Lucha Underground Review 07/08/15

Welcome one and all to a fill in edition of the Lucha Underground recap. Apparently I did such a good job filling in for John on NXT, that when Jerry needed a fill in for Lucha, I was called upon. Go me! I’m excited to recap what I consider to be the best hour of wrestling on TV right now. We’re just four short weeks away from their season one finale, “Ultima Lucha”, so let’s get started and see what developments are coming our way this week.

Our card tonight features Mil Muertes vs. Son of Havoc, They Call Him Cage vs. The Mack, & Team El Patron vs. Team Mundo in an “Atomicos Tag Team Match”. I have no idea what that means, but it sounds awesome. Our opening video highlights the issues that lead to all of these matches.

A Plea to the Master

We then go to Rich Nava’s favorite wrestler, Pentagon Jr. Shout out to Rich Nava. Pentagon is also my favorite character in LU by a long shot. He speaks to his master and talks about how “he” won’t face him and is not the man Pentagon thought he was. His Master actually speaks, but it’s very convoluted, so I couldn’t understand exactly what he said. Pentagon goes on that he wants to face this man at Ultima Lucha. The Master says something about attacking his ego and then he will have no choice but to be Pentagon’s sacrifice. Pentagon says no, Ian Hodgkinson will be his sacrifice. That’s Vampiro’s real name, so that’s who he’s going after.

We go ringside to Vampiro and Matt Striker who set the scene for us, and mention that Vampiro will have an interview with Pentagon later tonight.

Mack Meets Cage

Our opening contest is The Mack vs. Cage, which this match was set up due to Cage taking out Mack backstage a while back when Big Ryck and Daivari needed a partner in a Trios match. The two beasts go at it immediately and trade blows and slams. Cage missed a moonsault early and gets a running knee to the side of the head while he’s down. Mack chops him into the corner and delivers a running brainbuster. Mack then looks like he wants to go for a Big Ending type move, but Cage gets out and hits a combo move to get the advantage. Cage gets Mack up for a huge delayed vertical suplex. He then gets Mack up on the top turnbuckle, but Mack retaliates and then hits a huge knee off the ropes. Both men trade blows again, but Mack hits a huge exploder suplex into the turnbuckles. Mack to the top rope for a frog splash, but he misses and Cage follows up with a discus clothesline, but that only gets a two count. Cage goes for a powerbomb, but Mack slips out and hits a kick to the face. Cage goes for a big boot, but Mack slides under while grabbing the leg and somehow getting the ROLL UP OF DEATH! on Cage and he gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Mack

That was a fun, quick match for two guys of that size. I think Cage is highly underutilized on the show after they brought him in like a house of fire, but a good win for The Mack nonetheless.

A Reminder of Death

Son of Havoc is in the locker room with his Trios Title, and Catrina shows up to play some of her mind games. She tells him that she has a message. Soon her Disciples of Death will be coming for the Trios Titles, but tonight, Death is coming for him, a thousand of them. Ivelisse shows up and tells her to back up bitch. Catrina disappears, only for Ivelisse to end up on top of Son of Havoc, just as Angelico shows up. He doesn’t want to know they’re back together, and they tell him to shut up.

Back to Striker and Vampiro who update us on some of the Ultima Lucha card, where we’ll see Johnny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patron and Prince Puma defend the Lucha Title against Mil Muertes.

Vampiro Won’t Be A Sacrifice

It’s time for Vampiro’s interview with Pentagon Jr, as Matt Striker informs us that Vampiro needed to tell Pentagon face to face why he won’t get in the ring at Ultima Lucha. Vampiro starts the interview by apologizing first of all for getting in Pentagon’s business in the first place. He’s retired and shouldn’t have done that, so he hopes Pentagon and the fans will accept that apology. Vampiro now asks Pentagon who his Master is, to which Pentagon doesn’t reply. Vampiro moves on, expecting that no answer, and tells Pentagon he’s violent, aggressive, and he hurts people. Vampiro gets that mindset, as it reminds him a lot of himself. Pentagon agrees and says they are both similar, they liked the pain of others. But who is Vampiro now? Is he Vampiro, or is he a coward? Vampiro goes off on Pentagon and says he’s not a coward, and he’ll kick Pentagon’s ass so quick, he won’t know what hit him. He’s just not like that anymore. He’s spent 33 years of his life in rings everywhere, made a lot of sacrifices, and it’s now just him and his daughter. He’s a better man now, and his time has come and gone.

