The John Report: WWE NXT 09/14/21 Review

Welcome to the WWE NXT review here on TJRWrestling. It’s the new era of NXT that they are calling NXT 2.0 to signify the changes. As a reminder, I am going with a summary format for matches and then play by play for the main event.

This episode is taking place at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Check out my WWE NXT review archive here. Let’s get to it.

The show started with promos of the four men in the NXT Championship match. Ciampa said that even with all the changes, he is still Mr. NXT and now he gets Goldie back tonight. Pete Dunne said that he’ll prove how great he is as he becomes NXT Champion. Kyle O’Reilly did a promo saying it’s the opportunity that they all strive for. LA Knight talked trash about his opponent and ended with one of his catchphrases saying it is LA Knight’s game.

As LA Knight finished up his promo, he was interrupted by a new face named…Bron Breakker? Yes, that’s the name. Bron Breakker is the son of Rick Steiner. Bron said he wanted a chance to prove himself against Knight. That led to Knight saying he’ll beat the brakes off him.

The NXT 2.0 intro video aired. They were in Orlando at the WWE Performance Center. They are not calling it the Capitol Wrestling Center anymore. They keep calling it NXT 2.0. Here’s a shot of the setup.

Analysis: I like the improved lighting. The old NXT was a bit too dark. Now it looks like a smaller version of a bigger WWE building. There might be like 800 to 1,000 people in there, but they can make enough noise. I’m a bit surprised by the lack of barricades outside the ring where the fans are sitting. They just have smaller plexiglass screens. That means you probably won’t see wrestlers tossed into those when they leave the ring. The colors are a bit much. However, I can understand wanting to make it look vibrant and fun instead of dark colors.

LA Knight entered for the opening match. The announce team of Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett and Beth Phoenix welcomed us to the show. Bron Breakker entered for his NXT debut.

Analysis: I know a bit about Bron Breakker because as I mentioned he is the son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner. He nearly made the NFL, but was cut by the Baltimore Ravens and then he signed with WWE. His real name is Bronson Rechsteiner, so WWE kept the first part of his first name and then gave him a silly last name. There were rumors that he might be “Rex Steiner” but that didn’t happen. I don’t know why. I know that his uncle Scott has ripped on Triple H for most of the last 17 years or so, which could be why WWE might be reluctant to give him the Steiner name. I don’t really think Bron Breakker is a good name at all, but like with all bad names in wrestling, we will get used to it.

LA Knight vs. Bron Breakker

Breaker got some offense early on with a clothesline and a takedown. Vic Joseph said a “dog-faced Gremlin” mentality from Breakker as a reference to his father Rick Steiner. After Breakker missed a corner splash, Knight hit a neckbreaker. Breakker got some momentum going with a belly-to-belly suplex. Breakker with a press over his head into a powerslam for the pinfall win. Big upset win after four minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Bron Breakker

Analysis: ** A big win for Breakker in his debut match in NXT. I’m a bit surprised that Breakker would beat Knight like that, but it’s a way to tell the audience that Breakker is a rookie with a bright future.


Bron Breakker was shown in the backstage area getting congratulations from his NXT peers that were mostly unknown wrestlers to those of us watching at home.

Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner) vs. Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs

We have seen Briggs a few times on NXT while I don’t think I have seen Jensen before. Briggs is a big dude at 6’8″ and Jensen is 6’4″ so big size advantage. The new guys used their size early and Briggs hit a powerslam into a splash. Barthel managed to get some momentum with a running kick. Aichner and Barthel did a double-team kick on Briggs. There was a sequence where Jensen and Briggs went for a double team move, but Barthel sent Briggs into the steel steps. Jensen was up top, Barthel with a distraction and Aichner hit a double underhook suplex off the top for the win after four minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner)

Analysis: **1/4 It was okay. Imperium sold quite a bit to try to put over the power of their opponents until it was time to use the veteran tactics to get the win. Briggs and Jensen have some potential as a power team.

There was a promo from the Hit Row group talking about how B-Fab will make her NXT in-ring debut tonight. B-Fab said that the time for talking is over.


B-Fab of Hit Row was joined at ringside by NXT North American Champion Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis.

