TJR Retro: WWF Raw Deal 01/24/00 Review

This is the episode of Raw that followed the great Royal Rumble 2000 PPV event that I posted, so please check that out if you haven’t done so already.

The big news from that show is that Triple H is still the WWF Champion, The Rock won the Royal Rumble, Chris Jericho is the only holder of the Intercontinental Championship and the New Age Outlaws are still the WWF Tag Team Champions. Check out our WWF 2000 section for more content from the WWF in 2000. Let’s roll.

WWE Raw #348
January 24, 2000
From the First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA

This show earned a TV-14 “S” for Sexual Content rating on WWE Network.

The Raw intro video aired to begin the show.

The pyro went off in the arena and the Philly crowd was very loud, which was the usual reaction in this era. There were signs all over. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show.

Let’s Hear from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

Triple H made his entrance with the WWF Championship on his left shoulder and his wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was by his side. Triple H had his forehead taped up that was caused from the bloody match at the Royal Rumble. The fans chanted “asshole” so loudly that you could hear it over the theme song of Triple H. There was even some tape on Triple’s left ear because of a cut he had. Fans chanted “asshole” at Hunter again.

Stephanie started speaking about the Royal Rumble and said that Triple H was The Game that beat Cactus Jack at his own game in a brutal, barbaric, street fight. The fans chanted “slut” at her. Stephanie said that the WWF Championship should never have been defended in such a demeaning match, but Triple H is a fighting champion that was her champion and our champion. She gave Triple H the microphone.

Triple H said that he’s not out there to put over Cactus Jack, but he said that Jack has to be the most sadistic freak he’s ever stepped in the ring with in his life. Triple H talked about the barb wire, sharp metallic objects, every trick Jack had, he brought it to the Royal Rumble and while Triple H left a piece of leg and pints of his blood all over New York City, the one thing he did not leave was the WWF Championship. Triple H said he was more sadistic and badder (more bad?) than Jack was. Hunter said that at the Royal Rumble, he went to a level he’s never been to in his life and he liked it. He said he stayed the man, the Game and the WWF Champion. Hunter pointed out that he couldn’t help but notice last night as he rolled out of the hospital in NYC, it looked like Cactus Jack would be in the hospital a lot longer than he was. Hunter said he didn’t think Jack would be there tonight.

Analysis: They did the bit about “I don’t think a guy will be here tonight” often because they did it with Jack leading up to the Rumble and here they go again. I don’t think most fans believed it.

Triple H moved on to talking about Anaheim, California on April 2nd, ten weeks away, it would be WrestleMania 2000 and fans chanted “Rocky” for The Rock. Hunter said The Rock vs. The Game one on one for the greatest prize in the business and he told Rock to get himself in the best shape possible because Triple H will be at the top of his game and he will leave WrestleMania as…but here comes The Big Show.

The Big Show made his entrance looking serious. Show was not in his ring gear. Show went into the ring for a staredown with Triple H.

Big Show pointed out that Triple H has never given him a rematch because if he were Triple H, he wouldn’t want to face Show. That led to Show saying that he didn’t like Triple H and we know what happens to people that Show doesn’t like. Show said he’s out there because a crime has been committed at the Royal Rumble with Show saying he was robbed. Show said that yes, he did go over the top, everybody saw it and Show claimed that Rocky’s feet hit the ground fist. Show said that he did the Royal Rumble, but he was robbed. Show said he needed a favor from Hunter. Fans chanted “Rocky” at them. Show said if he can prove to Hunter, Stephanie and all the fans that he has proof on film, he wants Hunter to grant him a one on one match with The Rock and the winner gets to go on to WrestleMania to face Triple H where Show gets his rematch. Triple H said, “show me the proof and it’s yours.”

The Rock made his entrance to a thunderous ovation with the crowd cheering loudly. Rock was in his street clothes including an expensive shirt and the shades. Rock stood on the stage to deliver a promo retort. The fans greeted Rock with “Rocky” chants as usual.

