TJR Retro: WWF Raw Deal 03/06/00 Review

The road to WrestleMania was moving forward with the first Raw episode in March 2000. By this point, the announced main event of WrestleMania 2000 (or 16 as I call it) was still Triple H defending the WWF Title against Big Show, but nobody really believed that’s what it was going to be.

The Raw prior to this one was pretty bad with the Mae Young “hand baby” being born, so I hope this is a much better show.

Check out our WWF TV in 2000 archives in case you missed anything from earlier in the year. Let’s get to it.

WWF Raw #354
March 6, 2000
From Springfield Civic Center in Springfield, Massachusetts

This show has a TV-14 rating and the “V” for Violence on WWE Network.

The opening video package showed highlights of the last week where Stephanie’s husband Triple H and Shane’s wrestler he manages, Big Show, having issues leading to Shane and Stephanie bickering about everything.

The Raw intro video aired.

The pyro went off in the arena and the crowd was loud with signs all over the arena, which was common in this era. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show.

Let’s Hear From Big Show and Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon and Big Show walked out to the “No Chance in Hell” that was really Vince McMahon’s song, but Shane didn’t have his own song yet. They entered the ring.

Shane cued up a clip of what happened on Smackdown when Big Show accidentally hit Triple H in the head with a chair shot after The Rock ducked out of the way. Shane said that he didn’t know if it was an accident as fans chanted “Rocky” at him. Shane said that moments later, Triple H shoved Shane down to the canvas and he didn’t like that. Shane said that with him, it’s absolutely personal and it’s a family matter. Shane said that with The Rock, it’s just business. Shane said that he had to squash The Rock before he could dominate in the WWF. Shane said with Hunter, it’s personal with how Hunter connived his way into Shane’s family. Shane said it’s personal with how Hunter forced his father Vince to leave the business he created. Shane added: “It is absolutely personal how you brainwashed my sister into marrying you and have her acting and looking like a cheap slut!” That drew a big reaction from the crowd. Shane said at WrestleMania, Big Show will pick up Triple H and slam with a Chokeslam to become the WWF Champion.

Shane said that personally tonight, they’ll have a lot of fun. Shane said he’s going to enjoy it when Triple H takes on none other than Rikishi. Here comes Triple H.

Analysis: I know the WWF did the “slut” thing to get heat, but in Stephanie’s defense, she really didn’t do anything to act like that. She was married to Triple H and loyal to him with no sign of anything else with anybody else, so I think in this case it’s just the WWF trying to get cheap heat to get the crowd involved.

Triple H, the WWF Champion, made his entrance along with wifey Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. The fans booed them as usual as they walked down to the ring. JR said that Stephanie has changed for the worse. Lawler said she looks fine.

Hunter said that it hurts inside to know that’s how Shane thinks about him. Hunter said they are brothers and they need to be closer. The fans chanted “slut” at Stephanie. Hunter said as far as WrestleMania is concerned, everybody knows that WrestleMania is the biggest show that there is and it’s funny how at WrestleMania it’s going to be a long night for Show when Hunter proves that Show isn’t even in his league.

Stephanie started speaking, so there were more “slut” chants. Stephanie said that if Triple H has to face Rikishi then Big Show has to face Kane in the first match of the night. Show didn’t seem thrilled about that. Stephanie said that as far as her looking and acting like a cheap slut, she said nothing personal but…and she slapped Shane in the face! Hunter’s music played to end it, so they left.

Analysis: It was an interesting opening promo for about ten minutes with Shane insulting his sister, which led to Stephanie slapping him. Plus, they announced two big matches for later in the night.

There was a shot from “Earlier Today” with the Mean Street Posse and Tim White walking down a hallway as they knocked on Crash Holly’s room in what looked like a Holiday Inn hotel room. The Posse guys went into the room and they kept on breaking up the pin They broke a flower face and lamp. Crash grabbed his title and left the room, so everybody left. Pete Gas ate some food as the others left.

Analysis: The 24/7 rule for the Hardcore Title made it fun and unique even leading to bad skits like that one.


A replay aired of Stephanie slapping Shane from the opening segment.

Kane entered with his daddy Paul Bearer. Big Show was up next with Shane McMahon even though they were just in the ring five minutes earlier. Why not just keep them in the ring? I don’t know.

Kane (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Big Show (w/Shane McMahon)

Pre-match notes: Kane was the face and Show was the heel. These two wrestled many times over two decades. Their matches were rarely good.

