WWE Tough Enough Winner Has Learned His Lesson Following Recent Twitter Comment

As fellow TJRWrestling staff member Mark wrote a few days ago, WWE Tough Enough winner and NXT talent Bronson Matthews (Josh Bredl) drew massive heat recently after posting an inflammatory tweet labeling the Social Outcasts as the “Social Jobbers” during a segment on Raw.

As Mark reported, the tweet backfired spectacularly with comments from Bull Dempsey, Stardust who said that Bronson wasn’t blocked but banned and he should “enjoy dressing in the hallway, dick”, and Kevin Owens who had plenty to say and then promptly blocked Matthews. Social Outcast members Adam Rose, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel also jumped in and took shots at Matthews

WWE was in the Orlando area this past weekend for the Royal Rumble PPV and Matthews tweeted yesterday that he has in fact learned from his past action, as seen below.

Ski’s Take – This all escalated very quickly and I’m thinking that Bronson is hoping that it all dies down just as quick. In my opinion, I think he was given his official WWE name and was like a kid at Christmas…..He got very excited, jumped onto Twitter and tried engaging his fanbase, using their language. He didn’t take a step back to think about what his possible actions could cause, which is rookie mistake. Don’t forget though, this guy still is a rookie and learning on the job.

I’m hoping that he made time to at least try and speak to everyone involved this past weekend and apologized personally, and then tweeted his apologies. Anything less in my eyes is a cop out.

The upside to all of this is that a lot of fans now know who he is. He has instant heel heat. Maybe NXT officials can use this situation to his advantage when he finally makes it onto the NXT touring schedule.