The Rock did his “finally The Rock has come back to Philadelphia” bit to start the promo. Rock said that seeing as how he just won the Royal Rumble, it makes Triple H’s days as the WWF Champion numbered. Translation: At WrestleMania, The Rock is going to kick your monkey ass. Rock talked about Big Show being 7 feet and 500 pounds of whining, bitching and moaning. Rock said that it doesn’t matter if The Rock’s feet touched the ground first. Rock said it didn’t matter where Rock’s feet touched whether it was the ground, the mat or straight up Show’s candy ass. Rock said it’s not the NFL, there is no replay, but what matters is that Rock stands before us as the People’s Champion.

Triple H said that he and Big Show have a common problem with the big jackass up there with the big ego. Triple H said that he and Big Show are going to team up against The Rock and a partner of Rock’s choosing…if he can find one of those jabronis to team up with Rock. Hunter said that if Rock can’t find a partner then they’ll have a handicap match.

The Rock replied that if somebody wants to team with Rock that’s fine, but if not, The Rock doesn’t need it. Rock ended it saying that Triple H and Show will smell what The Rock is cooking. Rock’s music played to end it. That took about 17 minutes.

Analysis: That covered a lot there with Show complaining about the Royal Rumble loss while also mentioning he never got his rematch for the WWF Title. The Rock fired back as only he can. They ended up setting up the big tag team match for later, which is consistent for what WWE usually did in opening segments designed to set u pa match for later in the show.

Coming up on Raw: Kane vs. X-Pac and New Age Outlaws vs. The Hardy Boyz.

Hardcore Holly and Crash Holly were outside the women’s locker room. Hardcore went into the women’s locker room looking for Chyna and she told him to show women respect. Hardcore blamed Chyna for costing him the IC Title, Holly punched Chyna and Chris Jericho showed up to attack Hardcore with punches. Jericho was pulled back by referees. Crash laughed at Hardcore, so Hardcore punched Crash and knocked him down to end it.


A replay aired of Jericho attacking Hardcore Holly. They will be in a match later.

Al Snow and Steve Blackman were backstage. Snow put a cape on Blackman since he “already has a personality of a dead guy.” Snow suggested that Blackman carries the cheese and Snow has the Head, so they can be headcheese. Blackman said he’s not doing that. Al had the game of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” with him and suggested they could be called “Head Games” but Blackman just left angrily.

Edge and Christian vs. Al Snow and Steve Blackman

Pre-match notes: Edge and Christian were the faces while Snow and Blackman were the heels.

Edge with an armdrag on Snow followed by a dropkick. Snow came back with a clothesline on Edge. Blackman in, Edge with an atomic drop and Christian tagged in as some fans chanted “Head Cheese” with Snow pointing to the crowd. Blackman missed an elbow drop, Christian sent Blackman out of the ring and Christian hit a springboard cross body block on Blackman on the floor. Snow and Edge exchanged punches on the floor. Blackman sent Christian face first into the steel steps. The fans chanted “Head Cheese” again and Blackman wasn’t happy about it. Christian with two boots to the chest of Blackman, Edge got the tag, Snow with a blind tag and Snow hit a leg drop off the top onto Edge, who was held over the knee by Blackman. Christian and Blackman went brawling to the floor. Edge sold it like he was knocked out, so referee Teddy Long ended the match saying that edge was knocked out at 3:34

Winners by pinfall: Al Snow and Steve Blackman

Analysis: *1/2 They put over Snow and Blackman since they won on the previous Smackdown, so it was designed to give “Head Cheese” some momentum. It was also done to set up the post match angle.

Val Venis went down to the ring to check on Edge, who was about to marry Val’s sister, which was real and also part of the storyline. That led to BB the EMT running out there with her BB’s bouncing and the fans cheering at the sight of her. That led to the spot where Barbara Bush provided mouth to mouth resuscitation to Edge and that led to Edge waking up as if he was fine.

Analysis: The gimmick was that Edge was something of a ladies man, so they furthered that angle by having BB give him mouth to mouth resuscitation even though it was likely not needed. I never said it was a good angle. It was just something they were trying with Edge.

Chris Jericho was shown walking backstage.


Hardcore Holly was shown backstage with Crash Holly and Crash said he wouldn’t go to the ring with him because Crash was going to get a partner. Chris Jericho got a big ovation for his entrance. This was when his face run started.

Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Hardcore Holly

Pre-match notes: Holly was the heel while Jericho was a heel, but Jericho was cheered, so I guess it’s fair to say he’s a face now.