B-Fab (w/Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Top Dolla and Ashante Thee Adonis) vs. Katarina Cortez

B-Fab wrestled in sneakers while Cortez had a mask on. B-Fab worked over Cortez with kicks and then a toss across the ring. Big counter move by B-Fab with a kick while Cortez jumped off the middle rope. B-Fab hit a neckbreaker to win in just over one minute.

Winner by pinfall: B-Fab

Analysis: 1/2* An easy win to put over B-Fab. The neckbreaker was similar to the Rude Awakening that Rick Rude used, which Vic Joseph referenced in calling the move.

Post match, B-Fab said that all of Hit Row does this meaning they all can wrestle. B-fab ripped on the Legado Del Fantasma group leading to that foursome appearing. Elektra Lopez said that B-Fab didn’t learn her lesson the first time, but they can do it again and she won’t need a pipe to shut her mouth. B-Fab said that she wants to see her work without any tools. Lopez acted like she wanted to do it now, but Santos Escobar told her to stay back. The groups stood apart.

There was a backstage scene with Johnny Gargano, Cameron Grimes and Odyssey Jones getting ready for the wedding. Austin Theory showed up with Gargano getting excited to see him after Theory ran away. Theory brought a Priest – it was Damian Priest. Gargano had to explain to Theory that he wasn’t really a priest for a wedding. Damian said he was there to party since it’s an open bar. Gargano hugged Theory.

Analysis: Welcome back to Austin Theory. He has been gone for a few weeks. The deal here is that Theory is dumb, so he thought Damian was actually a priest.

Carmelo Hayes entered with his contract for a future title shot and he had a guy named Trick Williams with him.


Carmelo Hayes Interview

Carmelo Hayes was interviewed in the ring by Samantha Irvin. The fans chanted for Hayes. Carmelo said three weeks ago he won the NXT Breakout Tournament, he’s got momentum and “he’s got the juice now.” Hayes said now he’s got a target on his back. Melo said you won’t catch him off guard ever again. Melo said this is really just a number’s game, so he called up his boy and now he’s Trick Williams with him. Hayes said that as long as he’s got that contract, Trick goes with him. Williams said he’s got the gift of gab and the gift of jab. Williams said that Melo is the “Golden Child” of NXT, but he’s got a bone to pick with him. Williams said that when Melo shoots, he doesn’t mess. Williams wondered why Melo was so humble now. Melo said that Trick is right, no more holding back and it’s too hard to be this good and too humble. Melo said that he is the Golden Child, he is the “Chosen One” so when Melo shoots, he doesn’t miss. Melo said if he chooses to pass it, Trick will receive it. Trick said that’s all it is and what it will be. They left.

Analysis: This was decent. It was a bit awkward since they weren’t being asked questions and just talking. It is smart to pair somebody up with Hayes since Carmelo is going to be a big star in NXT. He’s a tremendous athlete, but this is a nice way to build him as more of a character.

The big man Duke Hudson made his entrance as Hayes and Williams were leaving the ring. Hudson told Hayes he got lucky in the Breakout Tournament and Hudson walked by them while bumping into their shoulders on purpose. Williams told Hayes this stopped today. Williams went into the ring and did a spin kick on Hudson. Hayes joined Williams in the ring as they attacked Hudson with kicks. Hayes hit a springboard clothesline on Hudson. Hayes and Williams stomped on Hudson some more.

Analysis: I’m not sure if this was done to make Hayes/Williams into a heel duo or just a case of showing they will fight back if they are bullied. Hudson is clearly a cocky heel character, but in this instance, I felt bad for the guy since he was attacked by two men.

The team of Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne were shown talking to Mandy Rose, whose face we couldn’t see although she was in a hoodie. They said it’s a new NXT and a new Mandy Rose.

The team of Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter entered for tag team action.

A commercial aired for the WWE Draft on October 1 on Smackdown and October 4 on Raw.


They showed some footage of the wedding set to take place later in the show.

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne entered without Mandy Rose.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

Carter hit a corner splash on Dolin and a dropkick. Kacy did a flipping kick for two. They showed the locker room where Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland attacked Kyle O’Reilly with a club to the ribs. Carter rocked Jayne with a spin kick and then Mandy Rose showed up in all black to trip up Kacy on the top rope. That led to a DQ about two minutes into the match.

Winners by disqualification: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Analysis: * A short match just to set up Mandy Rose showing up with the cheap attack.