Kane was the aggressor early on, Big Show caught the foot and Kane hit an enziguri kick to the head. Kane was distracted by Shane, so Show attacked from behind and tossed Kane into the steel ring steps. They went back into the ring with Show whipping Kane into the turnbuckle. Show with a sidewalk slam as Hunter and Stephanie were shown watching this on a TV in their dressing room. Show missed an elbow drop because Kane moved. Kane back up with punches followed by a running DDT. Kane up top and he connected with a clothesline. Show got back into it with a poor looking spinebuster. Show wanted a Chokeslam, but Kane grabbed Show by the throat and Rock came out of nowhere to drop Show with a Rock Bottom. The crowd loved it as the match ended as a DQ at 3:29.

Winner by disqualification: Big Show

Analysis: * A boring match that ended quickly thanks to The Rock, so I thank him for doing that. I’m not sad about the match ending that way.

Post match, The Rock left the ring and went up the ramp. Kane grabbed Show around the throat and hit a Chokeslam to leave him laying. Kane left while Shane went into the ring to check on his buddy Show.

Mark Henry and Mae Young were in the locker room. Henry didn’t want her to go out there. He told her to calm down and said she just had a baby. Mae said she didn’t have a baby, she had a hand. Mark asked whose hand is it, then looked at his black hands (the baby hand was white), she said never mind and she’s going to the ring.


There was a skit with the APA driving a car promoting their protection agency business. It was a parody of a Pulp Fiction car scene.

Mark Henry entered with Mae Young leading to a clip of the hand baby birth last week. One of the worst angles ever. At least Gerald Brisco’s puking reaction was great. Good sign in the crowd.

Mark Henry (w/Mae Young) vs. D-Von Dudley (w/Bubba Ray Dudley)

Pre-match notes: Henry was the face while D-Von was a heel that was one half of the WWF Tag Team Champions.

D-Von took control early on with a running elbow and Henry came back with a move where he sent D-Von into the top turnbuckle. Mae on the apron, Henry attacked Bubba and splashed him against the turnbuckle. Mae tagged in with the Bronco Buster on Bubba. Henry with a powerslam on D-Von for the pinfall win at 1:17.

Winner by pinfall: Mark Henry

Analysis: 1/4* Terrible match, but at least it was quick. Thanks for that.

After the match, Bubba shoved Mae down and the Dudleys hit a 3D (Dudley Death Drop) on Henry. Bubba grabbed Mae by the hair and D-Von brought a table into the ring. The crowd was screaming as D-Von set up the table in the ring. Bubba sat on the top rope, D-Von lifted up Mae and Bubba hit a Powerbomb off the top while putting Mae through the table! That was crazy at the time. It’s crazy to watch it again all these years later. As you can see in the pic below, he did a great of protecting because he took the bump on his ass and she barely touched the mat. Bubba stared ahead with a crazed look on his face.

The Dudleys left while EMTs checked on Mae to put her on a stretcher.

Analysis: That was the first time Bubba put Mae through a table to get a lot of heat from the crowd. It’s not the most famous incident because Bubba did it to Mae off the stage on television after this, which I’ll get to whenever that took place.


A replay aired of Bubba putting Mae through the table.

The Degeneration X team of Road Dogg and X-Pac entered with Tori. She had a neckbrace on. JR mentioned that Billy Gunn will have shoulder surgery on Tuesday in Birmingham, Alabama. He missed about eight months of action. Road Dogg did the pre-match intro promo.

Too Cool was up next as their opponents. They got a pretty big pop, which showed how popular their act was. JR noted that Mark Henry was going to the hospital with Mae Young.

Degeneration X (Road Dogg and X-Pac) w/Tori vs. Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty)

The fans chanted “X-Pac sucks” as Sexay tagged in with an atomic drop and a hip toss on X-Pac. Dogg went into the ring without a tag with the referee allowing it for some reason. Sexay with a clothesline followed by a dropkick off the middle rope. Too Cool hit a double team elbow drop on Dogg. Scotty off the ropes and Dogg tossed him over the top to the floor leading to X-Pac whipping Scotty into the steel steps. Spinning heel kick to the face by X-Pac. Both DX guys were in the ring and Scott sent them head first into the mat. Sexay back in, kick for X-Pac and a powerslam on Dogg for two as X-Pac made the save. Scotty hit a bulldog on Dogg and set up for the Worm, but X-Pac stopped it. Sexay with a full nelson face first slam on Dogg. Scotty did the Worm leading to a chop on Dogg. Double team flapjack by Too Cool on X-Pac. Sexay went up top, the ref was on the other side of the ring and Tori tripped up Sexay on the top. Kane’s music hit and he made his entrance with Paul Bearer looking for X-Pac. Kane into the ring and he punched X-Pac leading to the disqualification at 4:24.

