The John Report: AEW Dynamite 11/27/19 Review

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends out there. Here in Canada, we have Thanksgiving in early October on a Monday, but I still enjoy watching the NFL games that take place and generally take it easy on this day. This AEW show is the fifth major wrestling show in Chicago over the last week since WWE had four events also in Chicago. It’s a different arena, but the same great city. I love Chicago. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive.

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The show began with some balloons and other things in the ring. There was also a marching band on the ramp.

Chris Jericho’s Championship Celebration

Soultrain Jones aka Virgil was in the ring as the MC of the celebration! He read a card that introduced Le Champion Chris Jericho, who walked out with the AEW World Title. Jericho also had a bottle of champagne with him. The fans chanted “thank you Jericho” and he told them to shut up because that’s what he does.

Jericho welcomed us to the celebration and he didn’t want the fans messing it up for him. Jericho said he wasn’t there to get a thank you from the fans, but from AEW management and TNT executives. Jericho said he got some fans get 50 cents off the new Jericho t-shirt. Jericho said after months of work, they have some champagne on sale now called with Jericho saying there was a limited supply available. Jericho poured some champagne for him and Soultrain.

Jericho introduced us to his best friends in the entire world…The Inner Circle faction. It was Jericho’s buddies Santana, Ortiz, Sammy Guevara and there was no sign of the big man Jake Hager.

Guevara said Jericho was his father figure, which drew boos from the fans. Guevara, who was wearing a Spanish God shirt, said there isn’t a better gift than what he is about to give him. Guevara said this picture is priceless. Sammy unveiled a photo of Jericho hugging Guevara, so then they hugged. Jericho thought it was amazing as he called him the Spanish God.

Santana and Ortiz had a “Boricua gift basket.” Ortiz gave Jericho something that will help him deal with a cold in the winter. Santana had a picture of somebody. They gave Jericho some flip flops while Santana adding that they double as a weapon and Spanish moms know. They gave Jericho “ a little bit of the 40” which is more booze. They put a bandana on Jericho’s head and said he is officially a Boricua now. Jericho asked where is the Big Hurt, Jake Hager?

They showed Hager walking in through the crowd with a goat and he said her name is “Chris Jerichogoat.” The “GOAT” reference is to the “Greatest of All Time” and is an overused term in the world today when talking about all-time greats. The goat didn’t seem to want to go to the ring, so they kept the goat out near the crowd.

There was a big box that had Jericho’s face on it and they revealed to be Jericho’s dad Ted Irvine in a New York Rangers jersey. When Jericho hugged his dad, Ted said it was great to be back in New York City and the fans booed. Jericho told his dad they were in Chicago and fans chanted “Let’s go Blackhawks.” Jericho told them to quiet down because there’s a legend here. Irvine said that they beat the Blackhawks all the time and they were brutal. Irvine said he used to beat the crap out of Bobby Hull while adding that the Blackhawks were and always will be wimps.

Irvine said he had custom jerseys for the Inner Circle and they were Rangers jerseys. The fans chanted “Rangers suck” as Ted handed out the jerseys for the five Inner Circle guys. Hager was in the ring by this point.

Analysis: Good heel promo from Jericho’s dad. That was funny.

Jericho said he had with him a statement from AEW executives and TNT brass. Jericho told “announcer guy” Justin Roberts to go in the ring to read it. Roberts said he was from Chicago while noting Buffalo Grove high school, some fans cheered and Jericho said that high school sucks.

Roberts read the letter from Warner Media, TNT and the AEW Family while adding that Jericho has helped AEW become the most talked about wrestling league in the world. Roberts read that not only is Jericho Le Champion, they are proud that he is their champion. Jericho said he didn’t like Roberts’ tone while reading it. Jericho slapped Roberts in the face and took his jacket off. Excalibur asked who beats up somebody in their hometown and JR said that’s unheard of in wrestling. That’s a funny line considering how many times WWE humiliated JR in Oklahoma and many other wrestlers in their hometown.

The SCU trio were dressed up like marching band members that were standing on the ramp, so they went into the ring and cleared the ring of the Inner Circle. They also hit Soultrain Jones with a clothesline. The SCU music played to end it. Later in the show is Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky for the AEW World Title.

