TJR Retro: WWF Raw Deal 05/22/00 Review

This edition of Raw was the follow up to the Judgment Day 2000 PPV. The big news coming out of that show was that Triple H beat The Rock to regain the WWF Championship in a 60-Minute Iron Man Match that had a controversial finish. Plus, The Undertaker returned after missing about eight months of action. He was out for that long due to a groin injury and a torn pectoral muscle that required surgery. It was a different look for The Undertaker too.

The synopsis for this episode on WWE Network is: “After losing the WWE Title to Triple H at Judgment Day, The Rock looks for payback on the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. Plus, much more!”

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WWF Raw #365
May 22, 2000
From Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana

This edition of Raw is rated TV-14 with the “V” for Violence.

The Raw intro video aired. There was a lot of pyro, signs everywhere and a hot crowd in Indianapolis. We were welcomed to the show by Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Let’s Hear from Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon, the WWF Chairman, made his entrance in a suit and he was smiling as he made his way into the ring.

Vince started saying that Judgment Day is supposed to be a day where the world as we know it comes to an end and that was a case for some WWF superstars on Sunday night. He said Judgment Day is a day where we are judged by the way we live our lives. Fans chanted “Asshole” and JR said it on commentary where it was not bleeped. Vince said that the McMahon-Helmsley Faction with DX must be living their lives correctly because they rewarded. Vince said that they rewarded themselves with a party that he threw. He said that his allies are a little late, but they will be there tonight.

Vince said that X-Pac and Road Dogg beat the Dudleys at their very own game. Vince mentioned that his son Shane, who came from his loins, “singlehandedly” beat Big Show and pinned his shoulders down. Vince mentioned Triple H and said he doesn’t think he has been any more proud of a family member. Vince once again said “singlehandedly” and “one on one” about Hunter’s win even though that’s bullshit. Vince claimed that Rock cheated because he needed help from Undertaker and even against that, Triple H became the WWF Champion.

Vince claimed that The Undertaker walked out on his contract some time ago. Vince said if Undertaker shows his face here tonight, he is not legally under contract, so he has marshals waiting to arrest Undertaker.

Vince moved on to talking about The Rock. Vince didn’t know if Rock was going to show up as a defeated man. Vince claimed that if Rock shows up then tonight is a good night for Vince McMahon to face The Rock in this ring. Vince said that’s not going to happen. Vince said if Rock shows up then he would face Road Dogg, X-Pac, Shane McMahon and Triple H. Vince said that at Judgment Day, they took the WWF Championship from The Rock and tonight, they will take what’s left. Vince’s music aired to end it.

Analysis: I kept waiting for somebody to interrupt the interview, but it didn’t happen. Vince was in a great mood and that usually meant he would get his ass kicked soon after.

The announcers were shown on camera. They showed the image of Shawn Michaels looking at Undertaker as he was about to Chokeslam Triple H, which was before the 60 Minutes were up in the Iron Man Match. Lawler didn’t think Shawn saw that. Anyway, they debated it a bit.

Vince was shown walking backstage when The Rock walked up to him from behind. Rock punched Vince and whipped him into a steel garage. Rock whipped Vince into the garage door. Rock hit Vince in the head with a cookie sheet. Rock grabbed a trash can lid, Vince begged him not to and Rock hit Vince with a trash can. Rock tossed Vince into the limo and told the driver to get him out of there. Rock grabbed a trash can lid and hit Vince in the head with it. That was funny.

Analysis: The key thing there is Vince said that his allies weren’t in the arena yet, so Vince was all alone. Vince also said the marshals were outside the arena, but they weren’t there in the building to protect him from Rock. That’s smart writing to be able to set it up that way. The fans cheered all of that attack by Rock.


Replays were shown of Rock attacking Vince backstage.

The Rock was shown in the parking lot waiting for the arrival of the rest of the McMahon-Helmsley group.

Trish Stratus led Test & Albert to the ring with Trish doing a promo ripping on the Hardy Boyz by saying that little girls love the Hardys, but she doesn’t. Trish said those boys will face her men and we’ll found out how “hard” they really are. The Hardys entered as the opponent.