Holly and Jericho got into a slugfest early on with fans chanting “Y2J” for Jericho. Chyna walked down to ringside. Holly and Jericho got into a chop fest. Jericho took control with a bulldog for two. They got into another slugfest. Holly came back with a Powerbomb for a two count. Chyna grabbed Holly’s foot, so he left the ring and kicked Chyna in the face. Holly grabbed a steel chair, Jericho saved her and sent Holly face first into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Holly hit a dropkick leading to Jericho getting tied up in the ropes. Chyna went into the ring, the ref tried to free Jericho from the ropes and Chyna hit a Pedigree on Holly on the steel chair in the ring. Jericho hit a Lionsault for the pinfall win at 3:44.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho

Analysis: ** That was an intense match from the moment the match began. Chyna getting involved made sense due to Holly attacking her backstage with a cheap shot. It was also a way to get Holly out of the title scene and build up somebody else.

Post match, Chyna presented the title to Jericho and raised his hand. The announcers wondered what was going on.

Analysis: It was WWE using Chyna to help turn Jericho face, so this was done to show that they had mutual respect.

The Hardy Boyz with Terri were interviewed by Michael Cole. The Dudley Boyz showed up with D-Von saying that the Hardys have taken the Dudleys to the extreme. Bubba said that after the Rumble, they want to shake their hand and show them the proper respect. Bubba said that if the Hardys beat the Outlaws for the titles, the Dudleys get the first title shot. Matt said they’ve got it. Bubba said that if the Hardys need help, don’t be afraid to call the Dudleys.


The “don’t try this at home” style ad ran to warn people to not try wrestling moves and to leave it to the superstars.

Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty) vs. Crash Holly and Viscera

Pre-match notes: Too Cool were the faces. Crash and Viscera were heels that had a match at Smackdown, but now they are partners.

The announcers joked that Crash thinks he’s a super heavyweight like Viscera, so that’s why they are partners. Sexay hit a DDT on Crash early in the match. Viscera tagged in and tossed Sexay across the ring. Viscera missed a splash on Sexay. Scotty tagged in, Crash with a knee to the back and Viscera hit a Samoan Drop on Scotty. Crash tried a top rope move, but he stumbled because that was his gimmick. Crash with a hurricanrana on Scotty for two. Viscera back in, Scotty moved and Scotty kicked Viscera in the back. Viscera put Scotty on his shoulders and Viscera hit a Powerbomb. Viscera went for a splash, Scotty moved and Sexay tagged back in. Crash in, Sexay hit him with a Powerbomb and a double dropkick by Too Cool. Double team bulldog by Too Cool. Scotty hit the WORM chop on Viscera. Scotty held Crash over his knee and Sexay jumped off the top rope with a leg drop like Al Snow did earlier and this one connected too. Sexay tried to cover Crash, but the ref correctly noted that Crash wasn’t legal, so Viscera hit a leg drop on Sexay and pinned him to win for the odd couple team at 3:22

Winners by pinfall: Crash Holly and Viscera

Analysis: ** It was a win for the unique team of Viscera and Crash, who were complete opposites in terms of their looks. I don’t remember the angle going very far, so we’ll see in the next couple of weeks of shows if they did much together. It was creative in terms of the finish to the match.

A video package aired about Kane and X-Pac as the best of friends that became Tag Team Champions due to X-Pac helping Kane act like more of a normal guy. The Degeneration X group reunited as heels, so X-Pac told Kane they are still bros. X-Pac turned on Kane with a low blow and that ended their friendship with X-Pac calling Kane a piece of crap.

Kane was shown backstage with Tori for Kane’s match up next.


A clip aired of Jonathon Coachman at WWF New York in Times Square in NYC. There were some fans there with him that were excited to be watching Raw.

Kane made his entrance first with Tori while X-Pac entered alone in his Degeneration X gear. There was a story where Tori had to spend the Christmas holidays with X-Pac and she said that X-Pac was a perfect gentleman.

Kane (w/Tori) vs. X-Pac

Pre-match notes: Kane was the face here while X-Pac was the heel.

