The John Report: AEW Dynamite 05/13/20 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review on TJRWrestling. This week’s show was taped last week in Jacksonville in front of no fans. They are on the road to the Double or Nothing PPV on May 23 and last week we found out a few matches while this week they will be adding more to the card.

This is episode #33 of AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Thanks to Melo Man for the banner up top. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive.

The Dynamite intro video aired to begin the show.

There were wrestlers situated around the ringside area with some of them like MJF wearing a mask, but most don’t have masks. Some ringside tech workers had masks on.

Lance Archer made his entrance and he hit a guy with a clothesline that was in the backstage area. Jake Roberts was with Archer. They showed highlights of Lance’s win last week and then Jake put his snake (the reptile, you sick freaks) onto Brandi Rhodes in the ring.

Roberts said as soon as Brandi kisses his ass he’ll give her an apology. Roberts said that this area around the ring is no man’s land because they are the author of this book and they’re writing every chapter. Roberts said that a woman is great at home, cooking, wiping baby’s butts and occasionally if it’s cold outside she can keep him warm. Roberts said that a woman sees her that makes sure Jake watches Lance’s work because makes him very excited. I’m not going to analyze that. Roberts said Cody can no longer hide and said that it’s time to pay the piper.

A truck was shown in the parking lot with Cody driving a Ford F-150 that had his American Nightmare logo on the front of the truck. Cody drove up to the building and Archer went after him. They got into a brawl with Cody in dress clothes and taped fists. Archer tossed Cody over a barricade and through the ring announcer table. Cody went after Archer with punches, but Archer tripped up Cody on the ring apron. Jake: “Cody went boom.” Cody tried to choke Archer with some of his hair. Cody threw a chair into Archer’s face, Archer no sold it and hit a boot to the face. Cody escaped Archer’s finisher attempt, Archer blocked a Cody Cutter and Jake wanted Archer to back away, so the fight ended there.

Analysis: Good segment overall with Jake delivering another quality promo showing how evil he was. I liked Cody’s babyface fire in wanting to get revenge for what happened to his wife Brandi last week. Archer backing away is a heel move to piss the fans off and also build up anticipation for their Double or Nothing match. It didn’t run too long either, so that’s a positive as well.

The announce team of Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and masked man Excalibur had a rundown of the matches for this week.

There was a video package showing highlights of the AEW tag team division over the last year since the first AEW PPV, Double or Nothing, was about one year ago. They mentioned the Omega/Page vs. Young Bucks tag team match at Revolution in February and said many people believe it was the best tag team ever. I gave it five stars, but I don’t know about best tag team match ever. It’s hard to rank them. Anyway, they also talked about some of the other tag teams in AEW.

The Jurassic Express team made their entrance. The announcers put them over saying they’ve been impressive with a 3-0 record in 2020. It’s mid-May and they’ve only wrestled three tag team matches? That’s not a lot. Best Friends were the opponents in this matchup of babyface teams. Orange Cassidy was wearing a mask.

Jurassic Express: Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy (w/Marko Stunt) vs. Best Friends: Trent and Chuck Taylor (w/Orange Cassidy)

Boy with an arm drag on Trent and then a forward roll into a pin attempt for two. The announcers mentioned Boy was only 22 years old with JR joking earlier that the shirt he was wearing was 22 years old. They exchanged some holds leading to a stand off. Luchasaurus tagged in against Trent with Luchasaurus shoved Trent into the corner followed by a hard chop. Luchasaurus launched Trent into the air followed by a spinning kick on Trent for a two count. Cassidy was chilling on the ramp, so Stunt went to him. Trent hit a great counter into a neckbreaker on Boy. There was a missile dropkick by Boy on Trent, Luchasaurus with a tail whip kick on Taylor and Boy hit an assisted flatliner on Taylor. Trent took down Boy and then Best Friends hit a double team suplex on Luchasaurus on the floor. Taylor and Trent hugged on the floor, so Boy hit a somersault over the top to take out the opponents. The referee Aubrey Edwards left the ring to talk to the wrestlers, so probably giving time cues as the show went to break.


