The John Report: AEW Dynamite 05/12/21 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review here on TJRWrestling. It’s a live show this week and they are allowing more fans into the building. Earlier in the week, AEW announced that they will start touring again in July. Daily’s Place has been home for most of the last year, but it will be nice to see them get away from there. AEW is on the road to Double or Nothing on May 30.

This is AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. Let’s get to it.

They showed Jon Moxley and Yuji Nagata before their match. The AEW Dynamite introduction video aired. That led to pyro at Daily’s Place and Jim Ross greeting us with the Brodie line: “It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means.” There are more fans at Daily’s Place this week while the wrestlers/cheerleaders continue to surround the ring. The announce team was Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur as usual.

Yuji Nagata made his entrance with one of his students while Excalibur spoke quickly to talk about Nagata’s career. Nagata got a nice pop as a Japanese wrestling legend from New Japan. Nagata is 53 years old.

Jon Moxley made his entrance as the IWGP United States Champion with Eddie Kingston by his side. Moxley has a new theme song that is the classic rock song “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. Most people know what it is. Moxley got a big pop from the vocal AEW crowd as Moxley entered from the back part of the arena. The fans were ready to go for this match.

Analysis: I guess Tony Khan felt the need to pay for Wild Thing for Moxley. I liked Moxley’s previous theme song, but I think Wild Thing fits for Moxley as well.

IWGP United States Championship: Jon Moxley (w/Eddie Kingston) vs. Yuji Nagata

Moxley with a clothesline, Nagata with a knee to the ribs and kick to the face. They showed NJPW’s Rocky Romero watching in the crowd. They left the ring with Moxley sending Nagata into the ring post and then Moxley whipped Nagata into the barricade. Back in the ring, Moxley with clotheslines, a kick and elbow drop for two. Lance Archer and Jake Roberts were shown watching in the crowd. Moxley worked over Nagata with repeated kicks to the chest with Nagata kicking out. Nagata came back with kicks to the chest, a boot to the face and then an Exploder Suplex for two. Nagata faked a move, Moxley covered his head and Nagata with a dropkick to the knee. Nagata delivered three kicks to the chest, Moxley came back with forearms, Moxley avoided a kick and Moxley hit a German Suplex. Moxley bounced off the ropes with a clothesline for two. Moxley wanted a piledriver, Nagata hit a back body drop out of it and Nagata hit a running knee against the ropes. Nagata hit an Exploder Superplex and Nagata with another kick to the chest for a two count. Moxley applied a sleeper to wear down Nagata, but Nagata countered to an armbreaker and Moxley got his right foot on the bottom rope to save himself. Moxley and Nagata exchanged forearms again, Nagata with a kick, then an enziguri kick and Moxley came back with a sliding lariat for two. Moxley got a cut around his nose so there was some blood on his face. They exchanged strikes again, Moxley knocked him down with a forearm, Moxley with knees and Moxley hit the Paradigm Shift for the pinfall win at around nine minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jon Moxley

Analysis: ***1/2 This was a very physical match full of action and a fun match that was under ten minutes. Nagata is an older guy, so it made sense for him not to go long in a match like that. Nagata got plenty of offense early on, they exchanged forearms/kicks throughout the match and then Moxley wore him down a bit. The finisher from Moxley is one of the most protected moves in AEW, so you knew Nagata wasn’t going to kick out of that.

Post match, Moxley celebrated the win with Kingston and showed respect to Nagata by bowing at him. Nagata did a bow as well. Moxley lifted Nagata’s hand and the crowd popped for that as they posed in the ring for the fans.

The Inner Circle’s Ortiz, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara were interviewed. Ortiz claimed that Santana was arrested and detained for using a fork last week. Hager said that they wanted another match. Sammy said that they will never stop coming until they get a rematch. Sammy said give us a rematch or we’ll put you in a grave.

Cody the EVP Rhodes made his entrance in a suit for a promo.