Winners by disqualification: Degeneration X

Analysis: ** Good action in the match although the referee lost control of who was the legal man and there was a lot of double teaming. That happened a lot in this era. No finish is a bit frustrating, but it’s understandable because it was Kane getting his revenge.

Post match, Kane grabbed Dogg and hit him with a Chokeslam while X-Pac left with Tori. Kane slowly walked after them and they managed to get away. Back in the ring, Too Cool hit a double team clothesline to send Road Dogg over the top to the floor. Too Cool danced in celebration.

Analysis: All of this would eventually lead to Kane and Rikishi teaming up against Road Dogg and X-Pac a few weeks later at WrestleMania.

Up next is Kurt Angle defending the IC Title against Chris Jericho.


Kurt Angle made his entrance with the Intercontinental and European Titles around his waist. Angle said when he looks into the crowd, he realizes that he could end up a nobody like the fans, but he didn’t want that to happen. Jericho said he could end up a has been like Chris Jericho that’s a former champion with sideburns, a potty mouth and no moral values.

Chris Jericho entered with a microphone with no Chyna because JR said she was taping 3rd Rock from the Sun (a popular TV show) in Los Angeles. Jericho said that Angle has the IC Title, but also bad breath and a terrible case of BO. Jericho said he’d rather look like this than look like a 30-year old that’s never kissed a woman, Olympic geek who still lives at home with his mommy. Angle told “Mrs. Angel” to get ready to see her baby boy jackass get a Y2J beating that he will never, ever forget again.

Analysis: Two of my favorite promo guys. I’m glad that they always got promo time because it helped develop them as characters.

Intercontinental Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho

Pre-match notes: Angle was the heel IC Champion while Jericho was the face challenger that lost the title to Angle at the previous PPV, No Way Out, a few weeks earlier.

Jericho opened up with chops early on followed by a double underhook backbreaker. Angle came back with a stun gun sending Jericho into the top rope followed by a clothesline. Jericho got back into it briefly with chops, but Angle came back with a back body drop. Jericho came back with a spinning heel kick followed by a bulldog for two. Angle sent Jericho into the ropes, Angle ducked and Jericho hit referee Teddy Long with a forearm by accident. Jericho covered and slapped the mat three times to count the pin, but there was no referee to count the fall. Angle got back up, he grabbed one of his titles, Jericho stopped him and Jericho slapped on the Walls of Jericho submission with referee Long back into it. Bob Backlund entered through the crowd and slapped on the Crossface Chickenwing on Jericho! That led to the disqualification at 4:10 to save Angle.

Winner by disqualification: Chris Jericho (Angle retains the title)

Analysis: **1/2 It was a pretty good match right up until the finish with the random appearance of Bob Backlund. I didn’t even remember that happening in the match, so it felt new to me. The story was that Jericho had the win with the pinfall, but there was no ref to count, so Angle was able to escape as the champion.

Post match, Backlund held onto the Crossface Chickenwing on Jericho like a madman. Referees broke it up. Angle got back up, he thanked Backlund and hugged him. Backlund raised Angle’s hand as Kurt’s music played even though he lost the match. JR pointed out that they had a lot in common as amateur wrestling champions.

Analysis: I think it was a case of WWE trying something with Backlund supporting Angle, but I don’t remember it lasting that long.

There was a close-up shot of Rikishi’s ass as he was warming up backstage. That was not a nice visual. I’m not going to screencap it for you because I’m a nice guy. You’re welcome.


Triple H made his entrance with the WWF Championship around his waist, a bottle of water he used to pour on his head and…oh yeah Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was there too. A clip aired from earlier in the show when Stephanie slapped brother Shane. Rikishi was up next as the opponent and he got a pretty good ovation.

Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) vs. Rikishi Phatu

Pre-match notes: Triple H was the heel WWF Champion who was not defending that title in this match. Rikishi was the face. These two have had some good TV matches from earlier in the year. Rikishi still had his left leg taped up to sell an attack from a few weeks earlier.