Pentagon says if Vampiro really isn’t a coward, then face him at Ultima Lucha and prove it. Vampiro blows him off and says his time has come. Pentagon says he expected this answer, because Vampiro is weak and pathetic. But Pentagon will show the world who Vampiro really is, because he is Pentagon Jr and he has Zero Fear. Remember that Vampiro. Pentagon storms off as Vampiro looks into the camera and the interview comes to an end.

A Havoc’s Death

Mil Muertes is already in the ring with Catrina at ringside as they wait for his opponent Son of Havoc who comes out with his Trios partners, Angelico and Ivelisse. The storyline with this Trios team has been nothing short of spectacular and is some of LU’s best work, which is saying a lot. The bell rings and SOH hits a bicycle kick but that doesn’t phase Muertes. SOH tries to stay on the offense with a lot of different offense including a high cross body block, but he doesn’t even get a two count. He goes for a handspring back elbow, but Muertes catches him and ends up dumping SOH to the outside. Muertes beats him up all around the outside, including making some of the fans move and throwing SOH into the chairs. Muertes then clears off the announce table, just to dump SOH onto it with a powerbomb. The table does not break. Muertes just takes SOH wherever he wants and beats on him while the crowd chants for SOH to make a rally. Muertes finally gets him back in the ring, only to be dumped back out himself with a low bridge by SOH. SOH then follows up with a suicide dive through the ropes that takes out Muertes. They get back in the ring and SOH hits a springboard Coup De Grace that gets a two count.

The crowd chants “This is Awesome” as SOH tries to pull out a miracle. SOH goes for a top rope double axe handle, but is caught in a chokeslam. He slips out very impressively and then sends Muertes to the ropes where he actually gets Muertes up in a fireman’s carry, but Muertes gets right out and hits a huge right hand. Muertes gets him up and places him on the top rope, and then starts biting SOH on the top of the head. SOH tries his best to fight out and actually gets Muertes down on the mat. He goes for his Shooting Star Press, but no one is home. Meanwhile ringside, Catrina tries to seduce Angelico, but Ivelisse cuts her off. The Disciples of Death show up behind Angelico and take him out, while Catrina chokes out Ivelisse and then hits her with the stone she carries. SOH sees all this from the ring and hits an awesome handspring flip dive to the outside that takes out the Disciples.

He gets back in the ring, only to be hit with a clothesline and then a spear. Muertes picks him up and hits his finisher, the Flatliner, and gets the win.

Winner: Mil Muertes

Awesome action in this match, with two of LU’s best characters facing off. This obviously sets up The Disciples of Death vs. The Trios Champions for Ultima Lucha. Post match, Catrina gives SOH the lick of death. Catrina is unbelievably hot and has the best cleavage in wrestling since Lita was with Edge. Just in case anyone not familiar with the show was curious.

The Face of Mexico

Texano is in the ring for a promo. Texano came out last week and helped save Prince Puma from a beatdown by The Crew. Texano came in as a heel, but has turned babyface in the last couple of weeks. Texano says he’s never been a nice dude, but he’s always been Mexicano. He loves hurting people and breaking their bones and whipping their asses. He can’t be trusted, he’s a cheater. His own family can’t trust him. But he doesn’t turn on his people or his raza. He’s seen Chavo Guerrero disrespect multiple people in LU, including the legendary Blue Demon Jr. Texano doesn’t care about them, but he does hate Chavo and he wants to settle this once and for all at Ultima Lucha. Texano says he won’t take no for an answer.

The Crew minus Chavo, comes out at the end of the promo and lay out Texano with kendo sticks. Blue Demon Jr. comes out for the save though and The Crew split. One of them throw a chair in the ring for some reason though and now Blue Demon lays out Texano with an unprotected shot to the face. Texano is instantly busted open as Blue Demon continues to beat on him. Blue Demon grabs a mic and tells Texano that he’s not Mexico, Blue Demon Jr is Mexico. Texano doesn’t need to fight his battles anymore, because at Ultima Lucha, he will face Blue Demon Jr.

Atomicos Action

It’s now time for the main event which will see Team El Patron (Alberto El Patron, Sexy Star, Aerostar, & Drago) vs. Team Mundo (Johnny Mundo, Hernandez, Jack Evans, & Superfly). I still don’t know what an Atomicos match means, so I guess we’ll find out together. Drago is my favorite character in LU behind Pentagon, so I hope he gets showcased in this match. As I write that, Striker announces it will be Hernandez vs. Drago at Ultima Lucha.

