The John Report: AEW Dynamite 06/11/21 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review here on TJRWrestling. It was another Friday show since AEW Dynamite was pre-empted on Wednesday because of the NBA Playoffs. This week’s show was taped last week and so was next week’s show, which is also going to air on Friday. That means most of the talent got about three weeks off. Must be nice. Their next live show is in two weeks on Saturday, June 26. Once July comes, the NBA Playoffs coverage on TNT is done and it’s back to Wednesday for Dynamite. Next year it won’t be an issue when AEW is on TBS in the US.

The format I will use for this review is to summarize the matches without doing play-by-play and then putting in my analysis after. I’ve had a very busy week with another PPV to review this weekend, so I’m trying to cut back a bit by doing summaries instead of play-by-play of every move.

This is AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. Let’s get to it.

The show began with The Pinnacle group arriving in a limousine.

The AEW intro video was shown. There were no actual fans in attendance because AEW doesn’t want spoilers to get out. It’s just the AEW roster and crew surrounding the ring as cheerleaders. “It’s Friday night and you know what that means” as JR says to begin the show with a Brodie Lee tribute. Jim Ross was joined by Tony Schiavone and Excalibur on commentary.

Matt Hardy was in the ring with Angelico and Jack Evans. Matt claimed that Christian Cage was jealous of him because Matt has made more money than Christian. Matt said that Angelico will answer his career and Christian will never financially recover from this.

Analysis: That’s the best idea they had for that promo? It was pretty lame.

Christian Cage vs. Angelico (w/Matt Hardy & Jack Evans)

Angelico got some offense early and then Christian came back with punches. Angelico worked over the left arm a bit with kicks to the arm. Angelico whipped Christian into the turnbuckle to continue working on the arm along with another kick. After a few minutes, Christian hit a reverse DDT off the middle rope. There was a distraction from Evans, but Christian did a neckbreaker against the top rope. Christian went up top and hit a headbutt to the shoulder that he did where it was Christian’s forearms hitting the mat first. It was not that dangerous as the announcers said since Christian did it in a very safe way. Christian got an inside cradle for two. They did a collision spot that knocked both guys down. Christian hit a diving uppercut off the middle rope and the Killswitch got the pinfall win after nine minutes. Angelico sold it well.

Winner by pinfall: Christian Cage

Analysis: *** A solid match with Christian beating a guy that loses matches any time he’s on Dynamite. Angelico can win on the Dark shows that I don’t watch. The announcers tried hard to put over Angelico as a threat, but the fans likely don’t see it that way. Christian sold the left arm injury well to stretch out the match a bit before Christian came back for the obvious win.

Post match, Christian fought off a Jack Evans attack and then Matt Hardy hit Christian with the Twist of Fate. Jungle Boy made the save for Christian.

The announcers ran down the card. It doesn’t look like a great card at all, but the announcers talk about it as if it’s some classic wrestling show.


Some upcoming AEW shows with tickets on sale now:

* Wednesday July 7 Dynamite – Road Rager in Miami.

* Wednesday, July 14 Dynamite – Fyter Fest Night 1 in Cedar Park (Austin), Texas.

* Wednesday, July 21 Dynamite – Fyter Fest Night 2 in Garland (Dallas), Texas.

* Wednesday, July 28 Dynamite – Fight for the Fallen in Charlotte, North Carolina.

They must really like trying to have “theme” shows instead of just doing a regular Dynamite show.

Let’s Hear from Cody Rhodes

Tony Schiavone was in the ring saying that we’ll have a debut next week where Aaron Solow teams with QT Marshall against Cody Rhodes and the debuting Brock Anderson, who is the son of Arn Anderson.

Cody Rhodes made his entrance with coach Arn Anderson and Brock Anderson joined them. Brock definitely looked like a young Arn. Cody talked about how he had a lot of faith in Brock. The paid AEW employees like the paid workers they are. Cody mentioned that he got beat last week.

QT Marshall showed up for the interruption while telling Cody that he pinned him all by himself. Marshall was sick of the second-generation nepotism and said maybe he should get pyro or bring him down from the ceiling. Marshall suggested putting an end to this while adding that he wants to whoop Cody’s ass in front of a full house. Marshall wants to face Cody in a South Beach Strap Match (on July 7). Cody suggested they do it right now, then Marshall took off his belt and hit Arn in the back. Brock tackled Marshall and punched him. The referees broke it up.

Analysis: It was fine to set up a bigger match in a few weeks. I don’t think Marshall is that interesting of a character, but Cody likes working with his friends, so they’ll keep trying.

