The John Report: AEW Dynamite 06/24/20 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review on TJRWrestling. AEW is building toward the two night Fyter Fest special on July 1 and July 8 in the usual Dynamite timeslot on Wednesday nights.

This is episode #39 of AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Thanks to Melo Man for the banner up top. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive.

The AEW Dynamite intro aired to begin the show. There was some pyro on the Daily’s Place stage after that.

There were wrestlers surrounding the ring with the announce team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur welcoming us to the show.

The big man Wardlow made his entrance with his buddy Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Wardlow looked like he has done a lot of tanning of late since he has more of a tan than usual. It’s a Lumberjack Match after Wardlow got into a brawl with Luchasaurus last week. Luchasaurus was joined by Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, who were lumberjacks for the match.

Lumberjack Match: Luchasaurus vs. Wardlow

Each man ran into the others with shoulder tackles. Luchasaurus with kicks to the chest, but then Wardlow hit a clothesline. Wardlow avoided a corner charge and hit a shoulder tackle against the turnbuckle. Luchasaurus was dumped out to the heel side and they attacked him, but Luchasaurus fought them off. MJF pulled Luchasaurus’ foot on the apron so Wardlow suplexed Luchasaurus back into the ring. Wardlow with another suplex across the ring. Wardlow blocked some kicks and then hit an overhead slam. Luchasaurus with chops followed by a clothesline, three kicks a sweep, a kick to the chest and a standing moonsault for a two count. Impressive agility by Luchasaurus at 275 pounds. Chop by Luchasaurus, then a kick to the turnbuckle and a headbutt by Luchasaurus. They went to the turnbuckle, Wardlow with a headbutt and Wardlow went up top with a superplex that looked impressive for two bigger guys combining for 550 pounds according to Excalibur. Luchasaurus with a rising knee, but then Wardlow hit a running hurricanrana. That was cool. They ran the ropes with Luchasaurus hitting a Spanish Fly slam although it didn’t look perfect. It’s tough when they are two bigger guys. They went to the ramp, Wardlow powered out of a move and gave Luchasaurus a powerslam on the ramp. Jungle Boy checked on his buddy, so Wardlow sent Jungle Boy into a bunch of wrestlers. Stunt dove onto the wrestlers. The wrestlers were brawling on the floor. The wrestlers were out of the ring for a long time and the referee joined them instead of counting them out of the ring. Wardlow launched Brandon Cutler of the stage onto wrestlers. Wardlow also tossed Stunt off the stage. Luchasaurus with a spin kick on Wardlow and the wrestlers fell down in a comedic way. Luchasaurus hit a Shooting Star Press off the stage onto Wardlow and the other wrestlers. They were out of the ring for about three minutes without the referee counting them. Back in the ring, Luchasaurus with a roundhouse kick and a Chokeslam. MJF distracted the referee, so Jungle Boy tackled MJF off the apron. The referee was distracted again, which led to Wardlow hitting a low blow and then a spinning slam off the shoulders for the pinfall win after about nine minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Wardlow

Analysis: **3/4 This was a solid match by the two big guys. They worked hard and had plenty of creative spots in the match, but not a great story. It was more about hitting the big moves for them. The refereeing took me out of the match at times because it’s hard to ignore it when guys are out of the ring for three minutes, yet the referee refuses to count them out. I understand not wanting to book countout finishes. I’m not saying to book more countout finishes. However, if you completely ignore that there are rules in wrestling then it hurts the presentation of the product. Anyway, Wardlow picking up the win due to the low blow is a nice way to book a cheap finish. Wardlow can be a future top guy in this company. I think Luchasaurus could be too, but they don’t book him strong enough.

Post match, MJF joined Wardlow in the ring by going after Jungle Boy and Stunt. Wardlow and Luchasaurus went after eachother and then all the wrestlers

A new match added to Fyter Fest is MJF and Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy.

Analysis: I think Jungle Boy needs a win over MJF, so maybe they do it in the tag match.

A “Technique from Taz” video aired talking about the Drill Claw finisher from Brian Cage. Taz said that Jon Moxley is in grave danger when he defends the AEW World Title against Brian Cage at Fyter Fest.

The announce team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur did a rundown of what’s coming up during the show.

Tony was handed a note by Britt Baker, who was in a plexiglass shield sitting on her wheelchair. It was something about the friendship timeout from last week. Riveting stuff.


