The John Report: WWE 205 Live 08/06/19 Review

Here is the fourth week of WWE 205 Live reviews here on TJRWrestling. Let’s roll.

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There was a video package with Drake Maverick talking about his victory over Mike Kanellis last week. Maverick said he hopes that’s the only match he has to have on 205 Live and he’s focusing on his role as the General Manager on 205 Live. Maverick said Kanellis can still compete on 205 Live. Maverick said he’ll be fair with every superstar on 205 Live for all title opportunities. Who faces Drew Gulak at SummerSlam? It will be a Six Pack Challenge match in the main event.

The opening video package aired welcoming us to 205 Live. The commentary team for 205 Live is Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness and Aiden English.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado (w/Gran Metalik)

Dorado with a takedown, but Carrillo got out of it by doing a cartwheel. Carrillo with a trip, then Dorado with a headscissors and they each did a double dropkick spot. They each caught the foot of the other guy followed by a handshake. Carrillo with a cross body block, Dorado sent him out of the ring and Dorado hit a springboard cross body block onto Carrillo on the floor. Back in the ring, Dorado with a splash for two. Dorado grounded Carrillo by pulling back on the arms while putting his foot into the back of Carrillo. There was a sunset flip by Carrillo, but then Dorado came back with a dropkick for two. Dorado charged, Carrillo moved and then Dorado grabbed the arm of Carrillo leading to a slam. They exchanged chops, Dorado with a dropkick and Carrillo followed up with a dropkick of his own leading to both guys down on the mat. Carrillo with a back elbow to the face, corner clothesline and a running dropkick. Carrillo hit a standing moonsault where he barely connected for a two count. Dorado with a jumping kick to the head, they battled on the top and Dorado hit a cross body block for two. Dorado went for a move off the ropes, Carrillo caught him, then Dorado put Carrillo on his shoulders leading to double knees to the face. Dorado up top and he hit a leg drop to the back of the head of Carrillo while Carrillo was against the ropes. Dorado up top, he missed a splash and Carrillo moved. Carrillo with a springboard kick to the face for two. Dorado sent Carrillo to the apron, then they battled on the turnbuckle and Carrillo hit a missile dropkick to send Dorado to the floor. Carrillo hit a diving cross body block over the top onto Dorado. When Carrillo was on the apron, the referee’s count was near ten and Dorado tripped up Carrillo, so it was a double countout after 12 minutes. The fans barely reacted to the finish.

Match Result: Double Countout

Analysis: **3/4 It was a good match with a lame finish. The crowd was dead for most of it. The wrestlers were trying to sell as if this was some grueling match, but the fans didn’t seem to care at all. Carrillo should have got the win since they have been building him up for months. Instead, it was a double countout and they will probably have another match soon.

When the double countout was announced, the fans booed the result. Carrillo hit another dive over the top onto Dorado and Metalik.

Tony Nese did a promo about the main event saying he’s going to win and then face Gulak one more time at SummerSlam. Their past match didn’t go his way, but he guarantees he’s walking out of Toronto as Cruiserweight Champion because he doesn’t know where stands in this division if he doesn’t win.

There was a commercial for NXT Takeover Toronto this Saturday and a commercial for WWE Shop.

Lince Dorado was backstage in the hallway after the double countout. Ariya Daivari claimed that Dorado outsmarted Carrillo and said that he could become the breakout star of Lucha House Party. Dorado said that Lucha House Party is a group. Daivari said he thinks it is time Dorado gets what he deserves. Daivari said that at SummerSlam, he could be the next Cruiserweight Champion and Dorado could be his first opponent. Gran Metalik showed up, so Daivari left.

The entrances took place for the Six-Pack Challenge main event: Kalisto, Tony Nese (it was his 34th birthday), Jack Gallagher, Ariya Daivari, Oney Lorcan and Akira Tozawa.

Six-Pack Challenge: Kalisto vs. Tony Nese vs. Jack Gallagher vs. Ariya Daivari vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Akira Tozawa

The first fall wins the match and the winner get a Cruiserweight Title match against Drew Gulak at SummerSlam on Sunday. No countouts or disqualifications in a match like this.