They showed a clip from last week when Eddie Kingston saved Pac and Penta when The Young Bucks tried a cheap attack. The Young Bucks beat Pac and Penta last week because of Brandon Cutler.

The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) & Brandon Cutler vs. Pac, Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston

The great Don Callis was on commentary. Pac refused to tag in Kingston and brought in Penta instead, which led to Penta hitting a dropkick to the groin. Cutler wrestles in a red jumpsuit and a protective mask for some reason. Kingston tagged in with a double stomp and a delayed vertical suplex. Pac destroyed Cutler the jobber with a kick, then tossed him to the corner and Pac hit a dropkick on Matt. Nick did some comedy bumps with the announcers giggling like children. The heels took control with Matt hitting a dropkick on Pac on the floor.


The heels were still in control of Pac until Pac blocked a DDT attempt by Matt and tossed Matt across the ring. Kingston got the tag with suplexes for everybody, Penta got his turn and hit a double cross body, but then poot Cutler got superkicked. Penta hit an incredible Destroyer on Matt. Nick accidentally kicked Cutler in the face after Penta moved. There was a nearfall for Penta after a sitout slam. The terrible referee lost full control of the match and didn’t count out anybody as usual. Penta hit an impressive dive over the top onto the floor. Pac hit an impressive 450 Splash and went for the Brutalizer, but that was broken up. Pac and Kingston hit dives to the floor at the same time. Matt got a rollup while grabbing trunks for two. Bucks and Cutler did a double kick/Powerbomb combo. Cutler got a tag, missed when Pac moved, Kingston with a spinning back fist on Cutler and Pac pinned Cutler as if the legal man matters. It went 13 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Pac, Penta El Zero Miedo & Eddie Kingston

Analysis: ***1/2 A pretty god tag team match here with Penta/Pac getting their win back because 50/50 booking can strike in AEW as well. The bad refereeing hurt part of the match, but that’s typical for most Young Bucks matches. The Young Bucks won the regular tag team match last week, so then they did a six-man tag team this week with Cutler in there to take the pin. I’m assuming everybody watching this could see that finish coming. I did like a lot of the action in the second half of the match.

There was a post match attack by the Young Bucks while Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows joined the party. JR: “Who’s paying these guys?” Frankie Kazarian “The Elite Hunter” showed up to fight Gallows and Kazarian with a clothesline on Gallows. Kazarian hit a running clothesline on Cutler.

Analysis: The story with Kazarian is he likes to attack The Elite guys because they put an end to Kazarian’s team with Daniels. It was fine. The second straight match where a heel stable attacked after a loss. They love doing that in AEW.

There was a conspiracy theory video made by Don Callis and Kenny Omega claiming that AEW was trying to screw Kenny out of the AEW World Title, but Kenny still managed to win.


Let’s Hear from The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle group entered for a promo wearing dress clothesline. Dax Harwood spoke about Stadium Stampede saying that it wasn’t their kind of match. Harwood mentioned Santana & Ortiz saying they came from nothing, they overcame adversity and Santana/Ortiz lost their edge. Harwood said that’s why they put them through tables. Cash Wheeler said he didn’t give a shit about their families. Wheeler said that they are family that works together. Shawn Spears addressed Sammy Guevara saying Sammy got lucky while calling him a glorified indy wrestler. Spears said he’s the hero, not Sammy. Wardlow talked about how Jake Hager is obsessed with him because Wardlow brings out the best in him. Wardlow accepted Hager’s challenge for next week for a cage fight.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman saying he’s tired of people telling him he has something to prove when in reality he’s already the best. MJF told the fans that they will never be the best at anything. MJF said he idolized Jericho. MJF remembered seeing Jericho walking by him in 2019 and he was excited. MJF said that Chris was not even remotely on his level. MJF said he’s beaten Jericho twice and his match request is denied. MJF brought up Sammy, who he called a “chickenshit” and said that Sammy had the same speaking skills as Helen Keller. Google her, kids. MJF told Sammy he’s better than him and he knows it.

The Inner Circle group appeared on the video screen from outside the building. Chris Jericho told Max he knows what happens when you don’t give The Inner Circle what they want. The Inner Circle group was at The Pinnacle’s limo, they smashed it with axes, baseball bats, sledgehammers, Santana flattened the tires and they kept on destroying the limo. Jake Hager drove a forklift with the end of it going through the middle of the limo. Hager lifted up the limo on the forklift and set it back down. Jericho: “Better call an Uber.” Sammy said he’ll fight Max any day of the week. The Inner Circle left on the forklift.

