The John Report: AEW Dynamite 03/24/21 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review here on TJRWrestling. This was a live show.

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The show began with the Dynamite intro (bloody Britt Baker has been added to it), then a shot of the building, pyro going off and JR welcoming us with the usual line: “It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means.” The announce team was Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone as usual. JR mentioned it was a two-hour live broadcast.

The AEW World Champion Kenny Omega made his entrance after the ridiculous introduction from Justin Roberts. Omega was joined by Don Callis for this non-title match. If Matt Sydal wins then he gets a title shot.

Kenny Omega (w/Don Callis) vs. Matt Sydal (w/Mike Sydal)

Callis joined commentary for the match as he put over Omega giving a “young upstart” like Sydal a chance and JR pointed out that Sydal is older than Omega (later Excalibur said same age). That’s why Don’s comment was great. Anyway, Omega got an armbar followed by an armbar to the head. Omega with a body slam and elbow drop. Sydal with a headscissors leading to Omega bailing to the floor. Omega with a wristlock to take control with stomps on the arm. Sydal with kicks to the thigh and chest, then a sweep kick and a twisting splash onto Omega for a two count. Sydal with running knees to the chest. Sydal with a headscissors again, but then Omega came back with a clothesline that Sydal sold really well. Omega with a belly to back suplex and then they left the ring with Omega with a belly to back suplex on the ring apron. Omega with a backbreaker. Sydal came back with two spin kicks to the head, Omega to the ropes and Sydal with a hurricanrana. Sydal with a Fisherman’s buster for two. Sydal went for a hurricanrana off the top, Omega slipped out of that and Sydal bumped off the top. Omega with a Snapdragon Suplex and then a cradle suplex into the knee. Sydal managed to get a rollup followed by a kick to the head. Sydal with a Lightning Spiral neckbreaker on Omega with Excalibur screaming for that nearfall even though nobody watching thought Omega would lose. Omega countered a Sydal move with a Buckle Bomb followed by another Powerbomb. Omega with a running knee for two. Omega with a V-Trigger knee, but Sydal came back with a reverse rana. Sydal went up top and Omega grabbed the top rope to block that. Omega with a running knee on Sydal on the ropes and then Sydal got a pin attempt sitting on top for two. That one was a great nearfall. Omega with another V-Trigger knee and a One Winged Angel for the pinfall after 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Kenny Omega

Analysis: ***3/4 A very good match between two talented wrestlers with the champ getting the win as usual. Omega got a lot of offense as the heel in the match, but then Sydal managed to get some nearfalls where it looked like he had a shot. The last few minutes were excellent with Sydal getting some counters that were well done. Omega winning was the expected result because AEW doesn’t book champions to lose non-title that often, especially the World Champion. (I saw Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer rate this ****1/2 and I don’t really see that at all. It just wasn’t at that level to me.)

There was an interview with Dark Order’s John Silver with the Dark Order guys showing that Silver was ready. Adam Page was getting ready in the same area. Page asked Silver if he’s nervous, Silver said no and Page wished him good luck. Silver said he’s ready and “hungee” which I guess means hungry. If I’m wrong, you don’t have to correct me. I don’t care that much about what it means!


“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Cezar Bononi

Page with a boot to the face on the bigger man, then Bononi missed a charge and Page jumped into Bononi’s arms. Bononi slammed Page onto the ring apron. Page came back with forearms and an elbow to the face. Bononi with a body slam across the ring. Page with two clotheslines an overhead suplex. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall win after two minutes.

Winner by pinfall: “Hangman” Adam Page

Analysis: *1/2 A strong showing from Page winning a match within a few minutes. Page should get a title shot at some point soon since he wins nearly all his matches.

Lance Archer did a promo in some empty building. Archer said he used to look up to Sting. Archer said that Sting’s bat meant justice back in the day and people paid attention to Sting, but now they will pay attention to Archer. Lance said one way or another it’s going to be showtime.

They showed some highlights of the great match from last week between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker in the Unsanctioned Lights Out Match. I rated it ****1/2 out of five as one of the best matches in Dynamite history. Rosa beat Baker.

