t do anything for anybody except himself. Taker added that any chance that he gets a chance to slap a knot on “any one of you assholes” (it was not bleeped) then he’s going to take it. Taker said that the belt on Triple H’s shoulder belongs to him.

Hunter spoke about how things have changed since Taker has been gone, so when you run your mouth around here, they close it, so the only way Taker gets close to that title, is when Hunter shoves it down his throat. The heels surrounded Taker, but here’s an interruption from…The Rock.

The Rock got a huge pop from the crowd and he stood on the stage for a promo.

Vince said that this is a real simple picture to see. Vince said this is the buddy system where The Undertaker saved The Rock last Monday on Raw and then on Smackdown, The Rock came to the rescue of The Undertaker.

The Rock did one of his ass sniffing lines ripping on the McMahons. It drew a lot of laughs. Rock said that any time he can get his hands on them, it’s a good day, and it’s an even better day if he makes change off of that $2 slut Stephanie! Loud “slut” chants for that. Rock said that he’ll do all he can to one day become WWF Champion again.

Vince spoke up again saying that they had two individuals with common enemies and common goals because they both wanted to be the WWF Champion. Vince said “in that very ring” you will not see Triple H defend the WWF Title. Vince said what you will see is The Undertaker one on one with The Rock. Vince’s music played to end it.

Analysis: That was an entertaining promo segment with differing viewpoints and they also set up a huge main event. The Rock vs. The Undertaker was a massive match that was also fresh since they didn’t wrestle eachother recently.


A recap of the previous segment aired featuring the announcement of The Rock vs. The Undertaker was shown.

The Godfather, Dean Malenko and The Kat entered with some ho’s joining them. Godfather did his usual pre-match promo with the fans chanting along. Shoutout to the fan with the “MIDEON = RATINGS” sign. Damn right!

The Godfather, Dean Malenko and The Kat vs. D-Lo Brown, Perry Saturn and Terri

Pre-match notes: The Godfather and The Kat were faces while Malenko was a heel, but he liked the Godfather ho’s. Saturn, Brown and Terri were heels.

Malenko with a dropkick on Brown. Godfather tagged in with a body slam on Brown followed by a spinning leg drop. Brown avoided an elbow drop. Godfather hit a sidewalk slam on Saturn, then a body slam and an elbow drop. Brown tagged back in with a jumping side kick followed by a back elbow. Saturn tagged with an overhead suplex on Godfather. Terri tagged in, which drew a big pop and she slapped Godfather. Kat tagged in with a bulldog on Terri since that’s a simple move she could do. Saturn tagged in, grabbed Kat by the undies and Malenko decked Saturn with a clothesline. Brown with an atomic drop on Malenko followed by a Sky High slam. Godfather went after Brown. Saturn went up top and hit an elbow drop on Malenko for the pinfall win at 3:27.

Winners by pinfall: D-Lo Brown, Perry Saturn and Terri

Analysis: ** It was a decent match with the crowd only coming alive for the Terri/Kat “action” if you want to call it that. Saturn getting the win gave him some positive momentum that he needed. Saturn would be managed by Terri during most of the year. I can’t wait to write about Moppy soon.

Edge and Christian were in the locker room with Kevin Kelly. Joe C, the little man that was part of Kid Rock’s band, took a photo with them backstage with Kelly taking the photo. E&C thought he was Mini Me from the Austin Powers movies. Joe said they were dumbasses, he’s a part of Kid Rock’s band and Joe left.


Edge and Christian were backstage looking at a photo. Kurt Angle walked by saying nobody likes posing with a midget more than him, but he has other things to do. JR ripped on E&C for their disrespect of Joe C.

Eddie Guerrero and Chyna entered for this European Title match.

Kurt Angle did a pre-match promo saying Canada is lacking in Olympic heroes and said that Ben Johnson doesn’t count (1988 reference, Google it kids). Angle said he’ll now be a North American Hero. Angle said in the US it’s Memorial Day where they have barbecues, but in Canada, you can’t have a BBQ because you’ll get attacked by a moose or a caribou or even a grizzly bear. Angle said on second thought, the Grizzlies don’t beat anybody in Vancouver or anywhere else. Well played. Angle said that he’ll also represent the European countries because once again the Olympic Hero is going global.

