The John Report: AEW Dynamite 04/14/21 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review here on TJRWrestling. It’s the first week where Dynamite is unopposed on a Wednesday on a regular basis, so I would assume their television audience will rise. That’s good because I think it’s an entertaining show most weeks and I’m happy for the wrestlers getting a chance to be in front of a bigger audience. The more good wrestling shows there are and guys/girls making money doing this for a living, the happier I am. They deserve it for putting their bodies on the line to entertain us.

This is AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. Let’s get to it.

The Young Bucks were shown with their AEW Tag Team Titles talking about their heel turn last week. Matt Jackson said that they chose friendship last week. They thanked Jon Moxley for pushing them over the edge. Matt Jackson said it was time to bring back the old Young Bucks and show the world a newer, better version of themselves. Nick barely said anything, but he had a shirt that said “HEEL” on it. The AEW intro video aired after that.

The show began with the usual line from Jim Ross: “It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means.” The pyro went off on the stage and there were wrestlers surrounding the ring. There was no crowd because it was taped last week. They don’t like having fans at taped shows for fear of spoilers coming out.

There was a video with Mike Tyson talking about how he was excited to be out there earlier. MJF showed up talking about his guys in The Pinnacle. MJF said he was barely alive when Tyson was on top, but his dad told him how great Tyson was. MJF said he’s not asking Tyson to cheat. MJF wanted Tyson to be on the right side of history. MJF insulted Mike’s facial tattoo. MJF handed Mike a blank check with his name on it and Mike ripped it up while chewing some of it. Mike spit the check onto MJF and MJF left. Tyson is at ringside later for Jericho vs. Harwood. They went over other matches on the show. The announcers are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur as usual.

The Death Triangle team of Rey Fenix and Pac entered as the challengers for the AEW Tag Team Titles. They earned this title match at the Revolution PPV in February, so it took about six weeks to do the match. The Young Bucks entered as the AEW Tag Team Champions with evil Don Callis by their side. The Young Bucks did not do their babyface entrance. It was more of a heel entrance as they posed in the ring with some streamers. They were also wrestling in Air Jordan sneakers. A replay was shown from when The Young Bucks turned on Jon Moxley last week while joining Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson/Doc Gallows as a group.

AEW Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Rey Fenix & Pac

Don Callis joined commentary. Matt and Pac did some mat wrestling for about one minute without much happening there. Callis called Excalibur a Young Bucks “jock sniffer” before but now he’s not. Nick faced off with Fenix with Nick hitting a kick, Nick avoided a dive from Fenix, then they each went for a dropkick, but that didn’t work and Nick hit a clothesline. They showed other tag teams sitting in the crowd. Fenix with a headscissors and then a springboard cross body. Pac ran the ropes with a twisting dive onto Matt over the top to the floor and then Fenix with a suicided dive onto Nick. Fenix with a body slam on Matt. Fenix with a kick to the back, then double kicks and double dropkicks by the challengers. Matt tripped up Fenix during a rope walk, Nick tagged in with a kick to Pac and a leap over the ropes into a facebuster into the ring. They have “DIOR” on the bottom of their Air Jordan sneakers. Bucks hit a double dropkick on Fenix. Fenix avoided a double team with Pac getting the tag and hitting a missile dropkick along with a running kick to the head. Pac hit Matt with a brainbuster for a two count. Pac sent Matt into the turnbuckle multiple times. Pac worked over Matt with repeated kicks to the chest. Nick distracted Pac and then Matt hit a running dropkick on Pac on the floor. The Young Bucks each hit Powerbombs onto the ring apron on Fenix and Pac at the same time. Nick hit a running knee on Pac against the turnbuckle. Matt did a cartwheel into a…back rake. That was funny.