Let’s Hear from Britt Baker

Dr. Britt Baker was interviewed on the stage with Schiavone with Britt wearing a shirt with her bloody face on it. Baker complained about the lack of applause for the hell that she went through last week. Baker said that they are as delusional as Thunder Rosa. Baker said that Rosa should be thanking Baker for that match because Rosa got to be part of the history that Baker wrote with her own blood. Baker was mad about Rosa saying she put the division on the map. Baker said that everybody was talking about her. Baker said she didn’t care about the adulation while shoutout out Mick Foley for the thumbs up, but she claimed it took him 20 years to be a Hardcore Legend while she did it one night. Heels lie. Baker said that she was never able to see more clearly while telling Tony Khan that he looks around for legends, but he has the biggest legend standing right here under his nose. Baker said that she put AEW on the map and those letters come second the epic three letters in professional wrestling…DMD.

Analysis: Good promo from Baker as usual. Baker is a confident heel that knows what she is doing out there. I think AEW has to capitalize on the momentum of that match by getting the AEW Women’s Title on Baker soon. She’s the best female performer they have. She should have been the champion six months ago, really.

The Pinnacle Group was shown leaving their locker room for a match up next.


Christian Cage was shown backstage talking to some younger wrestlers Brian Pillman Jr., Griff Garrison and Dante Martin. Dasha showed up to interview Christian. Cage spoke to them about their big tag team match later in the show. Frankie Kazarian walked up to Cage saying he hasn’t had time to say hi to an old friend like Kazarian. Frankie wondered when does the “work” part begin in Christian’s “out work everyone” shirt. Cage told Kazarian if he’s free then the “work” starts next week and Frankie agreed to the match. Frankie shook Christian’s hand. Frankie told Christian maybe he should Frankie’s match on Dark Elevation on Monday night because seven years is a long time out of the ring for Christian. Frankie left.

Analysis: A simple way to set up a match. They have a history going back to the TNA days when Christian was there in 2005 to 2008 with Kazarian as a regular in TNA at that time.

FTR and Shawn Spears (w/MJF, Wardlow and Tully Blanchard) vs. Griff Garrison, Brian Pillman Jr. and Dante Martin

The faces were in control of Spears for a bit, but then Dax Harwood tagged in with a clothesline. Martin made the tag and hit a springboard moonsault on Harwood and Spears. Garrison with a Spear on Harwood and Spears at the same time. The heels bailed to the floor where Wardlow stood in front of his guys, so the faces didn’t try to attack on the floor. They went to a PIP break.


The match returned with Martin doing a lot of offense and then Harwood dropped him a brainbuster. Spears hit the running DVD known as the C4 for the pinfall win after about six minutes.

Winners by pinfall: FTR and Shawn Spears

Analysis: *1/2 Just a decent match with an obvious outcome. There’s no storyline or anything and you can tell who is going to win, so it’s tough to get invested in the match. The announcers can try to put over the faces as tough competition, but they come across as losers and the fans know it. Spears getting the win is good for him since he hasn’t won a match on Dynamite for a long time.

Post match, Wardlow got in a cheap shot on Pillman and then the heels cleared the ring.

The Pinnacle was in the ring for an interview with Tony Schiavone. Cash Wheeler said that they aren’t just a name, they aren’t just a group, they are family. Wheeler said he doesn’t have a wife or kids, but he will live and die for these men. Dax Harwood told Inner Circle this isn’t a standup comedy show, it’s professional wrestling and if you want to know where you stand, ask for The Pinnacle. MJF said he figured Chris Jericho would try to break the walls down and made a fat joke about breaking chairs while sitting on them. MJF claimed that Jericho is terrified of them. Tony tried to say that Inner Circle is hurt, Wardlow said something and Tony said never mind. MJF said he had a gift for his group. MJF said that when you are in The Pinnacle, they are always on top.

Analysis: It was nice to hear from the FTR guys since they are great talkers. MJF didn’t have much to say here. I figure Inner Circle will be back next week or the week after. It’s better to not announce it and make it a surprise return.