Analysis: That was so awesome. I love Angle’s promos from this era so much. They were brilliant and an effective way of getting cheap heat. The 1988 Summer Olympics reference and a Vancouver Grizzlies reference in the same promo is fun too. For those that don’t know, Vancouver lost the Grizzlies NBA team to Memphis after the 2000-01 season, so it was a little more than a year after this promo.

European Championship: Eddie Guerrero (w/Chyna) vs. Kurt Angle

Pre-match notes: Eddie and Chyna were the faces that liked to cheat. while Angle was the heel. Angle was a former European Champion. This was a WWE Title match at WrestleMania 20 less than four years later.

Angle got an inside cradle followed by a powerslam for two. Guerrero hit a belly to back suplex followed by a senton attack over the top rope. Angle with a belly to belly suplex followed by a bridging German Suplex for a two count. Angle with an overhead suplex. Guerrero came back with a dropkick. Angle with a back body drop that sent Guerrero over the top to the floor. Angle with a baseball slide dropkick to knock down Chyna on the floor. Chyna went on the apron, Angle hit Eddie into the referee, so ref Jack Doan bumped to the mat. Angle put Guerrero on the top rope, Chyna went over and hit Angle in the groin with a low blow and that drew a huge pop, of course. Guerrero jumped off the top with a hurricanrana for the pinfall win while Angle’s foot was under the bottom rope, but the referee never saw that. It went 3:27.

Winner by pinfall: Eddie Guerrero

Analysis: **1/4 Good action with some excellent mat wrestling in there before the cheap finish. It was a nice glimpse of the great matches these two would have later in the decade. Angle losing upsets me, but it was cheap and we all know he would go onto win King of the Ring 2000 anyway, so I guess WWE felt like he could take a loss here. The finish could have been better with Eddie doing a Frog Splash to win instead of the hurricanrana, but I guess they wanted to do the ending spot with Angle’s foot under the bottom rope.

The little man Joe C was shown walking backstage. Edge and Christian said they wanted to honor him with a five second pose. Christian asked if he was a midget, Edge asked if he’s a dwarf and they decided Joe C was an Ewok. Joe said that they can go out and have their match, but after that, they can go f**k themselves. That got bleeped.


Road Dogg was shown walking down a hallway. There was some noise from inside a door. The door opened up, Road Dogg got beat up and he was sent into the wall, so it was a mystery attack.

Edge and Christian entered as the WWF Tag Team Champions in their home country of Canada. Christian said, “greetings, fellow Canadians” leading to a big pop. Christian said we realize that British Columbia isn’t the brightest province, which led to boos. Edge said Joe C is an overrated midget rapper, so for the benefit of those with flash photography, here’s a five-second pose for overrated midget rappers. This is called “Kicking It, Joe C Style.”

Analysis: You can put this one in the “things that people did in the Attitude Era that would not be allowed today because it’s offensive” file.

Too Cool made their entrance with the crowd giving them a nice pop.

WWF Tag Team Championships: Edge & Christian vs. Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay)

Pre-match notes: Edge and Christian were the heel champions while Too Cool were the faces.

Too Cool hit a double team clothesline on Christian. Scotty with a suplex on Christian. After a moonwalk from Scotty, Christian hit a spinning heel kick. Edge tagged in for a double team headbutt by the champs. Edge picked up Scotty for a move, then there was a slip into an inside cradle and Scotty hit a DDT, so it was likely supposed to be Scotty hitting a DDT to counter a Powerbomb attempt. They got through it fine. Sexay got the hot tag with a dropkick on Christian, a dropkick on Edge and Sexay hit a Powerbomb on Christian. Sexay with a cross body block that took out Edge over the top to the floor. Scotty with a bulldog on Christian followed by the W-O-R-M with a chop. The crowd loved that. Edge went into the ring with the Tag Team Title belt. Scotty took care of Edge with punches. Rikishi walked out to ringside with Joe C. Rikishi distracted referee Jimmy Korderas on the floor, so Joe C hit Christian in the groin with a hockey stick! Huge pop. JR: “He shoots! He scores!” Sexay hit Christian with the Tag Team Title in the head, he tossed the title and stick out of the ring and Sexay covered Christian for the win at 3:32. New Tag Team Champions! Huge pop! Edge tried to break up the pin, but he was a bit late with it.

