AEW Double or Nothing 05/25/19 Live Review by Kurt Zamora

Welcome one and all to the official TJRWrestling Live Review of the first ever AEW PPV, Double or Nothing. This could be the start of history changing events in professional wrestling, or sports entertainment if you’re so inclined. I’m really excited to be a part of this groundbreaking event, even in a small capacity. If AEW is successful and leads to a true alternative to WWE, I’ll always remember where I was for the first event. I wish them nothing but the ultimate success. They have a great roster, full of guys that are easy to root for. Tonight’s card has a little bit of everything and has some true match of the year potential in the form of Jericho vs. Omega and The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros. I’m sure we’re in line for some nice surprises as well. It’s time to get this show on the road, so let’s see what type of first impression All Elite Wrestling makes tonight!

Our show starts with Alex Marvez and Excalibur at the announce table. Jim Ross will join later. They announce the card for tonight’s PPV and also announce that they will reveal the AEW World Title tonight as well.

Justin Roberts is our ring announcer.

The Buy In Casino Battle Royale

The 1st 5 men starting are MJF, Michael Nakazawa, Brandon Cutler, Sunny Daze, & Dustin Thomas, who is the wrestler they spotlighted on The Road to Double or Nothing that wrestles with no legs. Very inspirational story. Every 3 minutes will be another 5 men, and then the 21st man comes in by himself after that. The crowd HATES MJF.

Our next 5 guys are Brian Pillman Jr, Joey Janela, Jimmy Havok, Shawn Spears and someone else I’m not sure of. I’ll get his name at some point. Spears gets a huge ovation. Crowd is still filing in. Spears with a new look and green contact lenses in his eyes. Definitely working his 10 gimmick still.

The next 5 are Billy Gunn, Jungle Boy, Ace Romero, Glacier, & Mark Quinn. Nakazawa is the first man eliminated. Sunny Daze and Glacier are eliminated right after. Jimmy Havok just put out a lit cigarette on Janela.

The next guys are Luchasaurus, Sonny Kiss, & Tommy Dreamer. This is a little hard to follow. Dreamer obviously getting a great reaction. The tag team Private Party is in the match as well, and then Hangman Page drew the lucky 21, so he apparently won’t have a mystery opponent tonight. His knee is taped up from the PAC match. Page with the Dead Eye (Rite of Passage) on Janela. The announcers say that Page has renamed it.

Some really small guy named Stunt just got obliterated by Romero for his elimination. Sorry, there are a couple guys I don’t know in this match and he was one of them. Jungle Boy somehow gets Romero over the top rope. Dustin Thomas with a 619 and then a slingshot 450. Wow, first big surprise as Thomas eliminates Shawn Spears. Thomas is then eliminated by MJF. Billy Gunn eliminated by Cutler, who then is eliminated by MJF.

Luchasauras just chokeslammed Janela over the top rope through a table that is not the standard wooden table you see. I don’t even know what it can be described it. Janela did not fall good either. Orange Cassidy is in the match now. He’s eliminated very quickly by Dreamer though. Havok uses a staple gun on Dreamer and then eliminates him. Jungle Boy takes out Havok, but then MJF tries to dump him over the top. Havok bites Jungle Boy’s hands and eliminates him.

So our final four are Page, MJF, Luchasaurus, & Havok. Havok is eliminated by Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus eliminated by Page. The bell rings even though MJF is still in the match. He almost steals the win, but Page skins the cat, comes back in and clotheslines MJF over the top rope to win it all.

Winner: Hangman Adam Page

Kylie Rae interview with Alicia Atout. The Librarians interrupt them.

Video package for the Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes match.

Sammy Guevara vs. Kip Sabian

I cannot say enough good things about Guevara. If you don’t know him, you will soon. The first match I ever saw him was against Zack Sabre Jr. and it was off the charts. I haven’t seen any of Sabian’s work, but I’ve heard good things. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have announces consistantly shill buying the PPV during a pre-show. Nice springboard hurricanrana off the second ropes by Sabian. Guevara to the floor and Sabian with a springboard somersault splash off the second rope to the floor. Guevara gets back in the ring and comes back with a dive of his own, but the cameras missed it.