Let’s Hear from Cody Rhodes

Cody’s neck tattoo looks so weird in a suit. When he wrestles shirtless it’s not that bad, but it is so awkward with a suit on. Anyway, the choice is his. Cody talked about stuff in America while saying he has never not been proud to be an American. Cody mentioned Anthony Ogogo, which drew boos, and said that Ogogo has verbally buried the United States. Cody said that Anthony said that he has a VISA courtesy of the USA, he gets paid in US dollars and he has freedom because that’s America. Cody said that there’s anger, but their empathy outweighs their anger. Cody said that Ogogo didn’t come there to live the England and he didn’t mean to disparage the English because they have great wrestlers while mentioning Doug Williams, Gabriel Kidd or Pac. Cody mentioned a Willie Nelson song “Living in the Promised Land” and I’ve never heard of it (I don’t like country music), but he mentioned some lyrics. Cody complained about Ogogo punching Cody in the ribs. Cody said that there’s so much to love here. Cody talked about AEW’s Shad Khan that invented the single-piece bumper to become a billionaire so he sucked up to the guy that pays him. Cody kept on talking about how there was segregation in Atlanta prior to 1961 and in 2021 in the same city, his wife will give birth to a beautiful (he was emotional) white and black American princess that will have both identities that will shun neither. Cody said that he didn’t just lay down under another man’s flag. Cody said he wants her to know that he got up off of his ass and he fought back. Cody said that they are going to do the fighting at Double or Nothing. Cody noted that at Double or Nothing they are going back to full capacity and on that night it will be Anthony Ogogo against himself, but it won’t be the American Nightmare. Cody said that for one night he’ll pick up a sword that is all too heavy, but only him and his brother can pick it up. Cody said that at Double or Nothing it will be Anthony Ogogo versus “The American Dream” Cody Rhodes (the nickname of his father Dusty Rhodes). The fans cheered as Cody left.

Analysis: That was all over the place talking about Americana, his unborn baby and somehow it led to him announcing a match he’s in against a guy that has barely wrestled in AEW. I’m not sure about trying to do this USA vs. England storyline although Cody did praise some wrestlers from England. I review this show every week and don’t really remember much about Ogogo trashing America, but I do remember Ogogo putting the UK flag on Cody. The delivery of the promo was fine and wrestling as “The American Dream” for one match will pop the crowd. Ogogo has been training for a while at the wrestling school that Cody owns with QT Marshall (the on-screen rivals), so I’m sure they can practice and lay out the match weeks in advance.

There was a video about how The Young Bucks and So Cal Uncensored were good friends for many years. SCU, who spent years in their careers as heels, don’t like that Young Bucks are bad guys now. The story is that if SCU loses their next match then they will no longer team up anymore.

The SCU team of Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian entered for the title match. They are 13-0 in 2021. Daniels is 51 years old, so he’s one of the oldest guys in AEW. I believe he works in AEW Talent Relations as well.

The Young Bucks duo of Matt and Nick Jackson entered as the AEW Tag Team Champions with their expensive shoes and shiny outfits. They had Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Brandon Cutler and Don Callis with them. The announcers talked about the Young Bucks having expensive shoes. Thrilling.

AEW Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) (w/Don Callis, Brandon Cutler, Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) vs. SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels)

Don Callis joined commentary. Kazarian and Nick exchanged slaps to start the match, but then Kazarian came back with a clothesline. Kazarian with a neckbreaker and Daniels lifted up Matt for a double team attack from Kazarian. Daniels with an elbow drop on Nick and Kazarian with a leg drop for two. SCU did some more double teaming with punches and stomps. Nick whipped Daniels towards Matt, who did a back body drop on Daniels over the top to the floor. Matt hit a clothesline on Kazarian and then Matt hit a running dropkick that sent Daniels into the barricade. Matt gave Daniels a Powerbomb on the ring apron. It looked very safe, but it’s the sell that matters. Nick hit a senton splash on Daniels on the apron.