X-Pac worked over Kane with kicks in the corner and Kane came back with a clothesline. Kane took down X-Pac with a hip toss across the ring. Kane with a slam followed by a choke to keep X-Pac down. X-Pac got back into it with a spin kick to the head. X-Pac did some “suck it” gestures to Tori. That set Kane off, so Kane tossed X-Pac over the top onto a camera guy at ringside. Kane worked over X-Pac with punches, but X-Pac managed to shove Kane into the steel steps at ringside. Tori was in the ring, X-Pac slapped her on the ass and kissed her all the way to the mat. The crowd reacted to that in a big way. X-Pac left the ring, Kane went into the ring and Tori was shrieking about it. X-Pac went into the ring and hit Kane in the back with the chair leading to disqualification finish at 2:56.

Winner by disqualification: Kane

Analysis: * It was more of an angle than a match to further the story between them. You could tell it wasn’t going to end clean or with a decisive winner. All three of them were part of a big story on the following Smackdown, which I won’t spoil here, but it was a major part of this rivalry.

Even though X-Pac lost the match by DQ, they played his theme music. I don’t know why, but they did. X-Pac left while Tori checked on Kane.


A highlight aired from the Royal Rumble showing Jeff Hardy’s Senton Bomb (Swanton Bomb) to beat the Dudleys.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were in their office. Kane and Tori showed up looking for X-Pac, so Hunter and Steph told them that X-Pac left. That was it.

The New Age Outlaws made their entrance for the WWF Tag Team Title match. Like I say every week, they play to the crowd as if they are faces even though they are heels. The Hardy Boyz entered with their manager Terri.

WWF Tag Team Championships: New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) vs. The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) w/Terri

Pre-match notes: The New Age Outlaws were the heel champions while the Hardys were the faces.

The Outlaws did a cheap attack as soon as the bell rang. Gunn ripped off Matt’s shirt and revealed that Matt had taped ribs from the tables match. The Dudleys walked down to the ring to watch the match as Billy hit a splash on Matt against the turnbuckle. The Dudleys grabbed a table from under the ring and they sat on it to watch the match. Gunn hit a Jackhammer slam on Matt. Dogg and Gunn made a lot of quick tags as they took turns working over Matt with Dogg whipping Matt hard into the turnbuckle. Dogg tried doing a move off Gunn’s back, but Matt hit a dropkick on Dogg and a tornado DDT on Gunn. Jeff got the hot tag, he hit a back body drop on Gunn and Jeff was selling the rib injury. Matt hit a Twist of Fate on Dogg. Jeff up top with the Senton Bomb for two, but Bubba pulled the referee Mike Chioda out of the ring and punched him. The crowd was really loud for Hardy’s pin attempt, but then they were pissed off when the Dudleys got involved. The match went about 5:54.

Winners by disqualification: The Hardy Boyz (New Age Outlaws are still champions)

Analysis: **1/2 Good tag team match with the Hardys coming into the match selling a beating and then they made a big comeback that helped build up the excitement towards the finish. I’m not surprised by the DQ finish although booking a DQ right after the previous match had a DQ does feel a bit repetitive.

After the match, D-Von whipped Jeff into the ropes and Bubba hit the 3D on Jeff. Matt was back in, so the Dudleys hit the 3D (Dudley Death Drop) on him too. The Dudleys brought a table into the ring. Terri foolishly went into the ring to check on the Hardys. D-Von almost punched Terri, but Bubba said let’s put her through a table instead. Bubba went to the top rope, D-Von brought Terri over and Bubba hit a Powerbomb off the top through a table. That drew a massive reaction from the crowd with JR and Lawler freaking out about it with JR saying Terri was broken in half while Lawler called Bubba an idiot. Referees and trainers went into the ring.

Analysis: That was a huge moment at the time because you never saw something like that where guys hit a big move like a Powerbomb off the top through a table. The bump looked brutal, but I watched it in slow motion a few times and you can see Bubba was the one that took the full bump with Terri on his lap. This was a way to get some massive heat on the Dudleys, so it was successful in that regard. This also explained why the Hardys won at Royal Rumble because it set off the Dudleys to become more violent.

Bubba was shown walking away with a crazed look in his eyes. Terri was being looked at as the show went to break.


Terri was shown on the stretcher as they aired multiple replays of Bubba putting Terri through the table.

