The John Report: AEW Dynamite 03/17/21 Review

Welcome to the AEW Dynamite review here on TJRWrestling. There’s a bit of a St. Patrick’s Day theme to the show. It was taped last Thursday, so the roster will get about two weeks off before next Wednesday’s live show. Must be nice.

This is AEW Dynamite from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Follow me on Twitter @johnreport. Here’s my AEW Dynamite TV review archive. Let’s get to it.

The show began with the Dynamite intro, then a shot of the building, pyro going off and JR welcoming us with the usual line: “It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means.” The announce team was Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone as usual. They showed MJF’s group arriving on a private jet earlier in the day. It’s a work, pal.

Penta El Zero M made his entrance first with Spanish announcer Alex translating a pre-taped promo for him. Cody Rhodes entered with Arn Anderson and Cody had his left shoulder taped up.

Cody Rhodes (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Penta El Zero M

Penta hit a dive over the top onto Cody on the ramp. They were outside the ring where Penta attacked Cody with kicks to the leg. They were out of the ring longer than ten seconds, but AEW referees are bad and don’t do countouts all the time. Back in the ring, Penta with hard chops to the chest followed by Cody hitting a front suplex. Penta with a Slingblade neckbreaker for a two count. Cody with an uppercut punch, Penta with a knee and Penta jumped off the ropes with a backstabber for two. Penta put an extra barricade against the regular barricade, then they went back into the ring and Cody hit an impressive hurricanrana off the top that brought Pentagon back into the ring. Penta came back with two kicks to the left shoulder along with Penta stepping on the left shoulder. Cody stomped on the back of the right leg of Penta. Jumping kick to the head by Penta, but then Cody hit a springboard Disaster Kick to knock Penta out of the ring. Cody hit a suicide dive that sent Penta into the propped-up ring barricade that Penta brought into play earlier. Penta with a hard chop, Cody with a superkick and Cody hit a Canadian Destroyer followed by a springboard Cody Cutter for the two count. Those are big moves that should be finishers, but they are only two counts in AEW. Cody hit the Cross Roads neckbreaker for only a two count. Cody hit a Vertebreaker like move, but Penta kicked out again. Cody drove Penta’s left foot into the ring post, which led to Cody slapping on the Figure Four Leglock and Penta grabbed the bottom rope to break the hold. Penta grabbed hold of the left arm of Cody and pulled back, but Penta celebrated like a dumbass and Cody got a sunset flip for the pinfall win. This went about 10 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Cody Rhodes

Analysis: ***1/4 It was a pretty good match with Penta kicking out of several moves that Cody could have beat him with, but Penta was able to kick out of everything…except a weak looking rollup. The left shoulder wasn’t even covered, but Penta still wasn’t able to kick out even though he kicked out of so many big moves. I guess they felt the need to book Penta like a superhuman wrestler that can kick out of all moves and somehow a sunset flip is enough to beat him.

Post match, Penta attacked Cody’s left shoulder some more and punched him. Dustin Rhodes and the Gunn Club guys ran out there to check on Cody. As Penta was on the ramp, QT Marshall showed up in the Nightmare Family jacket wondering if Cody was okay.

Analysis: This feud will continue, I guess. Cody really hasn’t had anything interesting to do for months now. Should we really care that Penta attacked him after the match when Penta lost to a sunset flip? They should have booked a DQ here. QT Marshall is splitting from Cody’s group obviously. I can’t say I care too much. They haven’t given us a reason to care.

The Young Bucks, the AEW Tag Team Champions, were interviewed by Alex Marvez. Matt Jackson talked about how they are the champions and Don Callis showed up with a shirt for their dad. It said: “Do not slap the leg when kicking.” (There’s your shot at WWE.) Callis admitted that he was faking that the Young Bucks kicked him weeks ago and said that they didn’t actually do it. Callis wanted them to be killers, but there’s nothing elite about them anymore. Matt and Nick pointed out they are champions. Nick wanted to know what Callis is doing there. Callis said that Kenny Omega has changed because he’s the God of Pro Wrestling while the Young Bucks are not elite anymore that are living off their name. Callis wondered if the Bucks saw the same Nick and Matt that he saw in New Japan and told them to think about that. Excalibur said that Callis was living up to his reputation as human garbage, which is a good line.