Test & Albert (w/Trish Stratus) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)

Pre-match notes: T&A were the heels while the Hardys were the faces.

The Hardys hit a double team elbow on Albert and then Test decked Jeff with a boot to the face. The Hardys did a double team leg drop with Matt as the legal man for the team. Trish grabbed Matt’s foot while the ref wasn’t looking and Albert hit a clothesline to give the heels control followed by a double team slam. Albert with a running shoulder tackle on Matt. Albert did a giant spin on Matt and then he tagged Test in with Test hitting a clothesline. JR mentioned the size of Albert’s head, which loved to do. Matt hit a double DDT on the T&A guys. Jeff tagged in with a corkscrew moonsault onto both T&A guys. Matt sent Test out of the ring and Jeff went over the top to take out Albert. Matt hit a dive over the top on Test. Trish tried to get involved, Matt shoved her down and Trish shoved Matt into the steel steps. Albert missed a corner splash on Albert, so Jeff went up top with a Swanton Bomb on Albert. Jeff covered Albert, so Test hit a top rope elbow drop while the referee was distracted by Trish and Albert covered Jeff to win at 3:56.

Winners by pinfall: Test & Albert

Analysis: ** It was an okay match with a finish that involved Trish a lot. The finish felt repetitive because they did the same thing one night earlier at Judgment Day with Too Cool beating Edge, Christian and Angle. This would be the beginning of Trish’s long rivalry with Lita although Lita was not with the Hardys yet. That was coming soon.

The Rock was shown in the parking lot still waiting for the rest of the McMahon-Helmsley Regime.


European Championship: Eddie Guerrero (w/Chyna) vs. D-Lo Brown

Pre-match notes: Eddie and Chyna were faces that cheated sometimes. Brown was a heel that wasn’t used that often.

Brown with a shoulder tackle followed by a jumping side kick. Brown with a sidewalk slam. Brown with a body slam. Brown went for a moonsault off the middle ropes, but Guerrero moved. Guerrero with a dropkick, Brown launched him into the turnbuckle and Brown hit the Sky High spinebuster. The Godfather walked out there with Ho’s and stared at Brown since they were rivals. Eddie with a hurricanrana for the pinfall win at 2:26.

Winner by pinfall: Eddie Guerrero

Analysis: *1/2 The match was decent although it was very rushed. They didn’t involve Chyna either. I guess that’s fine since Eddie shouldn’t have to cheat to beat Brown although he did need a distraction finish.

Post match, Godfather went into the ring and hit a Ho Train splash on Brown. Godfather hit the Pimp Drop slam and left with the ladies.

Analysis: They were tag team partners, Brown turned heel on Godfather and the feud never really went anywhere, but they tried to pick it back up again here.

There was a limousine that was shown driving up to the arena. Gerald Brisco opened the door for the Degeneration X group of Road Dogg, X-Pac and Tori. The Rock showed up with a lead pipe and he hit Dogg and X-Pac in the back while Brisco and Tori ran away. Rock threw X-Pac and Dogg in the back of a truck and the back of the truck closed. JR: “They’re hurt and they’re hurt bad.” That’s the idea.


Replays aired of The Rock attacking X-Pac and Road Dogg.

The awesome trio of Kurt Angle, Christian and Edge made their entrance. Angle had on a Reggie Miller jersey and Christian was wearing an Indiana basketball jersey. Angle said that the New York Knicks are going down to the NBA Finals after they beat the Pacers, which drew boos. (The Pacers won and got destroyed by the LA Lakers in the NBA Finals.) Christian said Indiana is known for basketball and for choking. Edge said that they have decided to embrace Indiana tradition with this 5-second pose called: “The Big Choke.” Edge was dressed as Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight, who choked a player, so Edge choked Christian.

Team ECK rules. They were not using the Team ECK name yet, but I can still use it.

Rikishi and Too Cool made their entrance to a huge ovation.

Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian vs. Rikishi and Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty)

Pre-match notes: Angle, Edge and Christian were the heels while E&C were also the WWF Tag Team Champions. Rikishi and Too Cool were the faces. This was a rematch from Judgment Day where Rikishi and Too Cool won a six-man tag.

Rikishi hit a Samoan Drop on Christian. Angle tried a body slam, he couldn’t lift Rikishi and Rikishi hit a body slam of his own. Rikishi with a running butt splash on Angle against the turnbuckle. Double atomic drop by Too Cool on Edge and a double DDT by Too Cool on Edge. Scotty and Sexay hit running splashes on Edge. Rikishi followed up with the Stinkface on Edge, which drew a huge pop. Too Cool with a double clothesline on Edge to send him out of the ring. Double flapjack by Too Cool on Christian. Angle whipped Rikishi into the steel steps. Sexay went up top and he hit the Hip Hop Drop leg drop on Christian, but Angle broke up the pin. Scotty with the bulldog leading to the W-O-R-M attempt, but Edge hit Scotty in the head with the Tag Team Title. Angle rolled up Scotty for the pinfall win at 2:50.

Winners by pinfall: Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian

Analysis: *3/4 That was a unique match because even though a tag team match that got about three minutes, there were no actual tags. It was just a wild match full of action and the heels got the win thanks to cheating.

The trio of Edge, Christian and Angle celebrated the win.

The Rock was shown in the backstage area once again waiting on more arrivals.


There was a graphic that showed us that Business Week called the WWF one of the Hottest Growth Companies in America. Kane and Linda McMahon were on the cover.

Another limousine was shown arriving and it was Shane McMahon. Gerald Brisco went up to it, but Shane just blew him off excitedly, so Brisco couldn’t tell him that Rock was beating people up. Shane walked into the arena.

The announce team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler mentioned that Big Show suffered a serious leg injury and a concussion. As I mentioned in the Judgment Day recap, Show missed over two months of action after knee surgery.

Let’s Hear from Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon made his entrance alone as he went into the ring doing a Chokeslam pose to mock Big Show. Shane said he wasn’t scared of Big Show and he did his “which way did he go?” line. Shane took exception to the “Shane’s a pussy” chants. Shane said he had a wonderful pictorial from Judgment Day showing his win over Big Show. Shane had a lot of help. Shane laughed at Show being put in the “wambulance” as well. There was a louder “Shane’s a pussy” chant. Shane said that he wants us to refer to him as Shane the Giant Killer. Shane said he would beat up Big Show tonight if he came out there with JR pointing out that Shane knows that Big Show can’t even walk after the knee injury. The McMahon music hit, but The Rock’s music interrupted.

The Rock walked down to the ring as the crowd went crazy for him. Shane said this has nothing to do with them. Rock went up to Shane and punched him out of the ring.

Rock punched Shane over the barricade and they went brawling into the crowd. The crowd was screaming as Rock punched Shane repeatedly and sent him backstage.

Analysis: A simple promo from Shane to get some heat and Rock showed up for revenge. The idea was that Rock took out Road Dogg, X-Pac and now Shane.


A replay aired of Rock beating up Shane before the break.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Benoit vs. Val Venis

Pre-match notes: Benoit was the heel champion. Venis wasn’t used that much prior to this, but he was more of a face at this point. The heel turn was coming.

Benoit had a brace on his left knee. Venis with a back elbow. Vince with a belly to back suplex. Benoit bailed to the floor where Venis decked him with a clothesline. Venis stomped on Benoit’s throat and Benoit whipped Venis into the turnbuckle. Suplex by Benoit for two. Benoit with a belly to back suplex. Venis sent Benoit out of the ring and Venis sent him into the barricade. Benoit whipped Venis into the steel steps at ringside and back first into the barricade. Back in the ring, Benoit with a drop toe hold that sent Venis into the turnbuckle. Venis came back with a powerslam. Venis followed up with an elbow smash and a knee drop for two. Venis hit the Blue Thunder Bomb into a pin attempt for two. Benoit decked Venis with a lefty clothesline. Venis came back with a spinebuster. Venis went up top and Benoit pulled referee Jimmy Korderas into the ropes to crotch Venis on the top. Benoit hit a superplex on Venis. Hardcore Holly made his entrance with a steel chair and he hit Benoit in the head with it. That was a very loud and nasty chair shot! That’s a DQ finish at 6:43.