The match continued with Trent hitting a Spear on Luchasaurus. Boy and Taylor exchanged forearms, back elbow by Boy, a forearm and Taylor hit a jumping knee to the face. Boy bounced off the ropes with a clothesline. Trent with a flying knee on Boy. Luchasaurus with a kick on Trent, but Trent came back with a swinging DDT off the ropes. Cassidy was on the entrance ramp and Rey Fenix showed up from out of nowhere and kicked Cassidy in the head. Trent went after Fenix. MJF sent Boy into the ring post since they are facing eachother at Double or Nothing and the referee never saw that. Taylor lifted Boy and hit an Awful Waffle piledriver for the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Best Friends (Trent and Chuck Taylor)

Analysis: **3/4 This was a solid tag team match. When there is no storyline going in and it’s two babyface teams, it’s harder to get into the match. They worked hard with some cool spots towards the finish. The interference by MJF set up the finish because Boy sold it like he was knocked out after being sent in the ring post and Taylor took advantage. The attack by Fenix on Cassidy was also done because they’re in the same ladder match at Double or Nothing. I don’t know if either of these teams are getting a title shot soon, so it just felt like a regular tag without much in terms of consequences.

Post match, Wardlow threw Stunt into the barricade. Luchasaurus checked on Stunt and Wardlow backed away with MJF. Best Friends checked on Cassidy as well.

Jon Moxley was shown arriving at the arena, Alex Marvez tried to interview him and Moxley said nothing.

Penelope Ford made her entrance with fiancé Kip Sabian joining her at ringside. Kris Statlander was next doing the alien thing as the announcers made jokes about it. Statlander is 4-4 this year and is somehow the #2 ranked woman in the women’s division. Their rankings are weird. Dr. Britt Baker was next with a 4-3 record and she’s #3 ranked woman. Hikaru Shida is the #1 ranked woman with a record of 8-2 this year. Ford and Baker are heels while Shida and Statlander are faces.

Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford (w/Kip Sabian) vs. Kris Statlander vs. Dr. Britt Baker

They didn’t officially announce this as a number one’s contender match for the AEW Women’s Title, but it seems like that is the idea for the match. The first fall wins here.

Baker went after Shida, then Statlander grabbed Baker and Shida/Statlander hit a double backbreaker on Baker. Ford with a running cross body block on Shida and Statlander. Ford with a cross body block, but then Statlander hit Ford with a forearm. Baker avoided an enziguri kick, Shida with a kick to the gut and Baker hit a Slingblade neckbreaker. Statlander back in, she grabbed Baker’s nose that was previously injured and Ford kicked Statlander leading to Baker hitting a DDT and Ford got a two count. Baker sent Statlander into the middle turnbuckle. Shida sent Baker into the barricade. Ford went on Statlander’s shoulders and Statlander slammed her down for two as Shida broke up the pin. Shida sent Baker into the turnbuckle and then Statlander was there for a Tower of Doom spot with Statlander doing the Powerbomb part of it. Statlander slammed Ford down and Statlander hit a running knee on Statlander. All four women were down as the show went to break.


Statlander had Shida set up for her finish, but Baker hit a knee and a running knee attack on Shida for a two count. Baker hit a Canadian Destroyer on Statlander, but there was no cover. Ford did a back handspring into a Cutter on Baker that looked too fake. It looked like Baker was already ready to sell the move before Ford got close to her. It just looked bad as Ford got a two count. Ford hit a Stunner on Shida and Baker hit a corkscrew neckbreaker. Shida was back in wit ha spinning sitout slam for a two count. Shida tripped up Statlander in the corner and suplexed Ford into Statlander for what Excalibur called a Suplex Sandwich. Baker kicked Statlander and Shida sent Baker out of the ring. Ford hit a missile dropkick on Shida for a two count. Sabian grabbed Shida’s arms, Shida got away and Ford kissed Sabian on the apron. Shida got a rollup on Ford and a Falcon Arrow slam for a two count. Statlander broke up that pin leading to Ford hitting a Poison Rana, but Statlander landed on Ford instead of on the mat, so it didn’t look like a good move at all. It’s high risk. I’m just saying it didn’t look smooth. Baker whipped Statlander into the ring post. Shida blocked a handspring move by Ford again and Shida with a backbreaker. Baker slapped on the Lockjaw submission on Statlander on the floor while Shida hit a running knee on Ford for the pinfall win after 11 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Hikaru Shida

