WWE Tough Enough Winner Already Garnering Heat Backstage; Calls Social Outcasts “Jobbers”

The winner of WWE Tough Enough Season 6, Josh Bredl, is already getting serious heat backstage. Since winning Tough Enough, Bredl has been working in developmental for a few months and has also been featured on WWE Network’s original series Breaking Ground. Bredl’s backstage heat within WWE was made apparent through a slew of Twitter comments after last night’s Raw.

Bredl tweeted the following comment during Raw, a tweet which has since been deleted.

Yup.. I like it..


Bredl’s comment drew a reaction from Kevin Owens, Stardust, and NXT Superstar Bull Dempsey who began to lace into Bredl through Twitter. The following is the back and forth that ensued between the four. Please note that Bredl’s Twitter handle is @BronsonWWE, since his ring name for the WWE is now Bronson Matthews. Some of the tweets have also been deleted, so that’s why some of the following tweets don’t directly link back to some of the wrestler’s Twitter accounts.

@FightOwensFight @BronsonWWE Kev, the kid has to get a reaction somehow. Might as well be by words cause we know it’ll never be in the ring!

– Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 18, 2016

Josh owens

@BronsonWWE @FightOwensFight not hoping in and not “fair weather.” Spent 3 months in class w/ you and always stood up for you when ZERO did

– Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 18, 2016

@BronsonWWE then why bury people who paved the way for you AND me?! This place was different before you were here. Before I was here.

– Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 19, 2016


@BronsonWWE @FightOwensFight leave it better than we BOTH found it. THAT is what THIS is!!!

– Bull Dempsey (@BullDempseyWWE) January 19, 2016

Social Outcast members Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, and Adam Rose later responded to Bredl’s tweet calling them jobbers. They had the following to say.

Mark’s reaction: It seems as if this started out as rookie hazing, and then took a turn for the worst. I’m assuming Bredl was referencing the Social Outcasts in his tweet, just replacing outcasts with the word jobbers. Most likely, if your reading news about wrestling on the internet you know what the word jobber means; for those who don’t, it’s pretty much a term used to describe wrestler’s who lose matches frequently or who’s job it is to get other wrestler’s over by losing to them. It’s really only used by those within the business or knowledgeable fans.

Owens’ comment back to Bredl seemed fine to me as he usually remains in character with most of his tweets. However, the conversation quickly took a turn for the worst as the other wrestler’s looked at Bredl’s comments as disrespecting the business and the members of the Social Outcast.

Tough Enough winner’s probably have it bad enough already. I’m guessing winning Tough Enough is sort of looked down upon by some wrestler’s backstage. It’s the whole idea of paying your dues and feeling like you didn’t earn the position that your in. Maybe Bredl just learned what the word jobber meant and didn’t think it was a big deal using it. I don’t think he was a big fan or knew too much about the business before he got into it; still, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any respect for it. It’s a weird situation as no one really knows what the atmosphere is like between Bredl and the guys in the locker room. However, drama like this is definitely not something Bredl was hoping for. For what it’s worth, I don’t think this back and forth will bury Bredl before he even gets started. His work ethic should hopefully determine that.

Do you think this dispute could hurt Bredl’s chances of making it in the WWE? Do you think his tweet was disrespectful? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.