Team Taz was shown outside with Taz saying that things were alright with the group. Taz claimed that Brian Cage apologized to the group last week about what he said. Cage didn’t seem to agree with it, but then at the end, he said “Who Betta” as if to say he’s with them.

Analysis: There will likely be a slow tease of Cage splitting from the group based on his promo last week.

QT Marshall was interviewed on the stage by Tony Schiavone. Marshall talked about how he’s Cody’s friend and it has his perks while pointing out his wife in the crowd saying he’s known her since they were 8 years old. Marshall said that Cody taught him the value of doing the work. Marshall said that there is nobody in AEW other than Tony Khan himself that has done more work in AEW. Marshall talked about winning the first Bunkhouse Match in Dynamite history. Marshall spoke about all the things he does for Cody, who will go back to the Marriott tonight with his wife while QT will stay up all night and work while his wife sleeps alone. QT said there’s nothing he can do without an asterisk that reads “Cody’s friend” on it. Marshall said that the only way to get out of this man’s shadow is to have an exhibition between two friends for him to prove to the entire world, but to show he can hang with the best. Marshall said what he won’t do is take meaningless bumps and jeopardize his quality of his life once his in-ring career is over if it has to be in that man’s shadow. Cody Rhodes walked out with a brace on his left arm. Cody said that he will gladly accommodate Marshall and the Nightmare Family. Cody said you can have the exhibition match with Arn Anderson as the referee. Cody said that he understands Marshall will try to beat him, but Cody will try to stop that. Cody told Marshall he won’t hurt him and if he puts on the Figure Four Leglock, he will relinquish it. Cody said if he applies Cross Rhodes, he won’t hit it. Cody talked about QT being a great assistant, a great man and is a friend. A “Cody’s friend” chant started again. Cody said QT might be his best friend and they shook hands. QT said thanks and this is all that he’s ever wanted.

Analysis: This was boring and put me to sleep like most QT Marshall segments. I just don’t find the guy to be interesting at all. Is Cody the heel here or is Marshall? I assume QT will attack Cody, who is too dumb to see it coming. AEW has to stop catering to the hardcore wrestling fans that think they know everything about the inner workings of the company. The reason QT Marshall is up all night is because they tape Dynamite the next day, but it’s not like they are going to say that. And they won’t mention that AEW only tapes shows four days per month either. A lot of us work hard. I work hard too. I just don’t think this angle or promo was good at all.


The trio of Rey Fenix, Penta and Laredo Kid did a promo with Spanish announcer Alex translating some of the promo. Pac has a minor injury he is dealing with, so they brought in Laredo Kid. The Young Bucks are the AEW Tag Team Champions that were joined by best friend Brandon Cutler, who doesn’t win matches, so you know what he’s here to do. Last week, the Young Bucks saved Jon Moxley from an attack by Kenny Omega and friends. They showed Matt Jackson’s wife and two kids in the crowd.

Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero M and Laredo Kid vs. The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler

Fenix and Nick did some quick nearfalls on eachother, then some choreographed dropkick and clothesline spots. Matt Jackson tagged in against Penta with Penta hitting a superkick and a crucifix pin for two. Matt slapped on a Sharpshooter with Penta getting to the ropes in about one second. Kid tagged in against Cutler with a headscissors to the apron, then Young Bucks and Fenix did some gymnastics even though they were not legal. Penta jumped off the middle ropes and landed on the guys on the floor. Cutler with a kick to Kid and a forearm smash off the top. Cutler hit a springboard somersault dive onto the wrestlers on the floor. Kid hit a moonsault off the top onto Cutler and Matt on the floor. The referee lost total control and wasn’t counting anybody out of the ring. The Young Bucks tagged in as if tags matter with Matt hitting a reverse neckbreaker off the top for two.