Analysis: *** A lot of action here with Shida as a good choice as the winner. They hit a lot of big moves in the match like Stunners and Canadian Destroyers, but I think those are moves that should be saved as finishers instead of just getting two counts. If you see those moves all the time, they lose their luster. Some of the moves by Ford looked good in theory and then in execution they looked off. Baker failed to win the match because she was applying a submission move on the floor while Shida was winning the match in the ring. That means the smart dentist was booked like a dumb wrestler. That’s a shame. Shida was the most impressive woman in this match.

Post match, Baker continued to apply her Lockjaw submission (with gloves) on Statlander on the floor. The AEW Women’s Champion Nyla Rose had a staredown with Shida to end this.

Pineapple Pete was backstage talking about his career saying he’s Suge D and said he’s been grinding for 16 years. Pete said that ever since Jericho has been calling him Pete, life has been sweet and Pete was drinking something out of a pineapple. Pete said tonight he gets Jericho one on one and no more insults.


It was announced that at Double or Nothing it will be Nyla Rose defending the AEW Women’s Title against Hikaru Shida. It’s going to be a No Disqualification, No Countout match as well.

The Proud N Powerful team of Santana and Ortiz entered for a tag team match. They are 5-3 in their AEW careers. That’s it? They should be booked better. They are part of the Inner Circle stable. Kenny Omega was up next as one half of the AEW Tag Team Champions with Hangman Page and Kenny is 11-3 this year.

While Kenny was making his entrance, Santana and Ortiz attacked Omega on the stage. Santana and Ortiz did a double team chop to Omega and Santana hit a moonsault off of Ortiz’ back. It’s “Broken” Matt Hardy aka Damascus that made his entrance as Omega’s partner. Hardy was biting Santana’s head and he even bit on some boot. Hardy went into the ring with punches on Ortiz and the referee called for the bell.

Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy vs. Santana and Ortiz

Hardy sent Santana out of the ring while Omega worked on Ortiz and Santana whipped Hardy into the guardrail at ringside. Omega with a boot to the face of Ortiz, but then Ortiz did a back rake followed by his tiger style posing. Omega with a dropkick on both opponents and then he jumped over Ortiz’s back leading to a Kitaro Crusher on Santana. Hardy tagged in, Omega with an attack on Santana and a double team suplex by Hardy and Omega. Matt hit a side neckbreaker on Santana followed by a leg drop for two. Omega was back in for his team, Santana with a back elbow, Omega knocked Ortiz on the apron and Santana hit a clothesline on Omega to the floor. Santana tripped up Omega on the apron while Santana distracted the referee. Ortiz sent Omega into the guardrail leading to the break.


