TJR: AEW Dynamite 08/12/20 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review on TJRWrestling. AEW is on the road to their next pay-per-view titled All Out that takes place on Saturday, September 5. We already know Jon Moxley is defending the AEW World Title there against Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Next week’s Dynamite is not on Wednesday. More on that as we get to the show.

This is episode #46 of AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. Let’s get to it.

The Dynamite intro video aired. That was followed by some pyro while there were some AEW wrestlers and personnel around ringside. There were even some “invited fans” in the crowd according to Jim Ross and they were playing by the rules, which means they were tested. The announce team is Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Taz, so no Excalibur this week. I believe he is back in two weeks.

The Young Bucks entered, which led to three Dark Order guys attacking the Young Bucks. They did some double team attacking including a big kick on Nick. That led to Evil Uno and Stu Grayson of the Dark Order making their entrance.

The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson)

Grayson and Uno worked over Nick in a two on one situation as they sent Nick into a guardrail. Matt hit a somersault dive off the stage onto three Dark Order guys on the floor. Grayson hit a suicide dive on Matt to send him into the barricade. Uno with a body slam on Nick. Grayson with a running boot to the chest of Nick. JR was talking about how Cody and Scorpio could be the match of the year. It was not close to that. Nick avoided two back suplex, then Matt got the tag and hit a cross body block off the top onto both guys. Matt with a leaping double clothesline on both Dark Order guys. The Bucks hit a double back elbow on Grayson, then Nick with a stomach buster leading to Matt hitting a neckbreaker. Nick with a sweep kick, then Matt tagged in and Grayson hit a cool double dropkick. Uno made a blind tag leading to a uranage. Matt was on the apron, so Stu hit a senton bomb over the top onto Matt on the apron. Grayson hit a dropkick that sent Matt out of the ring. Uno drove Matt back first into the edge of the ring apron. Uno back in with a headbutt to the back. Grayson pulled Matt out of the ring and Matt whipped Grayson into the ring post.

Matt was outside the ring with three Dark Order guys, he ran away and then when Matt got back into the ring, Uno hit a neckbreaker. After Matt was whipped into the turnbuckle, he bounced off and hit a Spear. Grayson knocked Nick off the apron and Uno went in with a boot to the face. Matt hit a poison rana on Grayson and Nick was on fire with a bunch of fast paced moves. Nick sent Grayson over the barricade and a superkick for Uno by the apron. Grayson jumped in the air like a dumbass, so Nick hit him with a superkick too. Matt tagged in, Nick tripped Uno and Matt hit a dropkick. The Young Bucks hit a splash/moonsault combo on Uno for a two count. Matt put Uno on the apron, he held him and Nick hit a senton bomb off the top onto Uno for a two count. They did this cool spot where Grayson went off the top with a hurricanrana after walking across Nick’s shoulders. Belly to belly by Grayson on Nick into Matt. Grayson hit a 450 Splash off the top on Nick at the same time as Uno hit a cannonball on Matt and it only got a two count. JR is shocked by that even though that spot usually gets a two count. Dark Order hit a spinning kick into a brainbuster combo for a two count as Matt broke up the pin. Grayson sent Matt out of the ring and followed him out there. Grayson sent Matt towards the tunnel as three Dark Order guys stood by Matt to prevent him from going back to the ring. Nick countered the finishing move attempt and managed to flip over into a pin on Uno for the victory after about 13 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Young Bucks

The finish was close with Grayson trying to break it up, but then he was a moment too late. The announcers talked about this as if it was a classic. It was not that. The announcers try too hard sometimes.

Analysis: ***1/4 This was pretty good although it lacked the strong finish that most Young Bucks matches have. I get why they ended it that way because Matt was “taken out” of the match by the Dark Order guys and not in a position to get back into it, so Nick had to win in a quick way. I get the story, but it made it less interesting. The Young Bucks will hopefully be against FTR at All Out because they need to do that match for the first time at a PPV event.

There was a backstage scene of Maxwell Jacob Friedman walking down a hallway by members of his staff while Wardlow walked behind him. When one of the guys walked too close, MJF shoved him away.

The announcers went over the card saying that Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy will be the main event. They went over the rest of the card as well.