Mandy Rose was back with a brunette look instead of the blonde that we were used to seeing from her. The heel trio of Rose, Jayne & Dolin attacked the faces, so Sarray showed up for the save. The heels retreated.

Analysis: Mandy is one of my favorites. It is different seeing her with a brunette look, but she can make anything work. I like brunette better than blonde anyway. I’m sure my preference really matters!


The tag team match became official during the break as we headed towards hour two. That makes NXT feel more like Raw and Smackdown since that “confrontation leading to a tag match after a break” is something from Raw and Smackdown.

Sarray, Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

Sarray was in control of Dolin with a missile dropkick followed by a Fisherman’s Suplex for two. Carter and Kacy hit some cool tag team moves leading to a splash from Kacy. The heels took control when Dolin kicked Kacy. Rose showed a lot of aggressiveness when she tagged in for the first time. The heels worked over Kacy for a few minutes. When Kacy tried a comeback, Rose hit a fallaway slam that sent Kacy across the ring. Carter got the hot tag multiple dropkicks and a superkick on Rose for two, but Jayne saved Rose. That led to all six women getting involved while Rose wanted revenge on Sarray and hit a sitout slam. Carter got a nearfall on Rose as the fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Carter was distracted by Jayne on the apron, so Rose sent her into the ropes and Rose hit a jumping knee for the pinfall win. They got about six minutes here.

Winners by pinfall: Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

Analysis: **1/2 It was a solid tag team match with the fans getting into it towards the end. I don’t know if I would chant “this is awesome” for some of it, but the final two minutes were definitely the best part of the match with everybody getting involved. It makes sense for Mandy to get the win since she debuted the new look and they want to get her heel group some momentum. I’m all for it. I think they can build to a Rose vs. Sarray singles match in the near future too. I have always liked Mandy’s jumping knee strike, so that’s a good move to use as a finish on any opponent.

There is a Youtube exclusive video that WWE posted where it was announced that the group of Rose, Jayne & Dolin is being called “Toxic Attraction.” That’s cool. It’s a unique name.

A video was shown of Indi Hartwell getting ready for the wedding with Candice LeRae and the bridesmaids.

Ridge Holland entered for singles action.


A Progressive video aired showing highlights of NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez.

Analysis: There was supposed to be a Gonzalez match against Franky Monet on this show, but it was canceled. Franky was featured in a Youtube video, so she was at the show. I saw Raquel in photos with her boyfriend (the former Braun Strowman) at a wedding over the weekend. I don’t know if the absence of Raquel is health-related or what, but whenever something gets advertised and canceled in the last year and a half, that’s what people are going to guess. Raquel was on WWE’s The Bump this morning, by the way. Anyway, hopefully we get to see that match soon.

The NXT General Manager William Regal was interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. Regal said that Kyle O’Reilly cannot compete due to injury after the attack from Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland, but it will still be a Fatal 4-Way match for the NXT Title. Regal said that the man taking Kyle’s place will be the man that saved Kyle, Von Wagner. That led to Wagner shaking Regal’s hand and Regal wished him good luck.

Analysis: Wagner is the son of wrestler Wayne Bloom, who was in the Beverly Brothers tag team among other things in his career. He has been training in WWE for over two years. I can remember him used as a jobber in some squash matches when WWE did Raw/Smackdown at the WWE PC. I don’t know why Kyle was taken out, but he can go after Dunne and Holland for revenge.

Ridge Holland vs. Drake Maverick

This should be quick. Holland was dominant with a backbreaker into an overhead suplex. Holland continued with a clothesline and a headbutt. Holland with a headbutt to the back of the head. Holland with the Northern Grit suplex into a slam for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Ridge Holland

Analysis: 1/2* A squash match to put over Holland, who continues his winning ways in NXT. I think it’s fair to assume Holland will keep getting a big push in NXT.

Tommaso Ciampa was interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell heading into the NXT Championship match. Ciampa said tonight is not about the young athletes trying to shoot their shot, it’s about the NXT Title. Ciampa said it’s been 908 days since he held Goldie (the NXT Title) and tonight he gets his redemption.

Analysis: Congrats to whatever writer calculated the 908 days number for Ciampa to use in the promo.

The Creed Brothers entered for tag team action.