Analysis: It’s a confusing situation because sometimes the Young Bucks are noble babyfaces that don’t like how heel Kenny Omega is acting, yet at other times they are acting like heels too. I don’t think AEW cares that much about the heel/face as much as the fans might care about it.


Jade Cargill vs. Dani Jordyn

Cargill hit a jumping kick to the head with the announcers pointing out it was only her second match (on Dynamite). Cargill hit a release German suplex that sent Jordyn across the ring. Cargill hit her version of the Glam Slam for the win in about one minute.

Winner by pinfall: Jade Cargill

Analysis: 1/2* A squash match to put over Cargill, who looks physically impressive. The announcers talked about how great of an athlete she was.

After the match, Cargill got in the face of Red Velvet, who was one of the wrestlers behind the barricade at ringside. Velvet tried to hit Cargill, who managed to get away and then they were separated by others. It should set up Cargill vs. Velvet on a future episode of Dynamite.

There were replays shown of MJF’s new group beating up Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle.

Let’s Hear from MJF and Friends

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his entrance with Shawn Spears, Wardlow, Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard. They were all wearing dress clothes with jackets.

Blanchard did a promo saying it was great being in the ring with this group of guys. Blanchard talked about how they handcuffed Santana & Ortiz, Hager was knocked out by champagne bottles, Sammy Guevera was taken out with a chair and MJF took out Chris Jericho with a baseball bat. Tully said that this is the baddest group of in AEW, so when you’ve climbed the mountain and there’s no place else to go, you’re at the pinnacle. Blanchard mentioned that 34 years ago he was with the greatest group of guys in professional wrestling (The Four Horsemen) and now he’ll finish his career with the greatest group in professional wrestling.

MJF: “Well I guess I’m Judas now.” MJF said that pretending to like Chris Jericho and taking a backseat every single time he would talk, he would have to fall back like Jericho’s hairline. MJF said that he played games, he sang and danced and he pretending like Chris and his “haha dummy bullshit.” MJF said that Jericho thought that he was taking MJF from under his wing, but MJF was plucking him feather by feather. MJF said that he convinced people to think that he wanted to create the Inner Circle, but the actual goal from Day 1 was to kill the Inner Circle from the inside. MJF said he wanted to kill the Inner Circle from the inside and create a group that’s even better.

MJF said that Tully Blanchard was right and that he’s the greatest mind in the history of professional wrestling when he called them The Pinnacle. MJF said that is exactly what they are: The Pinnacle.

MJF put over his guys saying Wardlow was 278 pounds of dominance and the best big man in professional wrestling today. MJF mentioned Shawn Spears, the Chairman, a wrestler’s wrestler that has been held down for far too long, but not anymore. MJF said that Spears has always been a top guy and he’s going to prove it weak in, weak out. MJF threatened doubters by saying Spears will make them eat a chairshot. MJF put over FTR as the only Grand Slam Tag Team Champions in the history of professional wrestling. MJF said that they are the best tag team on God’s Green Earth and they look damn good doing it.

MJF said he’s the guy that’s only been on national TV for one year (more like a year and a half) and is already the most talked about name in professional wrestling today. That’s a bit of a stretch. MJF said on this microphone and in this ring he’s unstoppable. MJF reminded us that he’s already 24 years old while noting that he’s going to get better than age. MJF said that he’s got another 25 years left while knowing that it pisses people off. MJF said that by the time he’s done, Jericho won’t the GOAT because that will be MJF. MJF said that they are the backbone of AEW for years to come while adding that they will take every championship that this sport has to offer. MJF said that they want the Inner Circle’s locker room. MJF tried a heart warming message: “I’m better than you and you know it.” That’s a good catchphrase.