Winner by disqualification: Chris Benoit

Analysis: **3/4 That was a pretty good match until the weak finish. The crowd wasn’t into the match very much because Venis was barely being used leading up to this. At least they got a few more minutes than most of the matches on this edition of Raw.

Post match, Holly also crushed Venis in the head with a chair shot. Chris Jericho made his entrance. Jericho attacked Holly from behind with a steel chair and Jericho knocked out Holly with the chair. Jericho got a big pop from the crowd with JR saying it was a hellacious and chaotic night.

Analysis: It was an effective way of showing how competitive the IC Title division was. The chairs to the head were brutal, but that’s what happened in this era.

Gerald Brisco was shown in the parking lot with the Hardcore Title around his waist with JR saying he was probably waiting for Triple H and Stephanie to arrive.


The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley) vs. Bull Buchanan and Big Boss Man

Pre-match notes: The Dudleys were the faces while Bull and Boss Man were the heels.

Bubba with a back body drop on Buchanan and D-Von hit the headbutt off the top to the groin of Bull, which the referee didn’t see as usual in that spot. Boss Man tagged in with a boot to the face of D-Von with fans chanting “we want tables” for the Dudleys. Boss Man with a corner splash followed by an uppercut on D-Von. Buchanan with a kick to the gut followed by a scissors kick to the back. Buchanan did a body slam followed by a blatant choke. Double team shoulder tackle by Buchanan and Boss Man. The fans chanted for tables again. Boss Man hit a spinebuster on D-Von for a two count as Bubba made the save. Buchanan tossed Bubba over the top to the floor. Boss Man with a boot to the face on D-Von. Bubba sent Buchanan into the ring post and Bubba went into the ring leading to the 3D on Boss Man for the pinfall win at 5:08.

Winners by pinfall: The Dudley Boyz

Analysis: *1/2 It was a boring match because Boss Man and Buchanan were not an exciting team to watch. The finish was different from a usual tag team match because there was no hot tag by the Dudleys. They just had Bubba go in the ring, they hit the 3D and D-Von got the pin. The Dudleys went over because they got screwed at Judgment Day, so this gave them some positive momentum again.

Gerald Brisco was shown in the parking lot again.

Crash Holly walked into the APA office and he complained to the APA about how they were supposed to protect him. Crash said he wanted his money back from the APA. Crash said if they won’t take his money back then he’ll take it out on them in the ring. Crash poured a beer on Bradshaw and Bradshaw left angrily.


Gerald Brisco was shown in the parking lot trying to use a cell phone to call Triple H, but it wasn’t working.

Hardcore Match: Bradshaw vs. Crash Holly

Pre-match notes: Crash was a babyface that could be called a comedic figure too. Bradshaw was a face.

Bradshaw wrestled in an APA shirt and jeans. Bradshaw hit Crash in the back with a forearm and a piece of wood over the back. Bradshaw hit Crash in the head with a trash can and then the trash can lid to the head of Crash. Bradshaw whipped Crash into the ring bell table and then a hard chair shot to the head by Bradshaw. They went back into the ring with Bradshaw hitting a huge Powerbomb. Bradshaw picked up Crash again, wanted a Powerbomb, but Crash slipped out and Bradshaw hit a Clothesline from Hell for the pinfall win at 2:01.

Winner by pinfall: Bradshaw

Analysis: * An easy win for Bradshaw. I’m not sure who Crash pissed off behind the scenes to get booked like that, but he got his ass kicked here.

A limousine was shown driving up to the arena. Gerald Brisco opened the door and it was WWF Champion Triple H and Women’s Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Brisco told them that Rock got to Vince, Shane, Road Dogg and X-Pac. Brisco told them about Rock’s attacks.