Analysis: That was a lot of fun as expected. It’s rare for AEW to have a show opening promos, but I don’t mind it on a week like this with the Jericho celebration. It was a ridiculous, over the top celebration that you would expect from Jericho since he’s the kind of heel that loves doing stuff like that and making it fun at the same time. Jericho did an excellent job of telling the crowd to shut up while also working in some jokes as well. The gifts were funny although that goat clearly had no interest in going near the ring. I enjoyed seeing Jericho’s dad out there too. That was clever. Seeing SCU make the save was expected.

Still to come: Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky for the AEW World Title, Cody is back, Pac vs. Kenny Omega, MJF vs. Hangman Page in the Dynamite Dozen Finals for a diamond ring.

The announce team for this week is Excalibur, Jim Ross and some guy named Marco Solis Martinez is part of the announce team for this match. I think it’s just a fan that won a contest with State Farm. Tony Schiavone is busy with basketball obligations for the University of Georgia. The ring announcing work was taken over by Dasha Gonzalez.

The Best Friends trio of Chuck Taylor, Trent and Orange Cassidy made their entrance with Cassidy dressed like a turkey. Lucha Brothers attacked in the aisle. Best Friends were able to take control, they whipped Lucha Brothers into eachother and Cassidy hit a dive off the top onto Fenix and Pentagon.

Best Friends (Trent and Chuck Taylor) w/Orange Cassidy vs. Lucha Brothers (Pentagon and Fenix)

Trent and Taylor did a nice double team move early on. Lucha Brothers took control after a Pentagon kick to the back and a double superkick. Pentagon kicked Taylor off the apron. Pentagon slammed Fenix onto Trent for two. Pentagon hit a backstabber to Trent leading to a break.


The match returned with Fenix hitting a springboard dropkick on Taylor. Pentagon with a kick to the face followed by a dropkick to the groin of Trent for a two count. Taylor got the tag with two clotheslines, then a standing neckbreaker on Fenix and a roll through into a single leg crap on Pentagon, but Fenix stopped that fun with a superkick. Taylor launched Fenix into the turnbuckle to send him crashing into the Pentagon as well. Taylor with a somersault dive over the top onto both Lucha Bros. Fenix back in with a superkick on Trent and Pentagon hit a Destroyer off the ropes (or a Panama Sunrise when Adam Cole does it) for a two count. Cassidy was on the apron flapping his arms, Pentagon was distracted and he hit a superkick on Trent. Taylor dove off the steps onto Pentagon on the floor. Fenix with a jumping kick on Trent. Fenix leaped up in the air, Trent had Fenix on his back and dropped to the knees for the pinfall win. It went about eight minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Best Friends (Trent and Chuck Taylor)

Analysis: *** A good match with a surprising result because the Lucha Brothers are one of the top teams in AEW and Best Friends have lost several matches, so I’m surprised by that finish. Trent is a very good worker while Taylor is solid too, so it’s not like Best Friends are a bad team. I’m just saying they haven’t been racking up the wins. The fans are into the Best Friends act while Cassidy actually did something with that dive, which is more than what he usually does. I find it a bit odd that Lucha Brothers did a heel attack to start the match considering how popular they are and fans don’t want to boo them. I’m not saying they are clearly heels. I just mean the actions before the match were heelish.

It was time for a women’s match with Bea Priestly entering with her 1-3 record. Emi Sakura entered with a 2-3 record while doing her Freddie Mercury tribute for the entrance. The opponents were Hikaru Shida, who is 4-1 and Kris Statlander, who is 0-1.

Emi Sakura and Bea Priestly vs. Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida

The action spilled to the floor with Statlander hitting a dive on Priestly. Statlander with a missile dropkick off the top rope. Shida grabbed a chair from under the ring, rallied the crowd behind her and Sakura sat on the chair. Shida kicked Sakura off the chair and hit a jumping knee. Priestly attacked Shida with punches.


