TJR: NWA Powerrr 11/05/19 Review (Episode 5)

Welcome to the fifth review NWA Powerr Review right here on TJRWrestling. The video was posted on Tuesday at 6:05pmET on Youtube and I’ll post the full video at the bottom of this review. Check out my NWA Powerr Review archive here. Let’s roll.

This episode is called: James Storm vs. Colt Cabana. That’s not a creative title!

There was a video recapping some of the previous weeks of storylines. They do a great job of putting over the value of their titles. The “Into the Fire” intro video aired.

The announce team of Joe Galli and the legendary Jim Cornette welcomed us to the show. As usual, it took place at GPB Studios in Atlanta in front of a few hundred enthusiastic fans.

Colt Cabana was interviewed by Dave Marquez. Cabana said that last week his team got the victory and Cabana feel like he deserves to be a main eventer. Cabana said now he gets a shot at the NWA National Championship held by James Storm and he’s 100% and ready to go tonight.

Aron Stevens was interviewed by Dave Marquez with Stevens informing us we aren’t allowed to make eye contact with him. Stevens said obviously everyone knows Ricky Starks beating him was a fluke, you can call it ring rust or whatever, but bottom line is he is better than him and the career to prove it. Stevens told Marquez to go on Youtube and see for yourself. Stevens said that he asked the NWA for a match, so Dave asked what that is. The fans chanted “you got beat” at Stevens, so he told them to please be quiet. Stevens claimed he was a great great great great grandson of William Shakespeare, which drew boos and he said some Shakespeare. Stevens said NWA needs to make right on their promises or he will leave professional wrestling.

Analysis: Stevens is one of my favorite promo guys in this company filled with great talkers. He was great as Damien Sandow and this character that thinks he’s a very successful actor is extremely entertaining.

There was a commercial with NWA World’s Champion Nick Aldis in the RetroMania Wrestling video coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s coming in 2020.

The Dawsons (Zane and Dave Dawson) vs. Matthew Mims and Jordan Kingsley

Zane (the one with hair) drove Mims to the corner, then Mims got a shoulder tackle and Kingsley hit a forearm. Zane hit Kingsley with a forearm. Dave (the bald one) tagged in leading to a double vertical suplex by the Dawsons. Dave launched Kingsley in the air and dropped him face first to the mat. Double team sidewalk slam by the Dawsons got a one count because Zane picked up Kingsley. Dave tossed Kingsley across the ring, so Mims tagged in and Dave hitting him with a jumping kick to the head. The Dawsons hit a double team Powerbomb on Mims for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Dawsons (Zane and Dave Dawson)

Analysis: 1/2* A squash win to put over The Dawsons again. They have some good double team moves and work well as a dominant heel tag team.

The Dawsons were interviewed by Dave Marquez. They talked about wanting a Tag Team Title shot. Dave talked about how they have bulldozed over every team they have been in the ring with. Eddie Kingston and Homicide showed up to talk to them. Kingston credited the Dawsons for beating them when they had a match. Kingston suggested the Dawsons wrestle them one more time while noting they still have a title shot at the champions. Kingston said they’ll put the title shot on the line if the Dawsons face them again. The Dawsons said they’ll think about it and left. The crowd booed while the announcers wondered what there was to think about.

Analysis: They are doing a good job of building up the tag team division with multiple teams going for the titles.

A video aired about the Into the Fire PPV on December 14 on Fite TV. I will review that.

There was an interview with Tim Storm that was conducted by Joe Galli, who asked if Storm was thinking about retiring. Storm said that you can’t be on top forever. Storm said that he saw the NWA as an incredible challenge while saying he was proud of the NWA Title match he had with Nick Aldis, but he has no idea where things are going. Due to the loss, Storm can’t get another shot at the NWA Title. Galli mentioned other titles in the NWA with Tim saying that hearing you say that is tough for him. Storm said he would be honored to hold any title, but he has no idea what the future holds. Storm said he thinks the ship has sailed in terms of getting another NWA Title shot. That’s when Nick Aldis showed up to talk to Storm.

They shot the Aldis/Storm conversation from a distance, but the microphone picked up what they were saying. I like how this was done. Aldis told Storm that none of this happens without Storm and Aldis while adding that they built this. Aldis told Storm not to let Eli Drake get in his head. Aldis told Storm not to say anything he might regret and this is his house as just as much as it is Aldis’ and Nick told him he knows who he is. Aldis left.

Analysis: I like Storm’s role in the NWA as the older veteran that is still there, but he’s not sure what his future is. The way they filmed the convo with Aldis/Storm was unique and different, which is a strength of the NWA. Well done.