Hunter opened up with punches, he went for a Pedigree, Rikishi with a back body drop to get out of it and Rikishi hit a running clothesline against the turnbuckle. Shane and Big Show were shown watching backstage. Rikishi gave Hunter the Stinkface against the turnbuckle, but the move was not called “The Stinkface” yet. Stephanie distracted the referee, so Hunter hit a low blow that the referee never saw and Hunter hit a clothesline. Hunter whipped Rikishi into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Hunter with a knee to face for a two count. The fans started a “slut” chant for Stephanie that the announcers didn’t choose to mention. Rikishi hit a Samoan Drop to start a comeback, Rikishi hit a running hip attack (JR: “he leads with his ass!”) and Rikishi hit a superkick. Stephanie gave Hunter a steel chair, the ref was distracted by her, Hunter hit Rikishi in the back with the steel chair and the referee Earl Hebner called for the disqualification at 5:07.

Winner by disqualification: Rikishi Phatu

Analysis: **1/4 A solid match until the DQ. That’s a phrase I felt like I could have used a lot during this show. This was during a time where the WWF was building up Rikishi as one of their top faces, so they didn’t want him doing a clean job in a match like that. Hunter losing by DQ fit his character because he didn’t care about the win.

The Rock ran out for the save to a HUGE ovation. Rock with punches on Hunter followed by a Rock Bottom in the middle of the ring. Rock set up Hunter by the turnbuckle and told Rikishi to splash him. Rikishi to the middle rope and he hit a Banzai Drop on Hunter. Shane and Show were watching backstage and they looked happy about it.

Analysis: It continued the angle of The Rock continuing to get involved in everything that Triple H and Big Show were doing.

The Too Cool duo of Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty joined Rikishi in the ring for some post match dancing much to the delight of the crowd.


Replays aired of what happened before the break with The Rock saving Rikishi by beating up Triple H and then Rikishi hit the Banzai Drop on Hunter.

There was a shot of Shane and Big Show backstage saying they should go convince Triple H of something.

Al Snow was backstage with a tech guy with a headset on. Snow said that he wanted midgets to carry cheese down to the ring. Snow left. Blackman told the guy that if any of that happens, he will rip his throat out. Snow was back, so they left. Blackman was in a singles match against one of the Hardy Boys.

Steve Blackman (w/Al Snow) vs. Matt Hardy (w/Jeff Hardy)

Pre-match notes: The Hardys were faces. Blackman and Snow were heels originally, but they were morphing into faces due to the quirkiness of Snow wanting to help Blackman in terms of his personality.

The fans chanted “Headcheese” as the match began. Blackman missed a spin kick, so Matt took him down with a neckbreaker. Matt avoided a DDT and hit another neckbreaker followed by a leg drop off the middle ropes for two. Matt sent Blackman out of the ring, Matt up top and he hit a cross body block onto Blackman on the floor. Blackman shoved Matt into the barricade followed by a slam off the apron that sent Matt into the steel steps. The fans chanted “Headcheese” again as Blackman hit a spinning slam and he yelled at the fans. Blackman with a backbreaker. Blackman went for a headbutt off the middle rope, Matt avoided that and hit an atomic drop followed by a clothesline. Matt with a DDT for two. Blackman hit a bridging German Suplex for two. Matt with a belly to back suplex for two. Snow tried to interfere, Jeff stopped him, Snow with a clothesline and then Blackman shoved Matt off the top leading to jumping kick to the chest for the pinfall win at 4:45.

Winner by pinfall: Steve Blackman

Analysis: *1/2 There was decent action in this match that had a finish, so that’s a welcome change for this show. Some of it was dull, which is not a surprise when Blackman is involved.

There was a shot of Shane McMahon and Big Show in the office of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Shane suggested they put The Rock in a Steel Cage Match against Chris Benoit since Benoit has beaten him before. Hunter wants Rock to be crippled. Stephanie said that the match is on, but she wanted them to stay out of their business and Shane told her to stay out of their business.

Analysis: It set up a big main event match for later in the night.


Edge and Christian entered for a tag team match. They are the #1 Contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles. When E&C were in the ring, Terri walked down to the ring to try to involve herself in their business again. Terri joined commentary for this match. The opponents made their entrance. That’s a stylish shirt for Guerrero with a sling on his arm.