The match returned with Daniels hitting a stomp off the turnbuckle onto Nick. SCU hit a double team Powerbomb/neckbreaker on Nick for a two count. Kazarian sent Daniels onto the knees of Daniels for a spot called Celebrity Rehab. Daniels tried a double team move by the Young Bucks corner, so Matt shoved Daniels to the floor. Kazarian with a leg drop on Matt. Nick with two knees on Kazarian and then a bulldog. Nick kicked Daniels on the floor. Nick jumped over the top and drove Kazarian into the mat with a facebuster. Nick superkicked Daniels on the floor, so Daniels’s head hit the ring post. Daniels did a blade job, which meant blood was coming from his forehead and THE BLADE WAS ON CAMERA! Stop showing the blade on camera! They kept showing the blade sitting there for several seconds. Daniels kept rolling around the floor and we could see the blade sitting there. Kazarian brought Nick back into the ring with a Cutter for a two count. Kazarian looked at his partner Daniels out on the floor with a bloody face. Nick with a kick to the head of Kazarian. Matt with a Buckle Bomb into a kick by Nick. Kazarian countered Matt into a rollup, Nick jumped off the top and Kazarian hit a Northern Lights Suplex with Kazarian covering both guys at once for a two count. Kazarian with a back body drop over the top on Nick on the ramp. Gallows distracted the referee while Kazarian had a cradle on Matt. Kazarian set up Matt in the middle of the ring and hit a Styles Clash for a two count! That was cool. I don’t mind that at all. Nick made the save. Nick was illegally in the ring, the referee sucks as usual and Matt hit a Tombstone on Kazarian. Nick kicked Kazarian and then Daniels made the save on the point. Daniels hit the Angel’s Wings slam on Nick. Daniels tagged into the match, then Daniels was wobbly around to sell the blood and Matt hit a running Spear on Daniels. Matt punched Daniels repeatedly. Daniels avoided a superkick and Matt backed out of it. Matt goes “I’m sorry, I love you” with some bad acting and hit a lefty superkick for a two count. It was an ode to Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair in 2008. Daniels hit a uranage slam, but then Daniels was wobbly doing a moonsault and then Daniels hit the Best Moonsault Ever for two with Nick making the save. Daniels clotheslined Nick out of the ring to the floor. Matt sprayed some cold spray into the eyes of Daniels with the referee not seeing it and Matt sprayed some cold spray on Kazarian. Matt hit Daniels with some cold spray bottle and covered for a two count. That kickout drew a good pop. Nick tagged in, so the Bucks hit the BTE Trigger knee. Kazarian tried a save, but Matt stopped Kazarian and Nick covered Daniels to win. It went about 14 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Analysis: **** A great tag team match as usual between two teams that have wrestled eachother so much in their careers. I’m sure these teams have had many matches at the four-star level and even better than that sometimes. While I think there were some bad things like the blade being on camera for several seconds and the lame mockery of Michaels/Flair, it was a terrific tag team match. The last few minutes were especially great with Daniels selling the blood loss so well and getting a couple of nearfalls in there. Some of the Young Bucks heel mannerisms are annoying in a bad way, but I do laugh at some of it. I definitely enjoy them more as heels than I do as faces. Kazarian is such a talented wrestler that I think he’ll do just fine as a singles guy while I would assume that Daniels is going to wrestle less often.

The Young Bucks celebrated with their friends and left quickly. Kazarian and Daniels were stunned about losing. Instead of showing Kazarian and Daniels hugging in the ring for their last match, they cut to a backstage scene.

Analysis: This should have been a bigger moment. They barely showed Kazarian and Daniels after this last match as a team because they wanted to show something backstage. You have to let wrestlers have their moment. If they kept the camera on Kazarian and Daniels for 30 more seconds they could have hugged, they could have saluted the fans and got a big ovation out of respect for what SCU did as a team. Instead, AEW’s bosses felt the need to do yet another backstage segment.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston were shown in The Elite’s dressing room and they threw around some of their stuff.

Analysis: This will lead to Moxley/Kingston going after the AEW Tag Team Titles held by the Young Bucks. It would have been better if they showed SCU saying goodbye as a team.


When the show came back, they showed Kazarian and Daniels hug in the ring. It was about five seconds.

Analysis: That should have been so much more.

Christian Cage was interviewed by Dasha. Christian ripped on Taz saying at one point in time he was a bad man, but he won’t step through those ropes. Christian said that he has an open contract and he’ll face anyone. Christian said that he’s entering the Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing. Matt Sydal told Christian that he’ll be in that match too and he’s looking for redemption. Sydal said that he has a surprise for him. Sydal said that he signed the match to face Christian next week on Dynamite.

Analysis: Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal next week should be pretty good. Sydal usually loses, but at least his matches are fun.

Orange Cassidy made his entrance with Chuck Taylor, Trent and alien girl Kris Statlander. Cassidy sent them to the back. Cassidy is apparently 8-0 in 2021.

Analysis: I looked it up on ProfightDB and Cassidy only has two singles wins on Dynamite. One of the wins was against Luther, who is almost never on Dynamite in a match, and the other singles win was against Penta, who at least has more credibility. What I’m saying is they need to build up contenders by giving them wins on Dynamite instead of the Dark and Dark Elevation shows that have smaller audiences that aren’t treated as a big deal.