Winners by pinfall and New WWF Tag Team Champions: Too Cool (Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay)

Analysis: **1/4 That was fun with a big moment since they did the title change. That was the payoff to the Joe C story from earlier in the night. It would have been nice if the match got more time since it was a title change. Also if you’re keeping track, that’s two straight low blow finishes that were victories for babyfaces.

Too Cool celebrated with the titles. They did their post match dance with Rikishi and Joe C joined them. The fans loved the dance routine that included a pyro display as well.

Analysis: I was happy for Too Cool winning the titles because they were a popular team that the fans loved in every arena they went to. They were certainly over enough with the crowd to warrant a title reign. It didn’t last that long, but at least they got to be Tag Team Champions. Sadly, Joe C passed away about six months after this in November 2000. He loved WWE, so I’m sure he loved being a part of this moment.


A replay aired of Joe C getting involved to help Too Cool to become WWF Tag Team Champions for the first time.

Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon were back in their office. There was a brief satellite problem that was fixed quickly. She said it was ingenious of Vince to make the match between The Rock and The Undertaker. Vince said he had a surprise for them later. The lights went out, Stephanie screamed and when the lights came on, Vince was down on the floor grabbing his head. Vince: “Son of a bitch! Who the hell was that?” Stephanie said she didn’t know and Vince said he would be alright.

Rikishi and Shane McMahon were shown in separate parts of the arena making their entrance for a match.


Shane McMahon did a promo. He said that Rikishi is probably scared of the giant killer because he’s beaten Big Show and The Undertaker couldn’t beat him. Shane said that tonight is the journey for when he’s crowned King of the Ring. Also, this fan thinks Shane looked like Kevin Arnold on the Wonder Years.

Rikishi entered as the opponent for this King of the Ring qualifying match.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Rikishi vs. Shane McMahon

Pre-match notes: Rikishi was the face and Shane was the heel.

Rikishi decked Shane with a clothesline followed by punches as fans chanted “Shane’s a pussy” at Shane. Rikishi with a kick to the stomach. Triple H walked down to ringside to support Shane. Rikishi with a back body drop. Triple H went on the apron and Shane hit a low blow that the referee did not see because he was looking at Hunter. That’s three straight matches with a low blow that a referee missed. Shane punched Rikishi repeatedly to knock him down. Rikishi worked over Shane with punches, a corner clothesline and Rikishi punched Hunter off the apron. Triple H went into the ring, Rikishi punched him three times and hit a running splash against the turnbuckle. Rikishi teased a Stinkface on Hunter, so Shane saved Hunter with a steel chair to the head of Rikishi for the DQ at 2:35.

Winner by disqualification: Rikishi

Analysis: * There wasn’t much of a match here with Shane getting his ass kicked for most of it. The Triple H appearance was random, but it did set up the DQ finish and the post match attack. I just mean it was random since Triple H wasn’t feuding with Rikishi at the time.

Post match, Triple H grabbed Rikishi and gave him a Pedigree on the steel chair. Shane covered Rikishi and counted his own pinfall! That’s not official and Rikishi was announced as the winner.

Shane and Hunter celebrated the win while I’m sure Kevin Arnold was happy about it too. Rikishi was down in the ring, but he advanced in the King of the Ring tournament.

Stephanie was shown backstage talking to Trish Stratus, Test, Albert and Val Venis. Stephanie said that she knows Trish has had her eye on Val for a little while and she knows Val would have no problem ripping apart that uneducated, low class, bleach blonde bump Chris Jericho. Stephanie put them in a match against Jericho and the Hardys. Stephanie said that this is their last opportunity to redeem themselves. When Stephanie left the room and closed the door, Test said: “Bitch.” That was funny since Stephanie was engaged to Test in the storylines in late 1999.


There was a replay of Shane “beating” Rikishi before the break even though Rikishi won the match by disqualification.

Chris Jericho entered with a microphone in hand. Jericho did his usual deal ripping on Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley while wondering if she had a crush on Y2J. He did the rant about Stephanie being a ho as usual saying if she stopped being that then she might get a shot with him. The Hardys entered as Jericho’s partner.

The opponents were Val Venis, Test and Albert with the lovely Trish Stratus.