It’s Tag Team Appreciation Night, so they asked AEW tag team Champions Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page who their favorite tag team of all time is. Kenny said the Young Bucks while Paige said he was going to say themselves.

Analysis: There wasn’t much here. Page should have mentioned that him and Omega beat the Young Bucks.

MJF walked out with Wardlow for his latest address coming up next.


Let’s Hear from MJF

MJF was in the ring for a promo with a podium. MJF made his assistant smile more. There were some polling numbers shown with MJF having 500% of the vote and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has -1000% of the vote. MJF said he mourns for your belief in the “dictator Jon” aka Moxley. MJF noted that Moxley wasn’t there, but MJF is there and he will always be there as a candidate for the AEW World Title. MJF thinks Jon might not be there because he’s afraid of change and he’s afraid of MJF. Maxwell continued saying that Moxley is not used to dealing with somebody as good as him and not willing to look up at the lights for him. MJF wanted Moxley to be comfortable enough to show up at your job. MJF laid in the ring as they used a camera that was there to film him in the ring. MJF said that he didn’t start this campaign to have a beef or rivalry with Moxley – he started it because this great company deserves leadership. MJF told Moxley he’s not a leader – he’s a rabid dog chasing cars. MJF said that Moxley has caught the finest automobile on Earth – the AEW World Title. MJF said if Moxley wants to prove that MJF is wrong then Moxley should fork the keys over to a real leader like MJF and somebody who is better than Moxley and Moxley knows it. MJF wanted Moxley to give him the keys to the AEW World Title. MJF said that they all know that “we deserve better.”

Jon Moxley’s music hit as MJF sent his men in suits into the crowd area where Moxley usually shows up. Moxley ended up walking out the entrance way and hit MJF from behind with a clothesline. Moxley sent MJF into the podium and he hit him with the Paradigm Shift. Moxley left through the entrance.

Moxley said that didn’t make them even after what MJF almost cost him last week. Moxley said they won’t be even until September 5th at All Out. Moxley said that he will make sure that this is a very bitter pill for MJF to swallow. It was back to the ring with MJF overacting to the move he took and grabbing his neck. That ended the segment.

Analysis: This rivalry needed a non-wrestling segment like that and I thought they did a nice job with it.

Matthew Hardy was shown backstage being interviewed by Alex Marvez, who noted that Matt won’t be cleared from his head injury until another ten days. Matt said that ten days from now is August 22 when AEW airs on a special day. Matt said that he is going to wait around until Sammy Guevara shows up tonight. Matt said that he’s going to use all of his energy against Sammy. Matt walked upto a guy who was backing and slammed him into a garage door. It was referee Mike Posey. Other referees pulled Matt off.

Analysis: The story is that Matt is obsessed with going after Sammy the bloody chair attack last week, so Matt went after a referee that had nothing to do it. I think Hardy vs. Sammy is very likely for the All Out PPV on September 5 and it has been booked well.

Scorpio Sky entered for his shot at the TNT Title. Sky had his own entrance rather than the SCU song, he kicked a door down and even got some pyro.

Analysis: It was reported a few weeks back that Sky was likely going to be in singles now instead of with SCU, so now we’ll see the start of that run for him. I like Sky a lot. He’s great.


Cody entered with the brand new TNT Championship that looked pretty impressive now that it is complete. Cody was joined by wife Brandi Rhodes (with her action figure), brother Dustin Rhodes, coach Arn Anderson, QT Marshall and Allie. It’s a big entourage.

Analysis: The finalized TNT Championship looks impressive. I like it now that it’s complete.

The legendary Mike Chioda was on hand as the referee. He was released by WWE earlier in the year, so now he’s in AEW. The graphic said Chioda was a referee for 33 years because he started in his early 20s. Cody’s entourage left except for Arn and Brandi.

TNT Championship: Cody (w/Arn Anderson and Brandi Rhodes) vs. Scorpio Sky

They battled over side headlocks, Sky with a shoulder tackle and Cody missed a diving cross body block because Sky moved. Cody walked around the ring a bit for a breather. They battled over a hiptoss with Cody hitting a hip toss over the top rope to the floor. Sky with a kick, then Cody came back with a running clothesline and they bumped over the top to the floor. Sky kept punching Cody in the ribs, then they went back in and Sky worked over the ribs more with knees to the ribs. Sky charged right into a powerslam by Cody for a two count.