Priestly was in control with a running knee to the back of Shida. Sakura tried to use her cheap microphone while putting on an abdominal stretch and the referee took the microphone stand from her. The fans chanted “ref, you suck” for that. Priestly jumped off the top, Shida set her up on the middle rope and Shida gave Sakura suplex into the face of Priestly. Shida with a jumping kick to Priestly and then Priestly hit a German Suplex. Shida with a running high knee on Priestly. Statlander tagged in against Sakura with a jumping kick to the head. Statlander and Shida each hit running knees on Sakura. Statlander with a rollup that got a two count. Sakura came back with a neckbreaker of sorts that sent Statlander into the mat. Sakura with a running cross body block, Priestly up top and a double foot stomp to the back. Sakura with a backbreaker on Statlander for two as Shida made the save. Sakura went up top, the moonsault missed because Statlander moved, Shida with a knee and a kick by Statlander. Shida slammed Priestly, Statlander slammed Sakura off the shoulders and hit a scissors kick for two. Statlander with a Falcon Arrow for two. Sakura with a cheap shot using the microphone stand, Priestly with a back suplex and on Statlander and Sakura with La Majistral cradle into a pin for the victory. The crowd booed and they hated that finish.

Winners by pinfall: Emi Sakura and Bea Priestly

Analysis: **1/2 The match was fine with a result that was a bit surprising. I figured they would have Shida win to continue her positive momentum while Statlander was very impressive in her first match on Dynamite (she wrestled on Dark previously). Putting Sakura over doesn’t interest me that much. I was impressed by some of the moves that Statlander did. She’s got a good look to her and the crowd was into everything she did.

Jon Moxley was backstage in a part of the arena with some fence. Moxley said he declared war against everybody in AEW where he will blaze a trail until he’s the last man standing. Moxley said he’ll get you eventually. Moxley wondered if there was anybody else out there that wants to get him before he gets them. Moxley said if anybody wants to step up, be a hero or get seriously hurt trying to be a hero.

Analysis: A solid one-minute promo from Moxley. I think it makes sense for him to be the next challenger for the AEW World Title. Later in the show, that’s what was teased.


Cody made his entrance and got a big pop from the crowd. I like his entrance where he rises up from under the ramp. Cody had a scar above his right eye from Full Gear, which was nearly three weeks ago. A guy named Matt Knicks is the opponent. This will be a short match.

Cody vs. Matt Knicks

Cody shook his hand before the match. The ribs of Cody were taped up. Knicks kicked the ribs of Cody, but then Cody hit an uppercut punch followed by a springboard Cutter. Cody tossed his weight belt into the crowd. Cody slapped on the Figure Four Leglock and Knicks tapped out to give Cody the win in under two minutes.

Winner by submission: Cody

Analysis: 1/2* A quick match to give Cody some positive momentum after losing to Chris Jericho at Full Gear and getting attacked by MJF. The submission for him is different from usual, but I don’t mind him using the Figure Four Leglock as a submission.

Cody did a post match promo: “MJF, we don’t have to wait.” Cody looked at the ramp and then there was a guy emerging from under the ring. He took off the mask with Excalibur screaming that it was The Blade, who punched Cody in the head and JR wondered who he was. There was another guy under the ring that was The Butcher. The Butcher held up Cody in a suplex and The Blade hit two knees to the back of Cody. Excalibur noted we have not seen them in AEW before, but they made their presence known. The lovely Allie also emerged from under the ring and Excalibur noted she is The Bunny. Cody rolled out of the ring.

Analysis: It’s a new tag team in AEW with Allie dumping that gimmick to become more of a darker character as The Bunny. The Blade was known as Braxton Sutter in TNA/Impact and he is married to Allie. He’s a decent worker. I don’t know much about The Butcher, but he’s got an intimidating look to him. They can probably have a tag team feud with Cody and maybe Dustin Rhodes as his partner although Cody has the obvious rivalry with MJF as well.


The man known as Pac also known as “The Bastard” made his entrance. Pac’s record in AEW is 4-2-1 overall and 4-1-1 in singles and he’s the #1 ranked wrestler in the AEW rankings. They showed a replay from All Out on August 31 when Pac beat Omega by submission in the same arena in Chicago.

Kenny Omega got a huge pop for his entrance as well as a big pyro display. Kenny’s record is 3-2 in singles and 6-4 overall. He is #5 ranked in the AEW rankings. Those rankings are posted on AEW’s Twitter. I find it weird that they don’t even put it on their website, but that’s what they do.