Penta got the tag with a Slingblade on both Bucks, Fenix tagged in and Lucha Bros did double superkicks on the Bucks. Penta lifted up Fenix into a splash onto Nick for a two count. That was pretty cool. Kid tagged in with a springboard headscissors on Nick and Penta tagged in with a diving foot stomp. Fenix was legal with a Senton Bomb off the top for two as Matt and Cutler made the save. Fenix with a step-up spin kick on Nick, then Nick came back with knees and kicks. Fenix with a heel hook kick to the head and then Nick hit a clothesline with Fenix doing a flip bump. Lots of cheers from the crowd after that no-selling routine into a big clothesline. Kid went for a DDT on Matt, who caught him and Matt hit two Northern Lights Suplexes and then a double NL Suplex including Penta as well. Nick with a kick to the back of Kid and Nick with a running knee. Bucks hit a double team splash/moonsault and Cutler hit a springboard elbow for two with Penta breaking up the pin. Nick kicked Penta on the floor and then Nick hit a senton on Penta on the floor. Fenix with a kick on Nick, then Matt got a hold of Fenix and Cutler launched Nick into an assisted Indy Taker double team move. Nick hit a diving attack on Penta. Matt jumped over the top onto the floor with a DDT on Fenix on the apron. Laredo Kid hit a Spanish Fly on Cutler off the top for the pinfall win after 12 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Rey Fenix, Penta El Zero M and Laredo Kid

Analysis: ***3/4 It was a typical Young Bucks match with a lot of action, a lot of people in the ring without being tagged in and bad refereeing by the Rick Knox guy. The way this was booked made the Young Bucks look like terrible partners because they were more concerned with hitting cool moves on the guys that aren’t even legal in the match instead of helping their partner in the ring. I did like a lot of Fenix’s work with Nick in the match and some other cool spots. As I noted earlier, if Cutler is in the match then he’s probably there to do the job because that’s his role as the Young Bucks friend that loses matches. Laredo Kid getting the win was a bit of a surprise since he’s not an AEW regular, so I figured it would Fenix or Penta winning the match. (I saw Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer rate this ****1/2 and I’ll repeat what I said earlier that I don’t see it at all. It just wasn’t that good to me.)

After the match, Kenny Omega ran into the ring with a microphone and he hit Laredo Kid in the back with the microphone. Omega hit Laredo Kid with the AEW World Title. The Young Bucks were wondering what Omega was doing. Omega said that he was remembering 2019 the first Fyter Fest. Omega said three years ago they had a choice, it was friendship and he pointed out Matt’s family in the crowd. Omega said three years ago he had a choice, he didn’t stay where he was, he didn’t go to greener pastures in New York and then he chose AEW. Omega said he didn’t choose AEW – he chose the Young Bucks and the vision they created to make this the best wrestling promotion on the planet. Instead of choosing the cool kids, they chose Brandon Cutler. That made me laugh. Omega said that they chose him, but the Young Bucks never chose him back. Omega said that he will give the Young Bucks one more chance. Omega held up the Too Sweet hand gesture from 25 years ago and he wanted to give them one last chance. Omega said it was their last chance, so the Young Bucks and Cutler left. Omega told Cutler to be their cameraman and carry their ger bags. When Omega turned around, Fenix and Penta hit him with double superkicks. Penta held Omega and Fenix jumped off the top with a double foot stomp into a piledriver. That’s when Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows went out to the ring to check on Omega. Omega was bleeding from the mouth.

Analysis: Omega is great as a heel. I like him a lot as an over-the-top, egotistical character. Some of the lines he delivered were funny, but it was a serious promo and it’s easy to see why he’s mad that the Young Bucks were not with him. The Young Bucks are staying in the babyface role, which is the better role for them anyway.

A video aired about Jade Cargill talking trash to Red Velvet, who now has an AEW deal as well.

There was a video announcing the new TNT reality show featuring Cody and Brandi Rhodes. It’s called Rhodes to the Top. The couple has a baby girl arriving in a few months as well. Good luck to them, but I don’t really watch those kinds of shows.