Edge & Christian vs. Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn (w/Eddie Guerrero)

Pre-match notes: Malenko and Saturn were the heels while Edge and Christian were the faces.

There was a double team dropkick by the heels early on, but then Edge came back with a slam face first into the match. Christian tagged in leading to some tag team moves and a front suplex. Malenko into the ring, Christian with a spin kick and a double team flapjack by Edge and Christian. Malenko did a chop block to Edge’s knee leading to a Saturn hitting an overhead suplex on Edge. Saturn put Edge’s leg across the middle rope leading to a jumping knee attack to Edge’s left leg. Saturn with a knee bar submission. Saturn and Malenko with a double team slam into the mat on Edge. Malenko worked over the knee of Edge some more. Edge came back with an enziguri kick leading to Christian getting the hot tag against Saturn. Christian with a body slam on Saturn, back body drop and a reverse DDT. Terri got up from the announce table as Edge and Malenko went tumbling over the top to the floor. Saturn with a back body drop on Christian. Malenko lightly hit Edge leading to Edge hitting Terri and she grabbed her leg. Edge was distracted by that while Eddie was on the top rope, the ref was looking at him and Malenko back in with a jumping kick to the face while Saturn swept Christian’s leg and Saturn pinned Christian to win at 5:14.

Winners by pinfall: Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn

Analysis: **3/4 It was a pretty good match with a heel finish where Terri accidentally (on purpose) cost Edge and Christian the win because she’s not happy about them refusing her help. I like the way Eddie was used in the finish leading to the heel win because if he’s going to be out there, he might as well play a part in the finish.

After the match, Terri walked away without any kind of limp and did her “devil” horns. Edge was frustrated at ringside because he realized he fell for it one more time.

A replay aired from earlier when the Mean Street Posse attacked Crash Holly in his hotel room and tried to win the Hardcore Title, but they couldn’t do it because Crash escaped.

Viscera was shown walking backstage because he’s up next.


Crash Holly, the Hardcore Champion, was up next for a title match. Viscera entered as the opponent.

Hardcore Championship: Crash Holly vs. Viscera

Pre-match notes: Holly was the Hardcore Champion that was a heel, but I think it’s fair to say he became a face when he won that title a few weeks earlier. Viscera was a heel that didn’t get much of a reaction.

The match began with Crash hitting Viscera in the back with a steel chair leading to Viscera hitting a clothesline. Viscera tossed Crash out of the ring and whipped him into the steel steps followed by Viscera sending Crash over the barricade. They went further into the crowd and into the backstage area. Viscera hit Crash in the back with the dreaded mop handle. Viscera sent Crash into a door and then onto a table of coffee. They went over to the catering area it looked like and the APA office was there with Faarooq and Bradshaw there. Crash came back with a low blow and a chair to the back that sent Viscera crashing onto the APA table. Faarooq grabbed a 2×4 piece of wood and Crash covered for the pinfall win with the referee there to raise his hand at 2:51.

Winner by pinfall: Crash Holly

Analysis: 1/2* I know some people found these matches to be fun, but this was one of the most boring Hardcore matches. It was just a comedy bit with the big ending that saw the APA get involved for the finish.

After the match, Bradshaw hit Crash with a clothesline. Bradshaw and Faarooq argued about their card game.


A replay aired from earlier with Bubba Ray Dudley putting Mae Young through a table.

The Rock was interviewed backstage by Michael Cole, who asked about his steel cage match later. Fans chanted “Rocky” for the People’s Champion as Rock did his “finally” bit to mention Springfield. Rock said that he loves the steel cage, he has no hidden agenda, he hides nothing, unlike Triple H, Stephanie, Shane and Big Show. Rock said that the only thing he will hide tonight is his boot straight up Chris Benoit’s candy ass.

Analysis: Good promo from Rock as usual. It was shorter than most of his promos.

Mark Henry was shown walking backstage and he went into a dressing room. He went after the Dudley Boyz in the ring, but Bubba and D-Von managed to beat Mark down, so Mark was left on the floor.


A graphic let us know that WrestleMania 2000 is four weeks away.

Chris Benoit made his entrance with his Radicals buddies by his side. Benoit told them to go to the back, so Benoit was alone in this match.

The Rock got a huge ovation for his entrance as usual. This guy was so over and he was by far the most popular guy on the show.