Daivari left the ring, so Tozawa hit a suicide dive to take him out on the floor. Back in the ring, the four guys chopped Daivari and Tozawa punched him in the face. Daivari fought back into it with a dive off the top, but the other five guys moved, so Daivari went SPLAT to the mat. That was funny. Gallagher kicked Daivari out of the ring. Things broke down into three pairs. Kalisto kicked Lorcan out of the ring, Nese kicked Tozawa and Nese hit Tozawa with a forearm to the head. Nese avoided an attack, sweep kick to Tozawa and Kalisto with sweet hiptoss. Nese suplexes Kalisto onto Tozawa to take them out. Lorcan exchanged chops with Nese and Lorcan hit a dive over the top onto the other wrestlers. Nese hit a flipping dive over the top onto three guys on the floor. Gallagher got his umbrella, he jumped off the top and landed with his lower body on four guys on the floor. Kalisto was next as he ran the ropes, slingshot dive over the top and he was caught by the five other guys, who launched Kalisto over the announce table and into the barricade. That looked like a rough landing. Daivari whipped Tozawa into the ring post and Gallagher into the barricade. Lorcan with two running attacks on Daivari against the turnbuckle. Daivari jumped off the top, Lorcan with an elbow and Lorcan with a Blockbuster neckbreaker for two as Gallagher broke up the pin. Gallagher slapped on a leglock on Lorcan, then Tozawa put an armbar on Gallagher and Nese with a reverse STF on Lorcan. Daivari knocked them all down posed, which drew boos. Kalisto back in with a cross body block on Daivari. Kalisto with a leaping kick and a quick hurricanrana spike for a two count as Lorcan broke up the pin.

Lorcan got a hold of Nese, there were elbows from Nese and a kick to the face followed by Sunset Driver. Tozawa back into the ring and Nese gave Tozawa onto Lorcan, which got a two count as Gallagher got the save. Nese decked Gallagher with a forearm, but Gallagher came back with a headbutt for a two count. Nese went up top, Lorcan grabbed him, Nese knocked him down and Kalisto went up top with Nese. Gallagher joined the party with a superplex, but Nese hit a German Suplex at the same time. Tozawa with a cannonball on Nese. Daivari up top and he hit a splash on Tozawa for a two count. This was very good action, but the crowd wasn’t into it that much. Lorcan and Daivari had a showdown as they exchanged chops and Daivari countered a suplex attempt into a clothesline that led to a flip bump by Lorcan. Kalisto hit Salida del Sol on Daivari and Tozawa came off the top with a Senton on Kalisto. Gallagher with a headbutt on Tozawa and Nese with a German Suplex that sent Gallagher into the turnbuckle. Nese hit the Running Nese knee to the face of Gallagher. Lorcan went back in, he hit the Half n Half Suplex on Nese and covered for the pinfall win after about 12 minutes of action. There was a nice pop for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Oney Lorcan

Analysis: ***1/2 That was a very good match with a crowd that didn’t care about these guys even though they put on a fun match for them. That’s the problem with 205 Live. Fans just aren’t into it. It’s not easy doing a match like that with six guys involved and everybody has to get their spots in, but they told an awesome story with Lorcan getting the biggest win of his career so far. The final few minutes were excellent with everybody hitting the big moves, but the pin attempts didn’t lead to a victory, so Lorcan was able to take advantage of the situation to finish off Nese.

Lorcan celebrated the win. They showed replays of the last few minutes with Lorcan getting the win.

Drew Gulak, the Cruiserweight Champion, made his entrance with the title around his waist. Gulak stood in the aisle, he held it up in the air and Gulak stared at him. That’s the match at SummerSlam.

Analysis: It’s a fresh match at SummerSlam, but there’s not a storyline. I like 205 Live, but they need to work on having long term storylines to set up title shots instead of having a different guy earn a title shot every month.

This episode of 205 Live had a runtime of 44:45 on WWE Network.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Oney Lorcan
  2. Tony Nese
  3. Akira Tozawa


Final Thoughts

It was just an average episode this week because it was only two matches instead of the usual three matches. The main event was pretty good, so I would check that out if you missed it. It was really disappointing that the Detroit crowd didn’t react to most of the match. Most weeks, the crowd is better. The first match had a lame ending.

I’ll be back for more 205 Live next week.

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