Lucha Underground Review 3-25-15

Hello again everyone and welcome to another look into the world of public break-ups and awesome championship matches, Lucha Underground. This week both the AAA and Lucha Underground Championship were defended, and Son Of Havoc decided to set out on The Open Road (seriously, that’s where he’s billed from) all on his lonesome. The two title matches alone make this a highly anticipated episode, so lets dive into the show! As always, I’ll post a quick rundown of the show followed by my thoughts on some of the major happenings. If you missed the show, I’ve included a link at the bottom of this page so you can watch before reading my review if you’d like. Thanks everyone that has been reading and commentating, it means a lot to me! Alright, lets Lucha everyone!

The Rundown

Son of Havoc Defeats Angélico via pinfall

Backstage segment, Dario Cueto signs Hernandez

Alberto El Patron defeats Texano by submission in a Texas Bullrope match to retain AAA Championship

Hernandez says hi to Konnan and introduces himself to Prince Puma backstage

Dario Cueto presents new Lucha Underground Championship belt

Prince Puma defeats Cage via pinfall in Boyle Heights Street Fight to retain Lucha Underground Championship


“You’re Dumped!”

This week in the middle of his match with Angélico, Son of Havoc decided to finally stand up for himself and tell Ivelisse off. After proclaiming “You’re Dumped” (which is how no one has ever ended a relationship ever, according to my sources) Havoc hit Angélico with the shooting star press to win! The crowd was definitely into this angle and erupted when Havoc sent Ivelisse packing, Havoc got a huge face reaction from the fans as he left.

Back in the ring, Angélico tried to give Ivelisse some signals that she could have a new man of the tall South African variety, and Ivelisse responded by kicking him in the face. Love hurts, especially when your lady knows how to execute a super kick. It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks how Ivelisse and Son of Havoc fair on their own, and who Angélico sets his sights on next. These are three of my favorites in the ring so I look forward to their next storyline.

I have one more thing to add about this match, and that is that Vampiro has clearly been in some bad relationships. He was all over Ivelisse on commentary with lines like “Nobody deserves a pain in the ass like that!” and “Can you imagine her shrieking at you all the time?” I was torn on this commentary, because I found it genuinely funny but at the same time it takes a little bit away from how well LU has been building their female characters since the show started. It struck me as bitter dude ripping all women, and I’m curious what you guys thought? Let me know in the comments.


Backstage, Dario Cueto was telling someone how he had heard great things about them from Konnan and he was happy to bring them to Lucha Underground. The camera panned over to reveal Hernandez! I was a fan of Super-Mex in TNA, so I’m pretty happy to see him here in LU. One of my favorite TNA storylines ever is when LAX was ripping on the way Hispanic Americans are portrayed in wrestling in the U.S. It was true then, and it’s still happening. *Cough Los Matadores! Cough

Hernandez met with Konnan and Prince Puma later in the show, and while things seemed cool between Hernandez and his old LAX mate Konnan, their was definitely some tension between Hernandez and Prince Puma. Is this just Prince Puma being a little wary now that he’s champ, or is this a tease to some bigger issues down the line?

More Cowbell!

This is a major deal. The AAA championship is being defended in Lucha Underground. Alberto El Patron facing his bitter rival Texano in a Texas Bullrope match, complete with cowbell. Somewhere THE Bruce Dickinson was excited…it’s an SNL reference kids…SNL is a show that used to be really popular and was can’t miss TV in the 90’s…TV is a thing we had before we started watching everything on our computers…forget it, I’m old. Just search “More Cowbell” on Google and thank me later.

El Patron and Texano fought a vicious back and forth match with Texano using the bull rope and cowbell to take the advantage for most of the match. At one point Texano power-bombed Del Rio from the second turnbuckle through a table! I thought it was over then and we’d have a new champion but El Patron kicked out and the match continued. Eventually Alberto was able to lock in the cross arm-breaker but with Texanos arm hanging over the top rope and all of Albertos weight hanging on the arm outside the ring. It looked pretty awesome and Texano had to tap.

With El Patron retaining, the question now becomes if he will be content to continue defending the AAA championship or if he’s going to be going after the LU championship soon. He’s already told Prince Puma he’s coming for him eventually, so it’s a matter of when, not if. Speaking of Puma’s title…

A New Beginning

Prior to the match, Dario Cueto emerged from his office to reveal the brand new Lucha Underground Championship belt. I liked the old belt a lot but heard from people in the know that it didn’t look as great live. The new belt is beautiful and I can say it also looks pretty awesome live, so I guess having Cage rip the title in half was a blessing in disguise.

Cage and Prince Puma battled like crazy for the title. Honestly it doesn’t matter what the title looks like at this point, the matches that are taking place to contend for it give the belt all the prestige it deserves. Puma was excellent with the aerial moves both in and out of the ring. These two are excellent foils for one another with Cage After a long back and forth vicious battle, Prince Puma was able to overcome the machine Cage and retain his title. The show ended with Prince Puma holding the belt high and Konnan looking on proudly. It would seem for now Prince Puma is done with Cage and will be moving on to his next challenger.

The Wrap

It was a pretty epic show this week with the two title defenses and the long-awaited Son of Havoc face turn. This weeks show put to rest some rivalries and sets the stage for the coming weeks. Who will emerge to challenge Prince Puma for the title now? What’s going to happen with Alberto El Patron? Will Son of Havoc be more successful now that he’s on his own? What do you guys think of all these? Let me know in the comments section below.

That’s it for me this week. I’m a little late writing because of work and helping my lady turn a recycle bin into a piñata (it’s harder then it sounds, check out my Instagram @meetJerryBrndt if you’re curious to see the project) I’m going to watch the show live tonight and post another review up tomorrow. After this week my work stuff will calm down and the recycle bin should be complete so I’ll be getting back to writing more. Thanks for reading everyone and hope you enjoyed this weeks show!