Guevara with a moonsault, lands on his feet, standing moonsault, lands on his feet again, and then a standing shooting star press that finally lands on Sabian. Sabian with a springboard front dropkick. Penalty Kick from Sabian gets a two count. Guevara with a suplex over the top rope, Sabian lands on his butt, Guevara flips over, still holding on, and lands a snap suplex on the floor. Very impressive. Sabian hung over the guardrail and Guevara comes off the apron with a shooting star press. Great move, camera work was shoddy again though.

Guevara tries the 630 but Sabian gets the knees up and Sabian hits his finisher, Deadly Hollows, for the win.

Winner: Kip Sabian

A video package is shown for Sadie Gibbs, the newest addition to the female division. She clearly has a lot of athleticism based on the moves shown in the package.

Jim Ross gets the big fight introduction, being followed from his locker room to the booth.

Cody & Brandi Rhodes are shown arriving to the arena.

The Elite make their way to the stage. They argue over who can welcome the crowd to the show. Kenny is finally able to do it. Matt Jackson makes a great joke about 20,000 people in the crowd, Cody corrected him that the venue can only hold 13,000, and Matt says it’s pro wrestling and you always round up! Cody calls this a revolution. They ran over as they cut the feed to start the PPV. Not the smoothest of starts in this preshow but now it’s main card time.

National Anthem to start the show. Hey, we have pyro!

So Cal Uncenscored vs. Stronghearts (OWE)

Daniels and Cima start it off. Good back and forth and it goes to Kaz and T-Hawk. Won’t be much play by play on this review, I’m leaving that task up to John. So I’ll just hit the highlights. Kaz looks in great shape, best of his career perhaps. Scorpio with a blind tag and a beautiful dropkick on T-Hawk that he did not see coming. T-Hawk catches a leapfrog attempt and turns it into a Sky High for a two count.

Lindeman is in for OWE and gets double and triple teamed by SCU. Kaz with a slingshot shotgun dropkick in the corner. Ref has already lost control as all 6 men are involved now. Shotgun knees by Cima on Daniels. The quickness of the Stronghearts is incredible. Stronghearts get Daniels trapped in their side of the ring for awhile. STF by T-Hawk while Cima and Lindeman dropkick Daniels in the face. Daniels with an STO that finally allows him to tag in Scorpio. Nice double stomp to the back of Cima.

A hell of a triple team combo by the Stronghearts on Scorpio that ends with a deadlift German suplex by Lindeman, but only a two count. Scorpio with a seated dropkick and that gets Kaz tagged in. Kaz with some nice offense and then Daniels tags in and he kills Lindeman with a dive through the ropes into the barricade. Scorpio with a slingshot cutter on Cima. Kaz with a slingshot DDT on Lindeman. Double clothesline by T-Hawk and Daniels brings us to a stalemate with all men down.

Angel Wings on T-Hawk but he wasn’t the legal man. Daniels gets hit with a dead lift German and then top rope shotgun knees by Cima, but Kaz breaks up the pin. Kaz and Scorpio with beautiful dives to the floor on the Stronghearts. Kaz and Daniels get Lindeman up for the BME… Best Meltzer Ever, and that gets the win! That’s a fantastic opener!

Winners: So Cal Uncensored

Allie joins the broadcast table as we get ready for our female Triple Threat Match

Kylie Rae vs. Nyla Rose vs. Dr. Britt Baker

Chief Brandi comes out before the match starts and says she doesn’t just want a great match, she wants a match that is awesome. Brandi was dressed to wrestle but when she says awesome, she means AWESOME KONG! Now that is badass. Excaliber had a great line saying that Nyla is now a cruiserweight in this match. Brandi has told Justin Roberts this is a fatal four way now. Great swerve by Brandi.

Kong shoving off everyone and then back fists the hell out of Nyla. Kong misses a splash and then gets low bridged over the top rope. Baker and Kylie have a nice exchange. Baker tries to dive on Kong, but gets caught. Kylie comes through the ropes and takes them both out. Nyla back in the match and a big legdrop on Kylie for a two count. Big spinebuster by Nyla. Baker comes back and hits a Sling Blade on Nyla. Big Samoan drop by Nyla on Baker. Kylie turns a power bomb into a Sunset Flip bomb but Baker breaks up the pin.