Santana was in control of Omega with a Boston Crab submission. Ortiz was back in with some back raking and an eye poke. Hardy had some blood in his mouth perhaps from biting Santana earlier. Ortiz with another eye poke and he tripped up Omega leading to Santana tagging back in with a stomp to the chest. Santana slapped on an abdominal stretch in his corner and Ortiz with suplex for a two count. Omega came back with forearms to Ortiz, who raked the chest of Kenny, but then Omega hit a Snapdragon Suplex. The wrestlers around ringside and AEW staff in the crowd made some noise to urge Kenny on as Hardy tagged in against Santana. Hardy sent Santana into the turnbuckle repeatedly, then a corner clothesline and another clothesline with Santana selling it with a flip bump. Hardy sent Ortiz out of the ring and Hardy hit a Side Effect on Santana for two. Hardy hit an elbow drop to the chest for two and then an elbow smash to the back. Ortiz with a back body drop on Hardy over the top and Santana hit a suicide dive on Hardy on the floor. Santana was knocked off the apron and Omega hit a dive over the top onto Santana on the floor. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate on Santana for two and Ortiz broke up the pin. Omega tagged in, so they remembered that it’s still a tag team match and Ortiz whipped Hardy into the ring post while Omega and Santa were the legal men. Santana with a roll through into a Cutter on Omega. Ortiz with a dropkick on Omega and Santana with a senton attack on Omega against the turnbuckle for a two count. Ortiz got the tag, Omega avoided a double team move, Hardy took care of Santana on the ramp and Hardy tagged in with a butterfly submission hooking the arms of Ortiz and Sammy Guevara walked out with a neckbrace to sell the cart attack from last week. Sammy brought a chair in. Hardy kicked Sammy and gave him a Twist of Fate with Sammy selling it on his head with a flip bump. Omega got back into it with a V-Trigger on Ortiz on the turnbuckle and Hardy hit a Cutter off the turnbuckle for a Twist of Fate variation and that was enough to get the pinfall win after 18 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Kenny Omega and Matt Hardy

Analysis: ***1/2 This was a very good tag team match that was more of a traditional tag team match with the heels working over Omega for most of it. I liked the last few minutes a lot even though the referee lost control, which his standard for an AEW match. Matt Hardy is a tag team expert and Omega’s my favorite in-ring performer in AEW especially in terms of the babyfaces they have. I’d like to see Santana and Ortiz booked stronger, but considering the opponents here I expected them to lose this match. Omega and Hardy got the win this week after losing to Jericho and Guevara last week, so yes AEW has 50/50 booking too.

Omega and Hardy celebrated the win doing the “Delete” hand gesture.


Darby Allin was backstage with Tazz doing the interview while promoting that Allin is the Casino Ladder Match at Double or Nothing. Tazz apologized for last week when he brought up that Allin lost to Cody in the TNT Tournament Semifinals and then Tazz repeated what he said that he could have help. Allin said he knows what a tilt is (the move Cody did to beat him) and said back in the day he placed third in the state of Idaho in amateur wrestling. Tazz said he didn’t know it while Allin walked away.

The Casino Ladder Match will have Darby Allin, Rey Fenix, Orange Cassidy and Colt Cabana. There will be nine wrestlers in the match. (The rules are: Two wrestlers start the match with another wrestler entering every 90 seconds. The winner is the first man to take the casino chip that’s above the ring and the winner will earn an AEW World Championship Match in the future. The chip can be grabbed at any time, even before all nine wrestlers are in the match.)

Hikaru Shida was managed by Lexi backstage. Shida said that the happiest thing for her is to win the Women’s Title. The best thing she can do is win the title, so she will beat Nyla. That’s when Nyla Rose showed up with her AEW Women’s Title. Rose said she had a present, she hit Shida with a kendo stick and said: “I found your kendo stick, bitch.” Ouch.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman was up next with Wardlow. MJF is 5-0 in 2020 and 8-1 overall in AEW while the announcers put over his “serious” hangnail injury to explain his in-ring absence for a couple of months. His opponent Lee Johnson was already in the ring with an 0-5 record in AEW. I wonder what the result will be here.