Analysis: Good job by the “Stone Cold” Inner Circle group destroying a limousine. It’s not like that is the first time in wrestling that faces have destroyed a heel car. We have seen it in other wrestling promotions, so it’s not like it’s an original idea. With that said, it still worked in terms of humiliating the heels while letting the audience know that The Inner Circle/Pinnacle feud isn’t finished yet.


Darby Allin was shown with Sting. Darby said that he is not replacing Sting against Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. Darby said he’ll have a handicap match. Darby told Sting he didn’t want him to be there next week. Sting told Darby that he is who he is because he’s Darby, not Sting. Darby told Sting to stay home just this one time please. Sting told him he’s got it, he’s not coming and they touched fists.

They showed a video with Evil Uno talking about how he was friends with Brodie Lee. Evil Uno said it would mean a lot to him to have anybody in the Dark Order to win the TNT Title, but he wants to be the one to do it and make Mr. Brodie Lee proud of him.

TNT Championship: Miro vs. Evil Uno

Evil Uno looked impressive to start the match including a senton dive off the apron onto Miro on the floor. Miro came back with a belly to back suplex to take control.


Miro was in full control with a running forearm to knock Uno off the apron to the floor. Some of the Dark Order nerds showed up to support Uno, so Miro knocked Stu Grayson over the barricade. Uno got some offense with clotheslines and a running boot. Uno hit a Swanton Bomb off the top for just one. More Dark Order members showed up to support Uno including Negative One, who is Brodie Lee’s son. Miro did a big bump into the exposed steel turnbuckle for a two count. Miro with a huge clothesline and then the Game Over submission with Uno tapping out to give Miro the win. It went 10 minutes.

Winner by submission: Miro

Analysis: ***1/4 This was pretty good with Uno putting up a good fight. I don’t think this went too long or that it needed to be a squash. Having Uno look competitive for most of the match made it more interesting. Miro sells really well even though he’s a power wrestler who also no sells some things that is part of his gimmick.

They showed a video about Andrade El Idolo. Jim Ross will interview him next week.

Let’s Hear from Kenny Omega

The AEW World Champion Kenny Omega made his entrance with Don Callis with Tony Schiavone in the ring to conduct the interview.

Callis did a promo about how they overcame an AEW conspiracy to try to take the belt off Kenny Omega. Callis said that Jungle Boy is like the band that sings his entrance song, a one hit wonder.

Omega said he knows he is supposed to sell this match. Omega insulted Jungle Boy a bit, then he said he saw a young Omega and said maybe one day Jungle Boy can be a champion like him. Callis said that Jungle Boy has everything except one thing – the guts.

Jungle Boy made his entrance in a plain black t-shirt. Somebody needs to teach these wrestlers in AEW to wear their merchandise so they can advertise it on the show. Omega said he’s never known Jungle Boy to be a promo guy or a guy that talks. Omega said that Boy doesn’t have the guts and he wondered what he was going to do. Omega asked who is better on the microphone than him and Callis said “nobody.” I would argue that.

Jungle Boy old Omega he talks way too much. Kenny went for a punch, Boy ducked it and Boy punched Omega. Boy tripped up Omega and went for the Snare Trap submission, but the Young Bucks saved Omega, so Jungle Boy.

Analysis: It was okay. Nothing special. I think Omega/Jungle Boy are going to have an awesome match in two weeks, but I don’t think this segment necessarily helped it that much.

Jade Cargill was backstage with her manager Mark Sterling. Cargill said her catchphrase: “Cuz I’m that bitch.” Thrilling.


There was a locker room promo from Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page mocking Darby Allin for signing up for a handicap match against them. Page said “it’s only up from here” for the Men of the Year. Sky thought that was a good catchphrase.

Lance Archer (w/Jake Roberts) vs. Chandler Hopkins

Archer spiked Hopkins with a huge chokeslam. Archer hit the Blackout slam for the pinfall win in under one minute. It was about 45 seconds.

Winner by pinfall: Lance Archer

Analysis: 1/2* Welcome to Squash City, population Chandler Hopkins. Archer was dominant here.

There was a backstage promo by one of the AEW jobber groups. I believe they are called the Wingmen. They challenged Orange Cassidy.

Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Hirsch got some offense early on because she’s “Legit” Leyla. Good job by Leyla working armbars and other body parts to try to weaken her opponent. Rose was able to make the comeback to take control using her size advantage.


I hit fast forward too much and got to the finish. They battled on the top rope, Rose knocked Leyla down with headbutt and then Hirsh tried a hurricanrana, but then Rose hit an Avalanche Beast Bomb for the pinfall win after about eight minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Nyla Rose

Analysis: *3/4 A decent match with Rose using the power game to overcome the shorter challenger. It was tough to get into it even though they worked hard.