Nyla tried going to the top rope, and it of course led to a tower of doom as Kong gets back in the ring. Baker somehow avoids a powerbomb on the apron by Kong. Kong falls to the floor and Nyla spears her into the steel steps. Baker with a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker for a very near fall on Kylie. Kylie with a deadlift German on Baker for a near fall of her own. Baker comes back with one hell of a superkick and then a brainbuster over the knee on Kylie and the Doctor gets the win! FANTASTIC women’s match. All four shined and great surprise with Kong obviously.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

Best Friends vs. Angelico & Jack Evans

Man, I LOVED Angelico on Lucha Underground. Glad to see him here in AEW. Whatever happened to Trent Baretta’s parter in the Dudebusters? Evans and Baretta start it out. Chuckie T comes in and hits a nice dropkick. Best Friends try to hug it out but they get dropkicked out of the ring, which the crowd does not appreciate. Evans is all over the place and they hit a double foot stomp/back suplex double team on Baretta. Angelico with a penalty kick right to the face of Baretta and then he and Evans with a tandem shooting star press.

Ripcord slam by Angelico and then puts Baretta in the Tequila Sunrise. Chuckie T breaks it up. Baretta finally gets a tag but Chuckie T gets cut off quickly. He manages to hit an overhead belly to belly on Evans onto Angelico. No one kicks out of the Falcon Arrow except Jack Evans apparently. Standing sliced bread #2 on Angelico on the floor by Chuckie T. Baretta spikes Evans with a tornado DDT in the ring. Evans with a Pele kick on Baretta. Best Friends finally get to hug it out before hitting a reverse Razor’s Edge into a cutter. Trouble in Paradise by Evans, off Angelico’s back. Incredible moves by both teams.

Angelico had Baretta on his shoulders, Evans jumps off the top rope, onto Baretta’s back and then a moonsault off Baretta’s back onto Chuckie T. Wow. Angelico with a crucifix buckle bomb and then Evans with a 630 but Chuckie T breaks it up. Wow. Angelico misses a dive over the top rope, Chuckie T gets Evans up in the Doomsday Device and Baretta comes off the top rope with a knee. They set up Evans for another tag team move, Tag Team Cruncher is what it sounded like Excaliber said. That picks up the win for the Best Friends.

Winners: Best Friends

All 4 men hug it out after the match, but then the lights go out. Two guys show up in the ring that i’ve never seen before. One looks like a cruiserweight version of Ray Rowe and then the other is a bigger dude in a black and yellow mask. Looks like his tights say Evil Uno. The lights go out again and now a bunch of guys in masks come out under the ring and attack the four men who just wrestled. The crowd is chanting “Who are you?” They do hit a nice looking Gory Special/Blockbuster combo though. I don’t have much else on what this was. (Thanks to

It’s announced that All Out is the next big event on August 31st, back in Chicago at the Sears Center. Tickets on sale on June 14th.

Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki & Emi Sakura vs. Hikaru Shida, Riho & Ryo Mizunami

The only persona I know in this match is Kong, so I’m gonna do the best I can. If I screw up names, I apologize in advance. Yuka and Shida start it out. Yuka has the worst theme song ever so I immediately hope she loses. Kong and Mizunami are in quickly. Kong brushes off some shoulder tackles but the 4th one finally takes her down. Sakura and Riho tag in. Riho shows off some nice strength from a bridge predictament. Sakazaki comes in and hits a dropkick on Riho. Kong comes in and destroys Riho, who she has quite the size advantage on. Kong with a piledriver on Riho but Riho’s partners break it up.

Mizunami and Sakazaki battling it out in the ring. Credit to the crowd for being into this. Riho with a headscissors takedown on Kong, followed by a 619. Kong broke Riho in half with a side suplex but somehow Riho kicks out. Kong misses a Vader bomb elbow drop. The ref is distracted while we have a trash bin vs. Kendo stick battle going on. That’s a sentence I didn’t expect to type. Pearl River Plunge into a backbreaker by Sakura on Shida. Shida with a stiff knee strike to Sakura. Shida showing off her strength with a deadlift suplex from the apron on Sakura. Mizunami with a top rope legdrop. Kong hits a double suplex on Riho and Mizunami.