Thunder Rosa vs. Ashley Vox

This is Rosa’s first match on NWA Powerrr with Rosa grabbing a headlock followed by a hard chop to the chest. Vox came back with a headbutt, but Rosa hit her with a backbreaker followed by a hard kick to the back. Rosa grounded Vox with a leg scissors on the back of Vox and a face first whip into the mat. Vox went for a submission, but Rosa got out easily and hit a dropkick to the face. Rosa went up top and hit a double foot stomp to the back for the pinfall win after about three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Thunder Rosa

Analysis: *1/2 It was a good showing for Rosa, who the NWA has built up well as a force in the women’s division. Rosa worked on the back of Vox the whole match, which was good because it played into the finish. Vox didn’t get much offense here.

Post match, Rosa stomped on Vox repeatedly. Marti Belle showed up for the save, Rosa just smiled at her and left.

The announcers talked about the impressive debut from Rosa.

Marti Belle was interviewed by Dave Marquez at ringside. Belle said she didn’t know Rosa, but she knew Allisyn Kay, who is her best friend and she was mad about Kay saying that Belle wasn’t ready. Belle said that Kay knows how hard Belle has fought and that led to Kay making her entrance with the NWA Women’s Title. Kay told Marti she could have talked to her and said you’re out here venting, but this isn’t Dr. Phil. Thunder Rosa went back out and hit Kay in the back. Rosa whipped Kay into the ring post. Rosa tossed Kay into the ring while Belle watched from ringside. Rosa held Kay in the ring, Belle went into the ring and Belle kicked her best friend Kay in the chest. The fans booed Belle. Rosa told Belle to leave with her.

Analysis: There’s a heel turn from Belle joining the side of Thunder Rosa. They established a few weeks ago that Belle and Kay were best friends, so the crowd reacting that way is what the NWA wanted.

The same mystery video aired about Jocephus with a woman talking about him. It ended with the question: “Who is the mark?”

Aron Stevens was interviewed prior to his rematch with Ricky Starks. Stevens told Starks there is no way Starks can beat him in a 2 out of 3 Falls match. Starks beat Stevens in a regular match last week. They introduced Stevens weighing in at a “weight that he refuses to disclose.” That’s clever.

Two out of Three Falls Match: Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens

Stevens trunks were skin colored. That’s an awkward look. Stevens charged, Starks moved out of the way and Starks hit a ROLLUP OF DEATH~! to win the first fall in only a few seconds.

Ricky Starks leads 1-0

Stevens said “no” so fans chanted “yes” at him repeatedly. They waited 30 seconds to begin the second fall.

Starks got another rollup that was good for a two count. Starks hit a dropkick. Starks with a hard chop to the chest followed by an uppercut punch. Starks worked over Stevens with forearms. Stevens got in an eye poke that the referee didn’t see followed by punches from Stevens. Cornette said he had friends in LA tell him that Stevens is a terrible actor that couldn’t play dead if you shot him. Stevens slapped on a headlock to ground Starks. Stevens with a kick to the chest, but Starks came back with an elbow, clothesline and uppercut. Starks with a corner splash followed by an impressive Tornado DDT for two. Starks went for a missile dropkick, Stevens moved and Starks hit the mat. Stevens posed over Starks doing his bowing pose, so Starks rolled him up and sat on top for the pinfall win after about five minutes.

Winner by pinfall 2-0: Ricky Starks

Analysis: **1/2 A solid match with the veteran Stevens putting over the rising star Starks again. I think they could have given Stevens more offense in terms of moves that made it look like he was going in. That’s probably by design since they want to put over Stevens as the guy that thinks he’s a bigger star than he is. Anyway, I like Starks as one of the better younger prospects in the NWA right now.

Post match, Starks did a bow to taunt Stevens, who left angrily.

Colt Cabana has Ken Anderson in his corner while NWA National Champion James Storm has Eli Drake with him. Drake has been a bit of a tweener so far in the NWA. This was announced as a main event match earlier, but it’s not the last match on this show.

Analysis: The NWA National Championship is the secondary title in the NWA, so think of it like the Intercontinental Title in WWE or the US Title in NWA/WCW/WWE as well.

NWA National Championship: James Storm (w/Eli Drake) vs. Colt Cabana (w/Ken Anderson)