Hikaru Shida made her entrance and Shida got in Penelope’s Ford face at ringside. Shida defends the AEW Women’s Title against Ford on the first night of Fyter Fest next week.

Hikaru Shida vs. Red Velvet

Shida with a running knee and a Falcon Arrow slam for the pinfall win after about ten seconds. The announcers actually said it could be a great opportunity for Red Velvet and she lost very quickly.

Winner by pinfall: Hikaru Shida

Post match, Shida went after Ford in the crowd and knocked her on her ass. Shida punched Kip Sabian in the face and knocked one of the lenses out of Sabian’s sunglasses.

Analysis: There wasn’t much of a story here, so having Shida go after Ford helped them. It’s hard to get fans to care about the women’s division when you barely give them any time to build up their match.

Press Conference With Cody and Jake Hager

There was a press conference with Cody and Jake Hager for the TNT Championship match at Fyter Fest. Cody had a full team with him including Dustin Rhodes, Cody’s wife Brandi, Allie and no QT Marshall due to staying home because he came in contact with somebody that had Coronavirus. They didn’t say it here, but it was announced earlier in the day by AEW, that Marshall was in contact with somebody that had Coronavirus, so he stayed home. Meanwhile, Hager wasn’t there. They called on Liz Hunter of Pro Wrestling Illustrated to ask a question. Arn Anderson said he’s been around a while and he’s not a moron. Anderson said it’s not the time for this match, but then Cody stepped up and said he wanted to face Hager. Arn said that he motivated Cody to want to do the match. Arn called Hager stupid and said that Cody will still be champion. Matt Brock of PWI asked Cody what it’s like to be the first TNT Champion. Cody said that it feels like hope and hope is Arn selecting Ricky Starks last week. Cody said that Ricky had only a few dollars in his bank account, but now he’s got an AEW contract. Ricky was consistently working for NWA and indies, but I guess we should pretend he had nothing. Maybe earlier in his life Ricky didn’t have much. Anyway, Cody said he liked the feeling of professional wrestling while adding that the service they provide is putting on wrestling for fans. Cody said the TNT Championship is not complete, it’s not the finished title, but that’s the title. Cody said it’s incomplete, but a beautiful situation.

Jake Hager showed up with his lovely wife Catalina. A man in a suit held up the TNT Title as Cody had a staredown with Hager. Both guys turned forward to stare out to the crowd. Hager put his fist against Cody’s face, Dustin Rhodes didn’t like that and Cody held his family back. Catalina got a glass of water and she tossed the water into Cody’s face. Cody didn’t like that, but he said they were done.

Analysis: That was interesting as something different on a pro wrestling show. I’m guessing there were only a few media members there anyway, so it’s not like they were going to ask a lot of questions. Arn and Cody gave good responses to the character as they tried to put over the title in a big way. Hager doing the heel thing worked with his wife there to add to it. They have said in the past that Cody was going to defend the title every week or at least that’s what I thought from what they have said in the past. No title defense this week. I think Cody will retain his title.


There was a video with the new tag team of Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela bonding as a team by going to a gas station. There were four guys that showed up to get in Sonny’s face, so Sonny beat them up while Janela was in the store. Joey helped Sonny beat up the guys and they took care of all four of them. Sonny and Joey said they can get used to this.

Janela and Kiss were in the ring for a tag team match. Colt Cabana was on the opposite side along with Mr. Brodie Lee, who had John Silver and Alex Reynolds with him. Janela and Kiss are 4-0 as a team. I don’t watch AEW Dark, but they have been on a roll there.

Mr. Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana vs. Joey Janela and Sonny Kiss

Kiss with a headscissors, then a cartwheel into a slap and Lee with a clothesline. Kiss ran the ropes and Lee slammed Kiss down. Janela ran right into a shoulder tackle from Lee. Cabana tagged in, he ran the ropes and Janela hit him with a clothesline. Kiss tagged in, Janela with a clothesline, leg drop and Lee went into the ring with a boot to the face of Janela. Lee distracted the referee, so Reynolds and Silver got in cheap shots on Kiss and Cabana knocked down Kiss without realizing what happened. They went to break there.