Kong with a brainbuster on Shida. Sakura with a top rope moonsault for a two count. The bell rings and music hits but the ref immediately said it was a two count, so I don’t know why that happened. Kong with a back fist that ends up hitting Sakura by accident. Shida with a running knee strike that gets the three. This was much more fun than I expected for as little as I knew about them. Unfortunate screw up near the end, but definitely not the ref’s fault.

Winners: Shida, Riho, & Ryo Mizunami

Cody vs. Dustin Rhodes

Cody had a cool entrance, except the camera didn’t know which entrance he was coming out of. Not a steller night for camera work. They had a throne on stage that looks like it was stolen straight from HHH’s Wrestlemania entrances. Brandi then takes a sledgehammer from under the ring and Cody brings it back to the stage and crushes the throne, to a MASSIVE ovation. SHOTS FIRED and I love it. That was tremendous. Brandi is looking absolutely on point for anyone wondering.

Dustin comes out in a sleeveless Goldust outfit, except red and black. He has half his face painted, just like in his promo videos for this match. The crowd is 110% ready for this one. Everyone on their feet. Nice “Dusty” chant before the bell rings. Great line by Excalibur, “This match is 33 years in the making. Why 33? Because that’s how old Cody is.” Cody starts by knocking down Dustin and then doing the Stardust cartwheel. Cody catches Dustin with his own drop down punch. Dustin goes to the floor and Cody dives through the ropes to take him out.

Cody teases throwing Dustin into the crowd but Dustin turns it around and then goes to the apron to hit a somersault dive onto Cody. Wasn’t expecting that from Dustin. Brandi gets involved, throwing water in Dustin’s face, which allows Cody to regroup. Snap powerslam by Cody for two. Cody misses a splash in the corner and Dustin sets up for Shattered Dreams. Cody takes off the turnbuckle cover on the second rope to prevent Dustin from doing it, but Dustin throws the pad into the 10th row and charges Cody anyways. Cody drop toe holds Dustin into the exposed turnbuckle.

Dustin goes to the floor, where Brandi hits a nice looking spear on him, but Earl Hebner saw it and she is tossed from ringside. Brandi doesn’t want to leave, but DDP shows up and carries her out. We’ve got blood!! Dustin hit a gusher selling that exposed turnbuckle. Cody wipes the blood across his chest. This is great stuff. Dustin probably thought, “I haven’t got to bleed in over a decade, I’m gonna make this one count.”

Cody with a curb stomp for a two count. Snap powerslam by Dustin for a two count. There is blood everywhere. Cody with a figure four. Dustin gets out of it. Cody takes off his belt, but Dustin steals it, pulls down Cody’s pants and uses the belt. Tremendous. Dustin out of the corner with a sunset flip bomb! The crowd is going nuts for this. No one is sitting down. Dustin with a nasty looking superplex off the top rope! Dustin with The Final Cut, but Cody barely kicks out. Cody hits a low blow that Hebner didn’t see. Disaster Kick followed by Cross Rhodes, but Dustin kicks out!

Dustin hits Cross Rhodes this time but Cody kicks out! The crowd shots for this are fantastic. They both come off the ropes and literally collide into each other, both turning inside out. That looked crazy. Vertebreaker by Cody! Wow. Cody get Dustin up, a second Cross Rhodes and Dustin stays down for the three. My God that was incredible. Cody is literally covered in his brother’s blood. Dusty, I KNOW you’re smiling down on that one.

Winner: Cody

Post match, Cody grabs the mic and says that Dustin doesn’t get to retire here. At Fight for the Fallen, Cody signed his name to a match against The Young Bucks with a partner of his choosing. He doesn’t need a partner, or a friend, he needs his brother. They hug in an AWESOME moment. Wow. THIS is what I want in my pro wrestling.

Holy shit, it’s Bret Hart coming out to present the AEW World Title!! WOW! That’s fantastic. Guess he really wasn’t happy about WWE security allowing that guy to tackle him at the hall of fame. Wink Wink. He introduces Hangman Adam Page, but before anything can happen, MJF comes out. MJF makes a joke about a fan coming into the ring. Bret’s trying hard not to laugh, but that was funny. MJF makes a comment about Page being a horse, but every horse with a bum leg gets put out of their misery. He tells Page to relinquish his win from earlier and gives it to someone that deserves it. MJF says he’s the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be… actually that catchphrase sucks. Page throws MJF from the apron and MJF goes to leave, but Jungle Boy shows up. MJF walks past him, but then Jimmy Havok comes out after him. MJF is now caught between everyone. Page throws MJF into the crowd and Havok and Jungle Boy get him out of the arena as Bret displays the belt. It is a MASSIVE title, but looks very classy.