Pac made his entrance with Rey Fenix and Penta. Pac sent them to the back. Pac is 5-0 in singles matches in 2021. Pac only has two singles win on Dynamite.

Analysis: It’s May 2021 and the two guys competing for an AEW World Title shot have a combined total of four wins in Dynamite singles matches. It really doesn’t sound that impressive to me.

Pac vs. Orange Cassidy

The winner of this match gets to challenge Kenny Omega for the AEW World Title at Double or Nothing on May 30.

They are both babyfaces in theory, but Cassidy was cheered more. They faced off with Cassidy putting his shades on Pac, who broke the sunglasses and dropped them in the ring. Cassidy hit the Beach Break slam for a two count. Cassidy did his pockets routine with a suicide dive with his hands in his pockets. Cassidy put on another pair of sunglasses. Tony was so amused by that. Cassidy sent Pac into the barricade leading to a break.


Pac was in control of Cassidy as Pac whipped Cassidy into the barricade at ringside. JR mentioned they were close to being counted as if AEW counts wrestlers out of the ring. They only do countouts if it leads to a spot in the match. Back in the ring, Pac drove his knee into Pac’s head while on the mat. Pac hit an outstanding shotgun missile dropkick off the top rope. Pac went up top and he hit another shotgun missile dropkick that knocked Cassidy across the ring. Pac went up top again with another shotgun missile dropkick this time to the back and it led to a two count. Pac went up top for the Black Arrow, but Cassidy rolled across the ring. Pac kicked Cassidy in the ribs, then Pac went up top again and Cassidy rolled under the turnbuckle while posing to taunt Pac with a thumbs up gesture. Cassidy sent Pac into the middle turnbuckle, then Cassidy rolled through with a victory roll. Pac sent Cassidy into the ropes with a superkick that nailed Cassidy right in the head. Ouch. Pac picked up Cassidy and delivered a Liger Bomb sitout Powerbomb with Cassidy landing hard on his upper back/neck there. That was a rough landing. It looked like a legit injury occurred as referee Aubrey Edwards was trying to communicate with the backstage area. Cassidy rolled to the floor and Pac kicked him out there. The match went to picture in picture mode.

(Commercial – The referee Aubrey Edwards didn’t administer a count when Cassidy first went to the floor. She delayed for a long time and then Cassidy got back into the ring. After Pac held Cassidy in a light headlock, Edwards made the “X” sign for a doctor from ringside to check on Cassidy.)

The match returned with Cassidy getting looked at by a doctor at ringside. Don Callis appeared and said that they want a winner, so the referee Aubrey Edwards looked at him. Omega hit Pac in the back with the AEW World Title. The referee never saw that. That led to referee Edwards counting both men down due to injury and it reached a ten count. The match went about 14 minutes.

Match Result: Double Countout

Analysis: **1/2 They could have had a much better match, but things went off the rails when Cassidy got hurt. I think AEW did a good job of calling the match off when Cassidy got hurt because you never know what could happen if they kept going. Injuries suck, but it’s better to be safe than sorry in a case like that.

Callis claimed that there was no winner, so Omega does not have a match at Double or Nothing. Omega said that he thinks they should go on a road trip because they don’t have a winner, they have two losers. Tony Schiavone interrupted them on the ramp. Tony said he was informed of something as Kenny put on his glasses.

Tony Schiavone said that on May 30 at Double or Nothing it will be Kenny Omega vs. Pac vs. Orange Cassidy for the AEW World Title. Omega and Callis complained about it with Schiavone saying that he was told this by Tony Khan. Omega was freaking out about it. Omega said that they were going back to Winnipeg. Pac was showing selling the head injury and that ended it.

Analysis: The reactions from Omega and Callis were great. AEW doesn’t do triple threat matches that often, so at least it will feel different to see an AEW World Title match that’s a triple threat. I doubt Omega loses the title to Pac or Cassidy. I think Kenny will have a very long reign and probably lose the title to Adam Page or maybe Darby Allin later in the year.

Update: It was reported by PWInsider that the original plan for Cassidy/Pac was to have a 20-minute time limit draw to set up the triple threat match at Double or Nothing. Instead, Cassidy was hurt so AEW declared a No Contest instead and now they get that triple threat match.

The Young Bucks were shown in their dressing room with Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson. They were mad about Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley wrecking their dressing room. Matt Jackson talked about how they put SCU out to pasture. Matt said next week they will face the Varsity Blonds for the Tag Team Titles. Matt said that for once, they should do something for themselves by challenging Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston for the AEW Tag Team Titles. That was it.