Kurt Angle made his entrance saying that kind of stuff shouldn’t happen and said, “that’s bad.” Angle complained about how at the Royal Rumble, he experienced something he had never experienced before. Angle said he was not talking about defeat, it was honor. Angle said he had documents from officials saying that last night was an illegal hold by so-called unnamed opponent. They showed Terri being taken to the ambulance. Angle said that his opponent was a street thug that was not raised the right way, so he lacked the three I’s. Angle said not to worry because his undefeated streak is still in tact.

Tazz made his entrance to a big ovation for his first time on Raw. Tazz got in the ring with Angle although there was no referee and this was not a match. Tazz got in the ring, Angle said it was an illegal hold and Tazz slapped on the Tazmission like he did at the Royal Rumble. Tazz took Angle down, Angle tried to fight it and fans chanted “ECW” for Tazz. Referees showed up to break it up.

Analysis: It was a good way to put Tazz on Raw for the first time and have him look like a badass by beating up Angle again just like he beat him at the Royal Rumble. That’s two segments in a row where they needed referees to fill the ring to put an end to something.


There was a clip of Terri being put in the ambulance during the commercial. Matt and Jeff Hardy were there with her.

They showed images of four WWF covers on TV Guide with The Rock, Triple H, Mankind and Chyna.

The Rock was backstage. Michael Cole asked if he had a partner for later. Rock said he’ll go out there by himself and kick the asses of Triple H and Big Show at the same time in a handicap match.

The Godfather and D-Lo Brown made their entrance with the Ho Train full of ladies. The Godfather did a pre-match promo to hype up the crowd leading to the “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” phrase that the crowd chanted along with. The Acolytes entered as the opponents.

The Godfather and D-Lo Brown vs. The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq)

Pre-match notes: Both teams were faces.

Bradshaw decked Godfather with a boot to the face. Bradshaw with a corner clothesline against the turnbuckle, Godfather came back with a boot to the face and a leg drop. Brown tagged in and Bradshaw hit him with a boot to the face. Faarooq tagged in, Brown with a jumping side kick and Brown hit a leg drop for two. Faarooq hit an impressive spinebuster on Brown. Bradshaw back in with a double team shoulder tackle. Faarooq tagged in and Brown hit him with a Sky High spinebuster. Godfather tagged in, he punched Bradshaw to the floor, body slam on Faarooq and a standing side kick. Godfather with a running splash on Faarooq against the turnbuckle, but Bradshaw broke up the pin. Brown back in, Bradshaw with a blind tag and Bradshaw hit a Clothesline from Hell leading to a flip bump by Brown along with the pinfall win for the Acolytes.

Winners by pinfall: The Acolytes

Analysis: *1/2 It was a basic match to give The Acolytes a win after their failed title win at the Royal Rumble. The bump by Brown on that final clothesline was well done by him.

There was a shot of five of the women that were part of the Royal Rumble swimsuit commercial.


There was a Chef Boyardee commercial featuring Mankind.

They showed Jonathon Coachman at WWF New York with Coach saying, “it was the only place to watch Raw is War.” You can watch it in your house too. Just saying.

Crowning the Winner of the Miss Rumble 2000 Swimsuit Contest

Jerry Lawler hosted this segment featuring WWF Women’s Champion The Kat, Jacqueline, Barbara Bush aka BB aka Big Boobs, Ivory and Luna. Mae Young was up last with her friend the Fabulous Moolah. They were missing Terri, who was sent to the hospital earlier.

Lawler presented Mae Young with the flowers as the winner of the contest. That drew some boos with JR saying Mae was met with “mixed reactions” and Lawler put a small crown on Mae. Lawler said at least the flowers aren’t wilted like Mae’s puppies last night. Mae said that her puppies are real. The Kat said that she’s talking about Jacqueline, then that led to the women brawling. Luna took off The Kat’s shirt leaving Kat in a braw, Ivory took off Jacqueline’s shirt leaving her in a bra, BB was attacked and then left covering herself up. Referees showed up to break up the fighting. Mae Young celebrated with a makeshift “Miss Rumble” trophy. Mae said that the people want to see her puppies, the fans yelled “no” at her and Mae teased a strip again. Please no. Mark Henry showed up to cover up Mae with JR noting that Young was 79 years old. They went to commercial there with Henry covering up Mae.

Analysis: Awful segment. I like seeing the hot women as much as anybody, but this was bad and a weak roster of female talent as well.