Jon Moxley was shown standing by with Eddie Kingston, who had his left leg in a cast saying he had a broken something. Moxley wondered how far the Good Brothers were willing to take this. Moxley said that he doesn’t know the Young Bucks and he doesn’t like the Young Bucks, but he guesses they owe them one after last week. Moxley said if the Young Bucks are in the game, they better be willing to get their hands dirty.

Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Tay Conti

Some Dark Order guys saluted Conti before the match. Rose with a shoulder tackle with Excalibur reminded us that Rose beat Conti recently. Rose with a body slam and then Conti trapped Rose on the mat with an armbar. Conti with three judo throws tossing Rose across the ring, but then Rose came back with a spinebuster for two. Conti tried a rollup and Rose broke free with a clothesline along with a suplex onto the top rope. Rose went up top and hit the knee to the back of the head for a two count.


The show returned with Rose hitting a sidewalk slam, but then Conti got the knees up to block a senton. Conti with an impressive knee strike and a second running knee rocked Rose. Nyla came back with a back body drop. Conti had Rose set up against the ropes with Conti hitting a jumping knee off the turnbuckle for a two count. Conti with a pump kick, but Rose came back with a clothesline for two. Rose countered a sunset flip by sitting on top of Conti and I think they were talking to eachother in the ring, which was picked up by the microphones. Conti wit ha kick to the head followed by a running knee and another running knee. Conti hit her version of the Hammerlock DDT known as the DDTay for the pinfall win after nine minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Tay Conti

Analysis: *** A good match that puts over Conti in a big way with the biggest win of her AEW career so far. Since Rose is a former AEW Women’s Champion, it’s a meaningful win for Conti. That’s how you tell stories in pro wrestling where a newer talent beats an established wrestler to elevate that newer wrestler, who was Conti in this case. Conti delivered a lot of knee strikes to rock Rose throughout the match and then the DDTay was a deadly-looking finisher.

After the match, Conti celebrated the win while Vickie Guerrero grabbed her foot by the turnbuckle. Nyla Rose went for a Powerbomb, but AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida showed up and hit Rose in the back with a kendo stick. The Bunny ran out there and hit Rose in the back with the kendo stick. Bunny attacked Shida and Conti. Matt Hardy was on the stage with The Butcher and The Blade known as the Hardy Family Office (yet another AEW stable). Hardy complained about how the Women’s Eliminator Title Tournament was a sham because The Bunny wasn’t in it. Hardy said his clients have been overlooked, but that ends now.

Analysis: That likely means The Bunny will be wrestling more, which is something I like because she’s a talented wrestler that hasn’t been wrestling that much in AEW. I’m all for that.

A video aired about Miro and Kip Sabian facing Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor in an Arcade Anarchy match. They’re having a match where they are surrounded by arcade video games.

Next week on AEW Dynamite:

* Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti vs. The Bunny & Nyla Rose

* Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers vs. Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid

* Cody Rhodes vs. QT Marshall in an Exhibition Match with Arn Anderson as the referee.

* Christian Cage vs. Frankie Kazarian

That show was taped on Thursday night.

Scorpio Sky was featured in a video talking about how everybody has to stop pretending that he is uniquely gifted. Sky said his days of being underrated are over. Sky talked about his match with Mike Sydal on Dark Elevation on Monday.


It was main event time with John Silver of the Dark Order making his entrance surrounded by six Dark Order guys. Silver is 7-1 in 2021 and I assume most of those wins are on Dark, which I don’t watch. The announcers put over his big arms to focus on that while ignoring that he’s a short guy. The TNT Champion Darby Allin is also a short guy with JR putting over Darby as a strange enigma that is so unique. They showed Matt Hardy with the Hardy Family Office stable members standing at ringside watching the match since Matt has had issues with Dark Order of late.

AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin vs. John Silver (w/Dark Order)

Allin is actually a few inches taller, which is rare for him. Allin with a leg trip into an armbar and then a side headlock. After Allin had Silver grounded for about a minute, Silver than the ropes with a running body attacked that knocked Allin out of the ring. Silver was running really fast there with Allin taking a huge bump to the floor, which is common for him. Back in the ring, Silver tossed Allin across the ring and then Silver launched Allin across the ring with a landing against the turnbuckle. Silver sent Allin into the turnbuckle, then a running knee and a brainbuster for two.