They showed “Hangman” Adam Page hanging out with Dark Order with Alex Marvez conducting the interview. Page was asked about his loss to Brian Cage, who said that it was bound to happen and mentioned all the things it took to beat him. Page challenged Brian Cage to a singles match without his friends and ended it saying it should be at…Double or Nothing. John Silver was amazed at Adam ending the promo like that.

Let’s Hear from The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle group consisting of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Wardlow and Shawn Spears made their entrance with Tully Blanchard and some pretty women as well. They even showed a Showbuzz Daily graphic plugging the ratings success from last week. This company really loves ratings and talking about them.

MJF, who was wearing a crown, said he is the Demo God and the king of AEW. MJF wanted us to refer to him as the greatest of all time for some reason. MJF said that The Pinnacle is the greatest group of men that ever existed. MJF claimed that they are the biggest draw that professional wrestling has ever known while saying that they ranked number one on cable and they broke a record in Canada because they had Shawn Spears, a Canadian God. (Welcome to pro wrestling in 2021 where 1.2 million viewers gets bragged about as some “record” when there used to be about 11 million viewers watching on Monday nights. But I digress.) MJF talked about how Chris Jericho “took a little bit of a fall.” MJF asked if you wanted to see a rematch and the fans cheered that. MJF said no.

Tully spoke about how what it’s like being at the top and looking down at all of the other talent. Tully said that they took everything that The Inner Circle could dish out last week, they took everything that Inner Circle had and they quit. Tully said that The Inner Circle were at the top. Tully claimed he bought five expensive watches for the group. Tully said every time they look at that watch, they can remember it as a present from Tully and that’s what being part of The Pinnacle is all about. Tully said they were on top of the world looking down on everybody else.

There was some honking noise as the “Stone Cold” Inner Circle group drove up to the building with a giant sign promoting “A Little Bit of the Bubbly” champagne. It was just Ortiz, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara. Chris Jericho was in the back of the truck as well and he had a big armbrace on his left arm to sell the landing on padding from last week. Jericho wondered if they would get a rematch. MJF told Jericho “no” in response to that. MJF said “no” again. That led to the “Stone Cold” Inner Circle to spray A Little Bit of the Bubby champagne onto the Inner Circle guys in the ring. Tony was laughing about it saying it was one of the greatest things he has ever seen. It was better when Steve Austin did it in 1999 with a beer truck actually. Anyway, The Pinnacle guys were all wet in champagne and stumbled all around the ring.

MJF said that if they want a match then The Pinnacle will take on The Inner Circle in the same match that they lost last year. MJF said that if The Inner Circle loses then they have to break up for ever. Jericho and Inner Circle didn’t agree to it, but the challenge was made.

Analysis: I didn’t really like this. I know what they were going for, but it’s only going to lead to AEW critics complaining about the company lacking original ideas. I like AEW and would rather not see them doing something like this. What they did here wasn’t very original, but it has been 22 years since Steve Austin did it to The Rock, Vince and Shane McMahon on WWE Raw in 1999. That was followed by Kurt Angle doing it to Austin and The Alliance in 2001 with some milk. It’s just strange to me that they would copy one of the most famous non-wrestling segments in pro wrestling history because it makes you look second rate. Anyway, I like the idea of a Stadium Stampede match for the second year in a row because last year’s match was good. They will likely tape it in advance rather than doing it live just like last year. I think The Inner Circle will win the Stadium Stampede match so that the group isn’t done. AEW has a lot of groups, but I think The Inner Circle has a lot of value as a face team right now. Basically, Inner Circle will get the win back at Double or Nothing, then it will be 1-1 and they will probably do a third match as well.


Dr. Britt Baker was interviewed earlier in the day by Jim Ross. They mentioned around a year ago when Hikaru Shida broke Britt’s nose in a match. Baker said she had surgery and was out for five months. I’m pretty sure she was out that long because of knee surgery, not the nose. Baker said that ever since then, she has been the baddest bitch on the block. Baker said that it is poetic that the monster that Shida created is going to dethrone her. Baker said that she is hard to kill. There was a clip from earlier in the day when Baker attacked Shida during a photoshoot. Baker said there will be a new champion in three weeks. JR thinks that it will be a physical match with a lot of urgency. Baker said that Shida has been champion for about a year in a tough year, but Baker is the heart, soul and pulse of the division. Baker said that come Double or Nothing, the women’s division will live on its own when she becomes champion. Baker guaranteed it and said “DMD” to end it.