Test, Albert and Val Venis (w/Trish Stratus) vs. Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

Pre-match notes: Test, Albert and Val were heels since Val became aligned with Trish. Three of the four are Canadians. Sorry Albert. The Jericho and Hardy Boyz trio were faces.

Jericho with a spin kick on Venis followed by a bulldog. Albert with a cheap shot, so Venis hit a spinebuster and Stephanie McMahon was shown watching on a TV backstage. Albert with a press slam on Jericho as JR did his usual line about the size of Albert’s head. Test tagged in with a boot to the face. Jericho with a flying forearm on Test. Matt tagged in with a DDT on Albert and Jeff with the Poetry in Motion attack on Test in the corner. Jericho with a springboard attack on Venis on the apron. Albert knocked down Matt, but Matt came back with a Twist of Fate on Test. Jeff went up top where Trish hit him with her leather boot. Albert hit a two handed sitout Chokeslam on Matt and Test covered Matt for the pinfall win at 3:25.

Winners by pinfall: Test, Albert and Val Venis

Analysis: **1/4 That was a fast paced match with a cheap heel finish. There was a lot of that on this show. I think they wanted to get over the idea that Val was a heel now as part of Trish’s group although it was Test that got the win.

The Rock was interviewed by Michael Cole in the backstage area. Rock said he’s looking forward to The Undertaker tonight because he’ll do all he can to once again be the WWF Champion if you smell what The Rock is cooking. That was a quick interview that only went for one minute.


Hardcore Holly did a promo saying this whole thing with Benoit would have been settled if he just gave Holly a title shot. Holly complained about others getting title shots and he claimed Benoit was scared of him. Holly ripped on Benoit from being a typical Canadian (that drew boos) and he called Benoit a coward. Holly said he’s going to kick Benoit’s ass in this worthless country while Holly will get what belongs to him.

Chris Benoit replied to the Holly promo saying Holly’s interfered in his matches, he’s hit him with his chair, he’s insulted him and his country and Holly thinks that will help him find IC Title gold. Benoit told Bob that he got his attention.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Benoit vs. Hardcore Holly

Pre-match notes: Benoit was the heel IC Champion. Holly was also a heel. Since Benoit was Canadian, he was more of a face for this match since it was in Vancouver.

The fans chanted “US Sucks” as Benoit hit a clothesline on Holly to send him out of the ring. Benoit whipped Holly into the ring post. Back in the ring, Benoit with a Crossface, but Holly got to the ropes. Holly came back with a Spear followed by a vertical suplex for two. Benoit hit a superplex off the top for a two count. Lawler was going through his routine of terrible Canada jokes. Holly connected with several hard chops to the chest. Holly with a powerslam for a two count. Holly connected with a stiff Powerbomb for another two count. Holly hit a belly to back suplex. When Benoit went for a backslide, Holly hit a low blow kick that the referee never saw. I lost count of the low blows on this show. Holly grabbed a chair, Chris Jericho went down to ringside, hit Holly in the back and then he hit Holly in the head with the chair for the DQ finish at 4:15.

Winner by disqualification: Hardcore Holly

Analysis: **1/4 Very physical match as you would expect from these two guys. The creative team seemed to love booking controversial finishes in these IC Title matches.

Post match, Benoit argued with Jericho about it. Hardcore missed a chair shot, Benoit grabbed the chair and hit Holly with it. Holly ran up the ramp and the other two guys chased after him.

The Undertaker was interviewed by Kevin Kelly. Undertaker said that he’s got no beef with The Rock, he digs his stuff, but it’s about the WWF Title.


The McMahon-Helmsley Regime were backstage in their office. Vince asked if it was good enough that it was Rock vs. Undertaker, Hunter said no, so Vince had another idea. In other words, a stipulation is coming.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match: Bull Buchanan (w/Big Boss Man) vs. Steve Blackman (w/Al Snow)

Pre-match notes: Buchanan was a heel and Blackman was a tweener that was more like a face here.

Blackman with a suplex followed by a missile dropkick off the top. Buchanan with a clothesline, back elbow and a body slam. Blackman with a kick that looked weak and he tossed Blackman out of the ring. Buchanan missed a corner charge. The fans were disinterested in the match as they chanted “We Want Puppies” so I looked up what happened and read in the Wrestling Observer that female fans took off their tops. Anyway, Blackman hit a DDT. Blackman missed a dive off the middle ropes and Buchanan hit a Scissors Kick for the pinfall win at 3:22.