Cody was in control as he had Sky grounded with Cody’s knees in the back. Sky charged, Cody got a sunset flip for two and then Sky with a stun gun that sent Cody rib first int othe top rope. Sky set up Cody against the turnbuckle. Cody was on the apron, so Sky drove him ribs first into the ring post. Sky went for the abdominal stretch with JR and Taz mentioning it was the perfect move to do when a guy has injured ribs. Cody was sent tothe ramp and Sky jumped over the top with a Cutter for a two count. Sky went for a suplex, but he was favoring a back injury and Cody set up Sky on the top. Cody hit a superplex off the top and Sky managed to get a two count from it. Sky went for the TKO, Cody countered it and Cody hit the Cross Rhodes for just a two count. Cody was shocked. JR: “Who the hell kicks out of the Cross Rhodes?” It’s a good question because it is a protected finisher. Sky managed to get back up to his feet and hit a jumping flatliner for a two count. Sky went for a a move jumping from the apron into the ring, Cody moved and Cody hit the Cross Rhodes for the pinfall win after about 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Cody

Analysis: ***1/4 The title reign continues with a good finishing sequence to end this match where Cody avoided a big move to put Sky away. It was typical of a Cody match where they got a decent amount of time and went over three stars barely, but it wasn’t really great. There were times when they sold injuries like Cody’s ribs and Sky’s back, but then they ignored selling too like when they did a superplex, went for a pin, then went to another move. I just want more selling. That’s all I’m saying.

There was a video with Brodie Lee standing by Dark Order members and the old TNT Title. Lee did a promo saying that on Saturday, August 22, Cody will put some respect on Brodie Lee and the Dark Order’s name. Lee said he’ll take that title from Cody and give him the old one back. Lee ended it with this: “Tick tock, Cody, time’s up.”

Analysis: That could be a title change because I think Brodie Lee really needs a big win and a title to give him some more credibility as the Dark Order leader. I know that they put it on Cody to establish the title, but I think Brodie could be the next champion.

A video with Private Party was shown talking about their favorite tag team of all time. They both said that it was the Hardy Boyz. They showed some images from Pro Wrestling Illustrated of the Hardys. AEW obviously can’t show videos of them.

It was time for another title match as Jurassic Express entered for a tag team title shot. Luchasaurus talked to “mom” into the camera saying it took 65 million years to get him a title shot. Taz joked that JR called matches 65 million years ago so JR called him a smartass as the show went to break.


The AEW Tag Team Champions made their entrances separately with Adam Page up first and then Kenny Omega. They have been champions for 204 days. They showed Frankie Kazarian sitting in the crowd watching the match in an “I’m a Killer Kowalski Guy” since he was trained by Kowalski. That was cool. This match started at the top of hour two.

AEW Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy) w/Marko Stunt

Omega shoved Boy into the ropes, Stunt on the apron and Omega slapped him. Boy tripped Omega leading to a cradle. Boy grabbed an armbar, then sent Omega towards the ropes and Boy hit a dropkick. Luchasaurus tagged in and Boy hit a jumping takedown on Omega as Luchasaurus got a two count. Omega with punches, but then Luchasaurus hit him with punches, Boy got the tag with a jump off the top with his knees hitting Omega in the ribs and that got a two count. Omega with a chop, Page tagged himself in when Omega ran the ropes and Page hit a running clothesline for a two count. Page with a body slam followed by a snap suplex for two. The champs took turns exchanging chops, Boy fought back, Omega sent Boy onto the top rope and Page kicked Luchasaurus off the apron to the floor. Page with a clothesline on Boy to knock him off the ropes to the floor.