Cabana with a shoulder tackle on Storm, then a takedown into a pin for a two count. Cabana went to the middle ropes, Storm tripped him up and hit him with a DDT. Cabana went to the floor, Storm hit him with a chop and tossed Cabana back in the ring. Storm set up Cabana in the ring, he jumped off the top with nothing and Cabana kicked Storm in the face. Cabana took down Storm with a headscissors followed by a corner splash and an arm wringer takedown got a two count. Cabana got a sunset flip for a two count. Storm put Cabana on the shoulders, TKO onto the top rope and a baseball slide dropkick. Storm sent Cabana back in the ring with Storm hitting a top rope elbow for two. Storm connected with an uppercut punch while Cabana was on the top rope. Cabana came back with an elbow followed by a splash off the ropes for a two count. That was a cool spot. Cabana with an elbow combination, but Storm came back with a Backstabber to the back of Cabana. Storm with kicks to the ribs, then the Storm picked up Cabana and spun him around for the Eye of the Storm slam for a two count. Drake was on the apron, so Anderson pulled him down to get in his face. Drake punched Anderson. Kamille shoved Drake into Anderson and Anderson punched Drake. Back in the ring, Cabana kicked down Storm, then Cabana charged and hit a Superman pin (putting his legs on Storm’s legs to pin him) and that was enough for the pinfall victory after about 8 minutes.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW NWA National Champion: Colt Cabana

Analysis: *** Good match between two veterans with a lot of experience. They had a competitive match to put over the importance of the NWA National Title. It wasn’t a long match necessarily, but it was full of action and fun to watch. Storm got some nearfalls, then Cabana nearly won it a few times until Storm came back to win. I like how it was more of a back and forth match instead of something where one guy controlled most of the action. It came across as a very even match. The action on the outside hurt the finish a bit, but it was also done to give Storm an excuse for losing the match.

The replays focused on the distraction by Kamille. I figure this could lead to Nick Aldis, who uses Kamille as a manager of sorts, in a feud with Eli Drake, which is why Kamille was out there.

Post match, Cabana got a hug from his buddy Anderson while Cabana held the title. Storm told Cabana he’ll see him again real soon. Storm got in Anderson’s face and talked trash to him. Cabana held up the NWA National Title.

The Dawsons showed up saying that if Eddie Kingston and Homicide want a match then they are doing it right now. The announcers said they just had the main event, but here we go with one more match.

Analysis: As I mentioned earlier, Cabana vs. Storm was advertised as the main event, but I like how this was done to set up the tag team match in an impromptu way. It tells the viewer that NWA programming can be unpredictable at times as well.

The referee Brian Hebner was in the ring, so the match was official.

The Dawsons (Zane and Dave Dawson) vs. Homicide and Eddie Kingston

All four guys were in the ring brawling with Kingston biting Zane. Hebner made Homicide go to the apron, so the Dawsons hit a double splash on Kingston. Zane with a punch to the ribs of Kingston followed by a choke on the middle ropes. Kingston with a headbutt on Dave, who came back with an eye poke of death. Kingston fought out of the heel corner with a clothesline on Dave. Zane knocked Homicide off the apron to prevent a tag. The Dawsons hit a double team suplex into a slam on Kingston for a two count with Homicide making the save. Kingston with an elbow on Zane followed by a STO takedown. Homicide got the tag with punches and three corner splashes on each Dawson member. Homicide sent Dave to the apron. The Wild Card tag team that are the champions were at ringside. Homicide sent Dave out of the ring onto Tom Latimer and Royce Isaacs at ringside. When Homicide went up top, Latimer and Isaacs grabbed his foot and the refereed did nothing. The Rock N Roll Express duo of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson entered to a huge pop! RNR beat up Latimer and Isaacs to prevent more interference, which led to Latimer and Isaacs going to the back. Zane hit a sidewalk slam on Homicide for a two count. The Dawson missed a double team splash, Kingston kicked Zane, back first by Kingston to Dave and Homicide hit a Gringo Cutter for the pinfall win after about six minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Homicide and Eddie Kingston

Analysis: **1/4 It was a solid tag team match for the time given. These teams both wrestle the brawling style, so they know how to work together as we have seen in the past. Once Homicide got the hot tag, the pace really picked up, the use of RNR at ringside was well done to pop the crowd and I liked the finish as well. The win by Homicide and Kingston positions them as the next in line for a Tag Team Title shot while The Dawsons will likely continue to be in the hunt since they are featured on this show nearly every week.

After the match, the Rock N Roll Express went into the ring to raise the hands of Homicide and Kingston as the winners. That was the end of the show.

This episode had a run time of 57:17. You can watch it all here:


Final Thoughts

There was more wrestling on this show compared to some of the other weeks, which is a welcome sight. I think some weeks have had too much talking, so this was a better show. The Cabana/Storm match was really well done and the main event was a fun tag team match left the fans happy with the faces going over in the end. Plus, it’s cool seeing the Rock N Roll Express still out there doing their thing.

I’ve said it before, but one of the things I like is that they place so much value on the titles they have. Everybody talks about how important the titles are. That should be a goal for all the wrestlers in every company. It’s not a difficult concept and to the NWA’s credit, they do it really well.

They are building the stories well at a reasonable pace. I continue to enjoy NWA Powerrr for being an alternative and a fun, old school wrestling show.

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