AAA World Tag Team Title Match
The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros

This is the match I’ve been most looking forward to. There aren’t many acts in all of professional wrestling that I’m a bigger fan of than The Lucha Bros. Penta and Matt Jackson start us off. Matt avoids the Package Piledriver right from the start. Fenix tags in. Nick Jackson tags in, but Fenix sends them both to those floor with a double arm drag. Kudos to AEW for having a backup ring mat after that bloodbath. Fenix and Nick go back and forth and neither can get the upper hand.

Penta comes in and double superkick to Matt. Sling Blade to Nick. Nick comes back with a top rope arm drag/headscissors combo. Matt tags in and hits a gorilla press slam on Fenix and then a spear on Penta. Young Bucks with a miscommunication and Nick ends up double foot stomping Matt. They’re able to recover quick though. Pop up hurrianrana by the Bucks on Penta. The Bucks with another misstep, good story with them shaking off the ring rust, and then Penta monkey flips Nick into Matt.

Fenix comes in and blows everyone’s mind with a top rope superkick on Matt, followed by a springboard top rope hurricanrana. Somersault into a cutter on Matt for a two count. The Bucks make their comeback. Matt with double Northern Lights Suplexes and then Nick comes in and hits his slingshot X-Factor on Fenix. Running bulldog/lariat combo by Nick. Matt comes in, and stereo sunset flips turned into Sharpshooters by the Bucks.

The Bucks hit the draping 450 splash on Fenix but Penta manages to break up the pin. Buckle Bomb/Enziguri combo by the Bucks. They then drop Fenix with a powerbomb/top rope Sliced Bread #2 combo. That was awesome. Fenix kicked out. Penta comes and chops the hell out of the Bucks and then SUPERKICK PARTY!! All four men are down.

Double pump kick by Penta and Matt on the apron. OH MY GOD, Penta just did a step up off Fenix’s back into a Destroyer piledriver on the apron on Matt!! Fenix then with a slingshot Destroyer in the ring on Nick! Fenix jumps up on Penta’s shoulders and dives off to the floor, taking out the Bucks. Penta hits a combo Gory Special/Package Piledriver on the Bucks! Fenix with a Swanton off the top but Nick kicks out.

Penta goes to break Nick’s arm but Matt comes in with a Superkick. Fenix comes high off the top rope but hit with a double Superkick. Matt just hit El Generico’s brainbuster on the top turnbuckle! More Bang for Your Buck on Penta but he kicks out! Bucks turn the package piledriver into a Meltzer Driver! They set up for the original but Fenix breaks it up! Penta with his breaking of the arm for Matt, into a another version of the package piledriver for a two count again.

Fenix comes in and kicks the hell out of Matt. Matt somehow gets Fenix up for a tombstone as Nick superkicks Penta on the outside. Nick off the top rope and Meltzer Driver… 1-2-3! HELL YES!! That was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. Absolutely INSANE. I wish the Lucha Bros had won, and honestly a little surprised the Bucks are keeping the AAA titles, but maybe there’s a rematch to come. AMAZING!

Winners: Still AAA Tag Champions, The Young Bucks

Alpha vs. Omega II
Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega

They had a “history of Jericho” entrance with guys dressed as his Lionheart era, light up jacket era, and List of Jericho era. He comes out to “Judas” and looks similar to his New Japan look except no face paint. Apparently Cracker Barrel is sponsoring this match as there’s an actual barrel in the ring. Sadly the barrel was too smart for the ref to get out of the ring and Jericho has to do it himself. He was not happy about that.

Omega all over Jericho early. Omega misses a V-Trigger and Jericho able to come back with a flurry of chops. They go to the timekeeper’s area and Jericho rings the bell and declares himself the winner, that was a funny moment. Omega ends up bodyslamming Jericho over the timekeeper’s table. Omega tries to jump off the barricade by Jericho pushes him in the crowd. Jericho commendeers the camera but Omega pops up and spits water into Jericho’s face.

