TJR: NWA Powerrr 11/12/19 Review (Episode 6)

It’s time for another review of NWA Powerr Review right here on TJRWrestling. The video was posted on Tuesday at 6:05pmET on Youtube and I’ll post the full video at the bottom of this review. Check out my NWA Powerr Review archive here. Let’s roll.

This episode is called: More Questions Than Answers.

There was a video showing what happened last week when the Rock N Roll Express went after the Wildcards (Wild Card) tag team after they tried to interfere in a tag team match.

The “Into the Fire” intro video aired to welcome us to the show.

The announce team of Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcomed us to the show at the at the GPB Studios in Atlanta.

The Rock N Roll Express duo of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were interviewed by Dave Marquez as fans chanted “Rock N Roll” for them. Morton said that he’s excited for Kingston and Homicide getting their shot at the NWA Tag Team Titles while adding that we should never count them. Gibson said it’s a pleasure to be there. Eddie Kingston and Homicide showed up on the set. Kingston said that having these legends give them the stamp of approval means he doesn’t see any way they can lose the title match.

Analysis: A simple promo to tell the audience what’s coming up because now we know a Tag Team Title match is happening later in the show.

Caleb Konley vs. Trevor Murdoch

Konley was in control early with a monkey flip followed by a dropkick to the face. Konley charged into the turnbuckle, but Murdoch caught him with a spinebuster that looked great. Murdoch with an elbow to the head to knock Konley down. Murdoch with two body slams, the fans wanted another one and Murdoch hit a third body slam. Konley came back with two boots to the chest followed by a senton splash. Konley tripped up Murdoch and hit a double stomp to the chest for two. Konley went for a springboard moonsault, but Murdoch got the knees up. Murdoch with a full nelson slam. Murdoch went up top and he hit a bulldog for the pinfall after about four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Trevor Murdoch

Analysis: ** It was a competitive match with the veteran Murdoch countering the moonsault and getting the win shortly after that after two big moves. It was simple and it worked well to put over Murdoch. Konley has mostly been used to put people over.

A commercial aired for the Into the Fire PPV on December 14 on Fite TV.

A replay aired from last week’s show when Ricky Starks beat Aron Stevens 2-0 in a 2/3 Falls Match.

Aron Stevens was interviewed by Joe Galli while wearing a pirate style shirt. Stevens said he started to get dressed for this evening’s show, but he’s here to announce to he is no longer a part of the NWA. That led to cheers from the crowd. Stevens said he is no longer a part of professional wrestling, he complained about last week and fans sang “na na na hey hey goodbye” at him. Stevens said he quit wrestling, he’s going to California and never to return to this hellhole again. Stevens bids us all a fond adieu and he left.

Analysis: I enjoy the Stevens promo. He’s one of the best talkers on this show and also very funny as well.

They showed a clip of last week showing Marti Bell turning heel on Allysin Kay and aligning with Thunder Rosa.

Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle vs. Crystal Rose and Brooklyn Creed

Rosa and Belle are heels. Rose and Creed are not regulars, so they’re there to put over the regulars. Belle with a kick to Creed. Rosa tagged in with chops, a corner clothesline and a double knee attack against the turnbuckle. Rosa knocked Rose off the apron. Rosa with a dropkick across the turnbuckle. Rosa jumped off the top and hit a double foot stomp to the back of Creed for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle

Analysis: 1/2* A basic squash to put over the heel team of Rosa and Belle to build them up as potential contenders in the women’s division. Rosa’s offense looks impressive.

Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle were interviewed by Dave Marquez. Bell said she knows enough about Thunder Rosa to know that this is her future. Rosa spoke in Spanish, Belle translated that she had a vision, a fire that could not be extinguished and then Rosa said there’s a phoenix that is coming back. Belle said that Allysin Kay has no idea what’s coming to her.

Analysis: Rosa has a very bright future in the NWA. Belle is more of a natural face, but she should be fine as an ally of Rosa moving forward.

The “Who is the Mark?” video aired again like it does every week.

A replay aired from last week’s show with Colt Cabana winning the NWA National Championship.

James Storm did a promo saying he was robbed in that match and it was not fair and square. Storm said he was demanding a rematch, but then he said forget that match. Storm said he had bigger fish to fry. Storm said that he is coming after Nick Aldis and the NWA World Title while adding when he finds him, “your ass is mine.” That ended that.

Analysis: Good intensity in that promo from a pissed off Storm.

Colt Cabana was interviewed by Dave Marquez with Colt holding the NWA National Title since he won the title on last week’s show. Cabana said that he is representing all of us at home. Cabana spoke about how Storm took advantage of him when he beat Cabana when he was hurt, but he healed his leg, hurt and soul and the first time he was back in the ring, here it is – championship gold on his shoulder. Cabana said he’ll fight anybody. Ricky Starks walked onto the set. Starks said he’s kinda sold on gold and he looked at the title.

Analysis: That makes sense as a future NWA National Title match since Starks is a wrestler on the rise in the NWA. Cabana is a pure babyface while Starks can come across as being as egotistical, so I think their styles would work well.

The Question Mark vs. Dan Parker

The Question Mark is Jocephus with a mask on that had a “?” on his mask. Mark with a punch to the gut followed by a forearm to the back. There were some “Question Mark” chants. Mark with a boot to the face and a missile dropkick off the middle ropes. Mark with an uppercut palm strike that led to Parker taking a ridiculous bump for the pinfall win. It went one minute.

Winner by pinfall: The Question Mark

Analysis: 1/4* A squash win to make all marks happy? Sure. I think the idea is to have a comedic character and the fans bought it into it, so at least it worked in the first match.

There was a video showing Thunder Rosa competing in an MMA fight recently that they’re calling “Into the Cage” coming soon.