The match returned with Luchasaurus hitting clotheslines, a headbutt and a running boot to the face. Omega saved Page, Luchasaurus kicked both guys in the head and a Luchasaurus Chokeslam on Page was followed by a moonsault for a two count. Omega tagged in, Luchasaurus missed a kick on Page, Omega with a V-Trigger knee to the back and two Snapdragon suplexes by Kenny on Luchasaurus. Boy sent Omega out of the ring, Omega with a Snapdragon suplex on Stunt and a Snapdragon suplex on Boy, who missed with a suicide dive. Omega with a missile dropkick to the back of Luchasaurus. Omega with a cradle suplex for a two count. Page tagged in, with a running clothesline on both opponents, then Omega with a running elbow, Page with a forearm to Luchasaurus and Luchasaurus fought back with an elbow. Omega blocked a hurricanrana into a Powerbomb/German Suplex combo on Boy. Luchasaurus choked both guys, and then hit a double duplex. Boy jumped off the top with a Frog Splash on Omega. Boy jumped back into the ring with a DDT on Page. Luchasaurus tossed Stunt over the top onto Omega on the floor. Luchasaurus hit a spinning slam on Omega off the shoulders for a two count. Luchasaurus with a spinning kick to the head and Boy with an elbow shot for a two count as Omega made the save for his partner. Page gave Boy a Powerbomb over the top onto Luchasaurus. Omega jumped over the top with a somersault dive onto both opponents. Page with a Powerbomb on Boy for a two count. Omega tagged in leading to the Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combo on Boy that they call the Last Call and Kenny pinned Boy for the win. The match went 14 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page

Analysis: ***1/2 It was a well worked tag team match as usual any time the champs are in a match. They are always going to have great matches. If this was in front of a crowd I don’t think a single fan would have believed there was going to be a title change, so that hurt the match when Boy and Luchasaurus on offense. The finish could have been more interesting. I like Omega and Page’s move, but I wish they did something more to build up to it or make it look more impactful.

The team of Santana and Ortiz grabbed some luggage of the Best Friends. They poured some bleach on them and left them in the shower. Santana said they weren’t going to apologize. They left.

Analysis: How did I know it was “bleach” there? Because they held containers that said “BLEACH” in big letters. It was likely water if I had to guess.


The Butcher and The Blood picked The Road Warriors (Legion of Doom) as the greatest tag team ever.

Tag Team Appreciation

The teams of FTR, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard, Young Bucks and Rock N Roll Express were all standing in the ring. The EVP Matt Jackson said he thinks everybody is enjoying tag team appreciation night while mentioning the legendary teams in the ring. Nick said that the Rock N Roll Express are the original Young Bucks, they created the style, they inspired Shawn & Marty (Rockers), then Matt & Jeff (Hardy Boyz) and then two California brothers Matt and Nick Jackson.

The FTR boys Dax Harwood said that they are the biggest marks in the world for Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Dax said that because of these guys, they get to make a living in the greatest sport in the world – professional wrestling. Dax said he’s had the time of his life with his best friend for the last seven years and that’s because of them. Dax said he’s got a wife and perfect daughter at home, so he’s indebted them forever.

Ricky Morton said he never misses AEW because he loves it. Morton said he hasn’t seen so much chemistry in a match by FTR since Tully and Arn. Morton said that for the last 15 years, the Young Bucks have dominated tag team wrestling. Morton said that the Young Bucks are the top tag team in the world. Morton thanked everybody.

Arn Anderson said that he knows Tully hasn’t been around, so he’s catching him up. Arn said he told the truth while putting over the Young Bucks for taking tag team wrestling to a different stratosphere and his hat’s off to him. Anderson said that RNR are still in it today while saying they were the tag team of the century. Not this century. Arn said that FTR are the best team in the world.

Tully Blanchard took the microphone from Ricky and threatened him. Tully said that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback because he’s got championship rings. Tully noted that Young Bucks and FTR are not the champions, so now they’re out here telling them that they’re the best. Tully told Arn he didn’t understand the coach role with Cody. Arn said that he never asked for permission for anything. Shawn Spears walked onto the stage, so Arn went to the ramp. Morton punched Tully in the jaw. Harwood went down selling his knee injury, but it was all a ruse as FTR attacked RNR from behind. Cash Wheeler hit Robert Gibson with the knee brace and then FTR hit a spike piledriver on Morton. The Young Bucks never saw it because they tried to separate the fight. FTR bailed when Young Bucks went into the ring. Kenny Omega and Adam Page went out to the ring to check on RNR as they were down around the ring.

Analysis: This was boring for a lot of it with plenty of ass kissing going around as they killed some time, but I did like the cheap attack. That felt very old school and I think if there was a crowd, there would have been a lot of heat. It looks like FTR is back to their familiar heel ways after they were faces in the past. Nice job selling it by Morton, which is not a surprise since he’s an all-time great especially at selling moves.