The match returned with Silver in control of Allin on the floor. Silver whipped Allin into the turnbuckle, Silver charged and Allin tossed Silver over the barricade. Silver had a rough landing on his right arm/shoulder that hurt him a bit, but he was able to continue the match. The referee was doing the slowest ten count ever, he was at eight and Allin hit a suicide dive onto Alan Angels and then Silver hit a German Suplex on the floor. That led to Sting showing up with the baseball bat like a father looking after his son, so the Dark Order guys backed away. Silver with multiple kicks to the body, Allin got a cradle pin for two and then Allin went over the top for the Stunner, but Silver countered with a choke submission move with Allin getting out of that. Allin countered the submission into a pin attempt. Silver with a lifting, spinning DDT for a two count. Allin was on the floor and Sting stood nearby to prevent the Dark Order guys from getting involved. Back in the ring, Silver worked over Allin with kicks to the chest and Allin came back with palm strikes/punches that rocked Silver. Allin went for a victory roll pin, but Silver countered and sat on top for two. Great counter for a nearfall there. The announcers were overrating how good the match was, but I was enjoying it. Allin jumped off the middle rope with a back splash and then Silver kicked Allin across the ring. Allin went up top, but he managed to suplex Silver onto the mat. Allin jumped off the top with a Coffin Drop onto the Dark Order guys on the floor. That was pretty crazy, but it works for him. Allin was up top again with Silver kicking him in the head. Silver had Allin on his shoulders and did a spinning slam into the ring for a two count because Allin had his foot on the bottom ropes. Silver’s cover had Allin’s foot on the bottom rope. Allin countered a Powerbomb with a Code Red sunset flip for the pinfall win after 14 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Darby Allin

Analysis: ***1/2 A very good match between two guys with a lot of prove and they had an even match that was entertaining. Allin is so fun to watch with the way he bumps around the ring like a pinball and Silver has the kind of powerful offense to look impressive. Silver hurt his right arm during the match, so he had to deal with it, but kudos to him for getting through the match. Allin retaining was the expected result. I like seeing competitive title matches like this.

Post match, Sting lifted up Silver and Allin touched knuckles with Silver as a sign of respect.

Matt Hardy pulled Allin out of the ring and sent Allin into the barricade. That led to a brawl between Matt Hardy and the Dark Order guys along with Allin and Sting getting involved. Tay Conti ran out there to fight with The Bunny as well. Allin hit a suicide dive onto hardy on the floor. Allin went back to the stage with Sting to end the show.

Analysis: It’s typical AEW to end in chaos with a brawl. They do it often. This should set the stage for Hardy targeting Allin’s TNT Title, which is fine because the veteran Hardy will probably put over Allin unless AEW wants to put the title on Hardy. I’m fine with either of those things.

Here’s what Tony Khan thought.

I think Tony overrated it a lot, but he’s the guy in charge, so that’s going to happen.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Kenny Omega
  2. Matt Sydal
  3. Darby Allin/John Silver


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.5 out of 10

Last Week: 7.75

2021 Average: 7.44


Final Thoughts

It was a good episode of Dynamite with some entertaining matches throughout the night. I think in terms of storylines they don’t have that many hot angles right now, but they are trying to build up some different people and that’s okay with me. By that I mean Darby Allin vs. John Silver lacked a story although putting in the main event tells the audience to keep an eye on these guys long term.

Kenny Omega was tremendous throughout the show. I love his heel character and it’s going to mean a lot whenever somebody beats him for that title. Omega feuding with Young Bucks in some way is going to be interesting for the hardcore fans that have followed their careers from before they were in AEW.

I don’t think it was a newsworthy show in terms of big events happening, but still a solid wrestling show from top to bottom. Since the next PPV is over two months away, there’s no need to rush anything at the moment. They are taking their time to build up stories, which is the right way to do it.

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