TJR: NWA Powerrr 10/15/19 Review

Welcome to the second review NWA Powerr Review right here on TJRWrestling. I’m a little late in doing this because it was posted on Tuesday at 6:05pmET on Youtube and I’m over two days later now. I’ll try to be quicker with this in the future, but it’s been a busy week. Check out my NWA Powerr Review archive here. Let’s roll.

This episode is called: CLICKBAIT.

There was a video highlighting what we saw on the first episode. The opening video package aired after that.

After a shot of the studio crowd, the announce team of Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcomed us to the show.

There was an interview by David Marquez talking to Aron Stevens, who you may know as the former Damien Sandow in WWE. Stevens got a good pop from the crowd as he said hello to the fans and the NWA. Stevens talked about having success in television, film and theatre while noting that part of that meant leaving professional wrestling. He said in that time, he heard a rumor that the NWA was back, that studio wrestling is back and finally professional wrestling is back. Stevens announced that he is back. Stevens said he wanted to lay out how he has changed. Stevens wanted everybody to avoid eye contact with him and don’t laugh because he’s a serious thespian. Stevens said it’s not important who he faces first because they have stars and they have supporting cast. Stevens said when he wants a supporting cast he’ll let us know. A familiar “you’re welcome” by Stevens ended it.

Analysis: It’s good to see Stevens back in the wrestling business. He’s a very talented all-around performer and especially as a great talker. The fans popped for him because they know him, but he turned on them by the end of the promo.

Ricky Starks vs. Trevor Murdoch

That’s the same Murdoch that was in WWE in the 2000s and Starks is a younger guy with a bright future. Starks with an arm drag, Murdoch in an arm drag, Starks tried a dropkick and Murdoch avoided it. They exchanged chops, Starks ran the ropes and Murdoch stopped the momentum with a boot to the face. Murdoch with a Russian legsweep, then he took too long off the second rope, Starks moved and hit a running kick to the face for two. Starks with a neckbreaker for two. Starks hit a missile dropkick, but Murdoch put his foot on the bottom rope break the count. Murdoch blocked a Tornado DDT and slammed Starks to the mat. Murdoch went for a clothesline, Starks hooked the arms and got a crucifix pin for the victory after about four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Ricky Starks

Analysis: **1/4 Solid match where they made the most of the time given. More time would have been nice. They told a nice story with Starks using a counter move to score the win to show how clever he is. Murdoch moved around well for a big guy that hasn’t wrestled regularly in a few years.

After the match, Starks was about to be interviewed and Murdoch congratulated him on the win. Starks gave Murdoch credit for having dignity after a loss. Starks talked about taking things to another level and he’s glad he’s on the platform that he has needed. Starks said he’s got love for you even if you don’t look as good as him. Starks referred to himself as “Ricky” so a little bit of third-person talking from him. It ended abruptly.

Analysis: Starks is a guy they want to build long term with a push, so he’s somebody to keep an eye on during future NWA shows.

There was a video with Joe Galli summarizing the awkward interview to end the show last week with Nick Aldis and Kamille. Galli said he’s an award-winning broadcast journalist that was searching for the truth. Later in the show is an interview with Aldis and Kamille while Galli said he’ll be a fair and balanced broadcast journalist.

There was a brief video about an NWA PPV called Into the Fire on Saturday, December 14 in Atlanta with a 6:05pmET start time. More details at if you’re interested in going to it.

Colt Cabana was interviewed by Joe Galli with Cabana saying this is exciting. Cabana said he wasn’t 100% when James Storm took his NWA National Title, but now Colt is ready to go and he’s ready to go for any championship. Cabana said he’s got a guy to be his partner. The crowd popped at the site of Ken Anderson (Kennedy) showing up on the set. Anderson said that Cabana could have picked anybody to be his partner, but he picked this Asshole – it was bleeped. Anderson did a big introduction for the team and the fans loved it.

Analysis: It’s good to see some familiar faces on the show. Anderson is such a great promo guy.