Analysis: Excellent promo from MJF. This guy knows how to f’n talk. It was cool to see Tully Blanchard lead it off. I actually think Dax Harwood is one of the best talkers in all of AEW, so it would have been nice to hear of him too, but I understand wanting to shine the spotlight on MJF as the leader of the group. I like how MJF explained his plan being in the Inner Circle being that he was there to try to tear it apart so that he could form his own group at the perfect time and that’s what he did. This obviously sets up a rivalry between The Pinnacle (this new group) and The Inner Circle as babyfaces. If AEW wants to do a War Games style match then they’ve got the groups to do it now. Perhaps they’ll go for a Stadium Stampede style match like we saw last year.


The entrances took place for the ten-man tag. Matt Hardy did a pre-tape promo saying he’s not just building a brand, he’s building an empire.

Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, Isaiah Kassidy, The Butcher & The Blade (w/The Bunny) vs. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and Bear Country (Bronson and Boulder)

Stunt tried some of his comedy stuff, Hardy tried to overpower him and Jungle Boy hit a missile dropkick. The match turned into a brawl with all ten guys in the ring briefly and then the babyface team cleared house. Bear Country tossed Stunt over the top to the floor onto the heels. Boulder body slammed Quen and accidentally knocked Boy down, so then Hardy hit a Side Effect on Boy. Hardy sent Boy out of the ring lead to a break. You can tell they had Tony Schiavone do a voiceover letting us know it was picture in picture time.


Blade was working over Boy a bit and Boy hit a clothesline to knock Blade down. Luchasaurus cleaned house with kicks for both Private Party guys and a launch into the air that sent Kassidy into the mat. Luchasaurus with a back body drop on Quen. Luchasaurus with a German Suplex on Blade as well. Luchasaurus hit a Chokeslam and a standing moonsault on Kassidy for two as Butcher made the save. Stunt hit a missile dropkick on Butcher. Bronson tagged in with an overhead suplex. Everybody started brawling again even and Stunt was the legal man for his team. Kassidy with a pump kick on Stunt to knock him down. Private Party battled Stunt, Hardy punched Stunt and Private Party hit the Gin N Juice double team move on Stunt. Hardy tagged in and hit a Twist of Fate on Stunt for the pinfall win after nine minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, Isaiah Kassidy, The Butcher & The Blade

Analysis: **1/4 This was just an average tag team match. It didn’t really need to be a 10-man tag, but I think it was because they wanted to give Matt Hardy and his group a win. It wasn’t very interesting at all. The babyface team had problems during the match although it wasn’t booked in a way that was compelling to watch. Any time Stunt is in a match on Dynamite, he’s usually there to take the pin and that’s what happened here.

The team of Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston did a backstage promo with Moxley wasn’t feeling good, but he had to go to war to take care of a real problem. Moxley said he didn’t like the Good Brothers at all because they are cheap shot artists. Kingston made fun of how Gallows looked while mocking the Bullet Club hand gesture with Kingston saying he used to see that on TNT before (the NWO). Kingston and Moxley kept on talking while wondering if they could say Bullet Club, so they did. Kingston called them cowards while him and Moxley are soldiers while quoting 2Pac and Biggie during the promo.

Analysis: I am still getting used to Moxley and Kingston together, but they are having fun. It’s cool to see.


Christian Cage was backstage for an interview with Dasha. Cage said there’s a term in the wrestling business – the type of wrestler that works as hard as anybody in the card and Christian said that he’s a workhorse. Cage said that Jon Moxley said he thought he knew about wrestling until he got in the ring with Cage. Christian said he’s the workhorse that will remind us how good he is. Cage said that there is only one spot that interests him and that is occupied by AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. Cage said last week he met Kenny for the first time and told Omega that he’s on borrowed time. Cage said he knows he has to get some wins, but he’ll see Kenny down the road – trust me. Cage said he’s in AEW to cement his legacy and for three simple words: “Out. Work. Everyone.”

Analysis: They should have done this in front of the crowd. It would have felt like more of a big deal. Instead, it was just another backstage interview. I would have liked to see it mean more than it did.

Eddie Kingston made his entrance, but he was attacked by Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows. Jon Moxley ran out there to save Kingston and all four guys were brawling around ringside. Moxley had his right shoulder taped up. Anderson was working over Kingston with punches while Gallows headbutted Moxley to knock him down. Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer double team move on Moxley on the floor. Kingston was sent into the ring, so the bell rang to start the match.

Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

The Good Brothers are the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions although this is not a title match. It can be Doc or Luke Gallows, but I’ll go with Doc here. There was a lot of punching and kicking from the heels to keep Kingston grounded. When Kingston got back up, Gallows hit a roundhouse kick to the head for a two count. Moxley was pulling himself up on the apron, so he was ready to get into the match until Gallows kicked Moxley off the apron to the floor.


The match returned with Gallows in control of Kingston with Moxley on the apron. Kingston with a boot to the face and then a shoulder tackle off the middle ropes. Anderson was back in, Kingston got a hold of him and hit an Exploder Suplex across the ring. Moxley tagged in for the first time with two clotheslines on Anderson followed by a German Suplex. Moxley with a shotgun dropkick that sent Anderson into the turnbuckle. Anderson charged at Moxley, who moved and then Moxley bounced off the ropes with a clothesline. Moxley with a piledriver for two as Gallows made the save. Moxley with a knee lift that sent Gallows out of the ring followed by a suicide dive by Moxley on Gallows. Back in the ring, Anderson hit a spinebuster for a two count. G&A hit the Boot of Doom on Moxley and then a double team suplex into a neckbreaker on Kingston and that led to a two count on Moxley. G&A went for the Magic Killer, but Kingston made the save and Kingston clotheslined Gallows out of the ring. Gallows sent Kingston into the barricade. Moxley got an inside cradle on Anderson and that was enough to win by pinfall after 10 minutes.

Winners by pinfall: Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston

Analysis: *** A good match with the faces selling the whole time before finding a way to win. Another match ending by cradle or rollup on this show. I am fine with it because it showed that Moxley was able to take a lot of punishment, but then he was able to apply a strategic wrestling hold to find a way to win. It works as a finish based on the story of the match with Gallows/Anderson in control for most of it, but then they let their guard down leading to Moxley getting the win. Moxley is the biggest star of the match, so it’s not a surprise that he won.

Post match, Gallows and Anderson attacked Moxley some more with punches, kicks and choking. That led to AEW World Champion Kenny Omega making his entrance with Don Callis by his side. Omega had a steel chair with him. Omega sat in a chair in the ring and then Kingston went back in to knock Omega off his chair. G&A picked up Kingston and hit him with the Magic Killer. The heels put the chair around the left leg of Kingston and then Anderson jumped off the ropes and stomped on the chair on Kingston’s leg. There was nobody there to try to stop it except for one lowly referee. Omega put the chair around the head of Moxley, but then The Young Bucks showed up to put a stop to it. Why didn’t they come out earlier to save Kingston? The Young Bucks told the heels to get out of the ring. Omega wasn’t happy about that. Anderson and Gallows wanted them to do the “Too Sweet” gesture, Omega joined in and then the Young Bucks left because they wanted no part of it. Omega tried to get Matt Jackson to do the salute, but Matt left. Moxley picked up the steel chair, so the heels retreated. Kingston pulled himself into the ring with Moxley with Kingston favoring his injured left leg.

Analysis: It’s another heel stable looking dominant. The company has so many stables that have so many segments like this where no referees even try to help the wrestlers that are getting beat up. Good selling by Moxley and Kingston at least.


Let’s Hear from Darby Allin and Sting

Sting and the TNT Champion Darby Allin were interviewed by Tony Schiavone on the stage for Sting’s weekly interview segment. Allin was limping after Scorpio Sky attacked him last week. Allin said he won this title on November 7, 2020 and said he’s only defended it three times. Allin thought that was a joke. Allin said he wants to be a defending champion week in and week out. Allin wants to pay tribute to the greatest TNT Champion of all-time leading to a “Brodie” chant for Brodie Lee. Allin called out somebody from the Dark Order. Lance Archer showed up looking like a heel again, complained about Schiavone trying to interview Sting every week and Archer said it should be his time all the time. Archer called Allin an “indy-riffic joke” and said Darby likes coffins so much, so Archer is going to put him in a coffin. Jake Roberts was with Archer telling Sting that he’ll get what’s coming to him. Roberts said that Tony Khan shouldn’t play with fire and Archer will shove it up your rear ends. Archer left with Roberts.