The match continued with Cabana running right into a Death Valley Driver from Janela. Cabana went to the floor, Janela went up top and hit a moonsault onto Lee, who was nice enough to stand in the right spot even though it made no sense to do that spot. Kiss hit a moonsault off the top on Cabana. Janela with an uppercut on Cabana. Janela and Kiss each did splashes in the ring with Janela doing a Frog Splash and Kiss doing a 450 Splash. Lee broke it up at two. Sonny kicked Lee in the face. Cabana got a rollup for two. Kiss and Cabana were both in the ring for like 30 seconds while the referee did nothing to enforce the rules. Janela with a kick on Cabana and then Kiss hit a dive off the top onto Silver and Reynolds. Janela went for a suicide dive on Lee, but Lee avoided most of it and Janela hit the barricade. Back in the ring, Lee with a discus lariat. Cabana covered Janela for the pinfall win. It went about nine minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Mr. Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana

Analysis: **3/4 The action was fine in the match with Janela/Kiss working very well together. Once again, though, it’s hard to ignore the refereeing when there are guys in the ring for minutes at a time with no attempt to enforce the rules. I understand wrestlers want to hit all their moves in a match, but the point of having rules in tag matches is for heels to cheat, faces to get sympathy from the crowd and then you go from there. I did enjoy Janela and Kiss as a team. Hopefully they get more chances on Dynamite to show what they can do because a lot of fans don’t watch the AEW Dark show. Sorry but there’s enough wrestling in my life. Anyway, Cabana losing to a spinning clothesline is not a strong finish even though Lee delivers it well. I thought the finish was flat.

Post match, Cabana was happy that he won a match and then left with the Dark Order guys.

Lance Archer showed up at ringside and beat up Janela and Kiss. Jake Roberts calmed Lance down.

Analysis: Archer hasn’t done much since losing the TNT Title match to Cody after Archer was featured a lot going into that.

A video was shown from Dark when Shawn Spears beat Pineapple Pete with a loaded glove that had a weapon in it.


The SCU team of Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels were up first. The FTR team of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler (I’m still getting used to the new names) drove up to the arena in a pickup truck. This was supposed to be FTR vs. Dustin and QT Marshall, but as mentioned earlier, Marshall was in contact with somebody with Coronavirus, so he stayed home this week.

FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels)

The FTR boys made some quick tags as they worked over Kazarian with armbars. Excalibur mentioned Marshall not traveling to the show as JR said that nobody treats their athletes and staff better than AEW. Daniels tagged for the first time with a dropkick on Wheeler. When Wheeler was sent into the ropes, Harwood held onto his partner and Daniels didn’t like that, so the teams got into a shoving match and then it turned into a slugfest. Wheeler with a clothesline that sent Daniels over the top to the floor. Harwood and Kazarian did a suplex spot where they went over the top to the floor. Good spot there.


The match returned with Kazarian missing a leg drop off the middle ropes because Wheeler moved. Wheeler with a headscissors on Daniels, Harwood tagged in with punches and suplexes on both opponents. Harwood with a clothesline to send Kazarian out of the ring and then a slingshot suplex on Daniels with a “4” finger salute like Tully Blanchard and the Four Horsemen. Kazarian tried to save his partner, Wheeler knocked Kazarian off the apron. Daniels with a rollup on Wheeler and an inside cradle. The referee made Kazarian leave the ring, Wheeler put Harwood on top with the cradle for a two count and then Daniels took down Harwood with an STO trip. Wheeler and Kazarian tagged in to exchange some hard chops to the chest. Kazarian with a knee lift followed by a big clothesline to the chest. Kazarian with a backstabber on Wheeler, kick by Daniels and an Unprettier by Kazarian got a two count. Wheeler blocked a double team move, sent Daniels into the corner and Wheeler pulled Kazarian out of the ring. Harwood tagged in with a leg drop off the top while Wheeler held Daniels and that got a two count. Kazarian took care of Wheeler on the apron while Dawson hit a superplex on Daniels. Kazarian tagged back in for a double team neckbreaker on Harwood. Daniels hit Angel’s Wings on Harwood for two as Wheeler saved his partner. Wheeler with a powerslam on Kazarian and Daniels with a knee on Wheeler. Harwood rollup on Daniels for two. Wheeler tagged in and FTR hit the Goodnight Express double team move for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler)

Analysis: ***3/4 It was an awesome tag team match where two experienced teams followed the rules unlike the previous tag team match. FTR stands for Follow The Rules to me! They are my favorite team in this company and SCU is near the top for sure. They worked very well together with some believable nearfalls by both sides and it was easy to get into this match. FTR continues their winning ways in their second AEW match, which was an obvious result for the match. I thought the finish was built up well with FTR working well and hitting their double team finisher in an impressive way. It’s not a surprise that Daniels took the pin here. This was some classic tag team wrestling. Loved it.