There was another shot of Brisco talking to Triple H and Stephanie about what happened earlier. Brisco told them what happened to Vince, Road Dogg, X-Pac and Shane. Brisco told them that Rock was looking for Hunter. Triple H said that he’ll go find The Rock himself and finish this now. The Rock was shown in the other part of the room after they left, so Rock heard what they said.

The announcers talked about Judgment Day’s controversial finish. They showed still images from the 60-Minute Iron Man Match. That included the image of Undertaker destroying the McMahon-Helmsley Regime. Undertaker grabbed Hunter by the throat as Michaels saw the Chokeslam with about 0:04 left in the match. Moments after that, Undertaker hit the Tombstone after the match was over.

An interview was shown with referee Shawn Michaels from Judgment Day. Michaels said he called the match down the middle and did the best job he could. Michaels said what he saw was Undertaker interfering on The Rock’s behalf, so he made the call. Michaels said that he’s been around here longer than any other superstar in the WWF, but he can’t make any of you bastards happy. Shawn added that if you don’t like it, that’s too bad. Shawn said he called it the way he saw it and he left.

Analysis: Good interview with Michaels explaining his point of view.

The Godfather and Essa Rios were shown backstage with the Ho’s because they are in a match up next. Lita was not happy about him being with the girls. She pretended to be okay with it and off they went.


The Godfather entered with the Ho’s along with Essa Rios and Lita was with them. Here’s a good sign in the crowd.

Godfather did his usual babyface promo. Godfather told Malenko that his ho’s know a thousand positions. Godfather said they can fight or Malenko can have a choice of any of the ho’s. Malenko walked away with two of the women. The announcers mocked Saturn’s cross-eyes by saying they didn’t know who he was looking at.

The Godfather and Essa Rios (w/Lita) vs. Perry Saturn

Pre-match notes: The Godfather was a face, Rios was a tweener when he was on and Malenko and Saturn were heels. This was the last match of the night.

Saturn hit Rios a fallaway suplex on Rios followed by a clothesline. Rios with a running spinning heel kick. Godfather tagged in with a back elbow, a clothesline and a leg drop. Godfather with a corner splash on Saturn. Rios went up top for a moonsault, but Lita grabbed him and sent him throat first into the top rope. Good bump by Rios. Saturn capitalized with a brainbuster and pin while Godfather was looking at Lita going up the ramp at 1:32.

Winner by pinfall: Perry Saturn

Analysis: * A short match to put an end to Lita’s association with Rios. I admit that I had forgotten how Lita turned on Rios. There it was with Lita getting jealous of the ho’s getting Essa’s attention. As I said previously, Lita joined up the Hardys after she split with Rios.

The trio of Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Gerald Brisco were shown walking backstage looking for The Rock.


Let’s Hear from The Rock

The Rock made his entrance for this main event promo segment. Great pop for Rock, who was in his street clothes including an expensive shirt.

The Rock complained about all the people that tried to get involved at Judgment Day including the “$2 slut of a wife” referring to Stephanie. Rock said that after the Iron Man Match, they gave eachother everything they had and Rock pointed out that Triple H never, ever beat The Rock. Loud cheers. Rock said that in due time, he guarantees that once again he’ll be WWF Champion.

The Rock said that last night at Judgment Day, the entire world witnessed the return of The Undertaker. The Rock said that although he did the right thing, he did it at the wrong time because he did it on The Rock’s time.

The Rock moved on saying that Vince thought he would put Rock in a 4 on 1 match, but he got sent to “you got your ass kicked boulevard.” Rock said that Road Dogg and X-Pac are probably back there sucking it with eachother. Rock said as for Shane McMahon, he has left the building.

The next subject was Triple H with Rock saying that he wanted to wait for this special moment because now the 4 on 1 plan can be one on one. Rock said that he wanted to wait until he came out to the ring to kick Triple H’s candy ass all over Indianapolis. Triple H’s music hit at that point.

Triple H entered with the WWF Championship on his shoulder along with the WWF Women’s Champion Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley by his side.