Kenny Omega vs. “The Bastard” Pac

They are two of the best wrestlers in AEW and two of my favorites. There were loud “Kenny” chants to start the match. Omega with a shoulder tackle, a kick to the knee and he went for a bulldog, but Pac stood up and Omega with a snapdragon suplex followed by a Buckle Bomb and a sitout spinebuster for two. Pac left the ring, so Omega followed up with a somersault dive over the top onto Pac on the floor. Pac with a dropkick that sent Omega off the apron. Omega with another snapdragon suplex. They went to the apron where Omega teased Pac with a suplex on the floor, but Pac fought him off and Pac hit a moonsault off the turnbuckle onto Omega on the floor.

(Commercial – There was split screen action. There was for other matches too, but this one had my attention the most, so I figure I’ll keep track of it. They went back into the ring with Pac hitting a neckbreaker. Pac went up top with a missile dropkick. Pac with a hard whip that sent Omega into the turnbuckle. Pac grabbed a chinlock to keep Omega grounded followed by an elbow when Omega broke free.)

When the match returned, they were having a slugfest and then Omega kicked Pac back first into the turnbuckle. Omega with the Polish hammer double axehandle three times to the chest and a Fisherman’s Buster got a two count. Omega with a back elbow, Pac with a boot to the face, Omega with a kick, Pac with a superkick, Omega with a knee and Pac ran the ropes with a running clothesline. Nice exchange of moves there. Pac set up Omega on the top and gave him an Avalanche Falcon Arrow (instead of a superplex, it’s a Falcon Arrow off the top) for a two count. That was impressive as fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Pac went for the Black Arrow off the top, Omega moved and Pac hit the mat. Omega with a V-Trigger knee, but Pac got out of a One Winged Angel attempt. Omega countered a Pac move for a two count, then he did it again and held Pac down for the pinfall win after about 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Kenny Omega

Analysis: ***1/2 A very good match as you would expect from these two. I think it was similar in quality to their match at All Out in August, but not some epic match that is must see. This was an even match where each man got a similar amount of offense instead of having the heel Pac control most of it and Omega making a comeback. I like seeing an even match like that because it tells the audience it can end at any time. The finish was fitting for an even match, but it’s not as exciting as a finish where guys hit big moves and have believable nearfalls. The finish fit the story of this match, though, so I don’t mind it too much.

A replay aired from the Dynamite Battle Royal last week that ended with Hangman Page and MJF as the final two competitors. That set up their match for this week.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF entered with his scarf and his bodyguard Wardlow, who was in a suit, was with him. MJF is 2-1 overall in AEW and 1-1 in singles matches. They haven’t booked him in matches that often. They showed a pre-tape promo from MJF talking about how the diamond ring is worth $45,000 and it belongs on him. The announcers said that this is going to be an annual event. Excalibur joked that the value of the ring seems to keep going up in value. Good line about how wrestling people lie about things. Good pop for “Hangman” Adam Page. Page’s record is 5-5 Overall and 4-3 in Singles. He is 5th ranked in the AEW rankings. There was a pre-taped promo from Page said tonight is about the prestige and a diamond ring while adding a win over MJF would be that much sweeter while adding if MJF wants the ring he’ll shove it up his ass.

Dynamite Diamond Ring Finals: “Hangman” Adam Page vs. MJF (w/Wardlow)

Page knocked MJF out of the ring and Wardlow got in Page’s way to prevent a dive. Page sent MJF into the barricade and then slammed him onto the floor outside the ring.

(Commercial – When Page tried an attack on the apron, Wardlow grabbed the foot, the referee saw it and did nothing. MJF sent Page out of the ring. Wardlow slammed Page’s left arm into the ring post, which the referee didn’t see. MJF sent Page into the turnbuckle. MJF worked on the left arm of Page.)

Page got some momentum going when MJF missed a corner attack and Page hit a fallaway slam. Page with a clothesline that sent MJF out of the ring and a suicide dive sent MJF into the barricade. Page went up top and hit a moonsault onto MJF on the floor. There’s the second match in a row with a move like that. Page wanted the Buckshot Lariat, but MJF was holding onto the referee. MJF with an eye poke, but Page came back with a discus lariat for a two count. Page connected with a Buckshot Lariat for two. Wardlow put the foot on the bottom rope, the referee realized Wardlow did that and did nothing. That was poorly done by both of them. Page looked at Wardlow, who punched Page while the referee was distracted. MJF did the worst Cross Rhodes neckbreaker for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: MJF

Analysis: ** This was a sloppy match. Page is very good and I like his offense, but they had a weak finish. I get that MJF using Cody’s finisher is a way to get him heat. The move looked bad, though. It looked like they just hit the mat in a heap instead of looking like a devastating move. The refereeing continues to be an issue in AEW. The referee saw Wardlow cheat earlier in the match and did nothing. Then he saw Wardlow put MJF’s foot on the bottom rope and did nothing. At least eject the guy from ringside or something like that. By doing nothing, it makes the referee Bryce Remsburg look like a moron. Why can’t they book the referees better? It’s not that hard, but there are always mistakes. Giving MJF the cheap win is fine with me, but they had several mistakes here and that hurt the match.