Analysis: I guess Archer is a heel again. That’s fine. He’s better in that role.

Team Taz showed up with Taz about to do a promo. Brian Cage took the microphone and said he had something to say to Sting. Cage said that Sting showed up like some hotshot that stuck his nose in their business week after week. Cage said after the damndest Street Fight in this business, he respects Sting and told Sting that Ricky Starks is wrong because with or without his bat, Sting is still The Icon. Taz, Starks and the other guys got mad at Cage for saying that, so then Cage left on his own. Sting and Allin left.

Analysis: Another faction with issues with Cage possibly turning into a face by going against his group. Sting’s advertised interview saw him say a total of zero words. He is paid really well for a guy that does nothing most of the time. Also shoutout to Allin’s promo for pointing out that he barely defends the title. AEW needs to put their champions in title matches more often.

A video aired about Scorpio Sky losing his TNT Title match to Darby Allin last week and then turning heel by attacking Allin.

Rey Fenix (w/Pac) vs. Angelico

Fenix took down Angelico with an armdrag and then they exchanged chops. Fenix did a rollup into a crucifix pin for two. Angelico with a kick, Fenix blocked it and then Angelico took down Fenix by the arm. Angelico with a kick to the back as Tony did an edited call on commentary letting us know it was time for a picture in picture break.


The match returned with Fenix hitting a headscissors, then a standing side kick, and a roll through into a Cutter. Does every match need a Cutter? Apparently so. Angelico with an elbow to the back and then spinning leg lock submission, but Fenix got to the bottom rope. Fenix rolled through a pin attempt for two, Angelico for a two of his own, they each connected on kicks and Fenix hit a crucifix bomb. Fenix hit a sitout piledriver for the pinfall win after about seven minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Rey Fenix

Analysis: **1/2 Good match as usual from Fenix, who might be my favorite in-ring performer in AEW right now. It was too short to really stand out. Matches like this aren’t that exciting when you know the tag team wrestler is going to lose the match.

Miro was interviewed earlier today by Alex Marvez. Miro said he’s not interested in a rematch with Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Kip Sabian walked into the picture saying he wants to have that match. Miro gave Sabian advice that it’s a bad idea to have your wife at ringside for your matches. Miro told Kip that it’s his destiny to be World Champion. Miro said that outside the ring, they’re still buddies and Miro left. Sabian said that they accepted the match.

Next week on Dynamite:

* Nyla Rose vs. Tay Conti

* The Pinnacle’s FTR & Shawn Spears vs. Varsity Blonds & Dante Martin

* TNT Championship: Darby Allin (c) vs. John Silver

There was an interview from Alex Marvez talking to The Dark Order with Brodie Lee Jr. saying he’ll face Allin, but Evil Uno said that Brodie Jr. is only 9 years old, so maybe in decade. It’s going to be John Silver against Allin.

* Kenny Omega vs. Matt Sydal – If Sydal wins then he gets an AEW World Title match.

The women’s match in the main event was next.


There was a backstage scene with MJF’s The Pinnacle group taking over The Inner Circle’s dressing room and then the group walked into the room.

The introductions took place for the Lights Out Match main event. It’s a long-term feud with Dr. Britt Baker out first with Rebel/Reba by her side. Rebel has a fake leg injury, so she has a crutch with her. Thunder Rosa was up next.

Unsanctioned Lights Out Match: Dr. Britt Baker (w/Rebel) vs. Thunder Rosa

It’s Falls Count Anywhere with no disqualifications and no countouts. Anything goes here. The AEW refereeing style that bothers me won’t have any impact on this match. It’s the first time a women’s match was in the main event of Dynamite.