They announced some more things like Orange Cassidy vs. Rey Fenix next week on Dynamite and Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander at Double or Nothing as well. Plus, Private Party vs. Best Friends as the Double or Nothing pre-show match.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (w/Wardlow) vs. Lee Johnson

MJF was in control with a suplex across the ring followed by a clothesline. MJF teased Johnson while some “fans” chanted that MJF sucks. Johnson with a chop, so MJF slapped him hard in the face and MJF sent Johnson out of the ring. MJF told Lee to try to make himself famous. MJF gave Johnson a Powerbomb on the ring apron and then tossed him back in the ring. Excalibur said that MJF’s only loss was in a four way matchup where MJF was not pinned in, so he’s undefeated in that sense. MJF with a shoulderbreaker and then an armbar for the submission win after about three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Analysis: 1/2* An easy win for MJF to continue to build him up as a future star in AEW. That’s also the right amount of time for a match like that. Johnson barely got any offense and MJF looked dominant. The winning ways of MJF continue.

MJF did a promo saying he’s sorry his peers don’t know how to react to a real professional wrestler. MJF called out Jungle Boy saying he’s so excited about their match at Double or Nothing. MJF claimed he had ring rust and he felt pretty stuff. MJF said he needs a tune-up match, so he signed up for a match against Marko Stunt. MJF said he’ll have a lot of fun with Marko, so don’t forget he’s better than you and you know it.


Pineapple Pete was officially announced with that name and also Suge D. They had some “Pineapple Pete” graphics. The Pineapple Pete name is what Jericho called him when Jericho was doing commentary on AEW shows. Pete is 0-2 in AEW. Chris Jericho was up next with the great “Judas” song and some of the wrestlers were singing/dancing at ringside. Jericho had his four Inner Circle buddies Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara with a neckbreaker. Jericho had a baseball bat with him that said “INNER CIRCLE” on it.

Chris Jericho (w/Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara)vs. Pineapple Pete

Jericho was wrestling in a Pineapple Pete tank top. Jericho started with a slap, so Pete came back with punches and a running back elbow against the turnbuckle. Pete with another flying back elbow. Pete charged in again, but Jericho met him with a Judas Effect elbow to the face and Pete sold it with a great bump. Jericho covered for the pinfall win after one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho

Analysis: 1/2* A squash match to put over Jericho. I thought they might go for a few minutes, but it was just one minute with Jericho hitting his finish to win easily. I don’t know if the Pineapple Pete name will work, but I know he’s an experienced worker and he could do well if they gave him a shot.

Jericho did a post match promo now that the “threat” of Pineapple Pete has been vanquished, let’s move on. Jericho called out The Elite while saying he hasn’t seen half their guys in a few months. Jericho said that “Hangman” Adam Page is bushwhacking in the forests of North Carolina picking berried while Matt and Nick Jackson sit at home pouting about how great the Inner Circle and Le Champion are. Jericho said that they are fair and honorable men, Sami said “super honorable” and “el honorable” in Spanish. That was funny. Jericho said that while history stands still worldwide, the Inner Circle is writing history. Jericho said they created the Stadium Stampede Match. Jericho said if you thought the Street Fight last week was wild and woolly, wait until you see what the Inner Circle can do inside of a football stadium 80,000 seats large. Jericho told The Elite to lick their wounds and massage their bruised egos because they have been challenged by the Inner Circle to the first ever Stadium Stampede match. Jericho said they’ll be there to hear your response because they’ve got all night.

There was an appearance from the Vanguard 1 drone with the Inner Circle t-shirt that Vanguard stole from Jericho in the past. Jericho said that Vanguard has a lot of guts after what he pulled. Jericho said he had warrants out for Vanguard 1 for grand larceny for stealing the shirt. That was funny. Jericho asked if The Elite accepts the challenge for Stadium Stampede? A graphic said: “WE ACCEPT.” The match is on. Jericho called The Elite “dumb idiots” and he asked Vanguard 1 if he wanted to join the Inner Circle. Jericho said it’s too late, they rescind the invitation and the sixth member of The Inner Circle is Floyd the baseball bat. Jericho said he had a message and Jericho hit the drone with the baseball bat. The Inner Circle took turns with the baseball bat as they beat up the drone. The Inner Circle trash talked the dead drone too.