There was a video featuring Tony D’Angelo talking about how he was from Chicago and his family was in waste management among other things. Tony said he was an All-American Greco-Roman wrestler at the University of Buffalo, but there was no money to be made in amateur wrestling. He said there is real money to be made in NXT. That was it.

Analysis: It’s a mafia/mobster-type gimmick. When the guy says family business and “waste management” it’s a nod to things like The Sopranos (my favorite TV drama show ever), movies like Goodfellas (a favorite of mine) and that kind of lifestyle. There isn’t a character like that in WWE right now, so it could work.

The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed) vs. Dan Jarmon & Trevor Skelly

The Creed Brothers debuted last week. They are part of the Diamond Mine group, so they had some friends at ringside. Brutus used his power to shove one of the guys out of the ring. Brutus tossed one of the jobbers into the other guys. Julius went into the ring as the brothers body slammed the two guys into eachother. Brutus with a gutwrench into the top of the rope. Julius slapped his brother in the face! Julius dominated the second jobber with a lifting powerslam. Julius with a stiff clothesline for the pinfall win. This went about three minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed)

Analysis: 1/2* It was another squash match to put over the brother tag team. They hit a lot of powerslams and suplexes throughout the match. I certainly like the intensity that they showed.

Malcolm Bivens was in the ring with Diamond Mine including a new female member. Bivens talked about how they were the most dominant group of athletes in sports entertainment. Bivens introduced us to the female member Ivy Nile, who flexed for us to show off her body. Bivens claimed Nile hasn’t had a carb since 2005. I haven’t had one in about an hour. Bivens noted she was the star of NBC’s Titan Games. I never saw it. Bivens welcomed her to the team.

Analysis: Welcome to Ivy Nile. She is in great shape. I guess somebody was looking up names of famous rivers to come up with the last name.

Kushida, the NXT Cruiserweight Champion, showed up with his title. Kushida said that they talk too much. Kushida told Roderick Strong he’s ready. Bivens said that next week, Strong vs. Kushida for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. It’s on.

Analysis: That match was supposed to happen a few weeks ago, but Kushida recently revealed he was dealing with COVID-19. He’s all cleared and ready to go now. It should be a great match.

There was a backstage shot of Dexter Lumis getting ready for his wedding while combing his mustache.

Beth Phoenix quickly said her husband Edge is at home recuperating right now, but she wanted to talk about the NXT Championship match. That’s up next.

The vacated NXT Championship was at ringside as Pete Dunne made his entrance first.


There was a backstage scene with Johnny Gargano (in gloves) talking to the minister.

LA Knight was already in the ring. We already saw his entrance earlier in the night. Von Wagner was next as the newcomer getting an NXT Title shot. Wagner is a tall guy that’s about 6’5” with a big body. Tommaso Ciampa was up last as the only true babyface in the match. Ciampa is the only man in the match that is a former NXT Champion, so Barrett said Ciampa is the favorite in this match while pointing out that Ciampa had to relinquish the title 908 days ago due to injury.

Analysis: I saw people complain about how they put the wedding on last instead of the NXT Title match. It was likely due to the logistics of having to take apart the ring during the wedding segment. If you did that, then you’d have to put the ring together again and that would be a pain to do on a live show. It makes more sense to do it this way. Some people just like to complain, though.

For The Vacant NXT Championship: Pete Dunne vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Von Wagner vs. LA Knight

There are no disqualifications or countouts in a WWE Fatal 4-Way match. First fall or submission wins. I’ll go play by play for this one.

Ciampa battled Dunne in the corner with some stomps while Wagner sent Knight out of the ring. Knight got back in with a rollup and a DDT. Knight with a powerslam on Ciampa. Wagner hit a belly-to-back suplex on Knight. Dunne applied an armbar on Wager and stomped on the left shoulder. Ciampa faced off with Dunne as they exchanged punches, Ciampa got a takedown and then Ciampa clotheslined Knight out of the ring. Ciampa ran the ropes leading to Dunne hitting a clothesline followed by the shoulder shrug. Wagner hit Dunne with a clothesline to show his power. Wagner with a lifting flatliner on Knight leading to a break.