The match started with Rebel hitting Rosa with a crutch to the back and then Baker hit a Spear on Rosa o the stage. Baker with the Air Raid Crash slam on the stage. Baker grabbed a steel chair while Hikaru Shida was watching in the backstage area. Baker jabbed the chair into the ribs of Rosa. Baker stared at the camera, so when she turned around, Rosa threw the chair at her. Baker went down with her hands by her head and then Rosa hit Baker in the back with the steel chair. Rosa hit Baker in the back again. Rosa tossed Baker over the barricade near the paid, excitable wrestlers. Rosa with a running attack, Baker moved and Rosa went crashing through a chair. They were back in the ringside area with Baker whipping Rosa into the ramp area. Jade Cargill was in the crowd watching the match. Rosa was crouched by the steps, so Baker stepped on her head by the steps. Baker threw several steel chairs into the ring. Rosa had a cut on the forehead as Baker sent Rosa into the ring.


The match returned with the women battling on the turnbuckle with several chairs piled in the ring. Baker gave Rosa a superplex off the top (Baker was standing on the middle ropes) onto the pile of chairs and that got a two count for Baker. That was impressive. Rebel grabbed a ladder from under the ring and gave it to Baker, which was a mistake because that led to Rose hitting a bulldog into the ladder for a two count. Rosa with a double knee attack against the turnbuckle. Rosa trapped Baker against the ladder by the ropes and Rosa and hit a dropkick into the ladder. Baker was bleeding from the forehead even though the ladder really wasn’t that high up on her, but it was a lot of blood for Baker pouring out of her forehead. Since they didn’t show a closeup of the ladder spot, it was hard to know if Baker was hit with the ladder. Rosa was biting the cut, which isn’t smart during a global pandemic, but I guess they’re okay and Baker hit a superkick. Baker hit a flatliner that sent Rosa face/hands first into the ladder. Baker’s face was pouring in blood while Rosa wasn’t bleeding as much, but she was still bleeding. Baker did a slow climb to the turnbuckle, Rosa went up with her and Rosa hit a Death Valley Driver off the turnbuckle onto the ladder that was up against the ropes. Rosa got a two count out of that. Rosa set up a chair in a seated position, which set up an obvious spot with Baker hitting a DDT onto the chair. Baker hit a Curb Stomp onto the chair that was in the ring. Baker had an evil grin on her face as blood was everywhere. Rebel handed Baker her black glove. Rebel handed Baker a bag and then Baker poured out the bag to reveal a bag of hundreds of thumbtacks. Baker went for a swinging neckbreaker, Rosa countered it and Rebel was in with a crutch, but Rosa hit Rebel in the head with the crutch. Rosa hit a dropkick on Rebel to knock Rebel off the apron through the table on the floor. That table was set up earlier in the match. Well done spot there. Rosa escaped a move by Baker and Rosa gave Baker a Powerbomb onto the thumbtacks! Ouch. The crowd gasped as Baker’s back went right into the thumbtacks. Rosa pinned Baker right away and Baker kicked out of that at two. I thought that should have been the finish, but they kept on going. The crowd was chanting “this is awesome” for them. Baker came back with the Lockjaw submission attempt, but then Rosa countered by rolling Baker back into the thumbtacks. Baker was a bloody mess. Baker delivered a superkick to rock Rosa a bit. Rosa went to the apron, Baker followed and there was a table on the floor below them. Rosa picked up Baker on the apron and hit a Fire Thunder Driver through the table. It’s a move where Rosa is taking the full bump on her ass and legs while Baker barely touches the table at all. It’s kind of like a Tombstone where the person taking the move shouldn’t be hutting the mat below. Anyway, it looked impressive. Rosa covered Baker on the floor by the destroyed table and the referee Paul Turner counted the pinfall one…two…and three. Rosa wins after about 17 minutes.

