WWE’s Top 10 Highest Paid Superstars According to Forbes

A list of World Wrestling Entertainment’s top ten highest paid Superstars was recently released by Forbes. This list of highest paid Superstars is determined after Forbes collects last year’s tax returns and figures out who has made what amount.

The top ten highest paid WWE Superstars from 2015 – 2016 are as follows.

  1. Brock Lesnar – $12 million
  2. John Cena – $8 million
  3. Triple H – $3.8 million
  4. Roman Reigns – $3.5 million
  5. Dean Ambrose – $2.7 million
  6. AJ Styles – $2.4 million
  7. Shane McMahon – $2.2 million
  8. The Undertaker – $2 million
  9. Seth Rollins – $2 million
  10. Randy Orton – $1.9 million

Two Superstars that fell out of the top ten from last year’s list were Big Show and Kane while the two newcomers are AJ Styles and Shane McMahon. Another notable change to last year’s list is that John Cena is no longer in the number one earner spot, which is now taken by Brock Lesnar. This is likely due to Cena’s hiatus’ whether it was recovering from injury or filming a movie.

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