Knight was in control of Ciampa with a chinlock. Dunne got back in with a kick to Knight. Ciampa did his sequence where he runs the ropes repeatedly with about three clotheslines followed by a jumping double clothesline. Wagner powered out of a Ciampa move, Dunne with kicks to Ciampa and Wagner and then Knight hit the driving neckbreaker (called Blunt Force Trauma) for two on Dunne as Wagner broke up the pin. Knight countered Wagner into Blunt Force Trauma on him and Ciampa avoided it leading to the Willow’s Bell DDT on Knight for two as Dunne pulled Knight out of the ring to break up the pin. Ciampa ran the ropes leading to a twisting dive over the top onto the guys on the floor. The fans chanted “NXT” for them as Ciampa tossed Dunne into the ring and hit a running knee. Dunne pulled on the fingers of Ciampa and hit the Bitter End slam, but Knight tossed Dunne out of the ring. Wagner hit the Olympic Slam (or Angle Slam since it was Kurt Angle’s finisher) on Knight for a two count. Ciampa and Dunne each hit running forearms on Wagner at the same time to take him out. Ciampa and Dunne got into a slugfest, Ciampa with a knee and Dunne sent Ciampa into the ropes leading to a German Suplex. Dunne went up top, but then Knight was there with a superplex. Wagner was back in with a double underhook suplex for two on Knight as Ciampa made the save with a knee to Wagner’s face. Ciampa hit the Fairytale Ending on Knight in the center of the ring for the one…two…and three! You could tell Knight was talking to Ciampa as he made the pin, so I don’t know what Knight said there. Ciampa got the win after 11 minutes. The fans popped big for the win.

Winner by pinfall AND NEW NXT Champion: Tommaso Ciampa

Analysis: ***1/2 I thought it was a really good match and I’m happy with the choice of Ciampa becoming the new champion. They did a nice job of having Von Wagner hit some big moves throughout the match while nearly winning after a couple of big moves. It showed that even though it was huge as a debut match for Wagner, he can certainly hold his own. Ciampa getting the win after he took out Wagner and hitting a move on Knight was the right way to end it. It was not a case of the babyface Ciampa stealing the pin. Ciampa earned it after he hit his finishing move. Going into the match, I thought maybe Dunne would win, but I think Ciampa as a babyface veteran champion is a good call.

Ciampa was presented the NXT Championship and he had a big smile on his face as he got to hold “Goldie” again. The fans cheered loudly. They showed replays of the key spots. Ciampa held up the NXT Title in his arms again as the fans cheered for him. Ciampa hugged Goldie in his arms while smiling.

Analysis: Great moment. I’m so happy for Ciampa, who is one of the best in NXT and has been for many years. WWE posted these photos of Ciampa with his daughter Willow. There was a great documentary on Ciampa a few years ago about how he and his wife weren’t able to have a child for years, but then his wife became pregnant, so they are so blessed to have Willow now. He named Willow’s Bell (his DDT off the ropes that is sometimes a finisher) after her. Good stuff.

There was a video about the Indi Hartwell-Dexter Lumis love story over the past several months. Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae did not approve of Lumis being with Hartwell, but then the love of Hartwell/Lumis overcame everything. Johnny and Candice ended up accepting it.

Analysis: The video was fine, but also really long. Some of the skits weren’t as funny as WWE’s people likely thought they were.

The crew took down the ropes, ring posts and set up the ring for the wedding.

There were some guests that arrived like Io Shirai, Zoey Stark, Ember Moon, The Grizzled Young Veterans and more arrived after the break.


The Wedding of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis

The ring was filled with wrestlers seated as guests while some of them were groomsmen and bridesmaids. Dexter Lumis was in the ring as the groom. NXT GM William Regal and the zombie referee were outside the ring. Johnny Gargano walked Indi Hartwell down to the ring. The minister told them they can sit. Dexter’s middle name is “Gaylord” so I guess whoever wrote that is a fan of the movie Meet The Parents and the “Focker” movies that followed. Johnny Gargano did a promo about how he was the guy that gives away Indi since Indi’s part of “The Way” so Johnny acts as the father. Johnny asked Austin Theory if he had the rings and Theory said that they are in a ring. Ikemen Jiro, the man that wrestles in the jacket, had the rings and Gargano got them from him. When the minister asked if anybody doesn’t believe they should be married, let them speak now, so a bunch of wrestlers held up their hands and Lumis opened his jacket to show he had a small ax. The wrestlers put their hands down. Good joke.