The Bucks were still in control as they did some referee manipulation that frustrated Fenix while Pac was isolated by the Bucks. Pac sent both Young Bucks out of the ring, but then Nick pulled Fenix off the apron to prevent a tag. Matt mocked Pac not being able to tag by acting as if he made the hot tag and he did two clotheslines along with some rope shaking along with Matt doing some fake crying. Matt with a body slam. Pac came back with a running clothesline that knocked down Matt. Fenix got the tag with a cross body block off the top onto Nick, then he put Nick onto the ropes and he hit an impressive headscissors on Matt off the ropes. Fenix hit a double Cutter on both Bucks for a two count on Nick. Pac back in, Fenix with a superkick and Pac hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Nick with a jawbreaker, Matt back in and he ran right into a German Suplex from Pac. Fenix illegally walked the ropes into a kick on Matt and an incredible dive over the top onto Nick while Pac hit a deadlift German Suplex for a two count. Pac went up top, Nick was back in the ring illegally, pump kick and Matt with a superkick. Nick hit an impressive Destroyer off the ropes on Fenix. That was really innovative and cool. It was also moved by guys that weren’t legally allowed to be in the ring, but AEW refereeing is poor most of the time. Matt got into a slugfest with Pac, who charged and Matt sent Pac to the apron. Pac with a headbutt, then all four guys were on the floor and Fenix hit a poison rana on Matt and Nick hit a poison rana on Matt. Nick with a superkick on Fenix, who no sold it and hit a Cutter on Nick on the floor. The referee was outside the ring instead of in the ring counting these guys out. The referee did start a ten count at least, so Fenix sent Matt back into the ring. Pac set up Matt on the top rope and Pac hit his impressive superplex where he gets a lot of height. Fenix was legal and he jumped off the top with a Frog Splash for two. Pac was legal again, he hit the Black Arrow splash off the top and Nick tackled Fenix onto the pile to break up the pin. Good spot there. Nick knocked Fenix down with a clothesline and brought Matt to the champ’s corner. Pac with a boot to the face of Nick, who hit a low blow kick that the referee didn’t see. Fenix tagged in with a leap off the top, but Nick hit him with a superkick. Nick took off Fenix’s mask and threw it out of the ring. Fenix was covering his face, so the Bucks hit a double superkick (Rey was covering his face) and Nick covered for the pinfall win after 24 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Analysis: ****1/4 This was an excellent match and probably one of the best Dynamite matches this year. I’d have to look up others, but this was definitely up there among the best Dynamite tags. Pac and Fenix might be my two favorite wrestlers in AEW, so it was great to see them in a longer match like this. I enjoyed the heel Young Bucks a lot in this match. The surprising thing about the match is that they didn’t ignore the tag team rules that much other than when I did point it out. I figured they wouldn’t pay attention at all, but it was decent in terms of following the rules. I loved the finish with Nick taking off the mask leading to the double superkick. That finish has been done many times before (Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio in WWE comes to mind), but as long as it’s fresh and not done that often, then I’m all for using it as a finisher sometimes. These guys worked so well together. I assume other teams will be next in line to get title shots, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Pac/Fenix as champions in the future.

There was an interview with “Hangman” Adam Page hanging out with the Dark Order guys with Alex Marvez there to interview them. Page said that it will be about 4 to 6 weeks for Silver’s right shoulder injury. Page left without answering any questions. They helped John do some rehab by lifting the arm up and celebrated when they did it.


Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle were interviewed backstage with Mike Tyson by their side. Jericho said that they have righted their ways, to fix things from the past and right some wrongs while noting that he reached out to Mike Tyson to say he had a lot of respect for him. Jericho said that Tyson has been relevant and on top for 30 years, so Jericho knows what that is liked. Tyson told Jericho he’ll be there if he needs him, so Mike has their back. Jericho talked about facing Dax Harwood and said that just because Tyson is the Special Enforcer, he wants Tyson to call it down the middle. Tyson said he’s firm, but he’s fair. Tyson said he’s not going to take sides and wished him best of luck. Jericho said that Tyson is fair, he’s firm and he’s the Special Enforcer tonight.