Triple H and Big Show were in a hallway with Stephanie. Triple H said they can work together to beat up Rock and finish him off once and for all. Show shook Hunter’s hand and they left.

Test was shown entering for a match. They showed Droz backstage in a wheelchair. He was paralyzed after a bump in a match against D-Lo Brown. JR said “he’ll be back” but Droz was never able to walk again. The Big Boss Man was up next.

Test vs. Big Boss Man

Pre-match notes: Test was the face Hardcore Champion in this non-title match and Boss Man was a heel.

Boss Man worked over Test with punches. Boss Man punched Test out of the ring. Somebody went into the ring and attacked Boss Man with a nightstick to the ribs. The match went 0:24.

Winner by disqualification: Big Boss Man

Post match, the attacker was revealed. It was Stevie Richards, was dressed in attire similar from Test. JR noted that Richards was trying to gain an identity by mimicking WWEF superstars.

Analysis: DUD It was just an angle. The match didn’t matter and it was rushed.

The Rock was shown walking to the ring for the main event match.


A replay aired of Terri being put through a table by Bubba Ray Dudley. Michael Cole was at the hospital saying that there were signs of Terri possibly suffering a concussion, but they didn’t know if she suffered a broken neck or a broken back. They will update later in the week.

The Rock made his entrance for the main event. Big ovation for him, which was the norm as usual.

Triple H made his entrance with wifey Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Big Show was up last for his team.

Rikishi’s music hit and he went down to the ring as The Rock’s partner. I thought it might be Cactus Jack, but he was too banged up, so it made sense to put Rikishi there since he was one of the top faces in the company as well.

The Rock and Rikishi Phatu vs. Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon) and Big Show

Pre-match notes: The Rock and Rikishi were the faces while Hunter and Show were the heels.

Show was in control early with a body slam on Rock, but an elbow drop missed. Show got back into it with a body slam. Triple H tagged in, Rock hit him with a DDT and Show broke up the pin with a boot to Rock. Show tagged himself back in, he missed a corner splash and Rikishi got the tag. Rikishi whipped Show into the turnbuckle, back splash and a superkick by Rikishi. Hunter with a forearm to the back of the head, Rikishi no sold (Samoans do that) and Show hit a sidewalk slam on Rikishi. Hunter hit a facebuster into the knee on Rikishi and Rikishi hit a Samoan Drop on Hunter. Rock and Show got the tags with Rock working Show over with a punch followed by a DDT. Rock with a spinebuster on Triple H. Rock teased a Rock Bottom on Show, Hunter hit Rock with a low blow to the balls and the blind ref Earl Hebner didn’t see it even though he was standing right there. Billy Gunn and Road Dogg attacked Rikishi at ringside, so there’s the disqualification at 4:16.

Winners by disqualification: The Rock and Rikishi Phatu

Analysis: ** It was a short match leading to the big heel beatdown to show that the heels were dominant. The crowd was really into it. If they got a few more minutes it would have been a pretty good match, but there was not enough time left in the show.

Post match, Show hit a knee drop to the groin of The Rock. The Outlaws worked over Rikishi wit ha chair. Stephanie handed Triple H with a chair. Triple H punched the ref down. Cactus Jack slowly went into the ring with a 2×4 wood attack to Big Show and 2×4 to the back of Triple H. The crowd loved it. Rock and Jack grabbed the 2×4 leading to a double team clothesline on Show to send Show out of the ring.

The show ended with Cactus Jack’s music playing with Triple H and Big Show were in the aisle. Triple H went on the apron, Rock hit him with a chair and that was the end of this week’s Raw.

Analysis: It was a good post match attack to show that Cactus Jack was still able to fight even after getting his ass kicked at the Royal Rumble. I like how it was set up. The crowd was into that closing sequence, so it was well booked.

This episode had a run time of 1:36:39 on WWE Network.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. The Rock
  2. The Dudley Boyz
  3. Triple H

The Scoreboard

This Raw episode gets a 5 out of 10.

It was just an average Raw. The in-ring quality was poor for most of the night with a lot of short matches. There was some good storyline progression. The key guys like Rock and Hunter did great like always, which happened nearly every week in this era.

I thought the Dudley Boyz were booked well as a crazy heel tag team that was willing to do anything to send a message including putting a woman like Terri through the table.

I’ll be back on Thursday with the Smackdown review for the same week.

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