FTR did a post match promo with Harwood saying that they were not a welcome addition to the AEW tag team roster. Harwood said there are good guys and there are bad guys. He knows they are the absolute baddest team in AEW. Harwood said that they are talking to Jungle Boy and the Dumbass Dinosaur, Santino/Ortiz and top of the list, the Young Bucks. FTR congratulated the Young Bucks for graduating from the kiddie table and now they have bit off more than they can chew. FTR said that they are the best tag team on this planet. The Butcher and The Blade were in the truck that FTR drove to arena. Blade said that they were looking for a new meat-wagon and this might be it. The Lucha Brothers duo of Fenix and Pentagon were in the ring. Blade challenged FTR and Young Bucks to an 8-man tag team match at Fyter Fest against Butcher/Blade and Lucha Bros. FTR agreed to it. The Lucha Brothers knocked Harwood out of the ring and then hit a package piledriver/double foot stomp on Wheeler to drop him. The Young Bucks went into the ring and the Lucha Bros left. The Lucha Bros left with Butcher and Blade in the FTR truck.

Analysis: That’s cool with me. I’m fine with AEW not rushing the Young Bucks vs. FTR match. Putting them as a team to build up respect before doing the big match likely at the August PPV, All Out. I would expect FTR and Young Bucks to win that match at Fyter Fest.

There was a video about Kenny Omega and Adam Page talking about their Fyter Fest Tag Team Title defense against Best Friends, who also spoke about how they are best friends. Omega said he got along with Page while Page wasn’t that sure. Others like Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur talked about the match. Chuck Taylor said they’ve been through a lot, Trent asked what and Chuck couldn’t come up with anything. Taylor noted that they have never held tag team titles while Taz said that Best Friends have earned it. Omega said they decided to go for the gold and they won them just like that. Omega said they had the best tag team match in the history of professional wrestling (I don’t think I agree with that) and they did it just like that. Ross isn’t sure that everything is okay for Omega and Page. The teams each sounded confident and Page said those boys are good, but his team will whip their ass and once again said that Best Friends are good.

Analysis: Nice job of promoting the tag team title match at Fyter Fest. There’s no storyline for the two babyface teams. It’s just a title match that feels like a big deal because Best Friends have been built up well while Omega/Page are strong champions. I actually think Best Friends might win the titles although it’s not an official prediction. I may change my mind.


There was a video package about Jon Moxley’s AEW World Title match against Brian Cage at Fyter Fest. It featured commentary from the AEW announcers talking about how unbeatable Cage seems to be and that Moxley may be damaged goods.

Brian Cage entered with Taz, who joined the announce team.

Brian Cage vs. Joe Cruz

Cage launched the guy into the air and then did some bicep curls followed by a fallaway slam. Cage with a hard whip into the turnbuckle. Cage with an overhead suplex. Cruz left the ring to the ramp, Cage went after him and hit a release Powerbomb back into the ring. Cage hit the Drill Claw finisher for the pinfall win after just over one minute of action.

Winner by pinfall: Brian Cage

Analysis: 1/4* A dominant with for Cage as usual. The Drill Claw is an awesome looking finisher.

Taz joined Cage in the ring for a promo and he was asking where Moxley was. Taz looked into the camera saying Mox was sitting on his ass on the couch. Taz said that Cage is the guy that put Mox’s body through an automobile. Taz said that Cage competed while Moxley is at home with a bullshit excuse. Taz said that Fyter Fest is around the block, the AEW Championship is in grave danger and he said Moxley is done. Taz said that Cage is unsafe for Moxley and he will hurt him. Taz wondered if Max can stop the path of Cage. That ended it.

Analysis: The “bullshit excuse” for Moxley is that he came in contact with somebody that had Coronavirus, so he stayed home. It is actually Moxley’s wife, Renee Young, that has it, so Moxley stayed home with her. That doesn’t mean Moxley has Coronavirus. It’s just a case of him being careful and avoiding interacting with others. Nice heel promo from Taz putting over his buddy Cage in a big way.