Matt Hardy emerged from the back and the Inner Circle escaped as Matt was sad about the death of Vanguard 1. JR said that was like a member of Matt’s family and wondered how Matt would explain that to his three kids. Matt looked sad about what happened.

Analysis: A great promo from Jericho to set up the match at Inner Circle. The drone attack was funny too. Jericho interacting with the drone is ridiculous, but he’s skilled enough to pull it off. A Stadium Stampede match should be unique. It’s taking place at the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, which is connected to where they tape at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. Tony Khan, the AEW Owner/President, runs the Jacksonville Jaguars, so they’re going to have a match in the empty stadium. It’s 5 on 5 so the Inner Circle guys against Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page and Matt Hardy. No Cody since he already has a match at Double or Nothing. I think The Elite will win the match.


It was announced that Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Title will now be a No Disqualification and No Countout Match.

They showed highlights of last week when the Dark Order led by Brodie Lee attacked AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and Lee stole the AEW World Title.

Next week on AEW Dynamite: MJF vs Marko Stunt, Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson in a Face to Face Interview (two of the best promo guys ever), Rey Fenix vs. Orange Cassidy and Jon Moxley faces 10, who is in the Dark Order group. He needs a better ring name. Also, Sammy Guevara faces Matt Hardy.

It was also announced that Mike Tyson will be at Double or Nothing to present the AEW TNT Championship to the winner of the Cody vs. Lance Archer match.

Analysis: That’s a nice get by AEW since Tyson is obviously a big name in sports history as one of the most famous boxers ever. I’m probably picking Cody to win that match.

Christopher Daniels entered along with his SCU buddies Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky joining him.


The entrance of the “The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee was up next and he’s the leader of the Dark Order group with a 4-0 record. There were masked members of the Dark Order with him. Lee was wearing the AEW World Title that he stole from Jon Moxley and gave it to one of his Dark Order guys. Lee had five guys with him including a shirtless guy that is known as 10. Lee’s masked guys went to the back and 10 stayed at ringside.

Brodie Lee vs. Christopher Daniels

Lee was in control with a powerslam and he dumped Daniels out of the ring. Lee worked on Daniels on the floor with a chop and a palm strike to the back of the head. Lee dumped Daniels into the ring while Sky and Kazarian were behind the guard rail instead of at ringside. Daniels stunned Lee with a forearm, then a suicide dive and a moonsault off the middle ropes onto Lee on the floor. Back in the ring, Daniels with an elbow drop for a one count. Lee came back with a running kick to the face. Lee with a back body drop on Daniels followed by Lee shoving his boot into the face of Daniels. Lee with a running back elbow on Daniels and then Lee got in the face of Kazarian and Sky on the floor with a staredown. Lee stood on the side of Daniels’ face. Lee sent Daniels into the turnbuckle followed by a sidewalk slam for two.


The match returned with a Lee hitting a forearm and a senton over the top onto Daniels. Lee with a superkick for a two count. Lee lifted up Daniels, but Daniels countered into an impressive DDT. Daniels with three forearms, then a jumping kick to the back of the head and Daniels hit a hurricanrana off the ropes. Daniels with another elbow strike to the face, 10 distracted Daniels, so Kazarian and Sky went after 10 on the floor. The referee tried to break up the fight on the floor, which makes no sense, but it was a way to introduce the chair into the math with Daniels blocking a chair strike attempt. Daniels with a chair to the head with Lee getting his hands up to block. Daniels slapped on the Koji Clutch submission and then a bunch of wrestlers went into the ring with Dark Order guys fighting, Kazarian, Daniels and Colt Cabana. The wrestlers weren’t touched, so the match continued. Lee was back up, Daniels avoided a Chokeslam and hit Angel’s Wings for a one count. Lee with a kick to the ribs, Daniels avoided a slam and Daniels hit a moonsault press onto a standing Lee for a two count. Daniels jumped off the top with an attack, but Lee caught him and gave him a Powerbomb. Lee with a spinning discus lariat for the pinfall win after 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Brodie Lee