Hunter said that before he walks down this ramp and kicks Rock’s ass, he wanted to say that they went through hell at Judgment Day. The fans chanted “slut” at Stephanie and Triple H told them to shut it. Hunter said that Judgment Day went 60 minutes, they gave it all they had and fans chanted “Asshole” at him. Hunter said they made history because the two greatest athletes in the WWF got into the ring and did what nobody else can do because they lit the world on fire. Hunter told Rock that yesterday was his judgment day. Hunter claimed Rock was punished while he was rewarded.

Hunter said that at the end of 60 minutes, Rock was the Great One, but at the end of it, he couldn’t hang with Hunter. That led to Hunter saying he was the best there is. Hunter can say Rock can claim he didn’t beat him, but there are two men looking eachother dead in the eye where one man is in the ring as a loser and the other is on the ramp and he is a winner. Hunter said that when it was all said and done, Hunter was the Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion because he’s The Game and he is that damn good. (The fans said the last three words.)

The Rock replied with this: “Just bring it.”

Hunter walked down to the ring, he walked up the steps at ringside and got onto the apron. Rock signaled “just bring it” at him. Hunter slowly got into the ring to begin the brawl.

Rock unloaded on Hunter with punches followed by a clothesline. X-Pac and Road Dogg went into the ring to try to help Hunter. Shane McMahon ran out to ringside too. Vince McMahon was helped to the ring by Gerald Brisco. Rock tried a Rock Bottom on Vince, who slipped and then Rock hit a Rock Bottom on Vince.

The heels worked over Rock with punches and kicks. Shane and Road Dogg brought the top half of the steel steps in the ring. The same video that aired at Judgment Day played again with the girls singing a rhyme and saying “he’s here” about The Undertaker.

The Undertaker was shown on a motorcycle. They played the “You’re Gonna Pay” song even though it was really the Kid Rock “American Badass” song that was used, but WWE doesn’t want to pay for rights on WWE Network. Undertaker parked the motorcycle on the stage and he walked down to the ring.

The Undertaker destroyed the heels in the aisle with punches and kicks. Undertaker went on the motorcycle and drove down to the ring. He teased running over Vince, but Road Dogg saved the boss. Undertaker went around the ring on the motorcycle. Undertaker drove the motorcycle up the ramp to get rid of the heels.

Back in the ring, Triple H tried to do a Pedigree on the steel steps. Rock came back with a back body drop. Rock hit Hunter with a clothesline that sent Triple H over the top to the floor. Rock cleared off the announce table at ringside. Hunter hit him in the head with a TV monitor. Hunter teased a Pedigree, Rock hit him with a low blow and Rock gave Hunter a Rock Bottom through the announce table. Huge pop for that. The crowd was going crazy! JR was yelling: “For the love of God, the Rock Bottom all the way to People’s Hell.”

The Rock went back to the apron and he posed on the turnbuckle. Triple H was getting looked at by Stephanie and Tori. They showed another replay of Rock’s successful attack. Rock posed some more to end the night.

Analysis: That was a great main event segment where The Rock got his revenge on Triple H while The Undertaker was successful again in terms of scaring the McMahon-Helmsley Regime, which allowed Rock to get a chance to get the advantage on Hunter. Since Rock lost the WWF Title at Judgment Day, it made perfect sense to give him the advantage here.

This episode of Raw had a runtime of 1:32:01 on WWE Network.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. The Rock
  2. Vince McMahon
  3. Shane McMahon


Final Thoughts

This Raw episode gets a 7 out of 10.

There was a lot of action on this episode. By that I mean there was a lot of stuff going on backstage, run-ins during matches, cheap finishes and just a lot of chaotic situations. That makes for an exciting show although some of the match finishes were poor too. Still, I enjoyed most of it. The fact that they ended so strongly certainly helps a lot.

I liked that there was a theme to the show because Rock took out the other heels leading to him wanting to get his hands on Triple H in the main event spot. It was built up very well and connected earlier segments to the main event, which is good.

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