There was a backstage scene with Brodie Lee telling Colt Cabana that he’s a winner. Lee said that at Fyter Fest they’re going to take on SCU and Cabana was a bit reluctant about it. Lee said that he’s going to bring his best men (meaning Cabana) and he wants SCU to bring their best. Lee said that they are in his sight.

Fyter Fest Night 1 Lineup (July 1)

Jurassic Express vs. MJF and Wardlow

Santana and Ortiz vs. Private Party

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford

AEW TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Jake Hager

AEW Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent)

Fyter Fest Night 1 Lineup (July 8)

Lance Archer vs. Joey Janela

Nyla Rose in action. They did not name the opponent.

Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana and Stu Grayson vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels)

Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho

The Butcher and The Blade & Lucha Brothers vs. Young Bucks and FTR

AEW Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brian Cage

Analysis: Some great matches on there both nights. It should be a lot of fun to watch and review.

Britt Baker handed Tony Schiavone a note to read for Big Swole. Baker said she was in a dumpster for nine or ten hours, but she’ll get her revenge. Big Swole walked over to Britt Baker behind the glass and Baker had a sip of her drink while telling Swole that she can’t touch her. Swole climbed onto the back of the cart that Baker was in and Swole dumped a garbage bin full of trash onto Britt, so Britt called for “Reba” (Rebel) to help.

Analysis: That was funny due to Britt’s over the top antics. I enjoy Baker’s segments and Swole has a lot of energy as a face.

Santana entered with his buddy Ortiz. This was going to be Sammy Guevara’s spot, but he’s suspended for insensitive comments. The announcers didn’t mention Sammy. Matt Hardy made his entrance as “Broken” Matt Hardy and he’s 4-1 in AEW so far. The flying object NEO 1 flew around ringside to support Matt.

“Broken” Matt Hardy vs. Santana (w/Ortiz)

Santana with punches early on and Matt hit a back body drop over the top to the floor. Hardy shoved Santana’s head up against the ring post. Hardy whipped Santana into the barricade. I think Matt went back into the ring to break up the count, so good job by him. The referee also left the ring instead of counting as he should. Santana distracted the referee, Ortiz grabbed Matt’s foot and Santana hit a running dropkick.


Santana with a shoulder tackle to the ribs, then he missed a kick, Santana avoided a Side Effect and Santana hit a spinning slam followed by a moonsault off the middle ropes for two. Santana sent Matt across the ring, Matt looked like he was limping and just stopped running. That was weird. Anyway, Hardy went for a suplex off the ropes, Santana with a headbutt and Santana went for a Frog Splash, but Matt moved out of the way. Hardy got some momentum with punches to the head, then he bounced off the ropes and hit a clothesline as the announcers noted that Matt wasn’t moving around well. Hardy with a corner clothesline, Santana charged and Hardy hit a Side Effect slam. Hardy hit a Side Effect for a second time for a two count. Hardy hit a third Side Effect for a two count. Santana jumped off the ropes with nothing, Hardy caught him and Hardy hit a reverse DDT. Ortiz on the apron to distract, Santana hit a sitout slam for two and then Hardy countered the pin with a rollup where he sat on top for the pinfall win after 12 minutes.

Winner: “Broken” Matt Hardy

Analysis: **1/4 This was a decent match with the veteran Hardy picking up the win over a tag team wrestler. I know Matt used the Broken gimmick because the fans chose it, but I think if he was only Broken Matt on special occasions rather than overdoing because it didn’t feel any different here. Santana is better in tag team action. There just wasn’t much excitement here and Matt was definitely laboring a bit, which the announcers picked up on.

Post match, Ortiz went into the ring with the sock that had baseballs in it and he hit Matt repeatedly. Ortiz held up Matt, Santana went up top and Santana hit the neckbreaker off the ropes. It was the Street Sweeper double team move. Private Party ran out to check on Matt in the ring.


Face to Face: Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy entered first in his usual jean jacket and jeans followed by “Le Champion” Chris Jericho, who walked out alone in black leather without his Inner Circle buddies. If you’re wondering, AEW announcers did not mention Sammy Guevara at all during this show since he is suspended.