Omega with the first near fall after a moonsault. Jericho comes back and hits his old school dropkick off the second rope. Both men trading crazy hard chops. Omega bleeding from the nose. Jericho with a lariat for a two count. Jericho getting annoyed with someone in the crowd. Omega with a snap hurricanrana. Jericho tries to pull a table out from under the ring, but Omega kicks it back in his face and then Omega with a somersault dive over the top rope, slamming the table into Jericho.

These tables are weird looking. It’s over Jericho’s body and Omega springboards off the top rope and double foot stomp on the table, onto Jericho. Omega sets up the table and then comes in the ring and drops Jericho with a facebuster. V-Trigger to the back of Jericho’s head. They both end up on the top rope and Omega brings Jericho down hard with a full extension back suplex.

Jericho tries to come back with a Lionsault but Omega with the knees up. Omega with a strong V-Trigger. Tries the One Winged Angel but Jericho escapes. Back to back Lionsaults by Jericho get a two count. Another V-Trigger but Jericho manages to back drop Omega over the top rope and through the table that Omega had set up.

Jericho with the springboard dropkick, this time turning Omega inside out on the apron. Omega avoids a top rope superplex, but he jumps off the top and is caught with a Codebreaker! Somehow Omega kicked out. Jericho slapping Omega but gets caught with double snap Dragon suplexes. Omega avoids the Liontamer and hits a double underhook piledriver for a two count.

Jericho blocks a V-Trigger and turns it into a Walls of Jericho. Jericho turns it into the Liontamer but can’t hold on. Omega back up and lands another V-Trigger. Omega tries the One Winged Angel, Jericho gets out and hits what JR calls, “The ugliest DDT I’ve ever seen.” Jericho tries the Lionsault, Omega gets the One Winged Angel, but Jericho again escapes and this time lands the DDT correctly. Codebreaker after that, followed by the Judas Effect and Chris Jericho has finally beaten Kenny Omega. Very good match, but some ugly spots in there. I’m not the biggest fan of Jericho using a back elbow like that to win, after everything they kicked out of, but nitpicking. At least it had been established heading into this. Their Japan match was better. Hard to follow the last two matches, basically impossible.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Post match, Jericho gets a mic and criticizes the crowd for booing him. He says he got the crap kicked out of him but he’s smart enough to know it’s his time now. Chris Jericho is AEW. This isn’t a company for the fans, it’s a company for him. He told everyone that once he beat Kenny Omega, he was going to demand a thank you.

Jon Moxley is here!! Moxley comes through the crowd and Jericho can’t believe it as he turns around and sees him in the ring! Dirty Deeds to Jericho! Dirty Deeds to the ref! The crowd has come unglued! Omega was in the ring the entire time and Moxley picks him up and tries to Dirty Deeds him but Omega fights back and they tumble to the floor! They start brawling all through the crowd. They go up on a stage portion where there are giant poker chips. Both men climb on top of them and Dirty Deeds on top of the poker chips!! Moxley isn’t done and he gives Omega an AA off the chips about 10 feet down onto a partition below that Omega shatters. The PPV ends with Moxley smiling.

We all thought it would happen, and sure enough it did. That was an AWESOME finish. The crowd went BANANA and are you kidding me?! Omega/Moxley feuding?! That’s just mind-blowing. Jericho/Page now set up as well. I really think we’ll get a Bucks/Lucha rematch as well. If you wanted an alternative to WWE, you got it. This had a little bit of everything. Cody/Dustin for the story was the best match of the night, but I think Bucks/Lucha was my favorite. A lot of people thought $50 was too much, and I was a little skeptical, but I truly feel I got my money’s worth, just on those last three matches and the finale with Moxley.

They need to work on their camera work first. They missed A LOT that they shouldn’t have. Also, Alex Marvez has to go. JR and Excaliber would be great together, Marvez just isn’t good. Other than that, I don’t have much to complain or nitpick on. I think they hit a home run tonight and should be really happy with their initial efforts.

John will have his review up shortly. Thanks everyone for joining me tonight. This was A LOT of fun for me, and I hope you enjoyed it as well. Until next time… don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, but if you do, name it after me!