Analysis: I think Britt’s confidence is at an all-time high. She has grown a lot in the last year. When it comes to promos, Baker has always been strong, but in the ring, she has improved a lot. I think Baker should beat Shida for the AEW Women’s Title at Double or Nothing. I thought they should have done that at the last PPV because Shida’s title reign has become boring, but now Baker has her chance.

Thunder Rosa vs. Jazmin Allure

Rosa was dominant early with chops, then Allure hit a running splash and then Rosa hit a dropkick. Rosa with a body slam and a senton splash. Rosa with a shoulder breaker and then the Fire Thunder Driver for the pinfall in under two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Thunder Rosa

Analysis: 1/2* An easy win for Rosa, who is also an NWA wrestler. It’s disappointing that AEW only had two minutes of women’s action on the whole show, but that’s what happens sometimes.

Next week on AEW Dynamite:

* NWA Women’s Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Red Velvet

* AEW Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (c) vs. Varsity Blonds

* Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal

* Anthony Ogogo vs. Austin Gunn

Matches that are official for AEW Double or Nothing on May 30 include:

* “Hangman” Adam Page vs. Brian Cage

* Cody Rhodes vs. Anthony Ogogo

* AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (C) vs. Dr. Britt Baker

* AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Pac vs. Orange Cassidy

The Stadium Stampede Match wasn’t official, but it’s likely going to happen.

Jade Cargill was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. They showed a segment from AEW Dark Elevation with Mark Sterling wanting to be Cargill’s manager. Cargill said she handles her own business. Cargill said she’ll listen to the offers, but she is her own boss and “I’m that bitch.” Sure.

The TNT Title main event is next.


Darby Allin was shown driving in a car where he was asked about being thrown down the stairs last week. Darby said that he has no time to think about that. Darby said he went back to Seattle and he walked around some crappy place where he grew up. Allin wondered what Miro has done since he’s been there in AEW. Allin said that Miro said that the whole world will see what Miro is capable of now that the leash is off, but we haven’t seen that. Allin said that Miro is not taking that title away from him. Allin told Miro he will have to admit that Darby is one of the toughest men he has ever stepped in the ring with.

Analysis: This was okay. It was in black & white for special effects, I guess. It’s more fitting for Darby’s character as a dark, brooding man.

Miro made his entrance looking intense and in the best shape of his life. Excalibur noted that Miro was undefeated since he has come to AEW. Darby Allin got a nice ovation for his entrance as he entered with the man more than double his age, Sting. Allin had the black/white face paint on his face and upper body.

Miro attacked Allin on the ramp before Allin got into the ring. Miro tossed Allin across the ring and then he delivered punches as well as kicks. Miro whipped Allin into the middle rope. Miro wanted the referee Paul Turner to ring the bell, but Turner wanted to check on Allin. Miro tossed Allin on the floor and then Miro sent Allin into the barricade. Miro whipped Allin into the ring post. Miro sent Allin into a barricade, but the camera missed that. Miro clothesline Allin over the barricade to the floor. Miro gave Allin an overhead suplex over the barricade with Allin landing hard on the floor. They showed Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky laughing about it. The referee checked Allin in the ring, but Miro attacked Allin with punches. Miro wanted him to ring the bell. Allin took off his jacket, Darby had tape all over his right arm/shoulder and Allin told the referee he can go.

Analysis: That was a long beating to get them to the match. Allin was hurting a lot after last week and after this attack.

TNT Championship: Darby Allin (w/Sting) vs. Miro

The bell rang to start the match and Miro hit a superkick for a two count. They left the ring, Allin hit two dropkicks. Miro blocked a Stunner, then Allin sent Miro into the ringpost and then Allin hit a running suicide dive. Allin went up top, he jumped off backward, Miro caught him and Miro hit a German Suplex. The referee wasn’t counting either guy out of the ring even though they were out there long enough to get counted out. It’s AEW. They don’t like rules.