The match starts with both captains in the ring, but Mundo tags in Jack Evans before anything can happen. Evans tries to impress or intimidate Alberto, depending on how you look at it, and ends up getting slapped so hard that Stephanie McMahon would be envious. Alberto sends Evans into his corner and tags in Aerostar. Aerostar attacks Evans with some nice moves including a diving double knees from the top rope. Evans manages to tag in Superfly, but Aerostar sends him down with a headscissors. Drago gets tagged in and the pace picks up considerably. Drago hits a couple of nice arm drags and then when Superfly goes to dive on Drago, Drago moves out of the way and sends Superfly to the outside. This prompts Hernandez to come in the ring. I know lucha style doesn’t require tags when someone goes to the outside, but I don’t think that is what Atomicos means. I could be wrong, feel free to let me know.

Drago kicks Hernandez down and tags back in Alberto. Alberto really wants Mundo though, and ends up getting jumped by all members of Team Mundo on the outside. Hernandez officially tags in Mundo when they throw Alberto back in the ring. Mundo and/or Alberto look to have blood on their face, but I could just be seeing things. Mundo ends up tagging Superfly into the match after beating Alberto in the corner but Alberto sends him down with a kick to the knee and a kick to the head. Aerostar is tagged in and he sends Superfly to the outside. Jack Evans comes in the ring, but he too goes to the outside. Aerostar then goes to the top and hits an awesome backwards jumping splash onto both of them. Drago follows suit and a splash onto everyone himself. Now the pile has grown and its now Sexy Star who dives onto everyone.

Alberto goes to join the action, but Mundo trips him from the outside. Alberto goes to chase Mundo and they end up running up the stairs and out of sight. Aerostar and Superfly back on the inside and Superfly gets the advantage as both Alberto and Mundo return. Hernandez tagged in, and catches Aerostar into a sit out powerbomb, but only gets a two count. He drags Aerostar to his corner and tags in Mundo. Mundo works him over, but only gets a two count. He goes for a back suplex, but Aerostar slides out, only for Jack Evans to tag himself in. Evans goes to work over Aerostar but he hits a handspring elbow. He can’t make a tag before Mundo gets back in, but then he dives and gets Sexy Star into the match. Star goes after Mundo, but Mundo cuts her off. Evans tries to double team Star, but she moves and Mundo takes out his own partner. Star gets Mundo down with a tilt a whirl headscissors and then takes out Superfly with a trip and a legdrop. She starts to beat on Superfly instead of going for a pin, and that costs her as Hernandez comes from behind, picks her up with easy and drops her with a backbreaker.

Drago comes in and hits a superkick to Hernandez and then hits a spinning DDT on Mundo. Now Hernandez, Evans, & Superfly attack Drago, but Alberto comes in for the save and clears house. He hooks on the cross armbreaker on Evans, but before Evans can tap out, Mundo hits the End of the World on Alberto. Sexy Star is apparently the legal person for her team though and she comes off the top with a cross body but Mundo rolls through and grabs some tights and gets the win for his team.

Winner: Team Mundo

Wow that was fast paced!! That was damn near impossible to do a play by play on, so I apologize if it seems shoddy. Very fun match that showcases what Lucha Underground is all about. Only went about 9 minutes, but felt double that with everything going on.

Before the show ends, Striker sets the scene for next week where Prince Puma & Mil Muertes will meet face to face. But here comes Pentagon Jr from behind the announce table and he lays out Vampiro with a huge roundhouse kick to the back of his head! Pentagon grabs Vampiro’s chair and lays into him with it. Vampiro is out, and Pentagon calls to his Master that this sacrifice is for him, as Pentagon is about to take out this shell of a man. He kicks Vampiro hard in the face for good measure, and then goes and grabs a huge can of gasoline. He pours it all over Vampiro and then tells him that he is not afraid of Vampiro, Vampiro is afraid of him. He terrorizes Vampiro. If Vampiro doesn’t accept his challenge for Ultima Lucha, Vampiro’s family and the entire world will see him burn in flames. Pentagon pulls out a Zippo lighter and the flame is ignited. Pentagon says Vampiro has one week to decide, as Pentagons is ready to make him a sacrifice to his Master. He his Pentagon Jr, Zero Fear. Pentagon blows out the flame as the show ends.


That was an awesome ending to the show. Like I said at the beginning, Pentagon is my favorite character in Lucha Underground, so it was great to see him so heavily showcased in this show. Obviously Vampiro will accept his challenge next week, which adds just another big match to what is certain to be a loaded Ultima Lucha.

This was a really fun show to recap and I’m glad I was able to fill in. This show is tremendous and I really hope that they find a way to get a second season. They’ve earned it.

Until next time, stay away from open flames while doused in gasoline.