Winner by pinfall: Thunder Rosa

Analysis: ****1/2 That was a f’n awesome match. Kudos to both women for being total badasses that put their bodies through a lot to entertain us as best they could. I think the biggest thing I’ll take away from the match is how much Britt Baker bled after that ladder spot in the corner. I’m not sure what kind of bladejob she was going for, but she was really bleeding a lot and that added to the drama of the match. Rosa actually bled first, but Baker’s blood was all over her forehead, her face, her mouth and by doing that it put over how physical of a match it was. The thumbtack spot is a bit overplayed in matches like this although I have never seen it in a women’s match, so that’s why I’m okay with it. Baker deserves a lot of credit for willingly bumping into the thumbtacks multiple times. I think the finish would have been better if it was off the top rope and into the ring. I like matches ending in the ring more than on the floor. I get why they did it this way because it looks devastating bumping to the floor. I just think it’s cooler when a match ends in the ring. There might be somebody reading this thinking I am underrating it by not going five stars. I don’t see it that way. I’m praising the match, the performers and the moment as a great step for women’s wrestling. It’s not easy to go five stars. I didn’t think there was enough drama to get to that level. Maybe some more nearfalls. Maybe try some more submissions. It just needed a bit more for me to rate it that high. With that said, this is my highest rated AEW women’s match ever and I don’t think I’ve rated a WWE women’s match higher than this either although I can recall a few at this level. I’m genuinely happy for Britt and Thunder putting on a match this good. Britt should have been the AEW Women’s Champion months ago. Maybe after this performance, she’ll win that title soon.

They showed replays of the big spots in the match. The announcers praised both women for their performance. Rosa had her hand raised as the winner while Baker was down on the floor. The camera was on a victorious Thunder Rosa and that was the end of Dynamite for this week.

Here’s a video that AEW posted after the show.

Analysis: I think this kind of thing is weird to put out there. You’ve got Tony Khan out there acting like a teenager hoping he can win Wrestling Observer Awards for best show. No, this was not the best show of the year. Not even close really, but Tony thinks every show is amazing if you listen to him in interviews. I did like seeing Thunder Rosa getting the standing ovation from her peers. Later in the video, Baker’s getting thumbtacks removed while talking about what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer might rate the match and if he might give it five stars. I like Dave a lot, we interact once in a while, I rate matches too, we have another writer on the site that reviews matches that Dave rated highly in the past, but if you’re a wrestler and that’s what you think about in moments like that I just find it to be strange. What matters is that you won over the crowd, you got respect from your peers and if the fans liked it. A star rating isn’t that important, is it? My ****1/2 rating for this match might be five stars for Meltzer because I find he tends to overrate AEW matches. For example, last week he went ****1/2 on Fenix/Matt Jackson when I went ***3/4 for it. Matt also has moves named after Dave, so maybe that helps. I’m just saying it is really just one person’s opinion, but it also shows how much some wrestlers really care about what star rating Dave might give their match. Anyway, I’ll read about it in Dave’s newsletter on Friday. If he liked it a bit more than me, so be it. That’s fine with me too. With all that said, if somebody doesn’t care about ratings then that is perfectly fine too. My favorite movies aren’t always rated highly rated by critics. Who cares? Like what you like. That’s the best way to live.


Three Stars of the Show

  1. Britt Baker – I know she lost, but I thought she was the star of the match.
  2. Thunder Rosa
  3. MJF – Strong promo from him really stood out to me.


The Scoreboard

This Week: 7.75 out of 10

Last Week: 7.5

2021 Average: 7.43


Final Thoughts

It was a very good episode of Dynamite this week. The big thing that everybody is going to talk about with this show is how amazing and violent the match was between Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker. It was the first time a women’s match main evented Dynamite. And guess what? It was f’n great. I loved it. Brutal match with Baker bleeding heavily, Rosa bled too and they just beat the hell out of eachother in a match that got better as it kept going. While I don’t think it was a five star level match like some people might think, it was pretty close to that level. Best women’s match in AEW history and one of the best women’s matches I’ve seen by any wrestling company that I regularly watch. They delivered a classic match in this main event. Respect for Britt and Thunder for this performance.

That MJF promo introducing The Pinnacle group was fantastic. It wasn’t too long. It was just what it needed to be as he talked about what the group is about and how he had planned to take down the Inner Circle from the inside. I would have liked it if Christian Cage’s promo was out in the arena instead of backstage because it didn’t feel like a big deal. The Kenny Omega stuff with the Young Bucks was interesting to show that they are not on the same page anymore.

The other matches were fine. Penta kept kicking out of every big move Cody has, but then he lost to a sunset flip, so that was a strange finish to me. Does every match need a Cutter? Lots of people grew up loving that move, I guess.

The main event between Rosa and Baker was awesome and that’s why this was a strong episode of Dynamite. I highly recommend the match if you didn’t see it.

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