Diamond Dallas Page made his entrance for the diamond ring presentation. DDP is close with Cody and was very close with Dusty Rhodes, who was his mentor. DDP was wearing his DDP Yoga shirt and he’s in great shape as usual at 63 years old. The fans cheered him.

Page did a promo with the fans chanting along for him “it’s me, it’s me, it’s DDP” and they chanted “DDP” for him. He was very popular in WCW over 20 years ago. DDP said he was there to present the first-ever AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring to the very first winner…Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Page had the ring, MJF put it on his right pinky finger and fans chanted “Asshole” at MJF.

Page told MJF that some of his actions have been very disappointing to him, but tonight Maxwell, you’re the man. Page said since he is the bigger man he will congratulate him like a man with a handshake. MJF put his gum in DDP’s hand closed the hand. DDP got in MJF’s face, so Wardlow got in his face. Page said that Wardlow looks kinda stupid when a 63-year-old man kicks his ass all over the streets of Chicago. There were some punches and light pushing, but not much. There were referees and security that ran out to the ring to separate them. The ring that MJF won looked much less expensive than a $45,000 ring. Maybe $100 or so.

Analysis: I think having a heel like MJF winning the ring is like WWE usually giving King of the Ring to a heel because it gives them something to brag about. MJF will do a good job of being an egotistical jerk with the ring and pissing off the fans by bragging about it.

(Commercial – DDP left to the back. Dustin Rhodes made his entrance for an in-ring interview.)

Let’s Hear from Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes was in the ring with Jen Decker doing an interview. Rhodes said that Jake Hager broke his arm and now he is out for his blood. Dustin had a cast on the left hand. Rhodes said that Jake Hager is not the man he used to be and put his hand on the chest like Jake’s “We the People” salute. That led to Sammy Guevara, Santana and Ortiz from the Inner Circle to run down to the ring to attack Dustin. The Young Bucks duo of Matt and Nick Jackson ran out for the save. Matt with a double clothesline, the Bucks with a double superkick. Guevara got in some offense, but then it was a triple superkick on Sammy. Dustin and the Bucks all hit Shattered Dreams kicks to Guevara, Santana and Ortiz. The fans popped for that.

Analysis: It was announced later in the show that it will be Dustin and the Young Bucks vs. Sammy, Ortiz and Santana next week on Dynamite. They can also do Dustin vs. Hager down the road. Nobody saved Cody earlier, but the Bucks were here to save Dustin. I’m just pointing that out.

There was a video package promoting the Dark Order where they are trying to recruit people. The #JoinDarkOrder hashtag was on the screen again. The idea is they recruit people who have had struggles in their life. Some fat guy was in the room and they were trying to recruit him. That was it.

Analysis: At least there is some progress to the Dark Order gimmick. It’s not a great stable or anything like that, but I think the videos are well-produced.

Scorpio Sky made his entrance with his SCU buddies Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian. Sky and Kazarian are the AEW Tag Team Champions. Sky greeted a woman at ringside. Perhaps that was the reference to the old friend from high school in last week’s promo. It was also announced that there will be nobody allowed at ringside for the match.

Chris Jericho made his entrance with the AEW World Championship, the leather jacket and silver scarf. Just a reminder that you can go to to order Jericho’s new wine. Jericho and Sky stood in the ring for Dasha Gonzalez’s introductions with Aubrey Edwards as the referee.

The announcers noted that if the match goes past the top of the hour, you can watch it on Youtube with Excalibur noting that all World Title matches have a 60-minute time limit. I don’t see them going past the top of the hour ever. They are likely going to keep it on TNT and the other channels around the world rather than end it on Youtube.