Analysis: ***1/4 This was a fun match between two veterans that know what they are doing out there. It’s the longest match Lee has had in AEW and I like how it was booked. If they went five minutes or less that would have been okay, but I’m glad that Daniels got some offense as an experienced wrestler that can still go. Daniels doesn’t look like a guy in his late 40s and wrestles as well as he did 10-20 years ago. It also showed how skilled Lee is because he can have good matches with anybody as a big guy that can move well. They set up the finish well with Daniels getting in a lot of offense, but then he went for that top rope move, Lee caught him with that Powerbomb and it was over shortly after that.

There were still a few minutes left in the show. Lee told the ring announcer Dasha Gonzalez to introduce him properly as the “self-proclaimed AEW World Champion” just like he did before the match and the Dark Order guys brought the AEW World Title out again.

Jon Moxley made his entrance by entering through the empty seats. Moxley went to ringside where he beat up some masked Dark Order guys. Moxley hit a Paradigm Shift on a masked guy in the ring. Brodie Lee left the back with 10 with Moxley facing 10 in a match next week.

Moxley did a promo saying that Brodie Lee made a foolish decision that he will pay for dearly. Moxley said he’ll pay for it with interest. Moxley said that the AEW World Championship is worth a lot more than a piece of metal and you’ll find out on May 23 at Double or Nothing. Moxley said that there will be a “hailstorm of violence” and Mr. Lee will find that his AEW career is over before it started. Moxley left the ring and tossed a masked Dark Order guy over a guard rail. Moxley walked around angrily as the show ended there.

Analysis: An intense promo from Moxley as usual. Lee escaped an attack and they are building to the AEW World Title match well. I think Moxley retaining against Lee is very likely, but I don’t know if it’s going to be something decisive or if they do a finish where Moxley finds a way to escape with the win.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Kenny Omega/Matt Hardy
  2. Chris Jericho
  3. Brodie Lee/Christopher Daniels


The Scoreboard

This week: 7.25 (out of 10)

Last week: 7.75

2020 Average: 7.22


Final Thoughts

This week’s Dynamite gets a 7.25 out of 10.

It was a good show featuring some fun matches along with a few squashes as usual. They did a nice job of building to Double or Nothing by announcing several more matches for that show on May 23. The match quality last week was a bit better overall. I really enjoyed the Brodie Lee/Christopher Daniels main event and the tag match with Omega/Hardy beating Santana/Ortiz was well done too. It was also an example of how entertaining Chris Jericho can be because not only did he do a promo against a drone, but he beat it up with a baseball bat and somehow he pulls it off without making it too silly.

I like most of the lineup for Double or Nothing. They have a live Dynamite next week and then Double or Nothing is on the following Saturday, May 23. I’m looking forward to that PPV.

The next AEW pay-per-view is Double or Nothing on Saturday, May 23. Here is the lineup so far.

* AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brodie Lee

* Stadium Stampede Match: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, “Hangman” Adam Page, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson and Matt Hardy) – They will have a match in the empty TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville.

* TNT Championship Tournament Finals: Cody vs. Lance Archer – Mike Tyson will present the championship to the winner!

* AEW Women’s Championship in a No Disqualification, No Countout Match: Nyla Rose (c) vs. Hikaru Shida in a

* Casino Ladder Match (Winner Earns Future AEW World Championship Match) – Announced so far are Rey Fenix, Orange Cassidy, Colt Cabana and Darby Allin. There will be 9 wrestlers in the match

(The rules are: Two wrestlers start the match with another wrestler entering every 90 seconds. The winner is the first man to take the casino chip that’s above the ring and the winner will earn an AEW World Championship Match in the future. The chip can be grabbed at any time, even before all nine wrestlers are in the match.)

* Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Jungle Boy

* Dr. Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander

* Number One Contender’s Match: Best Friends vs. Private Party (PPV Pre-Show Buy In Match)

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