Referee Mike Chioda was interviewed by Alex Marvez, who talked about how Mike has been a 33-year referee. Chris Jericho showed up saying that the yhave a lot of memories while noting that 18 years he saved Chioda’s job. Jericho wanted Chioda to be their referee, he wanted orange Cassidy to pay for his jacket and Jericho wanted Chioda to do the ring thing. Chioda said he’ll call it right down the middle. Jericho said he’ll give Chioda the signal. Jericho called him “Kiki” a few times and left.


Hikaru Shida vs. Hilla Monroe

This is not for Shida’s AEW Women’s Title. Shida with a backbreaker, then she missed a corner charge and Monroe hit an elbow followed by a double stomp to the back. Shida with a suplex into the turnbuckle, then some forearms to the face and Monroe countered a slam into a pin attempt for two. Shida stretched the leg across the neck and pulled back on the arm for the submission win after two minutes.

Winner by submission: Hikaru Shida

Analysis: 1/2* A nothing match to put over the champion Shida. The lack of attention that the women get on Dynamite is pretty bad. IT’s at all-time lows right now.

Hikaru Shida was interviewed on stage by Tony Schiavone. Shida said: “I’m still waiting. Bring it on.” That was it.

Jake Roberts was standing backstage with Lance Archer as Archer beat up some random short guys in the background. Roberts was getting into his promo, Archer ripped up his shirt and Jake’s back said “Everybody Dies” on it.

Analysis: They have done nothing with Archer since losing the TNT Tournament Title finals to Cody a few months ago. Cody’s on every week while Archer has nothing to do. I like Archer, but the creative team apparently has nothing for him.

The announcers plugged AEW content coming up soon: Next Monday is the Semifinals of the Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament on Youtube. AEW has a women’s division? I guess so. The announcers try to talk about this like it’s a big deal, but fans don’t think the Youtube shows are a big deal. They plugged AEW Dark on Youtube. Also, next Wednesday on Youtube is Part 1 of All Out last year. That was a very good PPV.

The next episode of Dynamite will be Saturday, August 22nd at 6pmET or immediately after the NBA Playoffs. Advertised for that show (taped today aka Thursday):

* FTR vs. Private Party. Bet on an FTR win there.

* The Elite (Kenny Omega and Young Bucks) vs. Dark Order’s Reynolds, Angels and Silver. A win for The Elite.

* Darby Allin in action. Give him a win after losing last week.

* Lucha Brothers, The Butcher and The Blade vs. Jurassic Express and Natural Nightmares. Lucha Brothers are the most talented guys in this company that have had nothing to do for several months.

* TNT Championship: Cody defends against Brodie Lee. There might be a title change here.

A video package aired about the rivalry between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. Jericho won their first match, then Orange Cassidy dumped some orange juice on him from the above the ring and then that set up this match.

This was called a $7,000 Obligation Match because Cassidy has to pay that amount to get Jericho a new white jacket. Cassidy is 7-5 as a wrestler, but apparently that’s enough to be a main eventer.


Chris Jericho made his entrance with an AEW singles record of 8-1-1. Jericho was alone (other than the baseball bat) because Inner Circle and Best Friends were banned from rings.

The $7,000 Obligation Match: Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

Jericho pointed at referee Chioda as if to suggest they are on the same page for this match. Cassidy opened up on Jericho with punches, then a jumping clothesline and more punches. Cassidy ran off the ropes with a flying shoulderblock along with a clothesline over the top to the floor. Cassidy jumped over the top with a cross body block on Jericho. Cassidy sent Jericho shoulder first into the guard rail. Cassidy whipped Jericho into the guardrail in a spot where it looked like they were talking to eachother. Cassidy went up top, hands in the pockets and jumped onto Jericho on the floor. Cassidy jumped off the top with a DDT for a two count. When Cassidy charged, Jericho finally got some offense with a boot to the face. Jericho took over with a belly to back suplex. Jericho with a forearm to the face that sent Cassidy to the apron and a springboard dropkick (a signature move for Chris) sent Cassidy to the floor.