AEW World Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky

There was some trash talk and posturing from Jericho. Sky sent Jericho out of the ring with a clothesline, Sky jumped to the floor and knocked Jericho down. Sky with a sunset flip into the ring followed by a jumping back elbow to the face. Sky sent Jericho into the turnbuckle, Jericho got back to his feet and hit a springboard dropkick to knock Sky off the apron to the floor.


The match returned with Sky hitting a suplex. Jericho got back up, but Sky dropped him with a neckbreaker. Sky with a Thesz Press followed by punches and a dropkick. Sky with a slingshot from the apron into the ring right into a Cutter for a two count. Sky jumped off the turnbuckle, Jericho stepped over into a Liontamer (or Walls of Jericho) submission and Sky was close to the ropes, so he grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold. Jericho got in the referee’s face, so she told him to get back. Sky with another Cutter followed by a Dragon Sleeper submission. Jake Hager ran down to the ring, he was on the apron and Sky punched him down. Jericho got a rollup for two followed by a double clothesline to knock both guys. Hager was at ringside even though the announcers said that people were banned from ringside. Jericho told the referee to do something. That led to Hager on the apron, then Kazarian and Daniels took care of Hager. The referee was distracted by that. Jericho attacked Sky with the title, but Sky moved and Sky hit a TKO slam for a two count. Great nearfall there with the fans popping big for it as a believable finish to the match. The fans were chanting “Scorpio” for Sky. Jericho got a boot up, he went to the turnbuckle and Sky jumped up with a hurricanrana off the top and a step up enziguri got a two count. Sky went for an attack off the ropes, but Jericho blocked that attempt with a Codebreaker (double knees to the face) for a two count. The fans chanted “this is awesome” for them. Sky avoided the back elbow and got a backslide pin for two. Jericho blocked a kick, then turned it into a Liontamer submission. The move didn’t look like it was applied perfectly, but Sky tapped out. The camera cut away before Sky first tapped out, but then they got the shot of Sky tapping out. It went about 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho

Analysis: ***1/2 A very good title match with Jericho finding a way to retain. I thought the spot with Sky hitting the TKO for a nearfall was tremendous and the best part of the finish. Most of Jericho’s wins in AEW have come after the Judas Effect elbow rather than the Liontamer, so the finish of this was different from most of Jericho’s matches so far. It was well booked, the fans were into it and Jericho winning was expected. The important thing is that Sky looked credible as the opponent. I don’t think anybody watching really expected a title change, but they made it look like a possibility and that’s what the match was all about.

Jericho was given his AEW World Title and he had his hand raised as the winner of the match.

Jericho put Sky in the Liontamer again. Jon Moxley’s music hit and Moxley walked down the steps in the crowd. Moxley stood at Jericho from a distance. Jericho stared up at Moxley as well. JR said that some day they will fight for the AEW Championship. Jericho trash talked Moxley, who just stood there on the steps while Jericho held up the AEW World Title. The announcers kept talking about this as a future match while Moxley stared at Jericho from a distance and that was the end.

Analysis: It makes sense to have Jericho and Moxley as the next AEW World Title feud. They had a rivalry in WWE was okay, but also centered around “Mitch” the potted plant. It wasn’t that great. I remember they had a cage match with weapons that went on too long and was disappointing. I think they’ll have a much better feud in AEW.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Chris Jericho
  2. Scorpio Sky
  3. Kenny Omega/Pac


The Scoreboard

This week: 7 (out of 10)

Last week: 7.75

2019 Average: 7.72

Last 5 Weeks: 7.75, 7.25, 8, 7.5, 8.25


Final Thoughts

This week’s Dynamite gets a 7 out of 10.

It was a pretty good show, but there wasn’t anything that special about it. It was one of the weaker episodes of AEW Dynamite so far. Going into it, I thought the lineup was very strong and that it would be an awesome episode, but the execution of some of the matches was below what I expected. Chris Jericho stood out again both in the ring and his promo as well. The Jericho celebration segment was pretty funny including Jericho’s dad getting in some creative trash talk as well. Scorpio Sky had a great showing. The Omega/Pac match was good, but the finish wasn’t as thrilling as I would hope. A lot of other stuff was just average. We still don’t know when the next AEW PPV is, so hopefully when that is announced, some of the rivalries will be more clear. I’m interested in Jericho vs. Moxley as the next title feud. That should be a lot of fun in terms of promos and whenever they have that match.

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