Mr. Anderson and Colt Cabana vs. Sal Rinauro and Jordan Kingsley

Cabana did some arm drags on Rinaurao, then some comedy spots and Anderson tagged in. Anderson tagged in with a spinning sidewalk slam. Kingsley tagged in, hip toss from Anderson, Kingsley came back with a jumping kick to the head and Anderson with a back body drop. Anderson with a clothesline leading to Kingsley doing an impressive flip bump. Cabana back in with an elbow drop. Anderson back in with a double team punch to Kingsley. Rinauro tagged in by touching the foot, Anderson grabbed him and hit a rolling senton slam on Rinauro, who went onto Kingsley. Cabana hit a running splash against the turnbuckle and Anderson hit a Mic Check slam for the pinfall win after about four minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Mr. Anderson and Colt Cabana

Analysis: *1/2 It was an easy win for the veterans to show that they are another team in the NWA tag team division.

They showed Aldis walking on the street saying he agreed to do an interview and he complained about Galli’s line of questioning last week, but he didn’t like being bothered.

They had a paid programming spot with Tony Falk talking about tires and waffle irons. Odd comedy bit.

There was an interview with Eddie Kingston and Homicide doing a promo about The Wild Cards with Kingston saying you ain’t nothing until you beat them.

Allysin Kay is the NWA Women’s Champion and she entered for a non-title match.

Allysin Kay vs. Ashley Vox

Kay with a waistlock takedown. Vox came back with a dropkick that sent Vox into the corner. Vox went for an attack out of the corner, but Kay caught her and hit a body slam. Kay sent Vox into the turnbuckle followed by a fallaway slam for a two count. Vox showed some fire with chops, then Kay caught her and hit a release German Suplex for a two count. That was a good spot. Vox came back with a dropkick that sent Kay into the corner, Vox with a flying headscissors and then a cannonball splash against the turnbuckle. Kay managed to hook Vox up on her back and then dropped down to her knees for a slam. That looked like a vicious finisher that is usually called a Sunset Driver. It went about four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Allysin Kay

Analysis: ** It was a competitive match where Kay winning was the obvious outcome, but I liked that Vox got in plenty of offense. Good finishing sequence in the match.

Allysin Kay was interviewed by David Marquez with Kay saying they are hungry athletes in the NWA. Kay told Vox to come over to her, she said she did good and she said she is happy somebody like her is on the roster because her future is bright, just not good enough to hold her championship. Kay said the NWA women’s division is in good hands.

Analysis: Kay has a lot of experience and is well know from her TNA/Impact days. She’s a good choice to be the champion right now as they build up a women’s division around her.

There was a video plugging the next NWA tapings on December 14-16 in Atlanta.

They showed a clip of Tim Storm backstage after his match last week. Storm lost the NWA World Title match last week and when he was asked a question, he walked away without saying a word.

James Storm, who was the NWA National Champion, was about to be interview by Joe Galli, but Storm grabbed the microphone and told him to leave. Storm said to him that’s the National Championship, but it’s a pathway that means he is in the NWA World Title picture. Storm said he is there to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion and unlike a lot of the boys back there, he’s a man. Storm did a promo about who he is where he showed a lot of energy. Storm said if anybody gets in his way, he’s got something to say…sorry…and here’s Eli Drake in his street clothes. Drake said that Storm is full of piss and vinegar with good reason. Drake said that title means Storm is next in line for the NWA World Title. Drake said his goal was to be the champion and he said that the second you hold that NWA National Title you are next in line. Drake told Storm to make the move and take the shot. Drake said if you do pick up that Ten Pounds of Gold, just remember your boy (Drake).

Analysis: They are both experienced wrestlers that are very capable of delivering energetic promos. Storm’s promo came off a bit heelish after he was a face last week. Storm is good in either role, so I don’t mind whatever they do with him. Drake’s one of the best all-around performers in the NWA. Either of these guys could be the next challenger for the NWA Worlds Title and it will be a great match.

There a promotional commercial featuring Austin Idol shilling again.

The full interview with Aldis and Kamille is after this match.