Jericho asked why did the chicken cross the road and he said “to get to the other side” three times. Jericho said it’s amusing, kinda funny and a little stupid. Jericho said then it becomes annoying and dumb while saying that’s what Cassidy is. Jericho said that the more he sees Cassidy’s act, the more annoying he becomes and it pisses Jericho off. Jericho said he thought Orange was stupid, an embarrassment to the business and Jericho complained to the bosses about Orange, but was told that “people love him.” Jericho said that Orange has a unique presentation and Jericho said that the late Brian Pillman told him to be different. Jericho noted that Orange got over on his own by being himself.

Jericho said Orange is like them, meaning the fans, by saying Orange is lazy, a slacker and he doesn’t have what it takes to make it to the top. Jericho said that Cassidy got out of his lane when he got in Jericho’s face. Jericho told Cassidy if he tries any of that bullshit “kick in the shin” offense then Jericho will knock his teeth down his throat and beat him in 30 seconds. Jericho told Cassidy to try to pull out a man-sized miracle to beat Jericho. Chris told him at Fyter Fest, the Orange Cassidy phenomenon is over because Chris will make sure that Orange runs out of juice. Chris laughed at his joke while Orange grabbed the microphone.

Orange was about to speak, but then he dropped the microphone followed by the weak looking shin kicks and Orange put his hands in his pocket as well. Jericho was not impressed by that. Jericho broke Orange’s sunglasses. They look like they were from a dollar store, so that’s okay.

Cassidy tackled Jericho and they got into a brawl where they exchanged punches in the ring followed by a fight outside the barricade. Jericho with some hockey fight punches as he pulled Orange’s jacket over his head and Jericho’s dad was a hockey player, so that was fitting for him. They went brawling into the stands where some AEW personnel were and a lot of them were not in masks. Just saying. Cassidy came back with punches. Jericho sent Cassidy into some barricade. Jericho grabbed one of the cameras and swung it into Cassidy’s face. Cassidy sent Jericho throat and face first into a guard rail. Cassidy’s right ear was bleeding. Cassidy ran across some steps and hit a Superman Punch, which led to Jericho bumping off an equipment case and then bumped backward onto a conveniently placed table to break Jericho’s fall. Cassidy stood tall while Jericho was down and the announcers plugged Fyter Fest.

Analysis: Jericho is great, but this didn’t feel like it needed to be a main event segment. I did like the promo a lot. The fight looked good too. I get that Orange Cassidy is popular with certain fans and while I enjoy him sometimes, he’s not one of my favorites. I have enjoyed seeing him get out of his shell a bit more of late, though. The brawl looked fine although there’s inconsistency because there are times when people try to break up fights quickly, yet nobody tried to do it here. The final spot was set up well with Jericho doing a table bump. I assume that Jericho wins at Fyter Fest in a match where Cassidy comes close to winning, but I think Jericho will get the victory.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. FTR
  2. SCU
  3. Chris Jericho


The Scoreboard

This week: 6.75 (out of 10)

Last week: 7.5

2020 Average: 7.11


Final Thoughts

It was a solid episode of Dynamite that was used to promote the Fyter Fest shows over the next two weeks. I don’t think it was great at any point other than for one match. That was the tag team match between FTR and SCU. It was an outstanding match, which is no surprise because those teams have been great for a long time. The other matches were okay although as noted in my review, in some cases there were the usual AEW refereeing issues that hurt them at times.

The non-wrestling segments were effective with Jericho and Cassidy brawling in the main event slot although I don’t think it was a strong main event. It felt like it was the main event because they had nothing else to put there. The Cody/Hager “press conference” was different, but it worked for what they needed to do. They used video packages well. The women’s division was barely featured, so that’s disappointing.

I like that they advertised everything on Fyter Fest on July 1 and July 8 by specifically saying what is on both nights. I’m looking forward to those shows over the next two weeks.

The Fyter Fest episodes will air on Dynamite on July 1 and July 8. Here’s what is advertised for it:

Fyter Fest Night 1 Lineup (July 1)

Jurassic Express vs. MJF and Wardlow

Santana and Ortiz vs. Private Party

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford

AEW TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Jake Hager

AEW Tag Team Championships: Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent)

Fyter Fest Night 1 Lineup (July 8)

Lance Archer vs. Joey Janela

Nyla Rose in action. They did not name the opponent.

Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana and Stu Grayson vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels)

Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho

The Butcher and The Blade & Lucha Brothers vs. Young Bucks and FTR

AEW Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brian Cage

I might have predictions for all of it next week.

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