Jade Cargill vs. Red Velvet

Red Velvet is from “straight outta your momma’s kitchen” as her hometown. As soon as Cargill got in the ring, Velvet attacked her with punches, but then Cargill came back with a pump kick. Velvet came back with a spin kick to the face and then she sent Cargill to the floor. Velvet hit a suicide dive onto Cargill on the floor. Cargill came back by whipping Velvet into the barricade. Cargill gave Velvet a fallaway slam onto the women wrestlers behind the barricade. Cargill suplexed Velvet back into the ring.


The match returned with Velvet avoiding a charging Cargill, which led to Jade hitting the turnbuckle. Velvet with two clotheslines followed by a running clothesline. Velvet did the Rey Mysterio spot jumping into the arms and turning it into a bulldog followed by a standing moonsault for two. Velvet went up top for a moonsault, Cargill moved and Velvet hit the mat. Cargill hit the Glam Slam that Excalibur called Jaded so I guess that’s the name and that was it after seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Jade Cargill

Analysis: ** Cargill continues her dominance. I am impressed by her because she doesn’t have a lot of experience (they said it was only her fourth match), but she looks very good in the ring and bumps well too. Velvet is a solid all-around worker. I just don’t think she’s going to stand out that much in AEW. I think Cargill is definitely a future champion.

They had an interview with Britt Baker and Reba with Tony Schiavone. Baker said that she is the third-ranked woman in AEW right now, but she thinks that she should be number two ahead of Red Velvet. Baker said that she will be wrestling on AEW Dark Elevation next week to continue her winning ways and soon you’ll have a new AEW Women’s Champion.

Analysis: It would make sense to have Baker finally getting a title shot at Double or Nothing PPV next month.

Anthony Ogogo made his entrance with The Factor stable that is the group led by QT Marshall. This is Ogogo’s debut match. He’s a former Olympic boxer.

Anthony Ogogo (w/QT Marshall, Aaron Solow and Nick Comoroto) vs. Cole Carter

Ogogo backed Carter into the turnbuckle and shoved him in the chest. They did a spot where Carter slipped out of a waist lock and then Ogogo did a right-handed punch to the ribs. The referee called for the bell after less than one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Anthony Ogogo

Analysis: 1/4* Match of the year. Not really. It was effective in terms of establishing Ogogo’s stomach punch as a deadly finisher.

Jericho vs. Harwood is next.


Miro said he hasn’t talked to Kip Sabian since the Arcade Anarchy match and he said he’s moving on with or without him. Miro said that his destiny is to be a champion. Miro warned current champions in AEW saying that he was going to find them.

Analysis: I’m glad that this is apparently the end of Miro being associated with Sabian, who really was holding back Miro because Sabian is not a big deal in AEW. Maybe now they can finally book Miro right.

Mike Tyson made his entrance to a pretty good ovation by the paid AEW wrestlers and staff at ringside. Tyson is the Special Enforcer for this match.

The Pinnacle’s Dax Harwood was joined by Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard. The Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho entered as the opponent with Sammy Guevara joining him at ringside. The others in the group were banned from ringside. Jericho’s entrance featured the usual singalong to his “Judas” theme song. The referee Aubrey Edwards told Tully he had to go backstage.

Chris Jericho (w/Sammy Guevara) vs. Dax Harwood (w/Cash Wheeler)

It started as a slugfest with punches by both guys, Jericho hit a forearm and Harwood bailed to the floor. Jericho tried to use a chair on the floor, but Tyson took it away and Harwood knocked Jericho down. Tyson took the baseball bat from Jericho. Jericho sent Harwood into the barricade two times. Back in the ring, Harwood sent Jericho into the turnbuckle and then delivered some punches. Harwood with an elbow smash. Jericho came back with repeated clotheslines on Harwood, who bailed to the floor again. Jericho went after him and Harwood hit him with the microphone two times. I don’t know where the referee was or what she was looking at, but she missed it and then Jericho used a pen to the head of Harwood. Jericho with a body slam on Harwood. Jericho took the microphone, did a middle finger and knocked back Harwood. Jericho tried a move, but Harwood threw him into the ring post and then into the barricade.