Indi Hartwell read her vows off a card talking about how many people see Dexter Gaylord Lumis as a creep, but she sees him as a teddy bear. Hartwell said when they call him a freak, she says “damn right he’s a freak” and the fans cheered as she said Dexter is her freak. Indi spoke about how one time when Dexter snuck into her bed late at night when Johnny and Candice, but then Dexter put his hand on the microphone to stop her. Indi: “Dexter, you never lose a staring contest.” Good line. Indi said she can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together and said she loved him.

Dexter was asked for his vows. Dexter doesn’t speak, so he just offered up a thumbs up. The minister wondered why Dexter didn’t have anything to say at all and said maybe he was nervous. Lumis grabbed the minister and choked him out with his Silence finishing move. The fans chanted “Priest” but it was not Dexter Lumis. The guys in the ring wanted Regal to take over, but Regal said no to that. Beth Phoenix made her way towards the ring where the minister was on the ground.

Beth Phoenix said she was afraid that something like this would happen, so last night she went online and got ordained as a minister. Everybody cheered. Beth said they should cut to the chase, so Andre Chase asked: “Did somebody say Andre Chase?” They did not. Gargano: “No one said that.” Chase said it was a teachable moment, so Odyssey Jones grabbed Chase around the neck and sat him down. Gargano gave them the rings.

Indi Hartwell was asked if she takes Dexter to be her wedded husband until death (preferably natural causes, not from an ax) do you part? Indi: “I do.”

Dexter Lumis was asked if he takes Indi Hartwell to be his wedded wife from this day forward and all that other stuff. Dexter doesn’t speak, so this was a big moment as he covered Beth’s microphone. Dexter said: “I do.” Big pop from the crowd and all of the wrestlers in the ring. Beth pronounced them as “husband and wife.” Dexter and Indi kissed.

Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell are now married. The fans were cheering, the wrestler in the ring were cheering and Dexter once again showed off the ax that he had in his jacket. Lumis picked up Hartwell in the ring. Everybody cheered again.

Analysis: It went off without a hitch. There were some funny moments in it and I’m sure there are some people that thought the wedding wouldn’t actually happen, but it did. I didn’t go into this with any predictions or expectations. I’m interested to see how they go from here in NXT 2.0 as a couple moving forward.

Tommaso Ciampa was shown watching with the NXT Championship in his hands. Bron Breakker congratulated him and Ciampa congratulated Breakker on his first win in NXT 2.0. Ciampa extended his hand for a shake, Breakker looked at the title first, then he shook the hand and then they had a bit of a staredown. That ended the show.

Analysis: There’s a nice tease for the future. You can tell that Breakker is a guy they are high on since he got the win over Knight earlier in the show and now he’s facing off with Ciampa. I wouldn’t rush a title change, but maybe Breakker is the guy to take the title from Ciampa in a few months.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Tommaso Ciampa
  2. Pete Dunne
  3. Bronson Breakker


The Scoreboard

This week: 5.75 out of 10

Last week: 7.25

2021 Average: 7.32


Final Thoughts

It was a different kind of show. The days of NXT delivering multiple matches over three stars and four star level matches regularly are likely done. I liked the NXT Championship match a lot while the other matches were mostly just average or really short to put over new talent.

A lot of wrestling fans don’t like changes. They get mad at new names, new music, new colors and so on. I have seen it online for decades now. With that said, I’m the kind guy that likes change, I’m open to it and I think the way the setup was a lot brighter is a big improvement. I’m not sure about the colors, but it doesn’t bug me that much. Also I think the concept of NXT as a developmental brand should feature young (and new) talent a lot more. The shitty thing is we aren’t going to get a show full of three star and four star matches every week. The match quality is going to go down. I enjoyed what NXT was because it was for the hardcore wrestling fan like me and like you reading this review. I don’t love it, but I understand WWE’s long-term thinking in wanting to create a show where the younger talent can get experience working on TV and in front of a crowd before they get to Raw or Smackdown. Will I miss what NXT was from 2014 to summer 2021? Absolutely. I loved that NXT as much as anybody. In 2015, I flew to Orlando just to say I could see an NXT Takeover show. However, I am willing to give this new-look show a shot and see how they do. Go into it with an open mind. That’s how I roll.


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