Britt Baker, the AEW Women’s Champion, was interviewed by Tony Schiavone with Rebel on hand. Baker trashed Nyla Rose for ruining her celebration last week. Baker claimed she had endorsements coming her way and called Nya a jealous bitch. Baker said she makes this title, she makes this division and this new era.

In two weeks on Dynamite on Saturday, June 26:

* Kenny Omega defends the AEW World Title vs. Jungle Boy

Next Friday on Dynamite on June 18:

* Eddie Kingston, Penta & Frankie Kazarian vs. Matt Jackson, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows

* Andrade El Idolo talks to Jim Ross

* Orange Cassidy vs. Cesar Bononi

* Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky & Ethan Cage

* MMA Rules Cage Fight: Jake Hager vs. Wardlow

* Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson vs. QT Marshall & Aaron Solow

This week’s main event is next.


Taz joined commentary for the main event since his Team Taz guys were in the match.

Brian Cage & Powerhouse Hobbs vs. “Hangman” Adam Page & Dark Order’s Ten

There was a stat saying Ten is 18-2 in 2021. Really? I watch this show every week and I don’t recall many wins for him, so I guess they must be on the Dark shows. “Hangman” Adam Page is 14-1 and it was announced by Page that he’s having a kid with his wife in the fall. Congrats.

Page and Cage did a bunch of moves where they were avoiding the moves that they were doing. Cage hit a hiptoss backbreaker. Ten was the legal man, then Hobbs hit him with a knee in the back and Team Taz hit a double team Powerbomb for two. Hobbs hit a running knee to the ribs of Ten.


The heels remained in control as they worked on Ten. Hook and bad neck Ricky Starks went down to the ringside. Ten got some offense going with a forearm to the chest of Cage, who knocked Page off the apron. Ten hit a pump kick on Cage and on Hobbs, who was legal. Page got the hot tag and they did a spot on the floor with Page hitting a hurricanrana on Cage sending him to the ring post. Page tried pinning Hobbs after a forearm, but Hobbs was under the bottom rope, so there was no pin. Ten was back in wit ha spinebuster on Hobbs. Cage with an uppercut, enziguri, release German Suplex and Cage/Hobbs hit a clothesline/chop block combination for just two. Hook wit ha distraction, Starks tossed the FTW Title to Cage, who threw it out of the ring just like at Double or Nothing. Starks slapped Cage in the face. Starks retreated to the back with Cage following him. Hobbs hit a spinebuster on Ten for two as Page made the save. Ten hit a ripcord into the Cutter, Page with the Buckshot Lariat and Ten covered Hobbs for the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: “Hangman” Adam Page & Dark Order’s Ten

Analysis: **3/4 The match was fine, but it’s just a regular tag team match, so it ‘s hard to get into it that much. The main story is that Brian Cage continued to have problems with his Team Taz buddies because they want to cheat like heels, but he doesn’t want to do it. That led to Hobbs getting beat up 2 on 1 and poor Hobbs really hasn’t done much in the group in terms of standing out. Page and Ten getting the win likely means Page’s feud with Team Taz is over for now.

The Dark Order guys went out to celebrated with Page and Ten. Dark Order guys had beers with Page while Negative One was having some water. Good job, kid. Page celebrated with the Dark Order guys to end the show.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. Pac/Penta/Eddie Kingston
  2. Christian Cage
  3. Miro


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7 out of 10

Last Week: 6.5

2021 Average: 7.35


Final Thoughts

It was a better show this week compared to last week. There were several good matches with mostly babyface wins except for Miro and Nyla Rose. I liked Miro’s match with Evil Uno, who looked competitive throughout until Miro found a way to put him away. The Young Bucks lost the six-man tag since they had their jobber friend Brandon Cutler in the match, so you knew he was going to take the pin. The main event was okay with Hangman Page/Ten beating Hobbs/Brian Cage when Cage got mad at Ricky Starks and left. It didn’t feel like a big main event, though. Just a regular match.

I think the promos that took place did a nice job of building to future showdowns. The Inner Circle got to outsmart the dumbass Pinnacle group by destroying their limousine. The Kenny Omega/Jungle Boy interaction was okay in terms of setting up their title match in two weeks. I wouldn’t call it great, though. Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall set up another match too. I think AEW does a good job in general of setting up matches in advance while not rushing things too much.

These Friday night shows are a killer, but this week’s show was more fun than last week, so that’s positive thing. It was a taped show just like next week’s show and then it’s back to a live show in two weeks on Saturday, June 26 (Omega vs. Jungle Boy for AEW World Title). The Wednesday night live return is on July 7. I’m looking forward to that.

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