The match returned as both guys exchanged chops, Jericho hit two shoulder tackles and Harwood sent him to the apron. Jericho managed to come back with the double axe followed by the running bulldog and Lionsault for two. They got into a slugfest leading to Jericho hitting a jumping clothesline for two. Harwood did a nice counter of a Jericho move with a slingshot Powerbomb where he bounced Jericho off the ropes and that led to a two count for Harwood. Jericho applied the Liontamer submission, Harwood got near the ropes and Wheeler hit Jericho in the back (the referee never saw it) and Harwood got a two count. Guevara attacked Wheeler on the floor. Harwood followed up on Jericho with a brainbuster for two. Jericho managed to shove Harwood back and hit a Codebreaker with knees to the face. Both guys were in the ring as the other Inner Circle and Pinnacle guys were fighting on the ramp. The referee was distracted by it, but Tyson stopped Wheeler from using a baseball bat. Tyson decked Wheeler with a punch to the face! That was great. Jericho with a back body drop on Harwood and then the Judas Effect elbow got the pinfall win after about 13 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Chris Jericho

Analysis: ***1/4 A pretty good match between two veterans with the singles wrestler Jericho picking up the win over the tag team wrestler Harwood. They got plenty of time, I liked the spots they did with Tyson to get him involved in the match and then Jericho capitalized on the chaos with the Judas Effect elbow to win. That spot with Tyson decking Wheeler with a punch looked great. I’m sure it didn’t hurt Wheeler too much, but it looked effective and that’s what matters.

The Inner Circle guys were standing tall in the ring with The Pinnacle guys on the floor. Jericho said he wants to make it official that “Iron” Mike Tyson is an ancillary member of The Inner Circle.

Analysis: Congrats to Mike Tyson. That’s fine for whenever they book Tyson on the show again.

The Elite group were outside the building with Don Callis while Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Gallows/Anderson standing by. Callis said that when The Young Bucks came back to the family fold, it wasn’t the end of the story, it’s just the beginning. Omega said people are asking them why they changed and he said that they were sick of the fans wanting them to be just like the fans. Omega said that where they go, the gold will follow. Matt Jackson said that he has Matches of the Year coming out of his ear. Matt called out to the other AEW tag teams that if you come after them, you have a BTE Trigger with your name on it. Callis told us to be prepared to be surprised again. Callis delivered a superkick to the camera guy, or so we thought.


There was a video about Thunder Rosa saying she is taking over the world. Rosa said she’s coming after the AEW Women’s Title and NWA Women’s Title and she’s here to take over the world.

Kris Statlander made her entrance with the Best Friends guys Trent, Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. This is Statlander’s first match in over ten months after a torn ACL in her knee last June.

Kris Statlander vs. Amber Nova

Statlander did her “boop” point on the nose of the referee Paul Turner. Statlander with two arm drags. Statlander caught a kick from Nova and then she hit a powerslam. Statlander did a press slam. Statlander with a handspring into a leg drop and a spinning senton. Statlander with a running knee to the face, kick to the head and Statlander hit the Supernova that’s like a Tombstone crunch slam for the pinfall win after about three minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Kris Statlander

Analysis: *1/4 A squash match. I like Statlander as an athlete, but the alien gimmick is dumb and probably hurts more than it would help. Get rid of that stupid stuff and it will help her more long term.

The Best Friends hugged Statlander since they are a group now.

Team Taz was about to be interviewed with Ricky Starks interrupting Taz’s interview. They spoke about how they were trying to recruit Christian Cage and said that Starks was a little combustible, so he should stay backstage. Brian Cage spoke and Taz told Brian Cage to stay backstage too.

An interview with Christian Cage is next.