Winner by pinfall: Bull Buchanan

Analysis: –* Awful match. It was worse than I thought it would be. The best part was when I didn’t have to watch it anymore.

Post match, Buchanan and Boss Man tried to beat up Blackman and Snow. Blackman and Snow managed to come back to clean house. They stood tall. No pics because this sucked.

Pat Patterson was shown with a tray of coffees, then he was pulled into a room and he was beaten up by the mystery attacker.


There was Kid Rock musical performance. It was not shown on the WWE Network broadcast of this show. WWE doesn’t want to pay money to show that stuff. Vince needs to buy another yacht, pal. Here’s a link to the video. The quality isn’t good.


Edge and Christian were backstage where they had a hold of the little man Joe C. They put him in a trash can. Lawler said that he just performed. They picked up the trash can and tossed into a wall, but clearly, the trash can was empty when they did that spot.

Analysis: It was revenge on Joe C for costing them the WWF Tag Team Titles earlier in the night.

The Undertaker made his entrance. The blurred image was the Kid Rock CD that American Badass was from, but since WWE didn’t play the song on WWE Network anymore, it looked like this.

The Rock entered to a huge ovation as usual. The fans loved this guy as we all know.

BUT WAIT…here comes Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon said before they beat the hell out of eachother, which is something he’ll enjoy…here’s an “Asshole” chant. Vince said he wanted to know which one of you was the gutless one that attacked Road Dogg, Patterson and him from behind. Rock said it wasn’t him. Undertaker denied it was him. Fans chanted “Austin” but he was not back yet, sorry fans.

Vince said that since they won’t fess up about the backstage attacks, this match will be a Lumberjack Match.

That led to the heels on the roster making their entrance, led by WWF Champion Triple H. They surrounded the ring for this match.

That is X-Pac in the bottom right looking intimidating in Tommy Hilfiger overalls. Really scary, pal!

The Lumberjack match between The Rock and The Undertaker looked like it was going to begin, but it never really started. There were only about five minutes left in the show as the match was set to began.

Instead of having a match, Rock and Undertaker left the ring to beat up the heels. Rock punched Triple H in the balls. Rock hit a Rock Bottom on Buchanan. Undertaker hit a Chokeslam on Boss Man. Rock and Taker destroyed everybody with punches. Triple H managed to hit a low blow on Rock. The heels managed to have Rock and Taker trapped against the turnbuckles with Vince McMahon standing in the middle looking happy about it all.

Hunter decked Rock and Taker with the WWF Title, so that was the cue for the save…and here comes Kane.

Kane made his entrance as he walked down to the ring kicking ass and punching the heels to knock them down. This was his return after a few months off.

Analysis: Remember all the attacks during the show? That was Kane. It was a nice way to tease his return all throughout Raw.

Kane went into the ring, he punched the heels in the throat. Kane with a Chokeslam to Test and a one-handed Chokeslam to X-Pac. Kane with a one-handed Chokeslam to Triple H. That one looked impressive!

Kane grabbed the WWF Title and stood over Triple H with it while Rock and Undertaker were in the ring with him. Kane held up the WWF Title as his pyro went off. The Rock and Undertaker stared at Kane wondering what he was doing. That’s how Raw went off the air this week.

This episode of Raw had a runtime of 1:28:10 on WWE Network. That’s four minutes less than the previous week because they didn’t show the Kid Rock performance where he sang a song.

Analysis: It was a strong ending to the show by bringing Kane back in the main event spot and re-inserting him into the WWF Title picture right away.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that week, Dave Meltzer wrote that it appeared as though the WWF would do Triple H vs. Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Kane in a 4-Way for the WWF Title at King of the Ring. I don’t know if that was the plan or just Dave’s theory, but it ended up being a six-man tag team match with the WWF Title on the line. The 4-Way would have been better.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. The Rock
  2. Edge and Christian
  3. Too Cool


Final Thoughts

This Raw episode gets a 6 out of 10.

This episode felt like a step back after the previous couple of weeks. I still liked the story development for most of the night, especially the main event scene. It seemed like every finish on this show had a low blow and/or interference. It gets repetitive when it happens in nearly every match over two hours.

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