There was less than ten minutes left in the show. Miro hit a gutwrench suplex across the ring. Miro squeezed Allin with a body scissors around the ribs. Miro continued to squeeze Allin. When Miro tried a suplex, Allin landed on his feet and Allin applied a sleeper. Miro ended up falling towards the ropes to cause a break. Allin jumped on Miro’s back with a sleeper. The referee was out on the floor with them, so again there are apparently no countout options. Allin jumped on Miro with a sleeper, so then Miro ran with Allin on his back and Miro sent Allin running into part of the barricade set. They were back in the ring with Miro taking off the kinesio tape and then Miro worked on the right shoulder. Miro body slammed Allin against the ropes. Allin touched knuckles with Sting for some motivation. Allin hit the flipping Stunner and then an inside cradle got two. Miro went for a powerslam, but Allin hit another flipping Stunner. Allin did a Coffin Drop off the top, Miro caught him, Miro with a suplex, Allin landed on his feet and got a rollup for two. Allin hit the Code Red flipping Powerbomb for a two count. Allin went for an armbar, but Miro countered it into a submission he calls the Game Over (a Camel Clutch of sorts) and Allin quit. It went about 12 minutes.

Winner by submission AND NEW AEW TNT Champion: Miro

Analysis: ***1/2 This was a fun big guy/little guy style of match with Miro dominating most of it while Darby got in some spots that made it look like he might find a way to win. The five minutes before the match where Miro attacked Allin wasn’t that necessary since the story was that Allin was already hurt going into this match, but I think AEW wanted to drive that point home. I don’t know about the Game Over as a finisher with Miro wrenching back as much as he did. It almost looked like Miro’s shoulders were down. They weren’t totally, but it was close. While AEW has only had three guys holding the World Title with long title reigns, they have shown a willingness to move the TNT Title around with quicker title runs and I think that’s smart.

After the match, the duo of Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page attacked Sting, who tried to fight them off. The Dark Order guys ran out there to clear out Sky and Page from attacking the faces.

Miro posed with the AEW TNT Title over a fallen Allin. Lance Archer went out to the ring with Jake Roberts by his side. Archer was pointing at Miro as if he wants to fight him and then Miro was happy to do it. That was the end of the show.

Analysis: I’m happy for Miro. I just wish AEW would let a segment breathe a bit because right after the title change, it’s onto the next thing with random attacks. They love getting more people on the show even at a time when there’s a title change. Anyway, I guess it will probably be Miro vs. Archer for the TNT Title at Double or Nothing while they can probably do Scorpio Sky/Ethan Page vs. Darby Allin/Sting at Double or Nothing as well.

Three Stars of the Show

  1. SCU – Great team that has come to an end.
  2. The Young Bucks
  3. Miro/Darby Allin


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.5 out of 10

Last Week: 8

2021 Average: 7.41


Final Thoughts

This was a very good episode of Dynamite although there were some things that I didn’t like too. The Young Bucks match with SCU was the best match even with some cheesy moments because that’s what the Bucks do as heels. The match is also going to get hurt by people laughing at the side of Christopher Daniels blading himself and then the blade was shown on camera for several seconds. You can’t show stuff like that. Cut away to another shot.

It was cool seeing Miro win the TNT Title. Darby Allin did a great job as champion and I like the story they told in the match. Jon Moxley and Japanese legend Yuji Nagata had a very physical, yet entertaining match in under ten minutes. That segment with Inner Circle/Pinnacle looked like a bad parody of the famous Steve Austin beer bash instead of something that I’d consider cool. Don’t try to replicate one of the most famous segments ever. Be original. It sucks that Orange Cassidy got injured during his match with Pac because I think they could have had a competitive match (the plan was a time-limit draw), so then AEW had to make changes on the fly. I think they made the best decision they could with a double countout finish. Now it means Omega/Pac/Cassidy at Double or Nothing PPPV. Anyway, I covered that more in the review.

One thing that’s frustrating about AEW shows is they don’t let post match moments mean anything because there’s somebody else running in or doing a cheap attack to set up another angle. They need to slow down a bit. Maybe give the matches a few less minutes sometimes so you can tell the stories at a slower pace. I like the Double or Nothing lineup, but sometimes they rush things on Dynamite.

The next AEW pay-per-view is Double or Nothing on Sunday, May 30. Here’s what we know so far.

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Pac vs. Orange Cassidy

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (C) vs. Britt Baker

Stadium Stampede Match: The Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle – If The Inner Circle loses then they must split up.

Cody Rhodes vs. Anthony Ogogo

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Brian Cage

Casino Battle Royale for AEW Title shot (Participants include Christian Cage, Matt Sydal & TBA)

Some other likely matches include Miro vs. Lance Archer for the TNT Title and Scorpio Sky/Ethan Page vs. Darby Allin/Sting.

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