Eli Drake appeared on the interview set with Dave Marquez. Drake said people are talking about Kamille and he didn’t give a damn. Drake said maybe Nick Aldis is worried that some truth might come out if she talked. Drake said that if Kamille talks then she might say there is only one man that’s breathing down Nick’s neck and he’s going to take the gold. The fans chanted “Question Mark” at him. Drake said he’s going to give you an exclamation because the only name is Eli Drake. The NWA Tag Team Champions Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs interrupted with Latimer telling Drake not to stick his nose in their business. Latimer said this is his business, so keep your mouth shut. Drake said that if there’s one guy that make Kamille squeal that man is Eli Drake and Isaacs told Drake to mind his own business. The champs left. Ken Anderson showed up saying that Eli was looking for somebody with a big mouth and Ken said all you have to do is say his name…Anderson…Anderson…and then he yelled “boo” at him. Drake was left speechless.

Analysis: There was a lot going on there. What Latimer said to Drake suggests that maybe he’s an ally of Aldis and that’s why it is none of Drake’s business. Anderson getting in Drake’s face could set up a match between them.

There was a video featuring William Patrick Corgan (or Billy Corgan) saying he was there to make an announcement. Corgan said thanks for supporting the NWA for the last five or six weeks and he put over the PPV. He told fans to sign up for an email list. Corgan said that you should sign up for an email and it’s news that will expand their programming in an interesting way. Go to to sign up now.

They had one of their Tony Falk promotional videos. These are ridiculous and mildly funny.

A clip aired from last week when Nick Aldis gave Tim Storm a pep talk while telling him that everything is possible.

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis was on the interview set with Joe Galli. Aldis said he sees and hears a lot of people talking about what they deserve and taking what’s theirs. Aldis said as the real World’s Heavyweight Champion while adding that the business owes you nothing, these people owe you nothing and you have to earn everything. Aldis said there’s a reason why he presented Dory Funk with the Lou Thesz and there’s a reason why Harley Race allowed him to stand next to him with their belts side by side. Aldis said he earns everything the right way and the reason the NWA is at where it’s at is because of him. Aldis said just to be clear, he’s going to sit at ringside for this tag team match and he’ll make sure there are no shenanigans or controversy. Aldis said if you’re going to be a champion in the NWA, he’s going to make sure that you do things the right away. Aldis sat down on a chair at ringside.

Analysis: A strong promo from Aldis as usual. He always speaks with confidence and carries himself well as the champion. I like the idea that because he’s a champion he wants to make sure other champions do things the right way. It leaves the viewer to wonder if he’s genuine in saying that or if he might be heelish in saying it.

World Tag Team Championships: The Wild Cards (Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs) vs. Eddie Kingston and Homicide

The graphics on the screen say “The Wild Cards” while the announcers say Wildcard, so I think NWA is still deciding on what to call them.

Homicide hit a belly to belly suplex on Isaacs while Latimer and Kingston were brawling on the floor. Isaacs came back with a powerslam, then a neckbreaker and Latimer tagged in with an elbow drop. Homicide hit a jumping DDT off the middle ropes. Kingston tagged in with a running clothesline for two. Latimer with a spinning heel kick on Kingston. The heel champs kept Kingston in their corner with double team moves, the fans chanted “Eddie” and Latimer continued with punches. Latimer choked Kingston against the ropes while the referee wasn’t looking. Kingston hit a slam on Latimer to break free. Homicide got the tag with a forearm on Latimer and an overhead suplex on Isaacs for a two count. Kingston back in with a rolling punch to the face for two on Isaacs. There was a DDT from Isaacs with Homicide to break up the pin. Kingston with a corner splash on Latimer. Kingston went for a suplex on Latimer, but then his right knee gave out, so he collapsed. Latimer wrenched on the right knee. Homicide went into the ring with a clothesline on Latimer. Kingston and Isaacs did a double clothesline spot, so all four guys were down in the ring. Homicide sent Latimer out of the ring. Homicide to the turnbuckle, Isaacs knocked him down and Homicide went crashing to the floor. Kingston was sent into the ropes and Latimer hit a Popup Powerbomb. Isaacs picked up Kingston for a lifting German Suplex called the Hush Money for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Wild Cards (Thom Latimer and Royce Isaacs)

Analysis: **3/4 Good action with the heels controlling most of it, the faces made the big comeback and the crowd got into it. They could have used some more time and got some nearfalls in there, but they did well in the time they did have. There should have been a few more spots where Kingston and Homicide looked like they might win because the way this was done didn’t do many favors for them. With that said, Latimer and Isaacs did look like strong champions with how they got rid of Homicide and finished off Kingston.

After the match, Kamille went out to the ring to argue with Aldis about something. We could not hear what they were saying. The “Into the Fire” song played to close the show. James Storm also walked out there and got in Aldis’ face, so did Eli Drake, Ken Anderson, the Dawsons, Colt Cabana and others. It was just a big argument.

Analysis: I’m not sure where this is going. I like the idea of not knowing. My guess is Aldis will be in a stable with Latimer and Isaacs as the champions and Latimer told Drake earlier that it was none of his business. Latimer is also dating Kamille in real life, so maybe that’s going to be revealed too. Let’s see how it plays out.

This episode had a run time of 46:47. That’s 11 minutes shorter than last week. You can watch it all here:


Final Thoughts

It was another solid 45 minutes of NWA action that just flew by. The show is fast-moving and nothing drags on too much. This episode wasn’t as good as some of the others they have done because of the match quality, but they did make progress on some of the stories they’ve been pushing.

In terms of matches, I liked the main event a lot and they are doing an excellent job of making their titles matter. There were good promos throughout. The ending makes me wonder where things are going next, which is what you want the viewers to think at the end of the show.

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