NWA Tag Team Championships: The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs) vs. Eddie Kingston and Homicide

Kingston was in control early with a clothesline on Latimer, Isaacs tagged in and Kingston hit him with a suplex. Homicide tagged in with a double team shoulder tackle on both guys. Homicide hit a running forearm to the face for two. Isaacs came back with a clothesline, Latimer tagged in and hit a belly to back suplex for two. Isaacs tagged back in, Homicide with an elbow and then Isaacs hit a powerslam for two. Homicide tried a sunset flip pin, but Isaacs hit him with a forearm to the back of the head. Isaacs with a belly to back suplex on Homicide for a two count. Latimer with a body slam on Homicide. Kingston trash talked Isaacs and something that got bleeped. Isaacs went up top, Homicide knocked him down and Kingston got the hot tag. Kingston with chops for both opponents, belly to belly suplex and uranage on Latimer. The Dawson Brothers showed up for an attack and that was the end of the match after about six minutes.

Match Result: No Contest

Analysis: **1/4 They were on their way to having a pretty good tag team match with the faces making the big comeback, but then it ended abruptly.

The Dawson Brothers cleaned house with punches on all four guys and they threw the Wild Cards out of the ring. The Dawsons stood in the ring as the match was announced as a No Contest.

Analysis: It was a way to continue building the tag team division. I like that there are already several teams to consider challengers to the Wild Cards as champions because we know about the Dawson Brothers, Cabana/Anderson and Kingston/Homicide as well. It could lead to a multi-team match at the next PPV or maybe they just one team as title challengers.

There was an interview with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and Kamille with Joe Galli doing the interview. Aldis talked about beating Tim Storm last week on episode one of NWA Powerrr, he put over Storm for hitting hard and it could have gone either way, but he made sure that’s the way it goes. Aldis said there’s a lot to be said about what Storm brings to the table. Galli complimented Aldis for being one of the greatest NWA Champions of all time. Aldis asked if this is a pro wrestling show or 60 Minutes, then Galli mentioned he’s won Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards. Aldis said he remembered All In when he lost the NWA Championship to an inferior athlete (Cody, but he didn’t say his name) due to outside interfere and a crooked referee. Aldis said when it came to NWA 70 in 2 out of 3 Falls, they settled it in the ring, he evened the odds with an insurance policy and it worked out perfectly. Aldis said when people are gunning for you, it’s important to play to your strengths. Aldis asked if Kamille has helped him illegally win a match. Galli said that nothing comes to mind and Aldis pointed out that what happened when she tried to interfere against Marty Scurll, Galli pointed out that Aldis stopped her. Aldis said that she’s able to speak when she wants, she took on this job, she assumed this role and she does it as well as anybody. Galli asked Kamille a question. She had a microphone on, she touched it and she didn’t say anything. Galli repeatedly asked Kamille if she had anything she wanted to say. Kamille said nothing. Aldis said he didn’t want to hear another word about letting her speak. Aldis left with Kamille and that was it.

Analysis: It was a great promo from Aldis as usual because he’s an excellent talker that’s perfect as the NWA Worlds Champion right now. There is some intrigue about Kamille, who is an attractive woman and as they built up here, she has no interest in speaking her mind yet. They are likely building up something long term, but there’s no point in rushing it. Galli is good in his role as well.

The show ended with the “Into the Fire” song playing along with the end credits. I didn’t mention it last week, but it’s cool how they list the credits of the crew that works on the show.

This episode had a run time of 56:19. You can watch it all here:


Final Thoughts

It’s a fun show that’s easy to watch and they keep it simple. The in-ring action was average for the most part, but it was good to see some familiar faces as part of the NWA like Stevens, Anderson, Cabana and Kay. Some of the others we saw last week too. There was a bit of a spotlight shined on the tag team division as well as the women’s division, so I’m looking forward to seeing those storylines grow in the weeks ahead.

I’m not going to rate these shows out of 10, but if I had to compare the two weeks I would say last week’s show was better thanks to the better main event ending to the show.

It’s hard to compare it to other wrestling shows out there and that’s okay because the uniqueness of the NWA is what is going to make it feel special to the fans watching it.

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