Let’s Hear from Christian Cage

Christian Cage was in his wrestling gear along with his “Outwork Everyone” shirt. Christian spoke for about ten seconds, but it’s AEW where they love promo interruptions, so here’s Taz with Powerhouse Hobbs and Taz’s son Hook. Taz asked Christian if he was in or out. Christian said that Team Taz is a bit of a dumpster fire and Christian said that he didn’t come to AEW to help Taz with his problems, he said he was there to win championships. Christian made a short joke and said that his answer is no. Taz called him “shitbag” and told Christian he made the biggest mistake of his life. Taz said he never liked Christian, he never liked his buddy that carried his ass (that would be Edge) and then Powerhouse Hobbs approached the ring with Christian in it. Christian avoided a punch from Hobbs, but then Hobbs hit him with a knee to the ribs. Hook with a distraction, so Hobbs ran over Christian with a running body attack. Nobody tried to break this up or help Christian as Hobbs threw Christian into the barricade. Hobbs sent Christian into the barricade again. Hobbs did a press slam on the floor. Hobbs stood on Christian’s head against the steel steps, so that ended it.

Analysis: This was effective in terms of setting up a rivalry for Christian because he’ll probably have a match with Hobbs (it’s next week) along with other guys in Team Taz. It gives Christian something to do after having no storyline before. What AEW needs to get better at is they need to use security and referees to try to break it up. Nobody tried to help Christian. Why? In a situation like that where there’s a fight going on, you would see somebody try to help the guy getting beat up. Instead, Christian was out there on his own like a loser. Maybe he should join of the 27 stables in AEW. Anyway, at least Hobbs will get better working with a guy like Christian.

Next week on a live episode of AEW Dynamite:

* AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Tay Conti – There was a video about it. I think there might be a title change there because Conti has improved a lot. I’d rather see Britt Baker as the next champion, but I think it’s time for Shida to lose the title soon.

* Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Christian Cage

* Ricky Starks vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

* Trent vs. Penta El Zero Miedo

That’s weird for AEW to not advertise a single tag team match. They can still add one or two, but not yet.


Matt Hardy made his entrance for the Falls Count Anywhere Match in the main event. Hardy is the leader of the Hardy Family Office group. This match took place a few days after Matt’s father died, so kudos to him for working with a heavy heart. Darby Allin entered as the AEW TNT Champion and got a nice reaction from the wrestlers/staff at ringside.

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy with a chair, Allin avoided it, Allin punched Hardy and went for an attack off the ropes, but Hardy hit Allin in the back with the chair. They battled on the floor with Hardy hitting Allin in the back with the chair again. Hardy sent Allin into the ring apron two times. Hardy worked over Allin with punches and Allin’s back was bleeding. Hardy hit Allin in the ribs, Allin came back with palm strikes and a neckbreaker for two. Hardy sent Allin’s face into the steel chair while the chair was open in the ring. Hardy with another chair to the back. Hardy set up for a Twist of Fate with the chair, but Allin came back with a chair shot to the chest and three chair shots to the back. The Butcher ran out there with a trash can that he threw at Allin. It was The Butcher, The Blade and Private Party. JR said he knows it’s No Disqualification, but at some point it gets ridiculous. Dark Order went out there to fight against the bad guys. Sting also made his entrance with Tony Schiavone screaming for him. Sting beat up Private Party with a trash can and a double clothesline on both guys. Sting is nearly 40 years older than those two guys.