Jericho hit a delayed vertical suplex followed by a double chop to the chest. Jericho hit a Lionsault off the middle ropes for a two count. Cassidy did his stupid weak hand slaps to the chest gimmick, then he ducked a move and hit a superkick to knock Jericho down. Cassidy hit a running clothesline. Cassidy went up top and hit a cross body block. Cassidy messed up a dragon screw leg whip twice although maybe that’s how they intended. Normally it swings a guy over, but instead Jericho took a back bump, which makes the move look less effective. Cassidy jumped off the top, Jericho caught him and slapped on a Boston Crab rather than a Walls of Jericho because it was not like the Walls. Cassidy countered with a small package for two. They tried the dragon screw leg whip again and Jericho took a back bump that was even worse this time. Cassidy slapped on the Ankle Lock submission that didn’t look that devastating at all. Jericho went for a suplex, but Cassidy countered into a jawbreaker. Jericho hit a Codebreaker for a two count because its not his finisher anymore. Jericho grabbed Floyd the baseball bat, he told Chioda to turn around to not look at this and Chioda refused to do it, so he took the bat from Jericho. That led to Cassidy getting a rollup for two. Cassidy hit a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Cassidy with a running kick to the chest. Cassidy hit the Superman Punch that they call the Orange Punch. Best Friends and Santana/Ortiz were brawling on the stage, so the dumbass referee left the ring to check on them instead of the action. That led to Jake Hager (another singles wrestler doing nothing in this company) going into the ring and hitting a lifting slam on Cassidy. Chioda turned around, the wrestlers on the stage left and Jericho got a two count. Nice nearfall there. They did another spot where Jericho hit a low blow, Cassidy no sold it and avoided a Judas Effect elbow. Cassidy hooked Jericho in a move they call the Mousetrap that was a slow takedown and that was enough to win. Really? What a weak finish. The match went 14 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Orange Cassidy

Analysis: ***1/4 This was good although their first match was better with more nearfalls and a better finish. The finish sucked. It kind of looked like a little kid trying to take down an older relative and barely getting them down, then the older relative let them pin him. I don’t know how to explain it other than that. It was one of the worst main event finishes in a long time on AEW. As much as I like Jericho, he looked like a guy that’s nearly 50 years old at times in this match. Those repeated leg whips looked poor. If Cassidy eliminated the comedy stuff during the matches it would be better, but I know it’s done to get laughs with the fans. I like to laugh too. However, when you’re in a serious main event match, you should make it serious the whole way. All I’m going to remember about this match is the poor finish. I get not wanting Cassidy to win with a big move, but what they did hurt Cassidy too. The Cassidy win makes sense because now it’s 1-1 in their rivalry and they can do the third match at All Out PPV next month.

Cassidy celebrated the win while the announcers put it over as Cassidy’s biggest win. Jericho looked frustrated while Cassidy was happy and that was the end of the show.

Analysis: If you want it to be the biggest win of Cassidy’s career then he should win with something more deadly than a Mousetrap takedown.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Kenny Omega/Adam Page
  2. Cody/Scorpio Sky
  3. Young Bucks


The Scoreboard

This week: 7.25 (out of 10)

Last week: 8.5

2020 Average: 7.22


Final Thoughts

This show was good, but it never really felt great to me. It wasn’t at the same level as last week, which was one of the best Dynamite episodes of the year thanks to two matches at or above four stars. Nothing was as good as that this week, but I liked the action and there were smart booking moves. I just feel like Cody vs. Sky, Omega/Page vs. Jurassic Express felt repetitive as face vs. face matches with no story. It’s just a case of going out there for 10-15 minutes to do a decent match, but there should be a story. The main event of Cassidy beating Jericho was fine although their last match was better. It was a poor finish to that match, which is what I’ll remember most. Meanwhile, the women’s division continues to be barely featured on the show with only a few minutes for a squash match.

They did advance some stories while setting up some matches for the next AEW show and continuing to build stories for All In. FTR attacking the Rock N Roll Express was definitely a bit of a surprise, so it wouldn’t shock me if RNR puts them over since RNR still does wrestle sometimes. I liked the Moxley/MJF interaction because they needed to do something to make us care about their match.

Lastly, it was good to see Mike Chioda there. He’s one of the best referees ever. I hope he can teach some of the rules to their other referees.

The next AEW pay-per-view is All Out on Saturday, September 5th. Here’s what we know so far.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman

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