Steel Cage Match: The Rock vs. Chris Benoit

Pre-match notes: The Rock was the face and Benoit was the heel. It was mentioned by JR that the only way to win the match is to escape over the top of the cage with both feet touching the floor. Good! That’s how the rules should be. No pinfalls or submissions to win.

The match began with a slugfest as JR noted that there were no more commercials left. Rock sent Benoit into the turnbuckle. No referee in the ring with them because of the rules. Benoit charged in and was met with a clothesline from Rock. Benoit with a snap suplex. Benoit tried a climb, Rock brought him back in the ring and hit a back elbow to the face. Benoit hit a knee to the ribs to take control as Big Show and Shane McMahon slowly walked down to ringside with fans greeting them with “Asshole” chants. Rock took control in the ring with a back body drop that sent Benoit into the cage. Rock tried a climb, Shane and Show distracted up, Benoit tripped up Rock on the top rope. Triple H and Stephanie were shown walking to the ring as Benoit hit a dropkick that sent Rock into the cage. Benoit tried to climb out, Rock grabbed him and hit a belly to back suplex. Benoit with a running lefty clothesline followed by Benoit hitting a belly to back suplex like Rock did. Benoit tried to climb out of the cage, but he was going very slowly and Rock stopped him on the top rope leading to Benoit getting crotched on the top rope. Benoit worked over Rock with chops leading to Rock tied up in the ropes. Benoit tried a climb again, Rock broke free and slammed Benoit off the top into the center of the ring. Benoit sent Rock sternum first into the top turnbuckle followed by another belly to back suplex. Rock launched Benoit face first into the steel cage two times in a row. Benoit whipped Rock into the steel cage. Benoit to the top rope and he hit a flying headbutt to Rock’s chest. Benoit tried a climb again, Rock pulled him down and hit a spinesbuster. Benoit ducked a spit punch leading to two German Suplexes in a row for Benoit and then they did a nice sequence of moves leading to Rock hitting a Rock Bottom. Both guys were down as fans chanted “Rocky” in support of The Rock. Rock tried to climb out, Benoit went up to stop him and with Benoit on the top rope, Rock hit a low blow punch to the groin. Rock hit a Powerbomb to put Benoit down. Rock climbed up, Triple H went up to try to stop him and Rock punched Hunter down leading to Hunter landing on Big Show. Rock climbed over the top to the floor for the win at 10:53.

Winner by escaping the cage: The Rock

Analysis: *** Good match that got more time than most main events in this era of the WWF. It continued the story about The Rock having a lot to overcome, yet he found a way to win the match to continue to give him momentum going towards WrestleMania. Benoit was competitive in the match as he came close to winning a few times, but Rock managed to get the job done thanks to a key low blow punch late in the match. I thought the finish was very creative. Cage matches are so much better when the only way to win is climbing out of the cage. The other ways to win should not exist.

Post match, Show whipped Rock into the side of the cage. Show sent Rock into the ring with Shane and Triple H, who brought a steel chair into the ring. Hunter and Show whipped Rock into the change. Hunter swung the chair, Rock moved and Hunter hit Show with the chair. Rock worked over Hunter with punches and he whipped Hunter into the cage. Rock looked up at Shane McMahon on top of the cage, but Shane managed to get away to avoid an attack.

The Rock left the ring as the crowd cheered him. Triple H was mad about it at ringside as he threw a tantrum while Rock was happy about things and Show/Shane were angry in the ring. That’s how Raw ended.

Analysis: That was a good post match angle with Rock finding a way to fight off the heels even though it was 3 on 1 against him. It was done to give Rock some positive momentum going into WrestleMania. Another story was Triple H accidentally hit Big Show in the head with a chair, so even though they are allies sometimes, they also have issues as seen by that attack.

This episode had a run time of 1:35:32 on WWE Network.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. The Rock
  2. Chris Benoit
  3. Chris Jericho

The Scoreboard

This Raw episode gets a 6 out of 10.

The in-ring action was solid, but four of the first five matches ended in disqualification. That made it feel too repetitive. One or two DQ’s in a show is fine, but when you do that many it just feels like the creative team is lacking interest in terms of coming up with match finishes.

I liked the main event a lot as well as the main angle of the show with Rock continuing to be a thorn in the side of the McMahons, Triple H and Big Show. It made Rock look like a huge star, which is what the WWF wanted since he was the top face on the show without Austin around.

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