Allin was brawling with Hardy on the floor with Matt whipping Allin over the steel steps and crashing into the barricade at ringside. Sting was back in the ring with Isaiah Kassidy and Marq Quen of Private Party. Sting teased a double Scorpion Death Drop, but then he dropped both guys when he saw that Lance Archer made Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky back away. Archer gave Kassidy the huge Blackout slam from above his head right down into the mat. Allin and Hardy ended up brawling on the stage and then Sting tossed Allin the baseball bat that Sting carries. Sting walked towards the back. Allin lunged at Hardy with the bat, but Hardy hit a low blow to the groin. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate with a steel chair around the neck when they were on the ramp and Hardy pinned Allin on there for a two count. Good nearfall there because that could have been a finish. They went backstage where Hardy tossed Allin down near where Tony Khan was sitting and they said BJ Whitmer too, so I guess he works there. Hardy set up Allin on a table, Hardy climbed a ladder and Hardy jumped off with a double leg drop off the ladder through the table and Hardy pinned Allin on the floor for two. They were back on the stage area where Allin slipped out of a Powerbomb and Allin kicked Hardy in the groin as some low blow payback. Allin got Sting’s bat and Allin hit Hardy with the bat in the ribs, back and head. Allin hit Hardy in the ribs with the bat. Allin cleared off the announce table with the bat and Allin choked Hardy with the bat as well. Allin set up Hardy on the announce table. Allin climbed up to the truss by the announce table and jumped off with a Coffin Drop onto Hardy. That was pretty big! JR said that must have been 20 feet in the high, but I’d guess maybe 10 feet or 15 feet at most. Anyway, Allin rolled over Hardy onto the stage and covered Hardy for the pinfall win after 16 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Darby Allin

Analysis: ***1/4 This was a crazy match with a lot of people involved and I give credit to Darby/Hardy for working hard the whole way. I’m not a big fan of all the other stuff going on around the ring, but that’s AEW wanting to get all of their stables on the show. They also wanted to get Sting on the show, so that’s why he was there to beat up Private Party and then Lance Archer was also there as well. It just seemed like it was too much and took the spotlight away from the wrestlers. The ending was really well done in terms of Hardy getting some believable nearfalls towards the end of the match, but Allin kept kicking out of everything. Hardy did a nice job of putting over Allin the right way, so it was good to do the match for that reason. I wonder if they have Miro go after Allin next because that would make a lot of sense since Miro has talked about wanting to go after titles in AEW. I think that would be a good rivalry.

They showed some replays and Allin posed with his TNT Title in front of the camera. Hardy was still out by the table. Allin continued to pose and that was the end of the show.

AEW Ratings Success: Just to add to this, AEW did really well in terms of their television viewership number with 1.219 million viewers on TNT, which is the second-highest number they’ve ever draw after the first episode in October 2019. It was up big time from the 688,000 number from last week, but that was against an NXT Takeover show. This episode was the first week where they weren’t against NXT, so it will be interesting to see if they can maintain that 1.2 million number, if it goes up or if it goes down slightly. I’m happy that they had more fans watching just like NXT on Tuesday, but Dynamite did have a bigger audience.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Young Bucks
  2. Pac/Rey Fenix
  3. Darby Allin/Matt Hardy


The Scoreboard

This Week: 8 out of 10

Last Week: 6.25

2021 Average: 7.38


Final Thoughts

I thought it was a great show this week. Last week I was disappointed by it, so this was a much better effort. This week they had a much better episode with that awesome Tag Team Title match and good storyline advancement too. The Young Bucks were very entertaining heels. I like them a lot in that role. The Young Bucks match with Rey Fenix/Pac was so great with a lot of time given to them (about 24 minutes) to open the show. You don’t see that many TV title matches going that long, but they made it fun and it didn’t drag at all.

The main event with Darby Allin beating Matt Hardy was good and they worked hard the whole way through. My issue was that since it was Falls Count Anywhere, AEW felt the need to get other wrestlers involved and I felt like that hurt the match. By the end, they got back to it and did some big spots (two table bumps) with Allin hitting an impressive Coffin Drop to win. I also liked the Chris Jericho match with Dax Harwood as well as how they utilized Mike Tyson in a smart way.

They did a nice job of loading this show up with two title matches, a Mike Tyson appearance during a Jericho match, plus some solid angle advancement and promos. It was probably one of their better episodes this year. I enjoyed Dynamite this week.

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